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Trump says Fox News blowing the competition away!

In raw numbers Fox News Family and friends does 1.46 million
MSNBC Morning Joe does 1.04 million.
CNN New Day 550k

Together more than Fox & Friends.

Now add. these morning show numbers:
NBC – 3.5 million
ABC  – 3.7 million
CBS  – 2.8 million


Right-wing Fox News  1,4 million
Actual News  11.5 million
10 times as many normal people as old ignorant right-wing Koolsaid chuggin’ bigots.

It is why there is no need to suck up to them, all that is needed is to get out the vote.

Trump Weighs in on Morning Ratings War: Fox & Friends ‘Blowing’ Away ‘Dead Show’ Morning Joe, CNN’s New Day


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