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Trump sniffs the Microphone to debate victory! Full Frontal Sam Bee

Trump sniffs the Microphone to debate victory! Full Frontal Sam Bee“Hillary Clinton is what this country needs, the only person in America who is not afraid of a bully.” Sam Bee.
“Anyone who blames a microphone for their performance did not have a good night.” Hillary Clinton.

I have noticed that the media pundits of late, including elected Republicans and Democrats not in easy districts, tell us that Trump’s over the top misogyny, his silly tweeting and his unfitness for any office won’t effect the polls much because his supporters are patriotic Americans who just want change and see The Donald as on their side!  They avoid the WHITE of it which is the driving force behind it which transcends all else including the polls. Mexicans, Muslims, Black Lives Matter and fat women.

Why do politicians and the media protect Les Deplorables? Because when this is over and the Orange Buffoon declares victory after he loses, we will still have about 80 million deplorable voters to deal with.  And though I personally believe that Donald Trump is the reincarnation of Benito Mussolini in character, politics, delivery, facial expressions, body language and narcissism shinning up to dictators, I must the politicians and media do so for share and votes rather than fear of taken out back and shot.

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