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Trump Syncopate Mike Huckabee and father of witch doubles down on racist facebook photo

Intolerant, homophobic, sexist, Fundamentalist Christian, father of a witch and Trump syncopate Mike Huckabee posted a photo of five Hispanic men captioned  “Nancy Pelosi introduces her campaign committee.” Then doubles down on it saying he did “not know criminals were a race.”

First of all, I will not comment on his crap about using this politically, we do the same to them with Nazis, though of our own race. You see, Republicans do not believe racism is a bad thing. In fact down here where I live racism is thought to be a good thing to celebrate in themselves with each other.

Secondly, the picture is hardcore racist bigotry to paint all Hispanics as machete murdering gang members.

Thirdly, both immigrants and illegal immigrants do less crime than native born Americans. FAR LESS including violent crime.

And lastly, this is in response to our immigration crisis and our crisis at the border which is not a crisis at all.

I watched self appointed moderate/Independent Michael Smerconish yesterday screech for an our about how moderate and independent he is while in that hour, he used the terms immigration crisis, crisis at the border and crisis perhaps 100 times.

THERE IS NO CRISIS AT THE BORDER. It’s less of a crisis than it ever was, and besides what is it these people do once they get in that creates a crisis?  Work harder than we do at jobs we will not do and add more to the economy and taxes than they take out other than state education cost in a few states.

OPEN BORDERS? Why not. Anyone can go back and forth through an efficient well regulated immediate vetting process.  I would add that anyone with tattoos all over them be immediately rejected.

Mike Huckabee Defends Dog Whistling Twitter Dig: ‘Wasn’t Aware That Criminal Was a Race’ – Article


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