Trump Ticked Off by “President Bannon” Meme – Seth Meyers

Trump Ticked Off by "President Bannon" Meme - Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at Steve Bannon’s demotion and Jared Kushner’s expanding role in the Trump administration. Jared kissed the daughter of a big frog and became a ‘princeling’ – as he’s viewed by the Chinese delegation. If Kushner’s ‘honey do’ list has grown astronomically, Chief Strategist Steve Bannon’s dance card has a gaping hole in place of his seat at the NSA. President Bannon is not pleased, but we’re learning that President Trump was already a bit miffed with his trusty old pal Bannon. As Trump often says, “who knew?”

No one knew Trump was chaffed over the perception that Bannon was the puppet master – a theme perpetrated in magazines, on Twitter and on late night shows. If Seth had known how badly Bannon jokes made Trump feel,he never would have commissioned the presidential portrait of President Bannon, or called for the mock-up of Bannon sitting at the presidential desk while Trump created his wall with blocks on the floor.

While infrastructure was once a big campaign hit, with promises to build  gleaming new  bridges, roads and a nebulous understanding of all else the word entails. Trump addressed the topic this week. It is not comforting to hear the President referring to the new roads as “the highways to hell.”