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Trump Zombies and Idiot Libtards

Trump Zombies and Idiot Libtards and Single Payer Health care

Trump Zombies and Idiot Libtards and Single Payer Health careWe hear over and over again that Trump voters voted for Trump because of liberal elitists [educated people] who think they now what’s best for those they look down on. You know, because they read books, and study stuff and believe what scientists tell them.  I agree, that is the reason they are so angry and willing to believe anything that validates their beliefs.

This video turns that on it’s head, the horse laughing about how stupid libtards are, the over the top hysterical giggling about the dumb stupid idiotic morons who are not Trump voters. So one would assume this video is sarcasm from the other side, right? WRONG!

Secondly when I first saw it I though it was our next Senator from Michigan, Kid Rock, Ted Nugent’s best pal who seems no different than this guy.

And finally, do you think that if Bernie Sanders reaches out to this guy, who represents about 40 million people, he will change his mind and vote for Democrats? Of course not. Instead play to the independents and moderates and GET OUT THE VOTE. Send these nitwits  back under their rocks in Petticoat Junction where they quietly existed until Rush Limbaugh, Talk Radio and Fox News told them that being ignorant, intolerant bigots was something to be proud of. 

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