Trumpology! Donald Trump does the March Madness Brackets!

Trumpology! Donald Trump does the March Madness Brackets! Trump will win all brackets, not Trump University mind you, but Trump himself. Trump is the underdog team so no other underdog team can upset him.  But please, watch the video so you know all the things that do upset The Donald.

You know with the legal fail of the Muslim ban and now the pending fail of the GOP health care bill I am having second thoughts on The Donald Presidency.  Watching him is hilarious, America has never been so politically entertained, and it’s non stop. There isn’t even enough media to make fun of the buffoon. But now I believe he cannot do all that much damage. Well if Ms Ginsberg hangs anyway.

Trump’s world class buffoonery is becoming and embarrassment to even Bubba, and that with the Republican Party if full charge is showing their cruelty to not only minorities, immigrants, the world, but to the very white poor and working class people who voted for him.

Adding to all that is the Democrats have learned their lesson about assuming too much and not voting which could mean a switch in Congress in just 21 months.  What we are witnessing now could very well be their last hurrah.

This draconian Republican health care bill and it’s fail also puts Single Payer into the heads of not just the majority of Americans, but a growing majority of rural Americans.

Throw it all out and give everyone a Medicare card. Then argue what the payroll deduction will be, who administers the health care and what the benefits are. Join the civilized world to put this GOP ideology that “government” is socialism to bed once and for all.