Trump’s 180’s, Great Cake and Nasty Kitchen – John Oliver Part 1

Trump's 180 Mind Changes , Nasty Kitchen - John Oliver Part 1

Trump’s week began with a  visit from Chinese President Chinese President XI Jinping who was entertained at Mar-a-Lago by the excitement of Trump’s very own glorious MOAB launch.During a subsequent interview on the military action, Trump – took the opportunity to rhapsodize about “the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake you’ve ever seen,” a highly presumptuous assumption in my expert opinion. Trump wasn’t as certain  about whether Iraq, Syria or Syracuse had been the recipient of the bomb.

We’ve no word on the health of China’s President, which is relevant, as the Health Department released a report on the kitchen of Mar-a-Lago that would shut down a taco truck in a heartbeat. Infractions including; under-cooked meat, dangerous fish that has not undergone proper parasite destruction, and ham stored at 57 degrees were cited, along with ten other dangerous practices!

Perhaps it’s encouraging that Trump now realizes that NATO is ‘not obsolete’ and the earth is round. It’s nice that he no longer calls China ‘currency manipulators’ to their face. The downside, is that Trump changes his mind due to any information that is new to him – and all information is new to him!