Trump’s Airstrike Part 1 – John Oliver

Trump Launches Missiles in Syria Part 1 - John Oliver

Everyone is talking about the U.S. airstrike on a Syrian airfield this weekend, including John Oliver. The motives for the airstrike are a matter of speculation, and reaction has been surprising. Some Trump critics have been oddly effusive in their praise, while staunch supporter Alex Jones is “paradoxically” against it.

I still chafe at writing the ‘P’ word in tandem with ‘Trump’. Obviously John Oliver shares my reluctance. Oliver observes that the two words ‘President and Trump’  are still as downright unsettling as ‘ham smoothie’ or placenta kimono.’

There is one more rather prominent person who is on record as staunchly against any intervention by the United States in Syria. During the Obama administration, when foreign policy was mere child’s play,  Citizen Trump tweeted emphatic demands such as : “Let Russia fight ISIS” and  “Stay OUT of Syria!” What could have changed Trump’s attitude?  Oliver points out; ” Is there anything he’s doing now, where he didn’t at one point, tweet about doing the opposite?”        

Why did Trump change his mind on Assad and Syria – or did he?  John further explores Trump’s very first military action in part 2.