Trump’s American Pie Airstrike Part 2 – John Oliver

Trump's American Pie Airstrike Part 2 - John Oliver

Trump’s missiles hit only one airfield,and it was operable within hours. It’s doubtful that Assad was inconvenienced. This may keep you up at night, but John Oliver wonders if Trump was thinking strategically? Did Trump suddenly develop the ability to plan ahead, consider the variables and possible outcomes of his actions in this very complex issue? Did lightening strike him on the 18th hole? The man who  changes his entire world view from tweet to tweet may not have had long range goals in mind when he made his shot over the bow…For that matter,it’s just possible that Twitter was down when he ordered the strike.

We have a P-P-P-resident who loves and adores praise!  He is getting a lot of it, and that should make all of us very worried.  Brian Williams used a movie to glowingly illustrate a point in part 1, that’s why John uses a scene from the movie ‘American Pie’ to illustrate what could happen to the world if Trump continues down this path.