Trump’s Brilliant Strategy – College Humor

Trump’s Brilliant Strategy - College Humor

Some people may actually believe that Trump is a diabolical tactician, carefully plotting his moves.  Others think Trump is just bad – bad at a lot of things. In this College Humor video, a couple airs their widely divergent views on Trump, while the split screen reveals the awkward truth.
While this pair of Millennials are in an explosive debate centered on Trump, at least they both dislike him.  It surprises me to learn that there are still ‘mixed marriages’ in existence with a pro-Trump and an anti-Trump partner co-existing in mutual tolerance.

A new study by Wakefield Research shows that in the time since Trump’s inauguration, arguments have increased an average of 24 percent among the general population and 42 percent among Millennials. Trump is now the number one reason for disagreements and  arguments, surpassing even finances!

It hardly requires saying that a third of Americans would consider divorce if a spouse revealed that they voted irresponsibly for you-know-who, and 43 percent of Millennials would flee the relationship.

Why are the numbers so much higher for Millennials and Bernie Sanders than for a general test group of Americans? It is thought that Millennials are hit hardest because they tend to be more idealistic than more experienced and embittered voters.