Trump’s Cringe-worthy Paris Trip, Transparent Border Wall – Jimmy Kimmel

Trump's Cringeworthy Paris Trip, Transparent Border Wall - Jimmy Kimmel

Time for another national face-palm ya’ll! Jimmy Kimmel hits the low-lights of Trump’s trip to Paris, where the POTUS could not hide his absolute astonishment that First Lady Brigitte Macron “Is in really good shape!” Trump, whose contact with ladies who have more than 35 years on the odometer is limited to his mother, was clearly bowled over that the French First Lady was ambulatory, much less attractive. Macron is intelligent, educated and cultured, but you knew that. The grim photo of the two first ladies is evidence that they shared an emotion..Everyone thinks– knows  Donald Trump is an ass.

Jimmy’s humor never embroiders the facts when it comes to Trump news. I know this because I fact-checked the transparent border wall plan. With the aquarium-like wall, Americans will be safe strolling without the terminal surprise engendered by catching “a sixty pound bag of drugs” heaved from the Mexican side. Truly. Republicans proposed this week to dedicate $1.6 billion to begin construction. Mexico still seems to believe that they have better uses for their money.