Trump’s DACA Decision is a Grim Turning Point – The Resistance Keith Olbermann

Trump's DACA Decision is a Grim Turning Point - The Resistance Keith Olbermann

Imagine this nightmare scenario: We have a white nationalist in the White House, the Klan marches openly, and lawmakers strive to maintain just the right shade of pale by shutting out and deporting people who aren’t white, or a color listed on the ‘alabaster’ paint chip card. It happened in the 1920’s, and because history is circular – it’s happening again. This week Trump’s schizophrenic DACA stance is getting the lion’s share of Trump racism news. In Seth Meyer’s coverage of DACA, a Congressman said that the party stood by Trump “because he’s our a**hole.”  Keith makes a convincing case that it’s considerably more complicated, and it’s not at all flattering to Trump’s followers, whom Olbermann predicts will see a day of reckoning.

Pictured is Alonzo Guillen, a 31-year-old dj at a local radio station. Guillen lost his life after traveling over 100 miles by boat to help people in Hurricane Harvey. Alonzo’s mother was unable to be present at her son’s funeral, because she was stuck in a border town in Mexico trying to obtain legal status to join her family in the US.She had applied for a humanitarian visa – but US Customs and Border Protection refused her request.

Commenting on her situation, Ruiz de Guillen said:
“When are with God, there are no borders. Man made borders on this earth.”                                                                              Ironically, Native Americans felt the same way before someone pale carrying a clip board came along and redirected their idyllic lives right out of existence.