Trump’s Draft Letters to fire James Comey, Stephen Colbert

Trump's Draft Letters to fire James Comey, Stephen ColbertI keep thinking about that cross dressing homosexual right-wing nastyass FBI director we had for decades that every president was afraid to fire. Ah President Trump, strong and decisive!

But there is good side to this, even before the FIRING Trump’s approval rating dropped from 40 to 36. What is it now? And what’s even better is he is dragging the GOP down with him fast and furious.

After watching a collage of cockholster VP Mike Pence to his endless STRONG AND DECISIVE talking point this morning and now watching four episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale I have had second thoughts on an impeachment. Pence could be for worse than Trump.

What needs to be done is to suffer the buffoonery for another 19 months, take the Senate and the House and leave The Donald as an emasculated loser fumbling around the White House in his bathrobe and his TIVO remote.  Wait. That is what he is doing now… Oh well