Trump’s Executive Orders, Less Transparency from Junior – the President Show -Comedy Central

Trump's Executive Orders, Less Transparacy from Junior - the President Show -Comedy Central

In this hilarious episode of Comedy Central’s The President Show, Trump signs a stack of executive orders, with his very transparent son Donald Junior by his side. This particular version of Junior may be goofy but boy howdy has he ever become insightful! Junior’s take on Trump and women, and the real reasons for the health care bill are enough to make the senior Donnie wish he could push adorable ‘Little Don Don’ back under the desk.

Everybody gets an executive order! Joe and Mika get one that is iconic of their frosty relationship with Trump. Mike Pence isn’t left out, when his own chilly behavior is noted. Junior is tickled by his own observation about Pence: “That’s funny dad, at first Mike had no political future with you and now he only¬† has a political future without you!”