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Vatican 'House Of Cardinals' Parodies Political Thriller 'House Of Cards'

House of Cardinals a parody of  political House Of Cards filmA new film 'House Of Cards' starring Kevin Spacey, gives us an unflattering look behind the public face of Washington D.C.. Intrigue abounds, as we see the power brokers and toadies who make the system go 'round for good or ill.

Talk about intrigue! Imagine what is  happening behind the walls of Vatican City.  In “House of Cardinals' the glittering hive is abuzz with worry, gossip, speculation…And illegal gambling, probably. Pope Benedict XVI is out of there, and some men – those who perhaps have little influence, seek the position and red shoes for themselves. One such man believes he has found the key to greatness: Worry, gossip, speculation and – photo-bombing! Lots of photo-bombing behind important personages.

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