Verizon Wireless Sponsors Ted Nugent Hate America Labor Day Concert

As you know, Massey Energy is a coal company which is not only a massive polluter of land and water in it’s own business of strip mining, but is also responsible for causing the most air pollution we enjoy which comes from coal powered generating plants. The chairman of Massey Energy is Don L. Blankenship who is the face and the loudest voice in corporate anti-environment politics.  Don L. Blankenship Hate America in his own words.

The master of ceremonies for today’s concert is Ted Nugent, known mostly for making the NRA look like a gun control group, and of course a well known racist, bigot, hopeless moron and friend of Sarah Palin. Watch the video below in which he asks Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to suck the end of the AR15 he waves on stage. The ultimate dirtball.

More on Ted Nugent Celeberity Republican!

Helping to make this event the circus of right-wing clowns it is are Sean Hannity who will fatly stand around and look stupid, and Hank Williams Jr who recently said the only reason Obama is President is because of our Electoral College. Wow, it doesn’t get much dumber than that outside Elmer Fudd cartoons. Hank Williams Jr is even dumber than he looks

So enters Verizon Wireless to West Virginia Wingnut Heaven shelling out $1000 to help support this HATE AMERICA concert with a sales booth.

Ready for the corpo-think kicker?

Verizon Wireless has responded by saying they will not pull out of this Hate America event because it would look like a political move and they don’t want to appear political!  WOW… Corporate America reasoning. Associate and help fund a group of well known insane right-wing crazies and then refuse to abandon them because it would look political. Wow… Verizon’s Repsonse

How could anyone not want these kind of corporate thinkers in charge of their health care and deciding whether they will live or die?

These people have a rabid hatred of the United States Senate, the United Sates House of Representatives, the President of the United States and all government bureaucRATS and no matter how many flags and guns they wave around their heads or how many crappy patriotic country western songs they sing, are a HATE AMERICA gang like no other in history.