Video: Eric Cantor Blames Democrats for theats and violence

In the past 6 days Democrats have suffered two yells of "NI**R!", ten death threats to congressman, 6 bricks through office windows, 1 gas line cut and hundreds of threatening voice mails and emails.

The GOP talking points response is all over cable news.

1)  BOTH SIDES ARE EQUALLY GUILTY! Gosh… In the last six days it has been 100% NOT SO.

Even though we know otherwise, we can see them at their rallies with their guns and hate filled posters, signs, slogans and shouts.

3) The radio talk show talking point is, IT’S DEMOCRATS DOING THIS TO MAKE REPUBLICANS LOOK BAD! For it is not in our nature to do such things!

4) The coup de grace from Minority Whip Cantor:
THIS IS THE DEMOCRATS FAULT FOR TELLING THE PRESS ABOUT IT. [please, one instance is not the same as a pattern of 20]

Wow! And the Republican Base sucks it all up because their hatred is so intense it further pickles their briansr brains.

Hatred of what I ask you?

This level of hate is over taxes going up a nickel?
Concern over future debt rate to GNP rising two points?
Or perhaps… 

We have a handsome, intelligent, articulate President who does not embarrass us every time he opens his mouth, just WIN A BIG F***ING ONE!

The "N****R (and company) has proven SUPERIOR to the GOOD OLE BOY (and company).

So a little empathy here please, imagine how hard a row that must be to hoe these KIND of people. Poor things, my heart goes out to them.