Video: Jon Stewart These Frigging Guys Goldman Sachs and the GOP

Village People singer and sometimes road construction worker CNBCs Jim Cramer seems to be wrong about most everything all the time. I guess that is why he is a clown commentator rather than an investment banker. Oops! Wait! Isn’t that just what Goldman Sachs did too? With the added caveat of making millions knowing they were wrong. Oops that’s BILLIONS. Stealing and cheating cities, states and retirement funds. You have probably heard a lot lately about being unAmerican, well bankers stealing and cheating us all is what is American.

The reference to THE PRODUCERS helped me understand all this much better. So thank you Jon for making it palatable for us dummies.

What scares the Hell out of me about all this is how confident the Republicans are about nixing the regulation of banking and Wall Street in the face of what we ALL know they did to us. They did more to hurt us than all the Negroes and Mexicans put together, in all of American history ever did to us!    

They stole over half our retirements, a third of the value of hour homes, tens of millions lost their homes, more tens of millions lost their jobs and still the Republican Party who is owned by Bankers and Wall Street who caused all that are touting no change – regulation is socialism – and believe they are going to win so big come November that they will take the House and Senate. Not to mention the glory of the GOP and W. Bush doubling the debt over the past 8 years and supporting two optional wars which  they GOP refused to pay for.

Sure they could be wrong and this rabid Tea Party crap could indeed backfire, but it probably won’t with them at least coming close to taking over Congress.

It all depends upon INDEPENDENTS who make up 40% of the voters. "Independent" are those Americans who not only have little if any interest in politics or the government, but are also ignorant wussies as well. So I have to give the Right credit on at least being engaged. And informed! Well… I guess informed BY WHOM is the poke in they eye of that.

Rush and Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin have the answers. But only if they are paid enough. Rush makes $50 million a year, Beck makes $23 million year, and Palin has made over $12 million just in her first year. There is big money in Right-wing Swill.