Video: Juan Williams fired from NPR

So it seems the wussy liberal of Fox News Sunday may now be going to Fox News full time.

First there was this almost 2 years ago that upset the Young Turks.

Now this from yesterday.

Bill O’Reilly is the very definition of the white good old boy bigot, homophobe, sexist and racist, covered as he is from  head to foot in that poo. Not only is it what he is, but what he strives to be. It is the reason he he is the most respected man on cable TV. Juan Williams does well sitting up there with Big Bill in the Big House making sure his mint juleps are always topped off.
Bill O’Reilly’s phone call

In a larger sense this is the Tea Party, this is the Republican Party, this is White America and sadly this is the election of 2010.  All of which refuse to come to terms with what it is they are so angry about and who they want to take their country back from.
Black and Brown and funny sounding names…

Williams was fired I am sure for the this comment

"When I see Muslims in Muslim garb who are identifying themselves first and foremost and Muslims…"

You see? Muslims should not identify themselves as Muslims. Though Catholics can dangle a rosary from their belt or put a crucifix around their neck. Evangelical Christians can hold a Bible in hand and wear that look of otherworldly ignorance on their faces. Only Muslims should not identify with their religion. That is religious intolerance and bigotry. Because it is pervasive doesn’t make it right.

Though I have no love for Juan Williams – the Black Alan Combs of cable – I have to disagree with NPR’s decision to fire him. All it will accomplish is the Right-wing going ballistic on Political Correctness being worse than Hitler, Stalin and Beelzebub combined which plays right int the voting booths on November 2nd. Kick on PC

I suspect the uproar to be so intense that he will be able to get his job back at NPR if he wants.