Video: Mad Rand Paul Debate Oct 17 2010

rand paul clownThere is a lot of stink this morning about the Rand Paul Jack Conway debate in Kentucky. It looked for a minute like Rand Paul was going to resort to what Sharron Angel calls the 2nd Amendment remedy. 

What set him off was when Conway brought up the 30 year old accusation of Rand Paul’s college prank of tying up some coed to worship the Aqua Buddha.

But that is not the issue I want to point out here. This clip is what has now pushed Rand Paul over the top into a sure win.

This video is an example of why I have chosen to offend so many on both sides with my vocal fight against Evangelical Christianity and religion in general. It is not just about Paul Rand, but this same crap comes from his creationist father Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann, Sharron Angel, Christine O’Connell, Jim DeMint, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Newt Gingrich (who knows better and just uses it for his own ends) to name just a few at the top of this horrid pile of religious fervor.

This one minute speech not only makes tying up women 30 years ago irrelevant to believers, but also makes it okay TODAY for this clown to do everything he can in the US Senate to destroy Social Security, public education, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment insurance, civil rights, the 14th Amendment along with every environmental and financial regulation he can get his hands on. He is a stupid radical right-wing horror show who is going to win because of Jesus. Kick! Pages on Libertarians

The people hearing it – what the country club Republicans call the "hicks" of their GOP base – will not only forgive all that, but forgive anything he says or does as long as he reinforces their belief in that White American Jesus who is the center of their lives. Not their families, not their country, not the constitution, but an invisible dead guy in the sky somewhere, who talks to them. Which is also known as schizophrenia. 

Our politics have been driven by this crap since we set foot on this Continent 400 years ago. It is why we were the last to end slavery, why we suffered 100 years of apartheid, why our poverty levels are so high, our disparity of wealth increasing, our streets so violent, our execution chambers so busy, our wars so often and why we are alone in the world in not realizing that health care is the most basic of human rights.

Put the Jesus label on anything, no matter how unchristian and it wins. Put Jesus into all this Right-wing swill and the "Hicks" come out of the woodwork to pull their straight ticket GOP levers.

It is time for not just me, but everyone with even a modicum of sense to rise above our American "Hickdumb" and break the back of this silliness before it sends us back into the dark ages once again.

This is an issue neither politicians nor the mainstream media can touch without being voted out of office or losing share and revenues. So it’s up to a very few, as it has always been.
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  • Rack Jite

    Let me see if I can parse that in GOD LANGUAGE.

    I hate the act of religion not the person!

    But I do see I am getting it across that it is not so much any ONE religion that is crap, but all of them. Made up stuff by the rich and powerful to control the riff raff… It works well.

    Most people get here, as most people get anywhere on the net, other than facebook and company, through Google search. Lee searched Matresss Mack and here he is.

    The Joe Horn articles still get comments 2 years down the road…

  • db

    Yes Lt.,

    Don’t hold back, tell us what you REALLY think.

    It probably is possible to be a strict Libertarian & a Creationist. Remember Gould’s “Areas of Magesteria” that I wrote of a few days ago? Libertarianism opposes the existence of Governments & thus Public Schools. Creationism opposes the existence of Evolution. There’s no real real overlap there. There’s no Public School in which to decide what to teach.

    We will not discuss the issue of whether Unitarians are Christians. But I’ll take the fact that you’ll agree that some are different as a plus.

    Do you hate ALL Muslims because some Muslim Lunatics blow up themselves & others?

    Do you hate ALL Jews because some Jewish Lunatics insist on settling on land that was under discussion for inclusion in the Palestinian State?

    Do you hate ALL Catholics because some Catholic Lunatics join the IRA?

    Do you hate All Christians…

    I understand your frustration those I call the Prophets of Profit. But please do me the favor of visiting the Houston Central Union Mission on your next visit to Houston. They’ve got to be in the Phone Book. Visit the local Soup Kitchen which (at least around here) is run out of & by the local Catholic Church. The local Episcopal Church runs the 2nd hand store.

    Now my question of the day:

    “Lee” winds up frothing at the mouth in three separate posts yesterday afternoon. Okay he’s upset. But you posted the stuff back in April. So where has he been the last 6 months? What upset him now in October that wouldn’t have upset him in April or May?

    • Muy Groso

      I think you are right about Unitarians. They are reasonable people, tolerant of other religions so should not be tarnished with the Christian label. Which has come to mean intolerant, bigoted, nasty, violent and stupid.

  • Rack Jite

    This is an example of what I find so hideously disgusting with this American Jesus crap.

    Both Rand and his racist old man are LIBERTARIAN rabid pro life Evangelical Creationists. Talk about oxymorons.

    American Jesus is for not lending a hand to the sick, the old, the poor, the dispossed, the outcast or anyone at all. Jesus is only for self interest, amassing wealth, intolerance, bigotry destroying the Earth and getting their sorry right-wing asses into everlasting bliss.

    Thats what my anger at Religion is about. Here in this country it is the direct opposite of what it was originally intended to be. It stands for all that is selfish, nasty, violent and callous.

    Oh I know you and a few others are different. But you dont represent the reality of what it is really about here in this country. Unitarians are .3% of the population!

    They have turned Jesus into a gun toting right-wing piece of crap. And it pisses me off that they have been allowed to do so because politicians and the media are afraid of them over votes and share.

    They need to be mocked and shamed by everyone at every opportunity until they and their sorryass crap crawls back to Hell where it all came from.

    It is disgusting… And nothing funny about it.

    That’s my laid back speech on this topic.

  • db

    So what Lt.? You expected Rand to froth at the mouth? No, he was going to be prepared with fuzz word/buzz word slogans like the clip presented.

    The Tea Party Candidates have been well schooled in staying on point and saying as little of substance as possible. Listen to Sister Sarah lately?

  • rloy

    I’m not a fan of either of these candidates. Conway *has* chosen stupid things to attack Rand Paul on (the war on drugs, an asinine college prank, etc) and is no Bernie Sanders. If anything, he’s running to Paul’s right.