Videos: Stewart and Colbert do Right-wing fashion pimp boy James Okeefe

Both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert weigh in on this Right-wing jerkoff. Oops, sorry, conservative activist. This little prick is an example of the mentality of not only Fox News and company, but the Republican Party as well. O’Keefe and his preacher’s daughter hottie ho went out to specifically try and destroy ACORN, which is what? An advocacy group that helps poor black children and voter registration for those living in the poorest areas of America. What you may as, could be worse than that? Who could be more in need of a kick in the face than those suffering the most abject poverty in America? The hero status this right-wing fashion pimp has been given by Republicans answers that question. NOTHING, shaming poor black people is the high road of today’s American.  Truth about ACORN voter Registration and FOX NEWS