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Watching the ugly Trump debate watchers, Full Frontal with Sam Bee

Watching the debate watchers, Full Frontal with Sam BeeMaybe, just maybe the Trump phenomenon of Les Deplorables is not so much about racists, bigots, sexists and dumbasses but people just being angry about being born ugly? After all, fat is a step up from ugly. So why would ugly Trump supporters care about him calling women fat?  We have learned so much from this election.

That there are far far more deplorable white racists in this country than most everyone other than myself thought, though it is just the serendipity of living in Texas that gives me a step up on the rest of yall in that.

That reason, facts, qualifications and being smart doesn’t much matter to Republican voters, it’s all about how much hate and anger they have in their hearts expressed in their ugly contorted faces.

And last but not least, my favorite,  that political incorrectness transcends polite discourse and has become so wildly popular with The Donald and his people that I can safely say that Trump supporters are more ugly than they are either stupid or fat with impunity. Well to be fair and balanced anyway.

When he throws the blue dress in Hillary’s face next week it will not matter to his supporters, and his plan getting more of his gang out to vote than the other side, what does he have to lose? Fat Republican women love him no matter what he says, a wall, a Muslim ban, and putting an end to Black Lives Matter is far more important than being called fat.  Right now ahead in both Ohio and Iowa and tied in Florida proves the point.

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