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Life & Death - Abortion & Execution

Respect Pro Lifers if they hold to their reasoning by also decrying capital punishment and don't spout that hypocritical blather about getting the big government off our backs.


  The Person Poem


I never did meet, on any old street,

Sitting, laying, or up on their feet.
Not in a bar, not in a car,
Not up close, not from afar.
No baby or kid, no daughter or son,
No grandpa or grandma, no daddy or mom.
Wherever I’ve been it’s always the same
I’ve met not a person who had not a name.  




   Inconvenience My Ass 


At the constant urging of the Pro Life movement, Surgeon General C. Everert Koop (a staunch Pro Lifer) and a congressional committee did a study on the psychological affects of abortion. Both found that there was no higher incidence of suicide, institutionalization, or neurotic breakdowns of women who had abortions, women who did not have abortions, and women who had babies.


The most prevalent argument from the Pro Life crowd is that women murder their babies because of a bit of inconvenience. Let us look at that bit of inconvenience:


·        Nine months of pregnancy.

·        Up to 24 hours of the worst pain imaginable.

·        Birth bill of about $1000.

·        Baby equipment about $1000.

·        18 years of food about $50,000.

·        18 years of clothes about $25,000.

·        18 years of medical bills/insurance about $10,000.

·        18 years of toys, games and tech about $20,000.

·        3 years of car insurance $6000.

·        4 years of living hell as they go through adolescence.

·        32,000 hours (5 hours a day) of attention at minimum wage, about $150,000.


So this bit of inconvenience comes down to not only giving oneself totally to an unwanted child for twenty years, but costs about a quarter of a million dollars (a very low estimate.) So if these Pro Lifers really believe this is all just a little inconvenience, perhaps each one of them could suffer a little inconvenience by selling their home, their car, all their stuff and donate all that money for the national distribution of birth control devices.  




   The Wimmin' Wall 


The Pro Life movement does business on three fronts; harassment of clinics, a Constitutional amendment to make abortion illegal, and overturning Roe vs Wade. Its that last one where they know they have the best chance, for it will be a done deal if Bush gets two Supreme Court appointments.


Roe vs Wade made simple: All women have the right to an abortion in the first trimester (12 weeks), states have discretion to limit abortions in the second trimester (to 24 weeks), and in the third trimester (viability) states have very strong discretion.


A bill making it a crime for a woman to cross a state line for an abortion is one of the GOPs top ten legislative picks and sure to become law this session.


You see? Overturning Roe vs Wade gives the states complete discretion regarding abortion, they want to be magnanimous so each state can decide for themselves. And to get ready they are now passing a law that women who desire a choice in the matter and live in a state where there is no choice, cannot travel to a state where can make that choice. They are building a Wimmin Wall, and we are letting them. Because... They have learned that if they intone God they can screw whoever they wish.


  God is Pro Life


 The Religious Right is more concerned with what goes on before birth and after death than what happens in between.


Of course historic events such as the Black Plague, the Holocaust and the fact that God kills every living thing proves the odious God is Pro Life bumper sticker represents the silly logic and denial of reality at the core of the Pro Life movement. Even more absurd that this Pro Life God kills more babies through miscarriage, stillbirths, and infant mortality than do doctors performing abortions. God is Pro Death.


After being sentenced to death for blowing away two innocent men at point blank range with buckshot, Pro Life murderer Paul Hill said, “I know for a fact I’m going to Heaven.” Beyond the point of what facts actually mean to these morons, I am sure that if he does make it to the pearly gates with shotgun in hand, he will proceed to blow God's head off God who has murdered more babies than all abortionists put together.  




  R owing & Wading


“So I told the congregation this Christmas, I want you to do the most loving thing, buy each of your children an SKS rifle and 500 rounds of ammunition.” Convicted arsonist Rev. Matt Trewhella, Milwaukee based head of Missionaries to the Preborn expressing his Christian Gospel.


Do the Pro-lifers ever take the time to think out the reality of Roe vs. Wade actually being overturned? I suppose that is a rather stupid question considering these people seldom think of anything at all but sex and death, but what if abortions were to became illegal?


How many bogus cases of rape and incest (requiring immediate disposition) would flood our already overburdened court system?

How many more real babies will be found dead in dumpsters?

How many women will die from illegal abortions and home remedies?

How many more women will succumb to suicide out of fear and shame?

How many more children with babies will flow into what little is left of the welfare system?

How many more instances of child abuse would we have to deal with each year?

How many doctors would defy the law and end up in jail?

·What do we do with the healthcare workers and the women themselves who are participants in first degree murder?

Imagine the police work involved in controlling the marches and riots from people in a majority position rather than a minority one.

And what about the precedent it sets concerning States’ Rights and the subsequent movement of people from one State to another for political ideology?




    What if...


Republican legislation cutting programs for children show conservatives to be far more concerned with potential children than they are with the real thing


The overturn of Roe vs. Wade had an immediate impact upon the nation. The Southern states used the judgment to not only outlaw abortion, but to force religion into every facet of public life. As Congress and the Supreme Court handed down case after case giving the States back the rights they had lost in the first Civil War, a coalition formed calling themselves the Southern Christian Unity of Man. As the direction and reality of the SCUM hit home, millions of young women soon began moving North, leaving many of the remaining males even more sexually frustrated than they had previously been. Frustration led to bitterness, and before long religious intolerance ushered in a new era of old prejudices. Soon the women leaving were followed by gays, liberals, Jews, Blacks, and Hispanics and finally even all the bunnies and squirrels had absconded North. It was not a one way street of course, many small organizations from all over the North and West moved South; the various militias, the Heritage Foundation, the Aryan Nations, the Young Republicans, the Skinheads and the EIB Network. The Southern Unity soon seceded from the Union behind what became known around the world as The Line of Reason.


After most of the women and liberals had left and all the homosexuals, Jews (except David Horowitz, Jackie Mason and Kinky Friedman) and all the Blacks (except Clarence Thomas, Ward Connerly, Armstrong Williams, Alan Keyes, Ken Hamblin and OJ Simpson who were too busy topping off the mint juleps of those living in the big house), a wall was erected to keep what few women remained as breeding stock. Soon only intolerance, racism, bigotry, hate and kudzu dominated the landscape. The Southern Unity aligned with the theocracies of the Middle East, while the North moved closer to the notion of liberal democracy practiced in Western Europe. The die was cast and war was in the wind.


Our second Civil War ended more radically than the first. The wall served the North as a ready made blockade allowing them to ignore the SCUM, and with United Nations sanctions it became apparent to all that the Unity had to either break out and attack or starve. The dichotomy of values between the two nations was so overwhelming that dialogue was not even possible. So much so that the cry from the first Civil War of “Kill the Niggers and capture the Yankees!” was changed to “Kill the Niggers, Spics, Fags, Liberals and capture the Women!” As The SCUM took that cry literally, surrender became an impossible option for either side.


The outcome was sure and swift. Once again an army of dedicated racist bigots with personal weapons bought at gun shows were no match for the hardware, population and armies of the North. After they lost the war, Unity members who did not commit suicide emigrated to Palestine where they are still awaiting word on recognition for a White Christian Homeland.


Here in America the subsequent de-population coupled with an immediate 50 point surge in average I.Q scores, created such a good government and economy that abortions have became rare. The lesson learned is a two edged sword. Those whose political values are based upon intolerance, bigotry and hate are better served by dispersing themselves throughout the population while the rest of us are best served by letting them amass in geographical congregation and then just allow the conflict between good and evil to run its historic predetermined course.




    Jane Rode for a Ride


 If there was a perfect form of birth control and we eliminated all venereal disease including HIV, the people whining now about sex would still be whining about it. The more you listen to Pro Lifers the more you realize it is not so much about life as it is sex.


Carnival barker Norma McCorvey, a lesbian, found herself pregnant in 1970. In trying to get an abortion in Texas, she lied saying she was raped; she then became the impetus for the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision. Due to the time factor involved in her case, she never did get the abortion and put the child up for adoption.


Since that time, Norma became a drug addict, a drug dealer and an alcoholic. For many years she worked as an assistant in a Dallas abortion clinic which happened to be located in the same building as the National Headquarters of Operation Rescue. Flip Benham, the president of that organization (who reeks of that crooked used car salesman smell even more than indicted evangelist Robert Tilton) played her like a harp, winning her not only into the fundamentalist fold, but into Operation Rescue as well.


For the most part such conversions are made on people with serious character faults; severe loneliness, addiction, a criminal past, depression, low self esteem, limited intelligence and little education. Although these were all central issues in this case, his true success was in using Jesus to bring out all the bitterness she felt being used by people she perceived as conceited intellectual elite’s. She’s unique, the first Pro-life lesbian member of Operation Rescue.  




    No Right to Privacy


 If poor children wish to gain any help from the GOP, they had best crawl back in the womb.


A couple of Pro-Life creepy-crawlers went to a doctor’s home in California and grabbed his trash. A few days later they posted his address, phone number, financial records and copies of his personal mail on the internet, which is also routine regarding clinic employees. They also rummage for information on women who have had abortions to make sure the woman’s family, friends, neighbors and workplace know she murdered her child. More recently, they have begun taking pictures of women entering or leaving abortion clinics and posting them on their websites.


At one time I had trouble with understanding why conservatives (Robert Bork in particular) so rabidly scream that there is no right to privacy inherent in the constitution. But once we drop that issue into the Pro Life movement it becomes clear. No right to privacy is singularly an issue of Pro Life Religious conservatives who live only to get their long ugly snot filled noses between the legs of pregnant women, or all women for that matter.




   Terry Schiavo


Terry Schiavo beforeTerry Schiavo afterHave someone tie you up on a bed in a room. Remove radio, TV and any reading material. Have someone squirt Gerber's rice pudding into you and pull down your pants to wipe your ass every few hours. Limit yourself to only two words, GAA and UUG. Contort your face to a never changing clueless grin and stare off into space. How long can you last before asking for release? 14 minutes? 14 hours? 14 days? Or would you rather have your insane parents ensure you suffer that for the next 30 years? 


The before and after pictures of all that is needed to come to grips with this issue. Though it is understandable that those who don't get it and want to force another 30 years of torture upon this poor woman pretty much live their own lives in a persistent vegetative state.


Remember the Rule of Law, how the conservatives rationalized impeaching the President for a hummer? Well they tossed rule of law out the window on this one. Remember the Defense of Marriage Acts? They have kicked that out the door. How about the basis of the GOP, states rights? That went out the window in the 2000 election and now they are grinding it into the ground.


The results of the autopsy was that her brain had shrunk to half its size.




   The United States of Jethro Bodine


Smart People got no reason
Smart People got no reason
Smart People got no reason
To live

They got fancy hands
And thoughtful eyes
And they walk around
Tellin' great big lies

Well, I don't want no Smart People
Don't want no Smart People
Don't want no Smart People
Round here


There you have it, what's wrong with America. Its everywhere. Dem dare smart people who doan know sh*t about shinola. We knew that was the problem in the past two presidential elections, but boy has this Terry Schiavo circus in Florida hammered it home. What is the problem with that state anyway? The same morons from the Elian days talking family values and defense of marriage while walking the opposite direction because it happens not to suit their narrow Biblical World View.


Our American pool of fundamentalists and evangelical Talibanies is about 30% of our population, who from their persistent vegetative red states are now running the show. Its not so much Red and Blue as Dumb and Smart. I can see it now, Ford 150's with smart people tied to stools in the back bed wearing dunce hats while a crowd trots along behind waving their little black books chanting scripture and throwing boiled okra at them.


Of course college professors and trial lawyers are at the top of the list; but scientists, doctors, artists, actors, writers, teachers, journalists and most recently judges, are now running close behind.  In fact it often crosses political boundaries, for its human nature not to like the know-it-all. Which is something I know from personal experience.




   The Home Depot Blues


Surfing about during the election I found that Home Depot was one of the five companies in America who contributed the most to conservative politicians. I swore off the place but it's an extra ten miles to Lowe's, so I sometimes fold when I know its just a few bucks. So off I went yesterday to get a sprinkler.

It was late afternoon and the place was just about empty as usual. I slapped $5 on the counter. The young lady noticed my head phones and asked what I was listening to.

"NPR." I answered.

Blank stare.

"You know, public radio?" I tried explaining.

Blank stare.

I tried to explain that it was like PBS, like the News Hour.

"Oh, talk radio!" She smiled and nodded.

"No no no... This is news not Rightwing propaganda."

"What are they talking about?" She asked.

"Guess?" I replied.

"Terry Schaivo!"

"You got it darlin!"

"What do you think about Terry?" She asked.

"Shoot her." I replied.

"That's horrible! They are going to round everyone in wheelchairs up and kill them like they did the Jews! She is fine, she talks with her eyes and her hands. She said she doesn't want to die. That husband killed her you know! She told her cousin she was going to leave him so he caused her to have a heart attack! He is evil and he should be tried for murder!"

"Boy, where do you hear such things?"

"On the news!"

"What news, what station or channel?"


"950 isn't news. Its Houston's premier Right-wing 24/7 propaganda machine. All day its Rush, Hannity, O'Reilly, Savage interspersed with a few of our own home grown Right-wing lunatics. Heck, even the news on the hour comes from FOX. It is not news."

"It is to!"

"Is not!"

"Is to!"

"Is not! And give me my $5 back. Un-ring this. Thank you and Goodbye once and for all Home Depot."




    Brain Stem Research


A Planarian has a better grasp of the world at large than a fetus to viability.


One of the humanities’ biggest questions has always been what makes people tick. I have concluded that the answer to that lies somewhere in our brain stems where our animal instincts still reside. As such, perhaps it would be a good idea to collect as many brain stems as we can for research. Though I doubt this would work very well under a voluntary model, I make a modest proposal. Anyone who in their heart of hearts expresses their desire to see Andrea Yates (who killed her children because she is clinically insane) executed, should have their brain stems forcibly removed, studied and then destroyed. For spiritually, morally, obviously and in fact such people drag our collective humanity so far down into the depths of Hell, they should be taken out of the human gene pool before things get even worse than they already are.




     Save America! Control Women!


 Using Constitutional quotes and arguments regarding abortion are ludicrous as that document did not include women, Indians or Blacks yet alone a fetus.


An interesting speech by America’s foremost theocratic fascist, Alan Keyes, recently verified one of my arguments on the cause for all this Clinton Hate and the subsequent impeachment process. Keyes ranted to his audience that there is only one issue to peruse in America; denying women the right to choose to terminate a pregnancy, with all morality coming from that single issue. [By the way, I feel obligated to say that I feel much the same regarding capital punishment]


Look closely at the players in the impeachment process; the independent council, the leaders of the GOP in the House & Senate, the House managers, the prosecution lawyers and those who fund the Right-wing cabal out to destroy the President. Rabid Pro Lifers every one. All with their most vocal and central issue, get the government off MY back and in control of pregnant women.


I have come to realize that Bill Clinton is the only Pro Choice President in American History (I could find nothing on Carter defending the right to choose). So Keyes may indeed be right, the entire GOP machine is centered upon saving America by having The Government force women to have children they do not want.




   Youth in Asia


“There are three side effects of acid. Enhanced long term memory, decreased short term memory, and I forget the third.” Timothy Leary


The argument is that terminal patients should not be allowed to decide for themselves when to go on their way. That if we give patients the right to decide their own fate; families, states, nursing homes and HMO’s will be forcibly putting the disabled, the mentally incompetent, and the elderly to death. Come on. I have always done my best to stay away from the slippery slope argument, believing it not only to be little more than conjecture, but also a poor process of debate. I have done fairly well, falling only occasionally, most grievously in regards to the school voucher issue which I believe is the most God awful idea this nation has ever had.


It is beyond far fetched to think that we will all sit by while doctors kill the disabled on the whim of greedy families and HMO agents. On the other hand, it is not that farfetched to believe that a voucher system could destroy public education, increase segregation, and become the most prevalent publicly funded religious indoctrination process in our history.  


Another thing I find depressing concerning this issue is the universal demonization of Dr. Kevorkian. In the reams of articles and columns I have read on the subject, all pundits and all media (left or right) attack the man as a mentally disturbed killer, except two. Rack Jite and Andy Rooney. Now there’s a case of strange bedfellows if there ever was one.


Kevorkian is exactly the kind of person who is needed to address this issue, to break the silence, to fight for the civil liberties of the terminally ill and relieve the pain and agony of thousands today and millions tomorrow. A man with gall, guts, and little to lose is just what is so needed to change how a culture thinks. Jack Kevorkian is to the dying what Ralph Nader is to the consumer; not very funny, not very charismatic, but right as rain and totally committed to walking the walk of the talk he talks.   




   Ten Reasons to End Capital Punishment


 “Father don’t ever forgive them for they know just what they do. And so I beseech you to found a religion in my name based on the personal pride taken in executing more people, more often and more quickly for ever less reason.” The last exclamation of Christ.


1)      There is no greater form of state intrusion into individual liberty than execution.


2)      Mistakenly executing someone cannot be rectified.


3)      Who we choose to execute is more often decided by emotion, race and economics than by law.


4)      Execution has repeatedly been shown not to be a deterrent to capital crimes.


5)      Solving problems through killing is the wrong message to send our children.


6)      Capital crooks won’t be putting their hands up as much causing a rise in the amount of dead police.


7)      When the government kills people it makes us all party to murder.


8)      We end up substituting one set of family victims for another.


9)      Compassion and mercy are better indicators of civilization than are violence and vengeance.


10)  If we took that eye for an eye crap seriously, we would all be blind and toothless in no time.




    Terror in the Death House


What passed the House as the Counter-Terrorism bill (the precursor to both the Patriotic Act and the Homeland Security bill) had as the meat of it new laws giving police more leeway in infiltrating and phone tapping violent hate groups. Before the vote most of that was removed and became nothing more than another in an endless string of execution legislation. What accelerating executions and denying appeal processes have to do with finding out who the terrorists are and locking them up passes me by. I am sure the guilty as Hell Timothy McVeigh would have taken his bomb and gone home knowing if he got caught he would have been executed faster with no appeal.




   Bravery in Terre Haute


 States who execute the most people have the highest murder rates. Which puts a kibosh on the conservative belief capital punishment is a deterrent.


The first federal execution in more than thirty years went very well. The circus environment at the site was a lot of fun, America cheered, the media cheered, Oklahoma cheered, it was a purely American happening. It went even better for Timothy McVeigh: Stoic, quiet, defiant, a pleasant and memorable last statement and above all his bravery in the face of death. Because of our lust for killing, whether it is war, guns or capital punishment, we have assigned bravery, heroism and martyrdom to the greatest mass murderer in American History. We are just so much smarter than everyone else.




    Pump it Out and Pump it Back In


 You know we are a blood thirsty country when not only must every Presidential candidate and elected judge support capital punishment to get elected, but even liberal Linda Ellerbe has her socks in a knot thirsting for the execution of Susan Smith


Due for a later in the day execution in Oklahoma, death row inmate Robert Brecheen suffered a self induced drug overdose of sedatives he somehow smuggled into his cell. He was rushed to a nearby hospital, had his stomach pumped, brought around to consciousness and executed by the injection of lethal drugs a few hours later. This brings new meaning to the words Just Say No To Drugs.




   Jesus Loves South Carolina


Since reinstating the death penalty 20 years ago, 66 people on death row have been found innocent and released.


On the back of Jesus Christ, South Carolina began the Civil War because they wanted to own “niggers”.  It is the home of Bob Jones University, the training ground for conservative fundamentalists who use Jesus Christ to rationalize their wholesale intolerance, bigotry and racism. And now, because of their love of Jesus Christ, they have bills pending to execute drunk drivers.


Here lies the central problem with capital punishment. Once a nation says its all fine and well, the bloodlust pushes for more executions for less cause, finally arriving as it has now been proposed in South Carolina, executing people for unintended homicides. This is more about killing those who anger us than it is about justice.


We sit around with our thumbs up our butts wondering why, as the world’s most Christian nation, we live in the most violent industrialized country. We as a culture subscribe, pander, and teach our children that killing is the best answer to a problem. You know, one of the first statutes on the list for nations to gain membership into the European Community is no capital punishment. A statement declaring civilization bests barbarianism.




   The Re-Execution Act of 2003


 80% of executions in the past 20 years have been South of the Mason Dixon.


What with Republicans now in total control of the government, coupled with having this recent sniper business more concerned with who gets the joy of executing the two lunatics than anything else, Re-Execution is something all real Americans can get behind. Understanding that the key to control in this democracy is to give the people what they want (primarily lower taxes, old time religion and a Hell of a lot of flag waving) no group has done a better job of it than the Republican Party.


This process would be simple enough; Federal legislation allowing the respective states to prosecute and sentence anyone who has committed crimes within their borders, dead or alive, thus opening a whole new world of fairness in our American justice system. Sure the perpetrators may not cry, beg, jerk, spasm and crap all over themselves for our collective delight on their second or third execution, but they could be animated with wires or electric shocks to give the victim’s families the satisfying show they have been praying for so long. And besides, executing the dead is even more painless than the lethal injection of the living, so what could be wrong with this idea?


There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of men and women on death row who have killed people in more than one state, so to be all we can be, it is imperative to have the bill grand-fathered so we can use the process to re-execute them all. Another upside would be that compared to the living, executing the dead would only cost a pittance. This would help reduce the tax rates of wealthy Republicans, which has now pretty much become the entire point of American democracy. There would be no expenses for food, cells or guards, no need for shackles or handcuffs, or public defenders for that matter (God, don’t you just hate public defenders). All that is needed is a couple bags of ice and a stretcher.


To get a well rounded execution process for these two snipers, prosecutors in the states of Nebraska, Utah, and Washington will need to pin some unsolved shootings on them and get convictions. Only then can this real American process begin. First, off they go to Indiana for a lethal injection in the Federal execution chamber. Then on to Washington to be hung, return through Utah to be shot, a stop in Nebraska where they could be strapped down and zapped in the electric chair, down to Alabama to have them injected once more, and finally back to the East Coast where both Virginia and Maryland could fill them up with poison a couple more times. Perhaps do it by rail with John Ashcroft taking bows from the back of the train as it stops to cheering crowds in state after state. And you know, I can’t think of much of anything that could stop it these days.




    Rule of Law


 “Mere factual innocence is no reason not to carry out a death sentence properly reached.” Antonin “Benito” Scalia expressing the most disgusting thing ever uttered by a Supreme Court Justice


Do we live under a nation of law or of men? I remember long ago that being a question which conservatives have now turned into a statement; we are a nation of law not of men. In the military it is going by the book, in our present judicial system it rears its head as mandatory sentencing, three strikes you’re out, and most recently, denying due process by taking property from the accused rather than the convicted. What they are striving for is the elimination of the gray in lieu of putting everything in their compartmentalized boxes of black and white. The concepts of mitigation, extenuation and jurisprudence are now defined as liberal judges being easy on crime. We are not easy on crime in this country. In fact we are the harshest there is in the industrialized world.


This all ties into the central mantra of conservatives, that we must all be responsible and accountable for our actions. What a straw man that is, who is not for responsibility and accountability? That is not what it is about; it is about harsher punishment, less due process, and denying judges the ability to take into account the “men” part of that question.


During the impeachment conservatives based their entire sexual witch hunt on what they call The Rule of Law. That if Bill Clinton was not found guilty of dodging the truth in regards to a sexual liaison with a consenting adult, that it would destroy our judicial system. The absurdity of that is reflected in what I hope will be the reality of our impeachment lesson. That if the government noses into private lives where they have absolutely no business being, we should all spit in their eye, as did the only hero in that whole sordid story, Susan McDougal.  




   The Execution Store


China executes about 6000 prisoners a year, many not even for capital crimes. They use bullets in the back of the neck of about 30 prisoners at a time. They then rush the bodies to hospitals to remove and sell their internal organs, mostly kidneys. I am sure we find this about as repulsive as it gets. I also am sure after this coming to light, conservatives will be pounding on the Damn Commie Chinks for years to come because of it.


But you know, in their heart of hearts, conservatives want the same thing. Gingrich has said he wants to execute up to 35 drug pushers at once (mass executions). They want to eliminate most appeals regarding capital punishment, they want to eliminate indigent legal services, they want to increase executions substantially, make them far more immediate to show it is a deterrent, and they want to ever increase the crimes that would be punished by execution. Conservatives and those damn Commie Chinks have the same attitudes about executions.


But what about the harvest? It is in question whether those executed in China give permission to have their organs removed, either under some threat or benefit to the families. Do not we harvest prisoner organs if they give permission? How wide is that line between coerced permission and permission? Conservatives do not give one hoot in Hell about prisoners’ rights, why would they care about their right to give permission to have their organs removed.




    She’s Gotta Go


“She has been sent to the place that we’re all going to go sometime, someplace my wife already is. She will deal with Karla Faye ucker. I promise you, it won’t be pretty.” Mr. Thornton, who’s wife was murdered by Tucker, waxing eloquent upon his wife residing in Hell. Or does this mean that ugly violent revenge is common in Heaven? Ah religion, it’s just way too complicated for me.


Karla Faye Tucker, the Texas pick ax murderer was executed. Many thirsty capital punishment advocates were crawling out from under their rocks to stop this one because she says she had become a born again Christian.


I have finally found a case where I support the death penalty! Strap this broad in, shoot her up and it may make a dent in our national collective desire to kill our way to justice. After she’s done twitching on the gurney, such fine forgiving Christians as Pat Robertson and Ollie North (who are crying for clemency here) may come to their senses to realize the only way to stop executing the rehabilitated, the innocent, or apply it fairly, is to follow the lead of the civilized world and end the violence perpetuating the process altogether.


Oops, what was I thinking? I got caught up in a bit of logical optimism there. I forgot for a moment that Pat Robertson and company have their entire ideology based on illogic, intolerance, ignorance, and of course the most hypocritical aspect of any religion, Executions For Christ (who was executed because he preached ending the circle of vengeance). What a pile of whale sh*t that is.




    Twenty-Nine Percent


If Jesus came back, hair down to his shoulders, barefoot in a dress advocating religious and political sedition as he did then, the Religious Right would have him strapped to our new horizontal cross faster than they did on that old vertical one.


The Houston Chronicle did a long four part series on the Texas death penalty. With Bush in the spotlight, Texas has been getting a lot of negative national and international PR concerning our busy execution chamber a few miles North of Houston. Overall the series was to defend Texas and capital punishment, but wading through all the information some interesting points came to light.


Harris County (Houston) is where most of those executed are sentenced, in fact, more in this county than in any other State (or 95% of other nations for that matter). It is mostly about blood thirsty DA’s and judges who understand it’s the single most important political litmus test for getting elected in Texas. The onus should be placed on the voters of Texas rather than those carrying out their wishes.


The Chronicle used the same questions in three polls concerning capital punishment, one in Harris County, one in Texas and one nationally. The numbers were all within one or two percentage points of each other, making Houstonians or Texans no more blood thirsty than America as a whole, they just do a better job of it.


The figure I can’t shake out of my head concerns the question asking if juries should have the option of life without parole in capital cases (42 states have that option and Texas is not one of them). 29% of Americans (same number for Texans) believe juries should not have that option. That the government (they hate) should execute its citizens no matter what a jury (representing the people rather than the government) has to say about it.


That 29% is about the same number of Americans screaming about Homos, hollering about baby murderers, waving around Glocks and Assault rifles, blaming Negroes and Mexicans for all their problems and honestly believe Fox News Channel is “fair and balanced”.  And what is the most prevailing common denominator for these f*ckwits? Jesus Christ my ass.  




   The Circle Stays Unbroken


I read Moby Dick again recently, cementing my view concerning man’s most devastating foible, revenge. Most misery in the world comes from both personal and collective forms of vengeance. The worst ever experienced was WWII (70 million dead) which began with Germany seeking revenge for WWI, which in turn, began over revenge concerning an assassination and so on. We see it everyday not only in the Middle East and Africa, but in the execution chambers across America. We see it these days with a President going to war because, “he tried to kill my Daddy.” One would think that if there were a God he would do something about this most debilitating form of human bloodlust. Perhaps he could come on down to Earth (or at least send a representative in his name) to teach us all how awful it all is, and that there is a better way. But human nature being what it is, we would probably nail that touchy feel good liberal to a dead tree.