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Is this really about dog poop?


Um... Kinda-sorta. Well... Yes.


 I don't like dog poop!


And you call yourself a liberal?


Don't tell me you are defending dog poop now?


I have thought long and hard about dog poopover the years because of all this trouble. And you know, I have realized there are only two negative aspects of it; stepping in it and hitting it with your lawn mower. Which I have come to believe is canceled out by its two positive aspects; it is good fertilizer and creates a point of interest for other dogs adding a bit more meaning to their dull lives. 


Its filthy and dirty and full of horrible diseases!


I hear that a lot, but searching the web doesn't turn up any data to that effect other than just repeating the claim. It seems to come from that same gang who say a Big Mac will kill you too.


Are you comparing a Big Mac to dog poop?


Well... Yes. They are both about the same size with the same shelf life. But hey, there is one difference, dogshit is free. Well, so far anyway.


I can't believe you are defending dog poop, what's next?


Next week I intend to defend Osama Bin Laden. Only later, when I hone this process better, will I try to tackle Karl Rove.