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You Have Hate Mail!


This has been the most popular area of the website since it began more than ten years ago. Sadly (or happily, depending upon ones disposition) it seems that with the rumbling of American voters finally waking up, these nitwits are now mostly hiding under their beds.


New Hate mail will appear here if any arrives. In the mean time the Hate Mail Archive overflows with the past stench of it.


Twenty years of receiving the kind of email you will see (along with participating in Usenet political debates) has given me the opportunity to view the soul of conservatives better than most anyone in the world, an open window into their dark hearts and weak minds. It is what created


My presence in various debate areas has gained me a following of Right-wing lunatics, some so horrid they have become long term cyber stalkers. The process they use in the free speech areas of Usenet is to intimidate liberals into silence through lies, libel, threats and most importantly, posting private information about them and their families. This is referred to as going real life. It is the primary tool conservatives use to deny free expression to those they disagree with in this medium. The threat of "Shut up! We know where you live! " It works!



Before the internet there were the BBS's and the BBS networks. Here is an example of how those days of cyber fascism worked.


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