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rush limbaugh pig of propaganda



   The Pig of Propaganda


“It’s not my fault! I was telling an innocent story about a White House dog, when an unnamed staffer put Chelsea’s picture on the screen against my will!” Sack of shit Rush Limbaugh


There are literally millions of Conservanazis in this country; proud, callous, selfish, repulsive bigots in their own right, but only one stands above the rest to earn the moniker “The Pig”. There should never be any guilt or embarrassment associated with calling Rush Limbaugh a pig, for that is just what he is. Please understand that we call him a porker not because of his pinkish pallor, beady little close together eyes and turned up snout (though these factors do help in defining just which bovine to compare him with) but solely on the grounds of the nature of his rhetoric.


There is little problem with this pig doing his daily dose of Negro bashing, Gay bashing, Women bashing, Indian bashing, Liberal bashing, Environmentalist bashing, or the raw unbridled hatred he expresses three hours a day toward the Clintons, for after all, that hatred is what conservatives are most about. Neither is there much problem in him disallowing the airing of any opposition to anything he says; totalitarian fascism is also so indicative of the conservative mindset that he should not be castigated for just doing his job. But Rush goes beyond the standard fare of hate directed at the enemies of conservatives - the loathsome do-gooders and the dreaded others - by delving into a realm of sleaze and unfairness seldom witnessed outside the pages of the American Spectator. There are four categories which define Rush Limbaugh as a pig. These all concern attacking those who are unable to defend themselves.


Animals - This has been one of his mainstays from the start. From the glee he takes in telling the story of killing the mouse in his garbage can, to the joy he took when a shark devoured a sea otter in front of a group of California school children who had found it wounded, helped and released it. From the laughing satisfaction he gets from his soundtrack of farm animals being shot and slaughtered to Andy William’s Born Free, to his seething hatred of Spotted Owls, whales, and any other endangered species. From calling fellow Americans to search out beavers and kill as many as possible because they destroy trees to his never-ending dialogs of how worthless and stupid animals are. Ah, debating animals Rush, what a brave man you are.


The Homeless - This has also been one of his long running themes. Not only making crude and obnoxious fun of the homeless, but always referring to them as drug addicts, drunks and worthless lazy bums when in reality the majority of them are women, children and the mentally disturbed, whom people like Rush proudly refuse to help in any manner at all other than giving bootstrap speeches. The homeless don’t vote they are the ultimate have-nots without a voice or even a radio to hear what’s being said of them. Ah, bashing people living in cardboard boxes Rush, what a brave man you are.


Little Girls - This is perhaps the low point in this pig’s career. On his nightly television show he flashed up pictures of White House happenings and said here comes a picture of the White House dog (there was no White House dog at the time); up popped the poorest picture he could find of 13 year old Chelsea Clinton with braces glittering. He blamed it on a technical mistake. I am sure most of his dittohead viewers actually believed him. It was the height of pigginess. Ah, making sure an adolescent little girl knows you called her a dog, because you hate her parents. What a pig rolling in stink.  


The Dead - This one is truly disgusting and often the thrust of his rhetoric. First it was playing part of a speech by John F. Kennedy which decries high tax rates. He played it over and over again, commenting that JFK is a Rush Limbaugh “Dittohead”, a friend of Rush Limbaugh’s who if alive today would be a conservative sitting next to and honoring Rush Limbaugh. On and on and on, JFK the enemy of liberal democrats, JFK the conservative who hates taxes and social programs. Then later the same game with Martin Luther King who he falsely claims would be against Affirmative Action. Ah, debating the dead Rush, what a brave man you are.


Though Limbaugh is a pig, deserves the name, and no one should feel even the slightest pang of guilt in calling his mother to tell her so, there is a semantic conundrum in this game of name-calling. I apologize to all swine, hogs, pigs and bovines whether domestic or foreign, young or old, in houses or homeless, with braces or without, alive or dead.


   Attention Limbicilies


“They vote with their vaginas.” Rush Limbaugh on women.


Are you sick of the same old communist liberal point of view in your news and information?


Are you tired of hearing endless discussions explaining the points of view of people unlike you?


Does thinking for yourself make your brain hurt?


Then tune in AM radio in the middle of any weekday and let Rush Limbaugh do your thinking for you! Save your mind for heavy conservative intellectual pursuits like thinking about your tax money and how all your guns work! [HINT: Bullets go in one end and come out real fast the other end.]


Hear just one side of each and every story, the only side! Rush knows what is most important to you! You, your family, your schools, your moral standards and most importantly, your tax money. Everything else is just so much crap! The poor, the homeless, minorities, immigrants, foreigners, environmentalists, feminists, homosexuals and liberals are your enemy, all they want is to take what you got.


These Liberals, with an endless stream of sexually active lazy bums must be held at bay. Call or write the NRA or attend any local gun show and they will help you amass a weapons cache full of Teflon bullets, auto/switches, silencers and machine guns rivaling any religious cult to do the job!


Tune in the EIB network and realize that you are not the only one who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about a bunch of worthless minorities and homosexuals living around downtown somewhere, yet alone ignorant black and brown NON-Christians on the other side of the world. Get serious!


Not only don’t we care, we are proud as Hell we don’t care!  We are not like them; we are real Americans who are damn sick and tired of being forced to share what we worked hard for with anyone, anywhere, at anytime, EVER!  THE OTHER GUY CAN GO TO HELL.




   The Rush Limbaugh Show


Kurt Cobain was, ladies and gentleman... a worthless shred of human debris.”  Rush Limbaugh the day after the lead singer of Nirvana committed suicide.


Percentage of time spent on topics in one day of the Rush Limbaugh Show picked at random and transcribed:


·        36% General Liberal bashing

·        25% Bashing Blacks

·        11% How wonderful Rush is

·        10% Calls from Dittoheads

·        9% Bashing women

·        9% Environmentalist bashing(slow day)

·        0% Opposition to anything Rush says  




    C-SPAN Visits the Pig Sty


“Women were doing quite well in this country before feminism came along.” Rush Limbaugh forgetting that before feminism, women were not only denied the vote but considered property.


C-SPAN went into the EIB studios to film The Rush Limbaugh Radio Show. Here is a transcribed clip.


[Said Bo Snerdly] “... and they showed clips of your favorite female talk show host.”
“My favorite? Which one? Who? Sally? Hang on everyone out there. Bo, could you go to my office and get that Time cover with the 5000 year old Ice Man on it? Come here Bo.” [Mr. Snerdly comes on camera so Rush can show he has a Black working for him.] “This is Bo Snerdly, who screens our callers and a proud member of the NAACP!” [Bo looks at the camera and shouts] “NOT!” [Then walks off camera to comply with Limbaugh’s command while Rush’s goes into a monologue]


The female jurors in the Menendenz case fell in love with one of the brothers and felt sorry for him. [Rush does his whiny squeaky Liberal voice making fun of compassion] “Get women off juries! The best way is to take the vote away from them so they are out of the jury pool! I said that a few times last week and everyone assumed I was serious.”


[TIME cover arrives. Rush holds it up and asks C-SPAN cameras to zoom in on the hollow-eyed decomposed face] This is the issue TIME was suppose to feature ME, RUSH LIMBAUGH on the cover, but they put this picture of Sally Jesse Raphael on instead. This is just what Sally Jesse Raphael looks like without makeup! [He loves it and laughs and giggles and plays it hard for C-SPAN]


An hour later a woman calls saying that though she agrees with most of what Rush says, she has a problem with his personal ad hominem attacks. Rush denies making ad hominem attacks using the standard tool of conservative talk show hosts, “Give me a specific example; who, when, where, and what exactly did I say.” Many viewers were probably yelling at the TV, “LADY! LADY! AN HOUR AGO! RIGHT HERE HE DID IT! GET HIM! GET HIM!” But she must have only just tuned in, and like most callers, could only generalize giving Limbaugh another semantic win. 






There is absolutely nothing wrong with using the word ‘niggardly’”. Rush Limbaugh


Ten places where it’s always a smart move for a white person to slip the word “niggardly” into a sentence:


1)      In a speech at the annual NAACP meeting.

2)      Outside a liquor store in Watts.

3)      To a bunch of Harlem Homeboys.

4)      As a white guest on BET TV.

5)      In the Cook County jail.

6)      To Clarence Thomas pleading your liberal case to the Supreme Court.

7)      To a group of ganstas in downtown Detroit.

8)      An NBA sports announcer in the media booth.

9)      In a bar to Mike Tyson.

10)  To a roomful of black Washington DC city bureaucrats.




   Speaking of Pig Shit


“Have you ever noticed that all newspaper composite drawings of wanted criminals look like Jesse Jackson?” Rush Limbaugh.


Rush often denies he makes personal attacks, here are a few I picked up recently just to make sure everyone understands what a pathological liar the pig is:


·        Warren Christopher - “prune face.”

·        Robert Reich - “little coward.”

·        Ann Richards - “born needing her face ironed.”

·        Henry Gonzalez - “playing connect the dots with the liver spots.”






I suggest that U.S Representative J.D. Hayworth, Right-wing dunderhead from Arizona, may be Rush Limbaugh moonlighting. The only ideological or physical difference I can discern between the two is J.D. has a full head of hair


The once top Conservanazi in the House of Representatives, B1 Bob Dornan took to the Well in Clinton’s first year to scream at the Pentagon and Defense Secretary Les Aspin for not having The Rush Limbaugh Show broadcast 3 hours a day in 132 countries on Armed Forces Radio Telecasting System. Dornan said that not only was the Clinton administration censoring Mr. Limbaugh by not carrying the show, but doing so to protect Clinton’s socialist immoral agenda. 69 other Republican congressmen agreed.


In a survey of 50,000 AFRTS radio listeners at the time; 95.9% said they wanted more sports and music, 3.9% said they would like more talk shows while only .2% asked for the Rush show specifically. Pentagon officials have said, “it is possible to get Rush on AFRTS if a program that reasonably balances his point of view can be found.” A few days later Secretary of Defense Les Aspin buckled under to the request - went over the head of the Pentagon - and Rush has made a daily staple of AFRTS with no plan of equal response. A week later Aspen was fired for being a wussy over something else. Good!


I guess Dornan and his pack of weasels didn’t think there was enough hatred directed at homosexuals in the military, after all, there are only a few soldiers going berserk and murdering gays each year, why not get that up to a few hundred a year? And of course, our soldiers must hear at least a few hours a day that their Commander-in-Chief is a yellow coward draft-dodging lying, fornicating adulterous socialist with a Marxist bull dyke wife and a thirteen year old daughter who is a dog. After all, how can our military be expected to perform as an effective fighting force without someone on the radio pandering to the intolerance and bigotry already endemic in the institution?


The name calling and insults directed toward the President will also generate not quite a few in the military to refuse to follow the orders of an accused yellow coward draft dodging Commander-in-Chief, accuse by a proven yellow coward draft dodging radio show host. Perhaps the hate mongering will be so effective that a few of the unstable killers in the military will lay off the homosexuals and go gunning for the President. Which not a few people are coming to believe just may be Limbaugh’s purpose.




 The Blockhead of Cheese Fries


Character matters; leadership descends from character.” Rush Limbaugh’s explanation on why it is okay for him and all conservatives to call people names and liberals can’t.


Rush Limbaugh gave a speech the other day at a big Republican fundraiser in California. The repetitive theme of which was that liberals do nothing other than define conservatives as evil. Rush is wrong, liberals define conservatives as assholes not evil, as they well should. As Rush played the poor put upon conservative victim, he went on to demonize liberals to such a extent that it’s rather hard to keep a straight face listening to the blatant double standards conservatives dwell in.


The only two ovations the Republicans gave him in his rather dull speech were when he attacked feminists by calling them feminazis, and when he did his rant on the lie of global warning calling environmentalists, wackos. New stuff there hey! He spent an inordinate amount of time name dropping George the Father and what good friends they are. How he and his President Pal hatched a plan to have the Secret Service leave a note from Rush in the Lincoln bedroom for the first Clinton guests to see. [President Bush the Father selling off the Lincoln Bedroom from political favors. My God. The horror of it.]


What stood out in his talk though, was his cheesy-ness, (I am sure that in show business they have a better word for it) but it’s what instantly popped into my mind. Rush waved, bowed, saluted, bowed again, mouthed thank you after thank you, arms in a Nixon salute, bowing so far in excess of the audience reaction to him I had a pang of pity for the poor puerile pig of propaganda. So old and tired looking with a head like a block, and a speech that slobbered out more ego and hypocrisy than here before though possible.






Newsweek reported that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who presided over Rush Limbaugh’s third marriage, reads only the Washington Times and listens only to Rush Limbaugh tapes.


IF you listen to Limbaugh you know one of his most disgusting propaganda games is his “IF” game. Allow me to play his game just as he plays it.


IF, Rush Limbaugh and Bill Bennett are homosexual lovers as I suspect (or someone told me), then they should be honest enough to come forward and let us all know which is the Dominatrix and which gets his panty clad ass spanked.


IF it is true that Limbaugh and Bennett go beyond mutual oral and anal satisfaction of one another, do they recruit underage boys?


IF they do, are not they felons and criminals?


IF that is the case, should not there be a Congressional investigation. [Don’t you just love imagining Rush and Billy in high heels and bras cavorting about in a motel room? It’s what keeps me going!]


And IF I had a daily radio show, I would do what Rush does and push these funny little quips about he and Billy in high heels every 15 minutes. Spreading the joke out to the next day, to the next week, to the next year, until I have planted this lie into millions of listeners thousands of times. Just like he does. And if anyone should complain just say I am an entertainer. Just like he does.  




   Lords of Propaganda 


“Propaganda…must always be essentially simple and repetitious. In the long run, only he will achieve basic results in influencing public opinion who is able to reduce problems to the simplest terms and who has the courage to keep forever repeating them in this simplified form despite the objections of the intellectuals.” Joseph Goebbels.


In the past we would most often look to Joseph Goebbels as the standard in the use of successful conservative propaganda, but times change and the game must change with them, from formal speeches and overly produced images to day time conservative radio chatter.


They reach further than Goebbels had ever imagined. Not mere minutes, but hours and hours a day hitting over 1000 regional stations to tens of millions of listeners at any given time. Some markets its all day, some all day and all night of nothing but conservative propaganda.


The new gimmick is to include the public as callers, giving the impression it’s a forum for the people to speak. Of course the callers are culled extensively and if by mistake an opposing opinion does get through, after a caller’s initial statement they are cut off and then denigrated and giggled about for the rest of the day. The point is to make it seem that everyone, rather than about 29% of Americans are Right-wing conservative yo-yos. It is the most successful ploy in any game of propaganda; the more people one perceives as believing some large pile of pooh, the more believable it becomes. Amen.


The second new gimmick involves the technology to pass even the most grievous lies along into all forms of medium. Vince Foster for example. When that name comes up one of the first things coming into most everyone’s mind (whether in either defensive or offensive mode) is Hillary Clinton, affair, and murder. Limbaugh did not state that Hillary Clinton had an affair with Vince Foster and then murdered him to keep him quiet; he made up a story that some Washington based think-tank arrived at that conclusion and sent him the information. A non existent think-tank and information he invented which he used for years. Which for its sheer ubiquitous nature passed to the papers, magazines, television, internet, congressional hearings and special prosecutors. A flat out ridiculous lie from a known liar, got so much media saturation that half the people in American believed it. Here is another example of how Limbaugh works this kind of thing which I wrote down as he spoke. 


“So now we have this shooting in a church in Fort Worth! Mighty suspicious that during all this gun legislation that suddenly we have another case of this kind. Mighty suspicious. Liberals will do anything, they have no moral or ethical boundaries, they could easily direct a situation like this to help their political ends. That’s what the DNC is like. I wouldn’t put this past them. This is mighty suspicious.” 


You see how it works, twenty million people have now heard that the Democrats hired a gunman to go into a Church and kill Christians.    


Lastly, a very important aspect of all this conservative propaganda on the radio is that it is not the written word. Limbaugh would not himself write that kind of twaddle down on paper to be used against him. As far as transcripts; he either ignores them, infers they have been doctored, or his most prevalent standby, he is only an entertainer. We often forget what the hundreds of billions of dollars a year spent on Madison Avenue are about. Planting seeds works far better than we on the receiving end like to imagine.






Because the Giver of Shade has used the phrase "rugged individualism" more than Jack Kemp uses entrepreneur, it has become one of the central philosophical sound bites of the Right. Can you say, Ted Kaczynski?


The end of Joe McCarthy came the morning after his nationally televised response to an Edward R. Murrow expose of him. CBS gave McCarthy more than half an hour paid primetime to speak his defense. McCarthy painted Murrow as a communist and a traitor. In his relentless diatribe, he also blamed an 18 month delay in hydrogen bomb research on Murrow and the liberal media. The next morning President Eisenhower responded to McCarthy by name, calling him a liar in regards to the bomb research being delayed. And that was the end of Joe McCarthy. It worked because it was apolitical, both were Republicans.


If you wish to understand just how McCarthy used the propaganda of lies, fear and semantic games in that now infamous television oration, just tune in the Rush Limbaugh Show anytime. It’s the same thing only with “Murrow” replaced by “Clinton”. What Limbaugh is doing is worse for it is the centerpiece of all three hours of his show, everyday, week in and week out, month after month year after year going on decades now. One would think even his Dittoheads would find it stale after a time.


More letters to the local sponsors of the Rush Limbaugh Show need writing. Calmly explaining that purchasing products from a company sponsoring such a degree of lies, slander, bigotry and vitriolic hatred is just impossible to rationalize any longer.  




   Slobadan Limbaugobitch


“Who else bombed Belgrade on Easter Sunday besides Bill Clinton.” Un-American Anti-war peacenik Rush Limbaugh comparing the President to Adolph Hitler.


Just in one day the above quote was asked four times in a row by Slobodan Limbaugobitch. Tough question for his Dittoheads hey? So in a time of war we have Slobodan Milesovich, the Serb media and Rush Limbaugh connecting America, its military, and its President to Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany.


Many years ago noting the rise of Limbaugh I wrote an article about Father Coughlin. How he got away with years of demonizing FDR and defending the Nazis, until we entered the war. Within days Coughlin was pulled from the air as a traitorous voice of sedition. Limbaugh, in a time of war, is now doing the same thing. Limbaugh, and most conservatives are vocally against the United States (of Clinton) entering an ongoing war to stop an ongoing genocide. But they have redeemed themselves. They are presently cheerleading for a war we stated where there was no war, to stop no ongoing genocide or to halt any border infraction. We must blast away happily at the in the hornet’s nest because we are afraid of a piss ant ten thousand miles away with a couple missiles that go a hundred miles. Whoopee we’re all gonna die!


If you listened to Rush during the time Clinton was about to leave office, you would have heard the daily theme that Bill and Hilary are out of control totalitarian fascist Democrats who are going to deny the America people the next presidential election process and take control of the United States. Not a bad prediction, but he got it backwards.




Who Wants to a Be Dumbass?


“The only way to reduce the number of nuclear weapons is to use them.”  Rush Limbaugh


I was watching that Millionaire show recently. One of the multiple choice questions was “What is the freezing point of water?” And the guy didn’t have a clue. A college graduate with an advanced degree if I recall. And neither did the person he called for help. I did a Rackrant there in the living room for the whole family to enjoy. The next day I tuned on the Grand Poopah of Propaganda and found him spending an hour repeating everything I had said the night before. OH NO!


If you ever find yourself in this horrifying predicament the solution is to just listen a few more minutes and the subject will be back to where it inevitably goes, as it always has been and always will be, surmising that Bill and Hillary Clinton and all other liberals are murdering traitorous communists.




   Limbaugh Bottoms Out


“I don’t consider myself an offensive guy. I am just a harmless lovable little fuzz ball.” Rush Limbaugh


Rush really hit the bottom of the barrel. He was reading some damn thing; I missed what it was, but some negative column on Bill Clinton’s mother. As he read he injected his own snide comments. It became one full hour of Rush Limbaugh calling Bill Clinton’s dead mother a slut. Compassionate conservatism sure is a hoot. Remember before the 2000 election, Cowboy George went to Girardeau, Missouri to pay his respects and homage to this piece of shit.




   Rush and Abe


Limbaugh got in big trouble a while back with his Dittoheads. He went after Steven Spielberg, claiming the liberal Hollywood Jew was making a movie depicting Abe Lincoln as an insane racist (the propaganda point being that Hollywood liberal Jews are racists). Of course no one on the Right likes liberal Hollywood Jews, but it was a big mistake for the God of Golf to use Old Abe as the impetus for his attack, for he went on and on in support of Lincoln, the Union and the North.


Wow, did the calls scream in. My God Rush, put the other half of your brain in gear! Half your damn following are Neo-Confederate racist crackers who hate the North, the Union, and Abe Lincoln more than they do liberal Hollywood Jews (well except perhaps Barbara Streisand).  He alienated not only his Southern base, but the growing millions who can’t stand the hour he spends most days talking about his golf game and his friend Tiger Woods. Angry Crackers.


We need a bit of humor regarding all this, how about a SNL skit called Rappin’ The Hood, starring Tiger Woods and Ward Connerly. A couple Brothers who are really in touch with the Black Experience.




   CNN Rushin’ to the Right


Our news is not presented, it is marketed.


It is no secret that talk radio listeners are about 80% conservative and that entire business is modeled to grind the most profit from that fact. What many of us do not seem to grasp is that the same is true regarding television news and political comment. CNN who is a step ahead of the rest of us has realized the majority of people who watch news and comment lean conservative, and are looking for the Right model to gain share. There best bet is to give the morons of Sleepy Hollar want they want to hear.


I grew up with television news read by John Cameron Swayze who was forever putting Timex watches in glass washing machines. Then came Walter, Chet and Dave; all working the network news at a loss which was covered by entertainment programming. Somewhere along the way that all changed, which could probably be pinpointed to the advent of CNN on cable. Suddenly our television news became an all day event based on profit margins rather than public service. 


CNN courted Rush Limbaugh to come aboard, well at least Limbaugh talks about it to better explode his ego which is already in the gigaton range. Two things made that highly improbable; he just signed an enormous $250 million eight year contract and he could never accept because it would limit the dictatorial, totalitarian control of the propaganda he unilaterally disseminates. In fact, it is not out of the realm of possibility that working for CNN Mr. Limbaugh could find himself in a situation where someone disagreed with him! Unknown territory for the Pig One. Rush is not going to CNN but now that Fox News has beat them out in the ratings, it will have to move to the Right somehow. Blame? Again I find myself with the same answer I can’t get away from, the United Buffoons of America.




   Mad Dog Limbaugh


“Why should blacks be heard? They’re 12% of the population. Who the hell cares.”  Rush Limbaugh


Years ago, Rush got mad as Hell over a column written by Lars Eric Nelson (who recently passed away) in The New York Daily News. It suggested that Rush’s book, See, I Told You So, a flag waving tome filled with generating hatred from veterans toward President Clinton, was much the same as the thousands of hate bulletins running through Dallas the days before John Kennedy was assassinated, which may have set Oswald off. It inferred that Limbaugh’s intense hatemongering may be construed as the moral ground to assassinate the President.


Rush got hot! It is important to remember that conservatives can imply, infer, accuse, insult, denigrate, annoy, aggravate, demonize, slander, libel, and lie about any liberal they please. It is just common courtesy in these dark times that liberals do not reciprocate in kind, even once, to even the slightest degree. For days Limbaugh lost his sense of humor, he couldn’t get away from the Nelson column, it was not funny, it was not fair. Poor, poor pitiful Rush.


Suddenly, in a finger snap, Limbaugh went from days of angry glum whining to joyous prancing on happy feet. What caused such a sudden change from the sad unfairly put upon victim to gleefully tripping the light fantastic? The news hit that the man responsible for the Long Island Train Massacre was Black! Hallelujah!


Why is the man being Black so important to Rush? It’s the old conservative argument that racism is a two way street, Black racism is the same, or worse, than White racism. Slavery, hangings, Jim Crow, cross burning, the Klan, the urban ghettos, minority status, oppression, discrimination and red-lining are nothing compared to the horror of Affirmative Action. Blacks are just as racist, if not more so, than Whites, which this Negro on the train proved. 


So it follows when it comes to the other, oppressors are the same as the oppressed, suffering discrimination is no different than dishing it out, slave owners and slaves are equal, the NAACP is no different than the Klan, the majority is the same as the minority and suburbs and ghettos offer the same opportunities. The conservative propaganda in this regards is so repetitive and pervasive that sadly these lies also become equal to the truth.


So on Rush went, the Black racist murderer, caller after caller about the Black racist murderer. The entire show, day after day the Black racist murderer. Where are Rush and his callers when it is White murderers and White racists, and White racist murderers? Nowhere to be seen unless they can find a corrupt semantic argument to blame liberals for it. In that same week there were three White men who blasted randomly at victims killing more than that Black man did, no mention at all of any of them on the Rush Limbaugh Program.




   The Pig One


The yellow coward draft dodging President Clinton wearing an Army jacket while speaking to the troops in Bosnia was a big issue for the legions of conservatives who have nothing better to do all day than call talk radio shows and fax letters of whine. These are the same dittoheads who were graced by a recent cover of The Limbaugh Letter showing the Pig One in US Army fatigues, four stars across his US Army helmet and collar, while waving a little American flag. They just loved seeing Chickenhawk Limbaugh - the same simpering coward whose family doctor got him a “pimple” 4F deferment so he didn’t have to fight and die in a war he had no problem having “lesser” individuals fight. It’s often hard deciding who is worse, these hypocritical conservative Kings and Queens or the toadies that ditto them.  

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