Why Republicans say a college education is bad for America

Why Republicans say a college education is bad for America

For 40 years Democrats controlled the House and most often the Senate. Then on January 21st 1981 that all changed. After decades of the Republican Party being the lonely party of wealthy individuals and corporations Ronald Reagan teamed up with Jerry Falwell to bring all of America’s uneducated nitwits into the fold. And here we are. Trump with a 78% approval rating with white evangelicals. With no president in history being further removed from anything Jesus stood for than Donald Trump.

Being stupid is no sin, we all have stupid friends and family members we love dearly. Most of them mean well and do the work most of the rest of us don’t want to do. Well other than picking fruit, cutting grass, maid service and working in slaughter houses.

Since moving to Texas 35 years ago all my friends came to be working class white men as we have fishing, beer and live music in common. And it’s fine with me, just keep away from talking politics, race and religion.

The problem is that now we have uneducated nitwits in charge of 36 states and all branches of the federal government when they should not be in charge of anything other than BBQ and boat ramps. .

BTW, boat ramps are most prone to getting hit by lighting.