Why Romeny has QUAD-DRUPPLED DOWN on Shoot First Aim Later, McKee Cartoon

libya flag burning

This is a screen shot from a place I go most everyday, Cagle Cartoon page. I always pay attention to the stars and votes. Usually liberal cartoonists get 4 stars and double digit thumbs up. Right wing cartoonists like the McCoy brothers, Ramirez, Assay and McKee usually get a star or two and single digit votes or negative votes. But look at this one.  The highest rating I have ever seen on the website. From Mckee no less.  And please keep in mind that the reason this guy is on the box is because of US standing on a box with an image of their prophet Mohammad portrayed as a buttfking child molester.  But to acknowledge that is to sympathize with the enemy.

And the same message with a little more intensity:

Some ask why would Romney and his advisors blunder into this Foreign policy disaster?  Well this is why.  Out on the street it wins. Diplomacy by smart people is not what America is about.  Nothing we hate more than a smartypants. Here in the United State of Duh.

Victoria Jackson 2016