Wikileaks Bombshell Reveals CIA Super Secrets! – John Oliver

Wikileaks Bombshell Reveals CIA Super Secrets! - John Oliver

John Oliver explores the latest “Wikileaks bombshell” in which the CIA was targeted. In part, the revelations¬† made us all too paranoid to watch TV without being fully clothed, and speaking in whispers whenever we’re in range of the TV. I’m speaking of course of operation “Crying Angel” which turns your 2012-2013 Samsung TV into a listening device – but only if a USB has physically been placed in the set. If you believe the TV is watching you, take a deep breath and relax. John walks you through the directions to foil the nosy set.

Another of the bombshells from Wikileaks sounds extremely alarming. We’ve learned that our CIA has “explored the possibility of” hacking into the software on computer controlled cars. We’ve all ‘explored the possibility’ of doing many things. Unlike John and his birdhouse daydream, it may be good for the CIA to know how the remote car hacking works, even if they never plan to use it offensively.

The CIA is barred from spying on Americans, but to hear Wikileaks and the bombast surrounding the release of yet more files, it sounds as though we’re in imminent danger from either of these real CIA programs: Weeping Angel, After Midnight, Brutal Kangaroo, CrunchyLimeSkies,, Elder Piggy, AngerQuake or McNugget.