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WMD morphs into ISIS, Heller Cartoon

WMD morphs to ISIS

Leave these crazy religious people alone!  Gosh…

Every bomb we drop on ISIS another thousand join up.

How did the Christian do this? Isabella and Ferdinand officially began the Spanish Inquisition in 1486 if I recall. At first it was that all non Christians, mostly Jews, could renounce their religion accept Jesus  and go about their business. Shortly it changed, that they all had to leave or be executed. ANd then it changed again to just executions. Same thing is going on now 500 years latter with the ISIS and the Muslims I hear. So what’s new in the world of religion? I guess it’s WHICH religion sucks the most. And if there is more than one religion wouldn’t that prove them all wrong?

As we have learned, jumping in to a hornets nest with guns and bombs makes it all worse. But but but, they are going to INVADE OUR HOMELAND says Lindsay Graham. Just like last time when they were going to nuke us with WMDs. We have nothing to fear but fear itself.

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