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Women’s Health, Abortion Clinics Under Fire – Sam Bee

Abortion Bigger in Texas  - Sam Bee

Sam Bee steps up to defend embattled clinics and a woman’s right to abortion, by debating “the wrongest, wrongiest, wrong-headed wrong person ever” Texas Rep. Dan Flynn, a co-author of bill HR2, which is in the Supreme Court¬† this week.

Roe v Wade opened the door to safe abortions, but with clinics constantly under attack, and clinic numbers shrinking – the ‘right’ is not always accessible. In fact, inquiries about DIY procedures – which aren’t safe at all, have begun to surface once again.

Busy lawmakers like Flynn and his cronies haven’t exactly studied clinics, abortion or even women’s bodies.¬† Laws like HR2 come pre-written in a 500 page book from an anti-choice group. Lawmakers can fill in a couple of blanks,sign and hit copy in time for an early lunch. Flynn admits he doesn’t know much about women or their health. He doesn’t see ignorance as an impediment to legislation, but he does offer to fill-in any gaps Sam has about men’s bodies. What a guy! Sam warns that if the Supreme Court doesn’t rule to protect women from this bullsh** legal chicanery soon, this guy and others like him will determine what your health future will be.

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