Worst, OReilly no money for Haitian thugs, Glenn Beck dazed by sexy Palin, Sean Hannity stoned, whats Haiti

O’Reilly, the same big mouth who didn’t utter a word about the billions siphoned to Dick Cheney’s interests in the middle east; Halliburton, Blackwater, and KBR. The latter’s faulty wiring has added to the American toll of lost soldiers,
merely while taking showers, but hasn’t led to their replacement.The former two also are unaccountable to anyone for their windfall. Let a Democratic President do what all of us with a smidgeon of morality cheer, and O’Reilly the Loofah King, is now O’Reilly C.P.A. fighting the "Thugs!"

Gold: Bill O’Reilly of Fox News is The Worst Person in the World today, in what is a crowded and competitive field! This is different! For O’Reilly, it’s a chance to try to impress how careless President Obama is with our money!
While human beings lie under rubble awaiting help, the very unfortunate lie in the streets, and others starve, all waiting for help which is tied up at the only port, O’Reilly wants an accounting of every penny, lest the "thugs" take the aid given!To paraphrase, "The rubble falls on the just and unjust alike." He cannot possibly have any conception of the magnitude of suffering and devastation.

In his insistence to count and escort every penny, he fails to paint President Obama as a careless spend thrift, attacks and insults our own troops,1,000 of whom are on the ground. O’Reilly shows his racism, bigotry, and what must be
complete ignorance of the catastrophic results of the quake, and certainly the country and people of Haiti. In an interview with Dr. Sophie Delaunay, Executive Director of Doctors Without Borders, who is very familar with Haiti, Big O
exposes his lack of knowledge and is corrected nicely, but cannot help appearing to be the ass he is. This short verbal exchange is worth the price of admission.

Silver: Glenn Beck. When dazzled by the presence of Sarah Palin, you don’t expect Lonesome Roads to read "stuff" about Haiti, do you? Taking the pitiful party line, he launches an attack on…President Obama of course. Beck, not
realizing he invites comparisons with former President Bush,lashes out about President Obama’s quick response time to Haiti’s tragedy!"Imagine if George Bush would have waited several hours to come out with a press conference on this,
with a shout out to you, and a shout out to you, and it’s great!"If you write to Glenn – Mom Beck, you might send him a few clippings about President Obama’s response to the underwear bomber, and George Bush’s infamous "Heck of a job, Brownie!" I seem to recall that was after a very brief and belated fly-over of Katrina’s devastation, something like six days later!

Bronze: Sean Hannity. While hundreds of thousands of people lie trapped under rubble, others unable to bury the many piled in the streets, and still more wonder where the international community is, you won’t be brought down by the
Hannity Boy. No mention of those downers, just a keen interest in the senate race in Massachusetts..or as he said "all eyes are on Massachusetts." It must be nice in Hannity World AKA the Good Ship Lollipop.

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    Gold: The Facebook prayer group from Marysville, Ohio and their million ‘friends’ take the biscuit today. They unite on bent knee, eyes scrunched in concentration, wish…er praying really really hard that the worst thing possible will happen to our Pre

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    On tonight’s roster, we have Bill “I haven’t done bupkis for Haiti, but my how big my ratings are” O’Reilly. He knows it’s not the content, but the size that matters. Speaking of starvation and the poor among us, Lt Gov. Andre Bauer R-SC. Thi

  • Booger

    I am a bit concerned about you Xander. you are ok with a president that spends money that the country doesnt have on a supposed threat that is not there? Iraq was stupid. 4000+ dead soldiers? and for what? cheap oil. nope didnt get that. more jobs. nope not that one either. W wanting to be a war president? well that one is there. now if Iraq was such threat why was the army and marines able to rollover them in 6 weeks? I think that W along with conservatives are just little people wanting to be respected, but cant find out how to be respected cause they just dont know. and feel that if you are not swinging your dick around you are not the BIG GUY.

  • Xander

    I awaite your response. Debate the issues man, debate the issues. I made several logical and coherent points to counter-point yours. The way, I assume, this is supposed to work is for you to now refute mine.

    So start refuting.

    • Rack Jite

      Gosh… Are you okay? It seems you have turned purple and are about to implode, or is that explode?
      SLow down pal… Yer gonna have a hate coronary here right in front of everyone! :)
      I dont even know what your argument is, its just intense repetitive namecalling… Its a bit scary…

  • Xander

    Why do you waste the energy criticizing people like Limbaugh and O’Reilly? I understand you think that because they have large audiences of genetically inferior sub-humans who follow every suggestion they’re fed, you think its your duty to stop them by mustering your friends (all two of them) to create a big enough clamor to get them fired. (But they won’t get fired under a capitalist system, which is probably why you hate that too.) I understand in your mind their suggestions could lead to more suffering, which is why it’s your noble purpose to squelch them. But you aren’t squelching them. You’re giving me target practice.

    Psssst, RackJite, not everyone in their audience follows their suggestions. Palin isn’t the VP.

    On to the Hannity listeners and their conundrum: I didn’t listen to that particular show. I couldn’t get to a radio in time, so I spent that afternoon wandering around aimlessly trying to figure out what to do because smart-voice-man wasn’t giving me instructions… In their defense, I’m sure they were speaking about the suffering of the Iraqi people under Hussien – meaning, progressives weren’t interested in offering aid….…….before……….the war.

    I’m sure their point was that suffering is suffering whether caused by shifting tectonic plates or a Sunni president engaging in a little ethnic cleansing. Irgo, if your hearts bled for suffering Haitians, why didn’t they (past tense, that is, in the past) bleed for suffering Iraqis? (I hope the point was made that progressive heart bleeding was absent back then, that is: in the past, awhile ago, not this past weekend, before 2000, before 1995, before 1990…….somewhere in the vicinity of the late 80’s – following your debate with the crossbow wielding Christian but before you encountered me – in events such as Halabja massacre.)

    Furthermore, we silly people tend to give the benefit of the doubt to our military. We do not think of them as bloodthirsty barbarians. They actually try to keep collateral damage to a minimum. We can draw a distinction between them and, say, the forces of Ghengis Khan. Likewise, most conservatives can differentiate between military campaigns and their impact on a people, such as the contrasts of the Rape of Nanking and the taking of Iraq by our military.

    See, it’s easy to scream and cry and shout and fight and point fingers when it’s a natural disaster. But when macho middle-eastern tough guys gas thousands of people, the progressive response is more moderate, more tempered. Then when an American macho guy firebombs the other macho guy’s country and said macho guy is hanged, you and yours do not laud Bush; you aim your fire at him and not the one who really deserves it – Hussien. Because it’s easy to attack a macho guy who won’t attack you back. And do you know why? Because most progressives like you are sniveling cowards.

    • Frack

      Whew! I’m glad you got that out of your system, Xander! I don’t know about Rack, but the reason I waste MY time talking about cowards and blowhards like Limbaugh and Beck, is because as stupid as they are, they have a large following of Republicans, which should make conservatives like you nervous as well!

      • Xander

        Can you not use the very word I used to describe Rackjite to describe these two? It makes you sound desperate. Try: alarmist, baby*, caitiff, chicken heart, chicken liver, chicken*, craven, cur, dastard, deserter, faint-of-heart, faintheart, fraidy-cat, funk, gutless, invertebrate, jellyfish, lily liver, malingerer, mouse, pessimist, poltroon, quitter, rabbit, recreant, scaredy cat, shirk, shirker, skulker, sneak, weakling, white liver, wimp*, yellow belly, yellow*

        (That’s from Thesaurus.com.)

        Why should I be nervous because of Limbaugh and Beck? Once again, you make bold statements which lack substance. Wars are not won with words alone, and since you and I can’t meet face to face, you therefore must give me more to work with. Spouting off like a child, “Limbaugh, Beck, and their stooge Xander are stupid. The end.” mean nothing to me unless you can expound on them.

        You are a shallow fool. Do you think typing these words make them so?

      • Xander

        One more thing Frack,
        You didn’t refute anything I said in my lesson to RackJite.

        So bring it on. Maybe you’ll learn something.

      • Xander

        I’d like to take this statement and use it as an opportunity to show you how utterly worthless your arguments are (The entire comment, so as to not take it out of context…):

        _I don’t know about Rack, but the reason I waste MY time talking about cowards and blowhards like Limbaugh and Beck, is because as stupid as they are, they have a large following of Republicans, which should make conservatives like you nervous as well! _

        This makes perfect sense! I think. Allow me to paraphrase:

        1. “The reason I waste my time is because Rush/Beck have a large following.”
        So……….what are you trying to do? Discourage me from listening to (at least) Rush? Incredible! Thanks to your words, all 55 of them, I’ll stop listening to him. You are such a better communicator than he! How’d you do it? How’d you get me to change my mind with so few words?

        Or is it this (again, paraphrased):

        2. “The reason my waste my time is because Rush/Beck have a large following……..of voters, which should make the ideological(s) nervous.”

        Why should those who go to the polls to vote Republican make ideological conservatives nervous? Is it because they made a poor showing in 2008? So what? Do you think just because Obama defeated an impotent Republican that progressives have a perpetual dominance of the future?

        Another fool. Just like RackJite.
        Allow me to re-write your original comment:

        Frack: “The reason I waste my time on you is because Rush/Beck have a larger following of voters, which makes me ideologically nervous.”

        Is that about right?

  • Rack Jite

    I listened to Hannity on the radio last week and the big issue with callers was that none of them could understand why stinking liberal democrats would so eagerly jump to Haiti’s help when they did not want to jump to help the people of Iraq under Saddam Hussien.

    They were stumped! Clueless as its the same thing!

    Well other than in one case we help free a few hundred thousand people under rocks and try to rebuild their homes, while on the other hand we kill a few hundred thousand people and destroy their homes.

    Such KIND OF PEOPLE cannot see the difference. They are silly people.