Young Americans Are Leaning Left

logan's runTop story at the New York Times is not only how much more liberal the 18 to 29 demographic is, but how their propensity to vote is growing substantially. The poll showed they are far less racist, bigoted, homophobic, and accepting of immigration and national health care than old farts. Americans at large proclaim themselves 32% conservative and 20% liberal while those between 18 and 29 it is even up.
Is it just serendipity that the number in the polls defining the young stop at 29 years old which is also the basis of the classic Sci-Fi movie Logan’s Run? The movie used 30 years old as the age in which those reaching that age were required to join hands around the red pit floating up to oblivion for the well being of the rest of mankind. Too radical a solution for even me. So considering all the racist, bigoted, homophobic old farts I know down here in Dumbass, perhaps the requirement for self oblivion should be upped to 65. Young Americans Are Leaning Left