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Christopher Morton a Seriously Deranged Gunloon and Cyberstalker

Christopher Morton a Seriously Deranged Gunloon and Cyberstalker

Chris Morton is my personal Usenet cyber-stalker, he has followed me thru out Usenet to reply to everything I post – literally – multiple times a day, more days than not for over 20 years. It is so ubiquitous I stopped responding to him more than a decade ago and have found this to be the only efficient way of dealing with this horrid clown.

Here we have, by far, the most deranged pathological liar, informer, squealer, stalker and gunloon on Usenet. Chris Morton claims to be Black (though many do not believe it), which he uses incessantly to attack anyone taking him to task for his extreme NRA/militia ideology. Those who advocate even the most reasonable forms of gun control (like the Brady Bill and the Assault Rifle Ban) or stands up to his intimidation are accused of being, I quote: “Nazis, Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, Klansmen, Knuckle Dragging Racists, Anti-Semites, Holocaust Revisionists, Baby Killers,” and of course, “Child Molesters”.

All these lies and libel are usually accompanied by advocating bomb building, killing federal agents, shooting cops to doll rags and other expressions of violent paranoia. His online presence is based not only on lies, libel, and violent gun waving madness, but intimidation through finding where others live and pointing to their front doors to put their families at risk.

Chris Morton has a political ideology so far over the top it’s hard to describe. A blur of crazy Right-wing Libertarianism infused with a violent hatred of the ATF, FBI and above all, Gun Grabbing Liberals. Anyone who has watched Chris Morton on Usenet over the years understands that there is very little in his life other than the guns. Never any mention of friends, family, wife, girlfriend, children, work, hobbies or any interest in anything other than the guns (and me). He is so consumed by it that he is only a Truck Ryder away from an adjoining plot next to Timothy McVeigh. He also seems to fit the profile of those gun consumed angry loners who take their personal arsenals into restaurants, workplaces, post offices and schools to dispense their anger in lead.

I happened to save a few of Christopher Morton’s rants over the years, what you see is just a tiny smidgen of what he has directed at me. What you read below is little different than his attacks on scores of other liberals past and present. In my years of online debate I am hard pressed to come up with anyone more impolite and dishonest than this creepy crawler. As Usenet goes, he is as bad as it gets, the only positive service he renders is making it easy to spot other online losers; for only a loser could possibly saddle up to and defend this clown.

Well that’s about it, just keep in mind that what you see below was all publicly posted, much of which he still posts today; relentlessly, multiple times a day, more days than not for 20 years in my case. He proudly brags that he will reply to everything I type wherever I go on Usenet until he forces me to shut up or I am found dead. This is the textbook example of how psychotically obsessive these gunloons can become. Not a pretty picture.

“Anyone who attempts to serve a search warrant on me had better beat an immediate retreat, because if he’s armed and on my property three seconds later, he’s gonna get shot to doll rags… then I get some friends together and find out what office he came from and pay them a visit.” Christopher Morton on it doesn’t matter.

 “I have more guns than they [The Branch Davidians] had per person. If I made more money, I’d have a LOT more guns than they had per person.” Christopher Morton

 “You don’t think it has anything to do with the fact that I’ve got more loaded M16 magazines than they’ve got branches in their family trees, do you…?” Christopher Morton

 “It takes a pair of hands to build a bomb. It takes a government to build a concentration camp.” Christopher Morton [Used as his signature after the day of the Oklahoma Bombing]

 “If Ted Frank Colin REALLY wanted the BATF to concentrate its resources where they’d do the most good, he’d advise them to stick their pistols in their mouths and pull the trigger. Beats being a cross burning, church bombing, “black hunting license” carrying, anonymous little race-baiter.” Christopher Morton

 “I’d pass a BATF agent bleeding in the gutter without a thought. I want to see them become the despised pariahs they deserve to be.” Christopher Morton

 “And one MORE time, any cop or “agent” who comes to my home with a warrant for “Jews” (or Hmong, or homosexuals for that matter) is going to get real dead, real quick. Then I’m going to organize a party to kill the person or persons who sent him.” Christopher Morton threatening the FBI and the police.

 “Any cop who shows up with a warrant for “Jews” (or Muslims, or homosexuals, etc.) DIES. If I need to, I’ll work him over with a soldering iron to find out who sent him. They THEY die. Got it?” Christopher Morton with more threats.

 “Anyone who comes to my house trying to execute a warrant for “Jews” dies. How they die depends upon the tactical circumstances. I’m thinking the Glock to start out with, followed by the AR carbine or the Garand for any fleeing survivors, depending upon their means of conveyance. I worked out the details a LONG time ago.” Christopher Morton shooting more cops.

 “I have excellent precautions. If they ever show up, I’ll post after action pictures on my website. Fortunately, I live close to a home store. You need planks to strap the bodies to for the photos…. : )” Christopher Morton on what he will do with the FBI and police bodies after he kills them.

 “We haven’t accused you of mass murder *Suspected Real Name* of Seabrook, Texas. We’ve accused you of child abuse. Not that I would be surprised or anything if I woke up tommorrow to find out that you’d shotgunned your kids and turned the 12ga. on yourself.” Christopher Morton

 “Take that shotgun you scare your kids with, put it in your mouth and pull the trigger. Hey, it worked for Curt Cobain.” Christopher Morton. [variations of this thousands of times]

 “Call me an old softy, but if you want to put a Mauser Kar98K in your mouth instead of the shotgun, I’m down with that.” Christopher Morton

 “I’ll give you $100 if you put one in your mouth and let it go off. What do you say Naziboy? You could use $100 couldn’t you?” Christopher Morton [Rack Jite had stated “Flash Bangs are loud cherrybomb-like explosives with no shrapnel involved and have been used in such tight areas as airliners with little ill effect.]

 “The underlying theme is that you’re a lying, little racist scumbag who’s too big of a coward to post under his own name, and who is in fact so MUCH of a wussy that he has to have multiple identities. You lie about being a Vietnam veteran… even though you lie so badly that it’s obvious you don’t know your yellow ass from a mermite can. You’re like the scared White kid who yells “black” out of a car window at night. You ain’t been nowhere, you ain’t done nothin’ and you for damned sure ain’t gettin’ out of the car. You got run out of one network, you’ll get run out of usenet eventually. Racist wussy.” Christopher Morton [Rack Jite has never used multiple identities on Usenet or the Internet, though a veteran, he has never claimed to be in Vietnam and has been involved in the civil rights movement since his teens]

 “As close as you’ll ever come to combat is gay bashing. Hopefully, you’ll try to bash the wrong one and get a .40S&W Black Talon through that inert mass which passes for your head.” Christopher Morton

 “So, you live by mud-dumb racism and you’re going to die by it? I’ll be looking for newspaper stories about you being killed in a gunfight with an Aryan Nation’s member over the “affections” of a five year old boy. Hmmmm, a sniveling wretch who pretends to be a veteran, calling others cowards.” Christopher Morton

 “Thanks for showing everyone the stygean depths of your mindless race hatred. Anyone who knew you already knew what kind of knuckle-dragging klansman you are.” Christopher Morton

 *Suspected Real Name* of Seabrook Texas is a loathsome White supremacist. My “freudian slips” are based on years of reading the unremitting race-hatred of *Suspected Real Name* of Seabrook Texas.” Christopher Morton

 “That *Suspected Real Name* is a mud-dumb, despicable White supremacist? That you’re a coward who pretends to be a Vietnam veteran? That you wave a loaded shotgun around the heads of your terrified family and neighbors, howling incoherently about ‘stalkers’.” Christopher Morton

 “You don’t have a liberal website. You have a fascist, White supremacist web page… incidentally, the worst designed one I’ve ever seen.” Christopher Morton

 “*Suspected Real Name* of Seabrook, Texas (Rack Jite) thinks he’s going to make “million of bucks” selling the “Turner Diaries” on line. What a pathetic, sheet wearing imbecile.” Christopher Morton

 “*Suspected Real Name* of Seabrook Texas is as liberal as a torchlight parade in Munich. You’re a drooling White supremacist, and have been through several networks and newsgroups. The only joke is that you could possibly believe that anyone believes ANYTHING you say. But have no fear, I’ll ALWAYS be around to make sure people know EXACTLY who and WHAT you are. Choke on it Klanboy.” Christopher Morton

 “*Suspected Real Name* of Seabrook, Texas (Rack Jite) have repeated described the neo-Nazi Holocaust revisionists of the National Alliance as “polite and honest. What do you find polite about calls for genocide against Blacks and Jews? What do you find honest about Holocaust revisionism? Christopher Morton [This is the one that consumes him. He has referred to this thousands of times. Rack Jite once said: “Even those from the National Alliance posting here have been far more polite and honest than Christopher Morton.” Which was, and is still perfectly true, for even bonehead racists have never sunk into such obsessive unethical degrees of libel, squealing private info on others, pathological lies, cyber stalking or the violent paranoid gun-gun shoot-shoot insanity of this lunatic. This is THE Usenet example of taking a quote out of context].

 This kind of intimidation is the most prevalent form of denying others free expression in this medium. And it works. Say what Chris Morton does not like hearing, and up goes your name and your town and a map to your front door where your spouse and children live. All coupled with an obsessive campaign of lies, libel, and violent lunatic rants. It is also why this link is important, for everyone in this medium has to stand up to this kind of intimidation and not run away, which is the purpose of what they do and why they do it. To silence those they disagree with.

 If you have any doubts to the veracity of just how seriously deranged this guy is, go see for yourself on talk.politics.misc or talk.politics.guns. He is probably still there saying the same things with the same agenda.

 How dangerous do you think this character is?

We report, you decide.