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We are moving our comment system to DISQUS which REPLACES our old WordPress system.

What this means for YOU.

You will need to go to the DISQUS site and sign up. I strongly suggest you create a graphic for yourself which will then be shown wherever you post a comment on any of the millions of websites that use DISQUS. These are called “avatars” and are easy to create once you have a DISQUS account.

Once you are registered at DISQUS you will then be able to make comments here on Kick! or on any DISQUS website in the world by just typing your comment and clicking submit. That’s it. No registrations, no names, no passwords, no emails and no captchas to mess with ever again.

DISQUS also creates a more vibrant comment area by giving it the feel of a DEBATE FORUM. This is accomplished in two ways. Below the comment field is a link to “subcribe.” Click on it and when new comments appear in that article you will be notified. You can also do this by checking the NOTIFY boxes at your DISQUS account which will then send you email notifications whenever there is a reply to any of your comments or replies to comments. You can also use notify to follow specific threads (articles).

What it means to KICK!

DISQUS not only streamlines comment participation for our users, but helps enormously in reducing spam and hacking into our system which is always under attack. Comments are the weak spot. We went from 4000 spam comments per day to none. Here! Hear!

We also hope that it will open KICK! to some of the millions of DISQUS users who can now easily participate without technical hurtles to jump.

To our old friends who comment here over the years we apologize for the inconvenience and the loss of your past comments – though they are still in the Google search system.

I am here to help and I know what is best for you.