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Just the News and a Bit, Rack Jite April 27 2017

Headlines and a Bit, Rack Jite Sept 21 2017

Just the news and a bit, Rack Jite

Steve King Tweets Latina Constituent: ‘Do You Always Lie In English?’

Steve King said something awful about Mexicans?  No… Tell me it isn’t true.

Republicans move forward on far-right health care overhaul

What a good idea! Hand the House looneytarian caucus what they wanted in the first place, health care for those who can afford it while ignoring the Senate.

Trump admin rolls out immigration-related crime victims office

Nothing worse than someone with a funny sounding name killing your mother. Though both immigrants and illegal immigrants do 2.5 times as less violent crime as good exceptional Americans.  As I noted when Trump reared his orange head, if you want to know what’s going on, substitute “Jews” for whatever group Trump and his cult are railing against.

Trump orders review of national monuments, vows to ‘end these abuses and return control to the people’

To a very very few people who are either wealthy ranchers, oil and mine companies. THE PEOPLE, what a yuck.

Arkansas plans fourth execution in about a week

It’s not just that states which are the most Christian do the most executions per capita, but how much they relish it. With a religion based upon an execution no less. It’s not that they are nitwits, but that they are such well rounded all inclusive nitwits in most everything. I suppose if it were not Jesus it would be Donald Trump. Or is it? Is The Donald bigger than Jesus?

In America, Does More Education Equal Less Religion?

Well duh…

Atheist sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia

Which was the case in much of the Christian world for hundreds of years.

Texas mayor blasted after she says lack of faith in God causes poverty

The entire purpose of Christianity is to alleviate the misery of poverty in this world in the hope of happiness in the next. We think all this fake news and alternate fact crap is something new.  No, it began when the first tribal elder told his fellows they would all go to the happy hunting grounds after they died, but only if they gave him a handful of nosebones.

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