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Stephen Colbert: Finally Wells Fargo Banker Richard Eggers NAILED

richard egger bad bankerAfter trillions of dollars lost, millions of jobs lost, the worst economic failure since the Great Depression we finally put it to ONE of the damn bankers who caused it all!

50 years ago this banker bastard cheated a laundry mat out of 20 cents. Please keep in mind that $.20 was worth a hell of a lot more back in 1963! About $1.75 in today's market.  So far in the banking industry we have got one, and as you can see we fired this criminal.  Though no jail time. Robbing a convenience store for $50 is 20 years to life here in Texas.  Let's see… Hmm… Loss of $10 trillion minus $50… Well you can see free market justice at work.


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