Video: Willie Geist, Streaker at Obama rally now a millionaire, Alvin Greene is not a witch

President Obama’s rally in Philadelphia had two unusual happenings; in one – an author desperate to share his work with the President hurled it at him, fortunately it was a paperback copy. Most sensational act of the day was streaker Juan Rodriquez. While the streaking craze went out with platform shoes (the first time), we now know why Rodriquez chanced the exposure. It’s likely that he’ll be a very popular guy. He’s already displayed the wares, and even after he pays his court fines, he’ll be a millionaire!

What can you say about candidate Alvin Greene? Although I wish anyone well in unseating DeMint, I have the uneasy feeling that Greene is an unwitting plant by DeMint. Lawrence O’Donnell was able to ferret out that Greene is most definitely not – a witch!