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Trevor Noah, Anthony Kennedy gives Trump total control

What did Anthony Kennedy do to create such ire from Democrats?  Well for starters he has given Donald Trump control of all branches of government with no checks and balances.  And he did it on purpose knowing full well what was coming. Because? He wanted more family time?  No, he knew exactly what he was doing. Republicans are full in with that! Let me tell you. It is the nature of the Beast. It now looks like Maxine Waters is right, the streets are the only option left. 

My suggestion?
Pick your favorite NFL team, go online and buy one of their helmets. $139
[Or a motorcycle helmet to put your own logo on]
Full face large window gas mask for tear gas – $160

Remove helmet faceplate, put them on and go to every demonstration within driving distance. $300 is little to pay to check and balance Donald Trump and company as there is now no other way.  Well other than a real blue wave in November taking both Houses.

Anthony Kennedy & Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Rock the Political World | The Daily Show -video