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Sensible and doable Gun Control – Six is Enough

I ask YOU to take this first draft and pass it on to hopefully get some people smarter than I to work it out.


This is a doable and sensible solution in solving our ever growing mass shooting horror in the United States.

There are about 15 million assault rifles out there. Many owners own more than one. So we are talking about 7 million individuals or less than 2% of our population who along with the NRA are running roughshod over the rest of us.

99% of mass shooting are from white male losers who are above all else gun enthusiasts.  We cannot red flag them all.

Most every gun murder or shooting is done by gun enthusiasts.

There is zero chance we can take their guns away.

The standard owner of an assault rifle uses a 30 round clip which can be all be fired in a few seconds.

There is no reason for more than six shots other than murdering co workers, movie goers, shoppers, worshipers and school children.  Or shooting up legislatures, courts, police and our troops.

The only viable solution is to reduce the number of rounds a semi automatic weapon can fire before stopping and reloading to give some brave soul a chance to stop it.

The SIX IS ENOUGH BILL. [first draft of proposed federal legislation]

1) It shall be illegal to buy or sell any weapon that can self contain more than six rounds of ammunition.

2) It shall be illegal to sell or buy any magazine that can hold more than five rounds of ammunition. [one in the chamber]

3) Within one year of this bill it shall be illegal to own a weapon that can self contain more than six rounds or a magazine that holds more than five rounds of ammunition.

4) The government will buy back all weapons that can self contain more than six rounds and replace all existing magazines with five round magazines.

5) Each infraction of these laws will cause the individual their right to bear arms.

Talking points:

  1. There is little if any hope that assault rifles will be federally banned from sale or purchase and no hope at all that the 15 million already out there to be taken away.
  2. Though there is talk of more background checks that talk is not addressing either the gun show loophole or individual sales which are 40% of gun sales.
  3. This cannot be done state by state as we have no enforceable state borders.
  4. Mental Health screening to remove firearms is costly and untenable. Most mass shooters are law abiding citizens and legally mentally stable until they start shooting.
  5. What does anyone need with more than six shots to do whatever needs to be done?
  6. This avoids any issues concerning buying, selling or owning revolvers or shotguns.
  7. For the past 80 years waterfowl hunters like myself have had the Federal Government limit shotguns to three rounds with plugs. No one complains. We treat ducks better than we do our children.
  8. The safest and most effective home defense is an unloaded double barrel shotgun or pump under the bed with shells well hidden nearby.

Please, move this along for discussions, changes, ideas and how to move it to legislation..

[I am a veteran, I carried a .45 and an M16 most everyday for 13 months on the DMZ in Korea. Before that I was a Safety Officer at Ft Carson for a year when every Tuesday and Thursday I ran the small arms range. Rather than turn in the ammunition each evening, my sergeant and I shot it all up, I have probably shot more rounds from more weapons than anyone in the NRA. I have also been a hunter most of my life.]