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The Cube of Shalube, A childrens Poem

The Cube of Shalube by Dr. Jite (A Children’s Poem)

In the far away land of South Floobalube
Lived the lovers of one thing, known as the Floobs.
Floobs knew what was right, they knew what was wrong
‘Cause they studied their cubes all day and night long.
Floobs quiggled and jiggled and learned it by heart,
Preached it and screeched it from every K-mart.
Whenever they wished Floobs reached in their tube
And wiggled and waggled their cube of Shalube.

They worked in Floob factories making tube-guns
They made them for money,
Floob-dads and Floob-mums
Tube-guns made them strong and kept them all free
Free to tell others what they ought to be.
The Cube of Shalube was in every Floob-tube
So nothing else mattered in South Floobalube.

But a little ways North, up in old Snubelube
Lived the lovers of all things known as the Snubes.
The Snubes were like Floobs having rear tubes
But sadly for them they held no Floob-cubes.
Some had pink triangles some had blue pyramids
Some had teal boxes and some dodechehedrons.
Some had green ovals, some a red ball
Some had clear cones and some nothing at all!
Snubes liked every person, shapes different or new
They even liked Floobs which wasn’t easy to do.

Each happy Snubeluber liked their own shape
Things were just fine, in fact things were great.
“Our tubes feel just fine without any cubes
What is the matter with all of you Floobs?
We Snubes are too busy to argue and fight
We’ve been working all day doing what is right.
So why don’t you Floobs just leave us alone
And take all the cubes in your tubes and go home.”
The Floobs all turned purple and ranted and raved ”
You don’t understand, YOU HAVE TO BE SAVED!”

So with hands in their tubes, clutching their cubes
They stood on their heads and prayed to Shalube.
Before any answer each Floob pulled a gun
And shot all the Snubes, every last one.
Then they took every shape from every Snube-tube
And stomped them and whomped them along with each Snube.
In South Floobalube no Floob was ashamed
For now every thought was one in the same.