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Political Philosophy

If you doubt that crap personality is the driving force behind conservative politics, look back to your childhood. I’ll bet a dollar to a doughnut that every one of your friends and acquaintances who was an a whole then, is a Republican today.

The Nature of the Beast

Conservatives haven’t had a new idea since they began purchasing women rather than clubbing them.

GOP cavemanIt all began about a hundred thousand years ago on a ledge in front of a cave. A female of the human species walked by attracting the attention of a male. The male stepped forward, cocked his arm, and smacked her over the head with a club. WHACK! He then dragged the unconscious female into his cave for sex. One day there were two males standing in front of the cave when a female walked by. The first cocked back his arm to club a female walking by. The second male grunted to the first that clubbing females over the head to have sex was not nice. WHACK! WHACK! The first male stepped over the unconscious second male and dragged the female into his cave for sex. On that day the World’s First Liberal paid the price for expressing a new idea.

Things didn’t change much for thousands of years until the advent of projectile weapons. This was first symbolized by the David and Goliath story in the Bible where the large strong brute was laid flat by the small smart boy. Once brute strength was no longer the guiding factor in social interaction, liberal ideas slowly gained a foothold in human society.

Throughout history the price for preaching tolerance and change has been paid in threats, beatings, excommunication, incarceration, torture, murder, assassination, execution and crucifixion. Many liberals have paid the ultimate price. Though Jesus Christ was the most famous, names in recent history that come to mind are Lincoln, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy and Anwar Sadat. Today there are many conservative individuals, groups and nations who use threats of violence and violent action to silence the voices of peace and tolerance. Here in America, conservatives are represented by racists and homophobes beating Gays and Blacks, often to death, not for money or anger generated by interactive cause, but because of religious intolerance and secular bigotry. Liberal talk show host Alan Berg spoke out against a conservative organization called the Aryan Nations. Shortly after,he was gunned down walking his dog in front of his house. So much for Liberal talk radio. David Rice is a man on death row in Washington State who had no remorse for entering the home of a family of four and carving out their living hearts only because he heard they were liberals [He got their names from a Democrat Party membership list]. Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols killed 168 men, women and children for no other reason than they were conservative gunloons. Arguing that such crimes are not political in nature or that they are not done by conservatives is utter nonsense. Look back:

Who nailed whom to a cross?
Who were the Loyalists to the totalitarian monarchy of “Mad” King George?
Who started the Civil War to defend and extend slavery?
Who fought to keep women as property?
Who battled against child labor statutes?
Who argued against the concept of free public education?
Who campaigned against the right of women to vote?
Who opposed anti-trust and monopoly legislation?
Who fought against workers organizing into Unions?
Who defended Jim Crow laws for a hundred years?
Who voted against civil rights legislation?
Who tries to overturn almost every environmental statute?
Who fought against Social Security, Medicare and the Minimum Wage?
Who is trying to pass legislation to discriminate against Gays?
Who is trying to enact the Ku Klux Klan’s central issue of eliminating affirmative action?
Who instills in our children the unique American tragedy of gungoonery?
Who have always put their wallets above the common good?
Who started World War II for Christ sake!

Conservatives or Liberals? It’s the historic undeniable truth of the matter. It’s the nature of the Beast.

Is Conservatism Genetic?

“But on the basis of a new study, a team of political scientists is arguing that people’s gut-level reaction to issues like the death penalty, taxes and abortion is strongly influenced by genetic inheritance. The new research builds on a series of studies that indicate that people’s general approach to social issues – more conservative or more progressive – is influenced by genes.” Some Politics May Be Etched in the Genes – by Benedict Carey, NYT, June 21, 2005

Conservatism has many definitions depending upon who does the defining, but the four basic traits of the conservative nature cannot be denied:

First comes the base meaning of the word, aversion to change. Holding to the historic notion of keeping power and wealth in the hands of the few.
Secondly is the selfishness; freely admitted and proudly accepted.
Thirdly the basic intolerance which permeates every philosophical, political and social issue they set voice to.
And lastly, their most basic traditional value: A callous, often violent disregard for anyplace or anyone considered different, The Other.

Parents, friends, environment, religion and education all play an important role in the development of today’s conservative, but as the ideology has existed virtually unchanged for a million years, one could argue that it may be genetic in origin. Perhaps conservatism is the natural state of all animal life; that it takes strength, effort and a bit of a creative inclination to evolve out of the primordial soup and become human.

When confronting the truckloads of conservatives we do each day going about our business, if we listen carefully one element seems to underlie every issue. That total lack of any capacity to see things from any point of view but their own. Could this inability be the fault of biology? Could there be a point of view gene that when absent retards the areas of the brain which control understanding, compassion and tolerance? Following are some clues that point to conservatism being biological rather than environmental:

Women are typically more compassionate and tolerant than men. This biological difference relates directly to the quantity and intensity of men being more conservative than women.

We hear quite often about liberals changing over and becoming conservatives, or Democrats switching to Republicans. Do we hear of it happening the other way around? Is it even possible? [Even the big to do concerning Senator Jeffries was only a move from Republican to Nothing.] And if it is not possible, isn’t this proof of a biological origin?

Next time you are listening to a conservative do their usual harangue against Blacks, the homeless, Gays or some Other, when they pause long enough to wipe the spittle from their chins, politely inquire how they would feel if they happened to be Gay, Black or Other. Invariably comes the same answer, “I am not Gay! I am not Black! I am not homeless! And if I were, which I am not, I would overcome any and all obstacles in my path.” These statements are then followed by high decibel bootstrap speeches and Neanderthal Law of the Jungle platitudes. Considering that no amount of reason, logic or facts can dissuade them, it may very well point to an inborn disability.

The conundrum here is painful, for if it is true that this is a genetic deficiency, and conservatives have no choice but to be the selfish callous intolerant a wholes they are, then it would be prejudiced, bigoted and discriminatory to insult or make fun of them for that which they cannot help. This of course would lay waste our liberal purpose here which is to loudly respond to the sores that such intolerance and bigotry blot upon the human condition. In this case our only alternative is to sink to the same low argument as they. As conservatives know damn well homosexuality is driven by biology, but for ideological argument deny it as it cannot be proved in the absolute, liberals too must deny the biological cause of conservatism. As we have not proved a genetic cause in the absolute, it’s open season on the sonsawitches.

Katrina, The Beginning of the End of the Right?

“Government is not the solution, Government is the problem.” President Ronald Reagan campaigning for President in 1980

That is the reason we were not prepared, for the levee breaking, for the flooding and the abandonment of a hundred thousand poor blacks in New Orleans. That central conservative ideology was reinforced further when Newt Gingrich took the House in 1994, and then the Senate a few years later. Voting irregularities in Florida brought in George W. Bush as president with less votes than his Democratic opponent which gave the “hate the government” crowd control of all branches of government. In 2001 when George Bush and the Republican Congress passed the first of the tax breaks for the wealthy, the director of the Corp of Engineers resigned in protest regarding the specific defunding of fixing the levee’s in New Orleans, and a few months later followed the protest resignation of the Director of FEMA for defunding that organization too.

When I began this newsletter in hard copy in 1993, I said this Right-wing Shitism upon the land is like a giant log rolling down a mountain and could only be stopped by some great catastrophic wake up call. I thought 911 would be that moment, I have never been more wrong about anything in my life. That made matters far worse as the fear and loathing sent us deeper into religious intolerance, war, and leaving the least of us behind. Hopefully this one will finally wake us up.

If you watched FOX News, listened to AM radio, or took notice of what conservatives politicians and pundits were dishing out this week, you could easily see how transparent they were in changing the subject from the abject failure of all levels of government to; the bad, horrid, lawless, looting, shooting, raping, murdering Negroes.

Will they get away with it? They sure were successful earlier in the week. Gosh, everyone I talked to began with saying how awful the looting was. But after five days of literally no response, it finally looks as if the long awaited turnaround back to the middle may be upon us.

I just saw some idiot in Mississippi standing on a pile of rubble that was once his home, thanking God. Then I saw a thousand people squashed to death under a bridge in Iraq on their way to thank God. Here in Texas I have seen literally thousands of local news stories of people standing on ornery stacks of two by four and shingles caused by tornadoes thanking God. Well if these Intelligent Design people are right, its time to put out an APB on this Designer, arrest him, try him for mass murder and genocide, and nail the SOB to a tree.

A Short Take

Idealism is not dead in America. It has only changed from a time when people actually thought (I know this is hard to believe) that the point was to make the world a better place to live for everyone. Only one word has changed, to make the world a better place to live for me.

Over the years I have prided myself in trying to get the big picture down to the least words. Regarding conservatism, I went from reducing their basic ideology from I suppose I can understand the callous selfish disregard, it’s the pride in it that passes me by, to just four words: “ I- me – my – mine”.

I have recently succeeded in reducing it down to only one word thanks to the help of a bottle of Jim Beam disappearing down the throat of a conservative friend of mine. Seeing him in his cups I began. “What about the Blacks? What about the gays? What about the poor? What about the unemployed? What about the ill? What about the homeless?” Not surprisingly, I received the same slobbering gleeful shout of an answer to each question: “FKEM!” And there you have it, the entire conservative ideology defined in just one word.

 Pick Your Values!

The Ten Traditional American Values

Injun killin’
Woman ownin’
Leech Bleeding
Witch dunking
Public hangings
Child labor

The Five Basic Conservative Values

1)      Hating Liberals!!
2)      Caring about little other than themselves and their wallets.
3)      Demeaning minorities, immigrants and foreigners.
4)      Promoting the discrimination against homosexuals.
5)      Promoting the proliferation of handguns and assault rifles.

The Five Human Values

1)      A secure job with a future that pays well enough to support a family.
2)      Affordable, accessible health care whether out of work, poor or already ill.
3)      A free education for our children also free of other people’s inclinations to the supernatural.
4)      Time off to spend with family members during critical times such as birth, sickness and death without getting fired.
5)      Neighborhoods free from gun-wielding lunatics.

Conservatives and the Republican Party have in the past and at present been adamantly against every real family value stated above. They rail against collective bargaining, minimum wage laws, universal health care, public schools, the separation clause of the 1st Amendment, family leave and gun controls. All the while defining themselves as the purveyors of family values.

When was it that hate, intolerance, selfishness, bigotry, gun waving and a callous disregard became the nub of our value system? What happened? How did we let them define the worst of human foibles as the best of American values? How did it happen? Who’s to blame? It’s not Madison Avenue, the conservative propaganda assailing us from every direction, or the corporate media. Rather, it is everyone who allows themselves to be so easily manipulated by such entities. Whenever you are in a mood to place blame, put it where it belongs, on the backs of The People.

Speaking of American Values:


 Conservatives Slide Eons Down the Evolutionary Ladder

“Doctors said the 3-year-old boy rescued by Binti, a protective female gorilla, after tumbling into her zoo habitat Friday was recovering and could be released from the hospital this week. The boy suffered bruises and abrasions from the nearly 20-foot fall onto concrete at the Brookfield Zoo near Chicago. A female African gorilla scooped up the boy after he fell and took him to a service door where zoo personnel recovered him.” Newspot

Not too long ago this news story appeared across the land. Though one of those few news stories that gave a good yank on our positive cords, there is a more serious underlying point to it. Recalling my courses so long ago in anthropology, I realized that the entire scope of prehistoric culture moving toward Cro-magnon civilization were socialists, if not communists. As there was no money, what food, clothing, housing, day care, health care, old age benefits and nose bones there happened to be, were provided by the tribe, sharing was the basis of human survival. Many of us, myself included, are in error when we sometimes get frustrated and liken conservatives to a Neanderthal mentality in either our minds or in their faces. As this child did not pull himself out of that trench by his bootie straps and was saved by a state employee, we must now place conservatives before gorillas in that transitional line of human evolution.

The Beast Revisited

Conservatives are much like paleontologists. They dig through prehistoric garbage heaps and anything they discover they define as a new find.

A long long time ago there were two caves overlooking a valley populated by similar people. Winter was in the wind and the leaders of each cave went out to hunt. Leader Wolf came by a buffalo, killed it, and with his fellows dragged it back to the cave for his people. From the other cave, Leader Weasel and his men also killed a buffalo, but he and his fellows sat down and devoured it on the spot.

Back at their respective dwellings, Leader Wolf and his people, with bellies half full, celebrated with a song and dance while Leader Weasel and his fellows returned with bellies distended and a speech.

Leader Weasel told the hungry crowd of mostly women and children that they needed to be more responsible and accountable for their own lives, that as Weasel people, they were rugged individualists and should act as such. If they wanted to eat, they would have to reach down and yank on their sandal straps. A few women and children still strong enough to bend down that far understood and asked The Weasel for a few spears and hand skinners. The Weasel and his fellows owned the equipment, and as giving anything away was not part of their makeup, The Weasel instead gave them another speech about how the Great Weasel Spirit wanted them to help themselves, for if these women and children became dependent upon free food, that lack of self reliance would soon turn them all into horrific child murdering cannibals.

Thus it was that the women and children of Weasel went out into the valley to suck on old bones and eat grass while The Weasel and his fellows sat full and belching, telling each other how smart they were.

One day, Leader Wolf took his fellows over to the Weasel clan to learn what could be learned. They saw the women and children gnawing gristle and eating bark while Leader Weasel and his fellows sat fat and farting. The Wolfs saw the benefits and joined up. And on that day so long ago, conservative ideology become the overriding aspect of human interaction.

And that’s… The REST… of the story… … … Good DAY.

 Ten Good Things About Liberals

1)      Being so rare, they are worth a lot.
2)      They seem to have working brains.
3)      They don’t eat much.
4)      They at least pretend to care about something other than themselves.
5)      I laugh with them rather than at them.
6)      They give us almost all our art, literature and music.
7)      They don’t smell of gun oil.
8)      They know Rush Limbaugh for the pig he is.
9)      They know Christianity is being bastardized.
10)     They don’t yell at me as much as conservatives.

About Conservatives

1)      They make me feel far more intelligent, altruistic and compassionate than I really am.
2)      As a White guy, they help make my life a lot easier than it could otherwise be.
3)      Hmmm…

About the Religious Right

1)      They make conservatives look good.
2)      Hmmm…

About Libertarians

1)      Hmmm…

The White Mongrel Class

There are basically two kinds of conservatives, those who don’t got it and blame liberals and minorities for it, and those who got it and only care about keeping it that way.

Historically referred to as Blue Collar Workers, euphemistically regarded as the Salt of the Earth, recently referred to as Reagan Democrats and since the 1995 Republican takeover of Congress, henceforth named The White Mongrel Class; it is these folks who are most responsible for the recent American descent as the world leader in Right-wing crapism.

Most American wage earners have gone from well paid hard work in the mills to low wage part-time hours in the malls, spending their days on the lowest wrung of the service ladder ever more immersed in the grand capitalist scheme of insatiable materialism, or to use the more conservatively correct term, supply side economics. Whether in the mall, at fast food joints in their silly uniforms, or behind the counter in any number of service oriented jobs, the frivolity of stuff has not only become the center of our lives, but is now responsible for leading us all into a life of ever smaller incomes, hopes and thoughts.

With little education, suffering economic and personal fears, and manipulated by such an effective GOP propaganda machine that November 1994 exit polls showed 47% of the voters believed welfare and foreign aid were the two largest Federal budget outlays (together they add up to less than 4% including food stamps), 38% of the voters making under $15,000 a year voted Republican. They could be given a period of understanding I suppose, but after decades of punching the voting cards for the very people kicking them in the head, I must admit my sympathy has thinned to the degree that I have little concern in now referring to them as the properly named White Mongrel Class.

The tools conservative movers and shakers have used to such great success in keeping these nitwits sucking up to them on all fours are simple, and though I am sure they have been extensively explained by Joseph Goebbels, there is no harm in briefly running through them again:

Flag wavin’ and Bible Thumpin’ – These have been the primary propaganda tools used for millennia by the wealthy to keep the uneducated, ignorant working class on all fours with their pants around their ankles. In fact, this is so much the historic basis of the conservative success in turning these people against their own self interest, it really needs no further comment other than to express wonderment as to just how far people can bend over.

Do we have a deal for you Bubba! First we are going to pass laws to put your pot smoking brother in one strike you’re out zero tolerance Hell for the rest of his life and the hereafter. Then we’re going to let your a whole boss do whatever he wants to you. Next we are going to reduce any and all government help on your behalf. And lastly, we want to give you a couple of machine pistols so that you can more efficiently remove your fellow employees, friends and loved ones from the gene pool.

Resentment – The words you are reading here are a valid example of their complaint concerning the issue of liberal elitism, but what the Hell, someone has to say this. GOP propaganda has directed a seething hatred of liberals through two areas: the green-eyed monster of jealousy and the many facets of political correctness.

It goes like this: “Damn know-it-all elitist la-de-da liberals thinking they know everything. I got me a GED, I work in the mall, live in a nice trailer, got a Big Friggin’ Gun, can count to almost 40 and know better than all those stinking college educated liberals what’s best for me, my family and my country!” Of course people who gain masters or doctorates in a specific area, practice that expertise for decades and after years of research write books on the subject are all idiots with no ability to understand a damn thing, unless of course, they have found the Lord or work for a conservative think-tank. And on it goes, “I know more about life than any of these do-goodin’ liberal elitists, I have a real life! I know more about the government than any of these college graduates educated by the Marxist University Establishment. I get the real news, the truth, from unbiased sources like Rush Limbaugh, Paul Harvey, Matt Drudge, the NRA and Fox News!”

Guilt – When we see the White Mongrels all jumping up and down like baboons screaming for more executions and bigger guns, all the while striking out at our poorest; wouldn’t you know, some liberal comes along and has the gall to say that jumping up and down like baboons screaming for executions and bigger guns, all the while striking out at our poorest, is not the best advertisement for selling American values; traditional, Christian, family or otherwise. This of course is just what they want most not to hear, and Heaven forbid if they should hear it, they get madder, hate more, and become even more entrenched conservative lunatics than they were before. This is also the reason they have such an insatiable hatred of the media, for it too on rare occasion tells them things they can’t stand hearing, the truth.

The Pickle Problem – This problem is as old as humanity itself; those closest to the bottom of the pickle barrel are always looking for the pickles on the very bottom to pick on. This is best expressed on TV talks shows when the Klan or the Aryan Nations get to have their say when it soon becomes obvious that adding up the IQ’s of the entire family or group on stage never quite surpasses room temperature. Our new collective politic blames the poor, not only for their own misery, but ours as well, with race being the issue and Affirmative Action its vehicle. The lie here is twofold. First that white males are losing rights (they are not, they are only losing some small degree of White male privilege) and the second lie, that the unfairness caused by the endemic racism in this country both past and present, is irrelevant to the perceived unfairness Affirmative Action brings to the more privileged. The problem here is insurmountable. Though Affirmative Action is intellectually and morally correct, with all the Fortune 500 companies declaring it a success and the major impetus of moving millions of people of color into the middle class, it makes no difference, it has become the prime generator of the downward sinking pickle problem.

Abortion – No better example of the White Mongrels than abortion. If it were not for the bombings, the arson, the murders, and the pain these righteous hypocrites cause to so many women, doctors and health care workers, this issue would be actually funny. Logic, reason and common sense have taken a back seat to what not a few Right-wing lunatics (posing as preachers) have wormed into these inbred nitwits’ empty noggins. There does not exist a more flagrant hypocrisy in American politics, for not only are these the very same people who do everything in their power to decry sex education and deny distribution of birth control devices, they are also the people who, while screaming about individual freedom, advocating the death penalty and getting the damn government out of their lives, are in the same breath denying women their individual rights. This is not about a $20 license, this – besides execution and incarceration – is the most basic right the State can deny a woman; control of her own body and future. To force a woman into a dangerous illegal abortion, or else take 20 years of her life to bring up a child she does not want, is to deny women not only their liberty, their freedom, their civil rights, their legal rights, but their basic human rights as well. This is not a complicated issue at all, it is simply that the rights of real people trump the rights of potential people.

Gungoonery – is of course the second emotional issue and it is not funny in any context, it is not entertaining and is the major cause of violence in this society. It is about only two things; making a profit for the firearm industry and getting more conservative votes by playing on people’s fears – small minded people in dire need of metal in hand to compensate for their lack of mettle in character. It is probably the single most important reason the House of Representatives was taken over by the Lunatic Right in 1994.

Fags & Lesbos – Of all these hot button issues this one is the silliest of the bunch. What do two people of the same sex loving one another have to do with anything at all? It’s just bigotry for the sake of bigotry.

So What To Do? – I found myself at the end of this article without a clue. Compromise with them? Clintonize, so they can advance their selfish conservative crap a happy step at a time rather than in turbo mode? Sock it to them like this article and make it worse? Leave them alone and hope they wake up when the GOP sticks it to them any deeper? In my quandary I read this to a professional friend of mine who is far more the touchy-feely type liberal than I.

“So, I got the article done, it’s nasty and will be poorly received, and to top it off, I can’t seem to come up with any effective way of solving the problem.”
”There isn’t any. Shoot em!”
[both giggle]
long pause
[both giggle]
”Rhino rounds!”
long pause
[both giggle]

Hanging up, I realized I was once again in my life closing in on that line leading from activism to militancy, from liberal to leftist. The last time I stood there, the issue was more well defined, even as a very young man I realized early on that militancy need not be pursued because the people would (and did) eventually come around as the war in Vietnam took more of a toll on their personal lives.

Now the issues are too general:

The pride we take in our growing disregard for each other.
Technology keeping us to ourselves.
The promotion of self interest above community.
Reliance on answers from religious dogma rather than reason.
Following the buck wherever it leads.

All resulting in us all drawing ever more inward. Putting any of that on a placard and marching down the street is absurd. Where is the specific emotional issue needed to at least begin the turnaround? It should be capital punishment – the illogic that to reduce violence in our society it is best to set the example by dragging human beings down the Green Mile into the one-way door, strap them down and perpetrate the ultimate violence upon them. It won’t be that issue of course, for besides the gungoonery, it’s the most honored of our American/Traditional/Christian/Family values. I suspect the change will only come after these nitwits go too far and we suffer some major cataclysm causing people once again to take it to the streets.

And lastly as to the tenor of this article, I’ll be dipped in Newt-poop if anything I say can do any more damage than liberals hiding under their beds for the past 30 years.
Think like a Conservative

We are, and proudly so, the most violent nation in the civilized world, and it is time Democrats come to terms with that. A decade ago we learned one cannot gain state or national office without promoting executions. A few years ago we came to understand gunplay must not be disparaged to get elected regionally. But we are still slow to accept that we are a very war like nation, who enjoy war so much, we will have them, and even start them, at the drop of an aluminum tube.

These are the central issues (all promoting the most extreme forms of violence possible) that are most responsible for making us what we are. Democrats had best fall in line and accept our barbaric nature, for after all it is not that serious. Executions happen to other people, it is someone else we are aiming our guns at, and our wars are always somewhere other than here. So what does it really matter?

 The Seven Big Conservative lies

It’s easy to rattle off the names of great liberals; Jesus, Buddha, Copernicus, DaVinci, Michelangelo, Galileo, Voltaire, Locke, Jefferson, Franklin, Madison, Adams, Darwin, Dickens, Hugo, Melville, Lincoln, Twain, Picasso, Einstein, Gandhi and Martin Luther King. And great conservatives? Hmmm. Cotton Mather and Ronald Reagan is about it I guess.

With the instantaneous movement of information, our representative democracy is now on the road to becoming a pure democracy, a mob driven society of individual self interest pushing any sense of community to ever smaller and smaller enclaves of racial, ethnic, religious and political gangs. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, it has become a growing worldwide movement of the geographical balkanization of people with respect to race, religion, ethnicity and political philosophy. It’s catching on here in America under the old auspices of States’ Rights, which is based upon some very big lies now accepted as the truth.

Over Taxation – Second only to death as humanity’s greatest complaint. What better issue for elected officials to run on than reducing your taxes. It is a flat out political bribe, vote for me and I will give you money. In this ever growing conservative I-me-my-mine country of ours, it has become even more the mainstay issue of the Republican Party than ever. So not to be accused of using any liberal source here, let me refer to Rush Limbaugh who stated not long ago that our effective average individual Federal tax rate is 11%.  In the middle of April any of us can add that, and all the rest up to find that the overall individual tax rate hovers around 30% no matter how you look it. Conservatives flat out lie in claiming it is 40% or even 50%. And the rest of the civilized world pays about 40%, which in the great spin of things makes us under taxed rather than over taxed. The conservative’s popular answer to all our economic woes is to place the blame on the government rather than the tried and true failures of borrow and spend Reaganomics, Voodoo Economics or the more aptly named Tinkle Down Yellow Rain. But whatever we call increasing military budgets while reducing taxes on the wealthy, it has created so much debt that we now pay one fifth of our federal taxes as interest on that bad idea

The News Media holds a Liberal Bias – This lie is so enormous, so readily accepted, and so silly that we have little choice but to assume whoever says such a crazyass thing must be living on a different plane of existence than we. There is an entire chapter here on this, but suffice it to say that Fox News is the number one rated news source in America and the Wall Street Journal the largest daily print circulation other than Cheese Wiz Today.

Crime is Out of Control – Crime rates have changed little over the past 60 years, in fact, we are at the same rate we were in 1934 (after prohibition). Crime is the news, and it comes at us through that box ad nauseam making it seem much worse than it is. It is the easy story to report, it affects fewer people outside the ghettos than ever before, but when it does hit the white suburbs, it’s played over and over again as the lead story. Remember too, 40% of our justice and penal system is consumed by drug offenses, with 80% involved in drug and alcohol abuse of some sort. Fear of crime has been the great myth used by conservatives to destroy the 4th Amendment and warp the 2nd Amendment; causing us to embrace such fascist concepts as mandatory sentencing and  three strikes you’re out laws, which has now made yet another generation of young people fearing and hating the police.

They are Going to Take Everyone’s Gun Away – Nowhere in the industrialized world is there a society so immersed in the gun mentality with so little control and so violent a nature. Even Switzerland, which the NRA often refers to as a nation of guns, not only requires every gun be registered, but that the owners be registered and regulated as active members of the Swiss Army. America is a gun-mad society with fewer legal arms controls and common sense than anywhere in the free world. To claim we are being denied our liberty and freedom to bear arms is beyond ludicrous. There is no movement by anyone to take guns away from anyone, that is a lie. Waiting periods, registration, seller licenses and background checks are not about taking guns away. Even the Assault Weapon Ban only concerned new purchases of a few foreign manufacturers.

Those Damn Other People are Ruining America – Affirmative Action, immigration and damn foreigners are all big issues these days, but the same basic bigotry towards the other has been the standard plank of fascism, racism, bigotry and conservatism throughout the ages. That big lie of blaming our failures on different looking people is as old as humanity.

The Evil Socialist Fascist Big Federal Government – One really has to wonder about this one. My God, Cowboy George, with the lock-step support of his conservative Republican following, has just created the biggest federal police force in American, and perhaps World history. And just the other day he said he wanted to use the Armed Forces as police to fight civilian crime. That hypocrisy aside, this lie is mostly about one thing. The areas of the federal government they really perceive as evil, are those parts which demand equal protection for people of color, that generate social programs for people of color, that try to keep the environment viable, and which regulate some of their money. The Federal government locking people up, executing them or bombing the crap of them is all fine and well.

Public Education has Failed – Conservative propaganda assaults us constantly that public education is a failure, mostly because of liberal teachers unions in control and not enough religious dogma presented. As such, the baby must be tossed out with the bath water and replaced by a system of religious indoctrination centers through a voucher system which will send hundreds of billions of our tax money to support the 700 Club, Liberty Baptist and overtly discriminating institutions like Bob Jones University. Also keep in mind that as the Republican success is mostly due to taking blue collar Reagan Democrats for a ride, they certainly don’t want them to get enough education to understand what’s being done to them.


The family values of GOP ideology is to throw those closest to the bottom of our society to the dogs of Laissez Faire, dooming the majority of them to economic failure. What they fail to discern or refuse to address is that economic failure is the single most important cause of family failure, which in turn results in domestic violence, crime and addiction. Understand the conservative ideology, which over the 20th Century, has come to be synonymous with the Republican Party. It just isn’t that hard to grasp. Things conservatives fought against in the first place:

Women’s Suffrage
Collective Bargaining
Child labor laws
Social Security
Voting Rights Act
Civil Rights Act
Food Stamps
Indigent legal services
Unemployment compensation
Minimum Wage
School lunch programs
Head Start
Progressive Taxation
Public radio and television
Funding of the Arts
Affirmative Action
Peace Corps
Environmental regulations

AND THEN! They have the balls to accuse liberals of playing class warfare. AND! People are now so susceptible to all this conservative propaganda they just blindly accept it. What a Nitwit Nation we have become.

Happy Conclusion

The greatest lesson I have learned in my plunge into the political debate has been how little things change. We seem to always be going where we’ve already been. The three political issues at work since the first tribe had their first meeting are still with us; who will be included, what those included responsibilities and benefits are, and how best to screw those not included.

As you will notice i our hatemail area, about 95% of the email we receive seems to be all written by the same conservative bonehead. It most always centers upon how unfunny I am, what a gay I must be, and how reprehensible I am for calling people names and making personal attacks. Not only do their messages degenerate into some of the most humorless name calling and personal attacks possible, but often go on to idolize such luminaries as Rush Limbaugh who does literally nothing but call liberals names and personally attack them three hours a day for 35 years. And of course, Newt who wrote the damn book on how to use name calling as the politics of personal destruction.

It is my belief that this inability of conservatives to see, yet alone understand, their abject hypocrisy in these matters (a genetic disposition) is the force keeping them from (so far) gaining any long term political dominance. Attacking others for what they themselves are most guilty of can be seen for what it is by a child. So utterly failing to understand that seeing things from another’s points of view is what gives humanity its sense of justice and fair play. Most happily, the very definition of conservative means they are destined to go down that same road to perdition indefinitely. As such, they can only succeed in short bursts, always having to give ground to the long range historic move toward human tolerance and liberal democracy, PROGRESS. For after a time, especially after a bad time, the majority wakes up to put down the patriotic jingoism, the blind faith and their selfish nature long enough to understand that it is indeed better for themselves and all concerned to sacrifice something for each other.