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Respect Pro Lifers only if they hold to their reasoning by also decrying capital punishment and they don’t spout that hypocritical blather about getting the government out of our lives.

The Person Poem

conservatively incorrectI never did meet, on any old street,
Sitting, laying, or up on their feet.
Not in a bar, not in a car,
Not up close, not from afar.
No baby or kid, no daughter or son,
No grandpa or grandma, no daddy or mom.
Wherever I’ve been it’s always the same
I’ve met not a person who had not a name.


Inconvenience My Ass

At the constant urging of the Pro Life movement, Surgeon General C. Everert Koop (a staunch Pro Lifer) and a congressional committee did a study on the psychological affects of abortion. Both found that there was no higher incidence of suicide, institutionalization, or neurotic breakdowns of women who had abortions, women who did not have abortions, or women who had babies.

The most prevalent argument from the Pro Life crowd is that women murder their babies because of a bit of inconvenience. Let us look at that bit of inconvenience:

Nine months of unpleasant pregnancy.
Up to 24 hours of the worst pain imaginable.
Birth bill of about $1000.
Baby equipment about $1000.
18 years of food about $50,000.
18 years of clothes about $25,000.
18 years of medical bills/insurance about $10,000.
18 years of toys, games and tech about $20,000.
3 years of car insurance $6000.
4 years of living hell as they go through adolescence.
32,000 hours (5 hours a day) of attention at minimum wage, about $150,000.

So this bit of inconvenience comes down to not only giving oneself totally to an unwanted child for nineteen years, but costs about a quarter of a million dollars (a very low estimate.) So if these Pro Lifers really believe this is all just a bit of  inconvenience, perhaps each one of them could suffer a little inconvenience by selling their home, their car, all their stuff to pay each and every woman they deny the choice.

The Wimmin’ Wall

The Pro Life movement attacks pregnant women on three fronts; harassment of women, doctors and clinics, a Constitutional amendment to make abortion illegal, and overturning Roe vs Wade. It’s that last one where they know they have the best chance if the can only get one more male Republican on the Supreme Court.

Roe vs Wade made simple: All women have the right to an abortion in the first trimester (12 weeks), states have discretion to limit abortions in the second trimester (to 24 weeks), and in the third trimester (viability) states have even stronger discretion. The also use various legislative methods to make abortions harder and harder to get.

You see? Overturning Roe vs Wade would give states complete discretion regarding abortion. The play at being magnanimous so each state can decide for themselves. And to get ready for that they are now passing a law that women who desire a choice in the matter and live in a state where there is no choice, cannot travel to a state where they can make that choice. They are building a “Wimmin Wall.”

God is Pro Life

The Religious Right is more concerned with what goes on before birth and after death than what happens in between.

Of course historic events such as the Black Plague, the Holocaust and the fact that God kills every living thing proves the odious “God is Pro Life” bumper sticker represents the denial of reality at the core of the Pro Life movement. Even more absurd is that this “Pro Life God” kills more babies through miscarriage, stillbirths, and infant mortality than do doctors performing abortions. In reality, God is Pro Death. Well since that awful woman made that nice man eat that apple anyway.

After being sentenced to death for blowing away two innocent men at point blank range with buckshot, Pro Life murderer Paul Hill said, “I know for a fact I’m going to Heaven.” Beyond the point of what facts actually mean to these morons, I am sure that if he does make it to the pearly gates with shotgun in hand, he will proceed to blow God’s head off, for God has murdered more babies than all abortionists put together.

Rowing & Wading

“So I told the congregation this Christmas, I want you to do the most loving thing, buy each of your children an SKS rifle and 500 rounds of ammunition.” Convicted arsonist Rev. Matt Trewhella, Milwaukee based head of Missionaries to the Preborn expressing his Christian Gospel.

Do the Pro-lifers ever take the time to think out what the reality would be of Roe vs. Wade actually being overturned? I suppose that is a rather stupid question considering these people seldom think of anything at all but other people having sex and themselves dying. What if abortions were to became illegal except for rape, incest and life of the mother?

How many bogus cases of rape and incest (requiring immediate disposition) would flood our already overburdened court system?

How many more real babies will be found dead in dumpsters?

How many women will die from illegal abortions?

How many women will die from self administered abortions?

How many women will succumb to suicide out of fear and shame?

How many children with babies will flow into the welfare and criminal system?

How many more instances of child abuse would we have to deal with each year?

How many doctors would defy the law and end up in jail?

How many healthcare workers and the women themselves will be charged with murder?

How much police time will be used up controlling marches and riots from people in a majority position rather than a minority one?

And what about the precedent it sets concerning States’ Rights and the subsequent movement of people from one State to another for political ideology?

What if they did manage to overturn Roe vs Wade

Republican legislation cutting programs for children show conservatives to be far more concerned with potential children than they are with the real thing

The overturn of Roe vs. Wade had an immediate impact upon the nation. The Southern states used the judgment to not only outlaw abortion, but to force religion into every facet of public life. As Congress and the Supreme Court handed down case after case giving the States back the rights they had lost in the first Civil War, a coalition formed calling themselves the Southern Christian Unity of Man. As the direction and reality of the SCUM hit home, millions of young women soon began moving North, leaving many of the remaining males even more sexually frustrated than they had previously been. Frustration led to bitterness, and before long religious intolerance ushered in a new era of old prejudices. Soon the women leaving were followed by gays, liberals, Jews, Blacks, and Hispanics and finally even all the bunnies and squirrels had absconded North. It was not a one way street of course, many small organizations from all over the North and West moved South; the various militias, the Heritage Foundation, the Aryan Nations, the Young Republicans, the Skinheads and the EIB Network. The Southern Unity soon seceded from the Union behind what became known around the world as The Line of Reason.

After most of the women and liberals had left and all the homosexuals, Jews, all the Blacks and and all the Mexicans a wall was erected to keep what few women remained as breeding stock. Soon only religious intolerance, racism, bigotry, hate and kudzu dominated the landscape.

Soon The Southern Unity aligned with the theocracies of the Middle East, while the North moved closer to the notion of liberal democracy practiced in Western Europe. The die was cast and war was in the wind.

The Civil War II ended much the same as the first Civil War. The wall served the North as a ready made blockade allowing them to ignore the SCUM, and with United Nations sanctions it became apparent to all that the Unity had to either break out and attack or starve. The dichotomy of values between the two nations was so overwhelming that dialogue was not even possible. So much so that the prolific cry from the first Civil War of “Kill the NWORDSs and capture the Yankees!” was changed to “Kill the NWORDS, Spics, Queers, Liberals and capture the Women!” As The SCUM took that cry literally, surrender became an impossible option for either side.

The outcome was sure and swift. Once again an army of dedicated racist bigots with personal weapons bought at gun shows were no match for the hardware, population and armies of the North. After they lost the war, Unity members who did not commit suicide emigrated to Palestine where they are still awaiting word on recognition for a White Christian Homeland.

Here in America the subsequent de-population coupled with an immediate 50 point surge in average I.Q scores created such a good gove rnment and economy that abortions have became rare. The lesson learned is a two edged sword. Those whose political values are based upon intolerance, bigotry and hate are better served by dispersing themselves throughout the population while the rest of us are best served by letting them amass in geographical congregation and then just allow the conflict between good and evil to run its historic predetermined course.

Jane Roe for a Ride

If there was a perfect form of birth control and we eliminated all venereal disease including HIV, the people whining now about sex would still be whining about it. The more you listen to Pro Lifers the more you realize it is not so much about life as it is sex.

Jane Roe was a carnival barker whose real name was Norma McCorvey, a lesbian, who found herself pregnant in 1970. In trying to get an abortion in Texas, she lied saying she was raped; she then became the impetus for the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision. Due to the time factor involved in her case, she never did get the abortion and put the child up for adoption.

Since that time, Norma became a drug addict, a drug dealer and an alcoholic. For many years she worked as an assistant in a Dallas abortion clinic which happened to be located in the same building as the National Headquarters of Operation Rescue. Flip Benham, the president of that organization (who reeks of that crooked used car salesman smell even more than indicted evangelist Robert Tilton) played her like a harp, winning her not only into the fundamentalist fold, but into Operation Rescue as well.

For the most part such conversions are made on people with serious character faults; severe loneliness, addiction, a criminal past, depression, low self esteem, limited intelligence and little education. Although these were all central issues in this case, his true success was in using Jesus to bring out all the bitterness she felt being used by people she perceived as conceited intellectual elite’s. She’s unique, the first Pro-life lesbian member of Operation Rescue.

No Right to Privacy

If poor children wish to gain any help from the GOP, they had best crawl back in the womb.

A couple of Pro-Life creepy-crawlers recently went to a doctor’s home in California and grabbed his trash. A few days later they posted his address, phone number, financial records and copies of his personal mail on the internet, including information regarding clinic employees. These also rummage for information on women who have had abortions to make sure the woman’s family, friends, neighbors and workplace know she murdered her child. Even more recently they have begun taking pictures of women entering or leaving abortion clinics and posting them on  websites with captions about murderers and baby killiers.

At one time I had trouble with understanding why conservatives (Robert Bork in particular) so rabidly scream that there is no right to privacy inherent in the constitution. It’s what the 4th Amendment IS for Christsake.

But you see, once the right to privacy is eliminated, then the Pro Life movement can get their long ugly government noses between the legs of pregnant women, or all women for that matter.

Save America! Control Women!

Using Constitutional quotes and arguments regarding abortion are ludicrous as that document did not include any rights for women, Indians or Blacks yet alone a fetus.

An interesting speech by America’s foremost theocratic fascist, Alan Keyes, verified one of my arguments on the cause for all this Clinton Hate and the subsequent impeachment process. Keyes ranted to his audience that there is only one issue to peruse in America; denying women the right to choose to terminate a pregnancy, with all morality coming from that single issue. [By the way, I feel obligated to say that I feel much the same regarding capital punishment]

Look closely at the players in the impeachment process; the independent council, the leaders of the GOP in the House & Senate, the House managers, the prosecution lawyers and those who fund the Right-wing cabal out to destroy the President. Rabid Pro Lifers every one. All with their most vocal and central issue, get the government off MY back and in control of pregnant women.

I have come to realize that Bill Clinton is the only Pro Choice President in American History (I could find nothing on Carter defending the right to choose). So Keyes may indeed be right, the entire GOP machine is centered upon saving America by having The Government force women to have children they do not want.