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Racism & Bigotry

Is bigotry a lifestyle or an orientation?

“All the people like us are We, And everyone else is They.” R. Kipling

Animal Ranch

Ten little piggies in a piggy pen bought a goat to work for them.
They gave that goat a kick and hit and made him live in the poop.

They screamed and hollered and called him names.
They wouldn’t let him play in their little piggy games.

Pigs were better than the goats for they were pink and wore no coats.
Ten piggies treated that goat like crap and pretty soon it hated back.

And now I hear who’s to blame, the guilt is equal it’s all the same.


Dear Angry White Male

Those who fight so intensely against Affirmative Action belittle the slavery and apartheid of the past while ignoring the racism of the present.

tle flagHey, I been hearing an awful lot of moaning and groaning lately from you guys about all the discrimination being heaped upon you. Being 34% of the population and having control of only 75% of middle management, 80% of the House of Representatives, 90% of the Senate, 99% of the Fortune 500 CEO’s and of course 100% of the Presidents and Vice Presidents in our history must be a real kick in the pants for y’all. And that doesn’t even address the fact that Black Americas have double the unemployment rate (quadruple the rate for young black males), half the average yearly income and one fourth the net worth of White Americans.

Beware what’s coming now you poor misunderstood victims. What with all this welfare reform, millions of black single mothers will – with their great resumes – soon be taking your jobs, adding even more pain to the discrimination that has ruined your lives.

Not to worry! I have the answer to all your woes. Hop on down to your local western wear shop, plop down $50 for a nice pair of those boots with heavy duty pull straps on each side, and quite your yappin’ and your whinin’ and PULL!

Reverse Racism

Considering my rebellious nature, if I had been born Black I wouldn’t have seen 21.

Many, perhaps most White people do not like Blacks because they think they are either inferior, stupid, dirty, lazy or have inbred criminal tendencies. It is so embedded in our culture, even Black children come of age believing that tripe. On the other hand, many, perhaps most Blacks do not like Whites, not because they believe them to be inferior, but for what Whites have done and still do to them. There is an enormous difference here, the former is about racism while the later is about the reaction to that racism.

On a recent St. Patrick’s day I went down to Galveston to visit a friend who had leased a bar on the beach for Spring Break. As happenstance would have it, that small area of beach was taken over by Black college students from around Texas. There were probably 500 young blacks standing around their cars rappin’, dancin’ and drinkin’. They would often come into the bar to go to the bathroom without buying anything. I and perhaps a dozen other honkies were in this little White enclave surrounded by Blacks. I mentioned to a few people that this was sort of reverse reality, as they are the ones usually surrounded by Whites. No one seemed to get my point other than comment on how they were taking advantage of “our” bathrooms.

Soon there was a line of Blacks in front of the restrooms. So management decided to put a girl there to collect $1 from anyone who did not buy a beer. She charged Whites the same. What struck me was that when the Blacks would get close enough to find out about the $1, they would shrug and leave. I guess they are used to that kind of thing here in Texas. But when it happened to a White guy, holy crap! You could hear the screaming about the constitution, the yelling about freedom, and the screeching about liberty from offshore. I would guess most White people would last about two days as a Black before they shot someone.

Race on the Corner

“In order to get beyond race, we must first consider race.” Justice Harry Blackmun.

I recently had one of those standard arguments about race with one of those standard conservatives. I said that race was the most defining factor in this society. That the first thing we consider regarding another, is race. As I am sure you know, there it was, proof positive that I (and all liberals) are racists.

After giggling through all such absurd accusations, I realized I was wrong, sex is the most defining factor of all societies. That of course degenerated into the claim that I (and all liberals) were not only racists, but sexists as well. Passing the conservative a hanky to help wipe the drool off his chin, I realized I was going about this all wrong. Even simple issues such as racism and sexism need to be dumbed down to a level these people can understand.

There are three people on a corner. A woman, a white man and a black man. You are at a window seat in a restaurant with a friend. One of the three strangers on the corner waves at you and you wave back. Your friend, missing the originating wave, asks which one you are waving at. Conservatives can play around with all the semantic drivel they can muster, but they can’t get around what any of the three answers are going to be. The white guy. The black guy. The woman.


A line of cosmetics that with just one application turns you irreversibly Black forever!


Inspired by the Republican Party for the discriminating men and women of America who say being Black gets them a better deal than being White!


First 100 customers choose a free all expense paid vacation to one of the following: Forsythe County, Georgia; Meterie, Louisiana; or Vidor, Texas!

ONLY $9.95! HURRY! ONLY $9.95!

We already have a line of people with American Flag labels and Rush Limbaugh coffee mugs five across and 15 miles long!


Uncle Clarence Thomas

“Affirmative action is critical to minorities and women in this society… But for affirmative action laws, God only knows where I would be today. These laws and their proper application are all that stand between the first 17 years of my life and the second 17 years.” Clarence Thomas 1983.

Double Cream Oreo, Clarence “Slappy” Thomas is now the only Supreme Court Justice to pen his dire disdain of the unanimous 1954 Brown vs Education decision (segregation is unconstitutional). Personally I find this guy to be the most repellent human being in public office. Clarence used affirmative action to get all he has:

Undergraduate affirmative action program at Holy Cross College.
Graduate school at Yale under a 10% affirmative action policy.
Appointed to the EEOC by Reagan’s affirmative action plan.
Married a wealthy White woman benefactor.
Appointed to the Supreme Court by George Bush’s affirmative action plan to meet a black quota on the court.

Uncle Thomas now does everything within his power to say Blacks have been treated so fairly and justly in America, affirmative action is no longer needed.

I have tried to find some difference in the public positions of Clarence Thomas and David Duke (or the Ku Klux Klan for that matter). I have had little success other than Thomas does not publicly denigrate Jews. I have come up with a partial list of what they agree on though:

Regressive taxation
School vouchers
Welfare destruction
States Rights
Affirmative Action
Ruby Ridge
English Only
Brown v Education
Anita Hill
Bill Clinton
Rush Limbaugh
Hillary Clinton
Confederate Flag
Flag Amendment
School Prayer
The Brady Bill
Assault Weapons
Gay rights
Civil rights
Women’s rights

Right down the line. What does this mean? I have been told on numerous occasions that it means I am so out of step with the times I have become mentally unstable and in need of institutionalization. Does that different drum beat toward the funny farm? I’m beginning to wonder, for as the days pass and we march down this right-wing cul de sac, I begin to see myself as the only person left who knows what the hell’s going on. I hear that’s a sure sign.

Clarence does well for there is nothing the white wealthy racists enjoy more than having Darkies sing their songs for them. They are paid very well, in silver, to stab their brothers and sisters in the back.

The Race

“A society that has done something special against the Negro for hundreds of years must now do something special for the Negro.” Dr. Martin Luther King in response to all this swarthy CRAP from conservatives that he would now be a Republican campaigning against Affirmative Action

The track begins at the foot of a hill where women and minorities in bare feet bend to the starting line; at the top of the hill halfway to the finish line, stand the white guys in their Air Jordans.

The now majority opposition to Affirmative Action is based on the same old conservative core issue, those damn other people; immigrants (wetbacks), minorities (Negroes), homosexuals (fags) and women (feminazis). Because of the resentment conservative White males feel that having to once in a blue moon, compete with minorities or women who are also qualified (but sometimes given a small degree of a handicap edge), it is proclaimed that this negligible unfairness overrides the ponderous inequity racism and sexism have played in our past and still play in our present. So we must, with God speed and complicity, get rid of Affirmative Action for the horrendous mental anguish it causes a few White males who have had millennia of preferential treatment, i.e., Affirmative Action.

To be absolutely fair [note that conservative rhetoric often centers upon the word fairness as synonymous with socialism, communism and Marxism]we must make sure everyone must be hired, promoted or admitted upon merit alone. A nickel to a knockwurst most people got their jobs on who they knew or who’s butt they kissed rather than merit. So if they want to stay true to that absolute fairness, let’s fire most people tomorrow.

The debate of late has been more in lieu of education than employment. I suspect that if they chose on merit alone, West Coast universities would be made up of all Asians, except for the five black guys on the basketball team. What about the merit of alumni coercion, or sometimes called legacy? Is this sudden conservative absolute fairness doctrine (which only regards this one issue) retroactive? Will President Bush have to surrender his degree from Yale? Which brings up a related issue; just how did Cowboy George get through Yale anyway?

And let us not forget the most absurd argument of all; that it is demeaning for Blacks and women to get an education or job without working for it like anyone else. Besides that being false on its face, it fails in the realm of common sense. For to believe that, it would mean White males must:

· Not accept inheritance and advocate inheritance be taxed 100%.
· Return all money won in any lottery.
· Not attend or send anyone to college using alumni pressure.
· Refuse any money from parents or relatives to attend college.
· Refuse any money from parents for a down payment on anything.
· Not deduct any mortgage interest on their taxes.
· Accept no gifts of any kind at any time.
· Not give any relative or friend any advantage in job placement.
· Accept no job from any relative or friend.
· Accept no donations from any individual or organization.
· Give no donations to any individual or organization.
· Not ask any person or any God for any favors.
· Refuse all miracles.
· Open no presents on Birthdays or Christmas.

If an individual agrees to all of the above statements, they win their argument that affirmative action demeans the recipients by giving them something they did not work for. Trouble being, all such people live in a monastery in Tibet.

Angry White males are mad at the wrong people, they should be mad as Hell at the GOP and its legion of rich White males, who since Ronald Reagan, have taken a bigger and bigger slice of their salaries, wages, benefits and jobs. But logic and reason are not a part of this political equation; rather, as has always been the case, the fault lies with all those damn other people.

The Internet gives us all the opportunity to go see what the worst of us have to say. I have been to the Klan sites, the Aryan Nations sites, the National Alliance, the Southern Defense Initiative, David Duke and many more. For a generation they all have had as their central issue – number one at the top of the list – eliminating Affirmative Action. Why is that you think? And why are Republicans and conservatives in lock step with every Grand Dragon and Skinhead in America on that issue?

Do the Wrong Thing

AIDS has killed 330,000 people in America thus far, five times as many as we lost in Vietnam

For thousands of years women were considered property, it was only last century that wives who would not put out on demand or were annoying, could be tied to a tree by her husband and have the crap beat out of her. He could even get away with murder. The culture of that time allowed and condoned it, before suffrage we were the Taliban. A few people rose up in righteousness and changed all that, fighting that long hard battle. A nice story, but who were those Americans for beating and enslaving women for so long? No surprise they were our most Christian conservative Americans.

Just last century children were also considered property, bought and sold into bondage, beaten and worked to death in the mills and fields. Again, some people tried to change all that, but who were those Americans for bondage and beating children? No surprise they were our most Christian conservative Americans.

It was a hundred and fifty years ago blacks were bought and sold on the auction block. Some people fought for abolition and after our bloodiest war, succeeded. But who were those Americans for slavery? No surprise they were our most Christian conservative Americans.

How about those people only a generation ago in response to integration throwing rocks at little black school girls trying to go to public schools? No surprise they were our most Christian conservative Americans.

It’s the same people and the same story as far back as one wants to go and no different than the homosexuality issue today. History is going to be most unkind to them and theirs as it has been to those who went before fighting against the advancement of tolerance, liberty and human dignity.

There was a controversial movie made not long ago called Do the Right Thing. Though it won a bunch of awards all over the world, Christians and conservatives hated it very very much. I suggest that instead of complaining about it, conservatives should make their own movie to counter it with their own message. They could call it, Do the Wrong Thing.

Racial Meandering

University of California at Davis reported that black students admitted to the medical school under affirmative action, graduated, finished residency, and received honors at the same rate as non affirmative action students.

There is an interesting question inherent in this issue regarding the recent Supreme Court decision disbanding four congressional districts because of racial gerrymandering which favored black districts.

Is it best to have a more reasonable representation of blacks in Congress and state legislatures, or better to mix the districts up more evenly to gain the positive elective affect of unlocking so many conservative suburban districts to get more white moderates and liberals into office?

After pondering this dilemma I have come to the conclusion that those black faces in our legislatures are the more important factor. I come to this conclusion primarily because conservatives thinks it’s better to see less Black representation. And if there is one thing I’ve learned in all this, it’s that anything a conservative is for is based only upon self interest, intolerance, bigotry and hating liberals so much their ears bleed. So it was really quite an easy decision to make.


Be What You are Not!

As an African-American do you want to end discrimination against YOURSELF?

Send for the Uncle Clarence Thomas guide on becoming White! Endorsed by OJ Simpson!

Learn the ten easy steps!

1) Join the Republican Party!
2) Call Rush and tell him how Black you are before you suck up to him.
3) Promise not to act Black.
4) Change your wardrobe from full color to grayscale.
5) Trade in your Temptations albums for the Ray Coniff collection.
6) Compete in ballroom dancing.
7) Learn to talk like a snob with the William Safire language tapes.
8) Learn to walk like you have something big stuck up your butt.
9) Stop having fun in church and go to those real boring White ones.
10) Claim civil rights workers are communists.

American Net Worth

From the Recession of 1988 – 92:

· Whites down 12% – $50,204 to $44,408
· Hispanics down 17% – $6,408 to $5,345
· Blacks down 5% – $4,836 to $4,650
· Overall down 12% – $41,472 to $36,630

This is one of those tables that says far more than was meant to be said. It was presented in the business section of the Houston Chronicle – one of those liberal newspapers that have backed only Republican Presidential candidates over the last 30 years. It was presented to show that Whites and Hispanics have recently suffered economically more than have Blacks. I wonder if the editors are really so dense as to not see what it really says? Whites have ten times the net worth of Blacks and Hispanics, but it isn’t poverty and economic disparity responsible for crime, drugs and violence in the inner cities; it’s sex education, condoms, homosexuals, and no forced prayer in schools. What a hoot.

The Blue Bird of Racism

I chanced upon a doozie of a movie the other day, The Blue Bird. A 1940 Shirley Temple vehicle produced by Walter Lantz of Woody Woodpecker fame. Color appears when the children enter the dream sequences. It is a metaphysical movie telling us that when we think about the dead they come back to life. All in all it was kind of cute and harmless until the final scene.

A stage set with hundreds of children in Heaven waiting to get on the boat to be born. God-like men with staffs and long gray beards leading the little ones to the boats to be shipped down to Earth. It was a bit strange that the kids were all between five and twelve years old, but the astonishing kicker was that every child was white as the driven snow. There were no Blacks, Asians or Mexicans fouling up American Heaven in those days.

Proposition # No Affirmative Action

A recent study by economists showed that those hired under affirmative action plans did as well or better on the job than white males. Black women garnered the best job performance rating.

Houston recently had a vote on a proposition to end Affirmative Action in city contracts. It was interesting to watch the process first hand. Conservative groups, mostly from California, and a white local contractor, Edward Blum, began the process with door to door signature drives, then buying up a wad of advertising and dominating the local AM Hate Radio scene. Polls showed that the proposition would win by over 10 points, but to the surprise of everyone including myself, it failed by 10 points.

Watching the heated debate over Affirmative Action led me to understand that the intensity and ubiquity of so many so consumed with ending Affirmative Action, is the proof in the pudding (contrary to these same people’s central point), that racism is as alive and well as ever. It has only been transformed into a now respectable, acceptable and conservatively correct way of expressing one’s desire to keep the pie out of the hands of blacks specifically. And boy, does it work well for them. Which brings us full circle with the question: Why does their propaganda work so well?

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission gets 100,000 discrimination complaints a year, they can only act on 5000, putting them 20 years behind. Does the GOP want to increase the budget of either the EEOC or the Civil Rights Commission in lieu of Affirmative Action? Hardly, in fact they want to eliminate both, and in the mean time make them as ineffective as possible.

· 92% of blacks support affirmative action.
· 76% of Hispanics support affirmative action.
· 25% of Whites support affirmative action.

The above numbers are from a recent Texas poll differing little from national ones. So even if blacks and Hispanics managed to get every eligible black and Hispanic voter to the polls, with whites only having to get their steady 50%, they still wouldn’t be able to stop this racial driven ball from rolling them over. As long is racism is a serious factor in American life with no alternative to affirmative action, we must hold to it.

Damn Negroes!

“I will not rest until I find out which member of the nation’s conservative leadership get his kicks by renting ‘Roots’ and then watching it backwards.” Columnist Mark Shields

Within weeks of Bill Clinton leaving office the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal began the direction conservatives decided to go. A picture of Jesse Jackson with the caption, HATEMONGER! I have to wonder, if Jackson is a hatemonger then what in the Hell would Rush Limbaugh be? I suppose we would have to contact William Safire to help find a word for that, because I haven’t a clue.

On AM talk radio, the net, and from the call-ins I have seen on television, rank and file conservatives have settled on one issue since Bush was appointed; damn Negroes, using the newest racist code words Jackson/Sharpton. They don’t vote for Republicans so screw them. And as Rush says,”they are only 12% of the population so they don’t matter.” Money Good! Negroes Bad! A universal heartfelt ideology of Republican compassion, Christianity, bipartisanship and good will.

It’s Gone Nuts Out There

It isn’t Christianity that is the defining aspect of American history, it’s racism.

The Republican Party chose Dick Armey (R – Bigot), best known for referring to Rep Barney Frank as “Barneyfag”, to negotiate with the NAACP to bring more Blacks into the GOP.

That is very much like:

· Asking Adolph Hitler to baby sit your Jewish children.
Asking Ted Bundy if he wants to date your daughter.
· Assigning Barney Fife to bring in bin Laden.
· Having Homer Simpson guard your beer and doughnuts.
· Having Bill Clinton coach the Baylor cheerleading squad.
· Asking Dr. Laura for a little compassion and understanding.
· Asking George Castanza to teach ethics at Yale.
· Moving to the Middle East for some peace and quiet.
· Asking Peggy Bundy to head a symposium on the work ethic.
· Putting the Elephant Man on the cover of Cosmo.
· Watching C-SPAN to help you get it up on Saturday night.
· Asking Major Burns remove the bullet from your brain stem.
· Asking Paris Hilton to head the public school abstinence program.
· Choosing the Fox News Channel as your unbiased source of news.
· Choosing Lucy Ricardo to plan your project.
· Asking George Bush to not have a war.
· Expecting Eddie Haskel to do the right thing.
· Hillary Clinton having an affair with Rush Limbaugh.
· Choosing the Taliban to market your line of condoms.
· Asking Whitney Houston to head the DARE program.
· Buying hot dogs from Jeffery Dahmer.
· Seeing a conservative at a peace rally.

Racist America

We all know that the result of ending Affirmative Action is less black faces in colleges, government, management and winners of contract bids.

I came across a simple fact many years ago that was an epiphany for me. Of all the Western nations the United States has the largest population of Blacks at 12.8%, with Australia coming in second at 1.5%. Western Europe, most of Eastern Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan not only have national health care systems that the vast majority of people enjoy, accept, and are so much part of their culture that even such conservative luminaries as Margaret Thatcher couldn’t touch it no matter how much she wanted to. It is the same down the line regarding social programs and government benefits. To these nations, paying about 10% higher taxes than we do is not considered evil Marxism as it is here, but common sense, for it reduces the hopelessness of poverty which in turn reduces family failure, crime and violence.

Now go back to the above fact. Does the bell ring for you? These European nations live in far more racially homogeneous societies, what they pay in taxes they take out in benefits. While here on the other hand, the perception revolves around racial code words; most notably social programs, welfare, failing schools and crime which are all blamed on blacks. This conservative propaganda has led the majority of us to believe our taxes are going to benefit people unlike us.

Statistics are manipulated for both political and cultural causes. The easiest and most prevalent to bandy about relate to crime and welfare. It is true that there are almost as many blacks on welfare as whites, and as there are seven times as many whites, that means blacks are seven times more likely to be on welfare. Cold crime statistics show pretty much the same thing. But. If you compare both welfare and crime in lieu of the socio economic class of each race, that disparity mostly disappears. And if you factor in the effect of hundreds of years of slavery, Jim Crow and discrimination, it all evens out.

Even our bloodiest war (and the subsequent hundred years of Jim Crow) has not woken us from our slumber. Though by and large we have fixed the laws, we still have not come to terms with the inherent racism which drives the great unsaid lie that all our hard earned money goes to a bunch of no good lazy criminal Negroes.

And contrary to what we would all like to believe, that view is not what a few people in Vidor, Meterie, Northern Idaho or some Senator in Mississippi is thinking. Rather it’s a majority of us. And until we all come to terms with that we will always be the only nation on Earth without national health care.

Shhhhhh… Its a Secret…

The secret that the Republican Party now controlled by a  White Southern Crackers is much like another issue the media keeps secret from us. That there was a family of unstable Right-wing gunloons at Ruby Ridge, a hundred or so at Waco, two or three in Oklahoma and a handful hanging out in Idaho somewhere. No, there are tens of millions of them. And they have taken control of the GOP.

Stars and Bars

“Damn blacks…lazy blacks… money grubbin Jews… dirty Jews… japs… fruits… fags… Adolph Hitler did well…” Cincinnati Reds owner Republican Marge Schott.

This nasty subject of the Confederate flag came up in Maryland where people from the Sons of the Confederacy were getting state license plates with that flag on them. Don’t forget the impetus for this racist swill of putting the stars and bars on state flags and such. Georgia adopted the confederate flag in response to Brown vs Education, Alabama and South Carolina in response to the civil rights legislation of the early ‘60’s.

The flag represents sedition, treason, slavery, racism, Jim Crow, the violent overthrow of a democratically elected Government, the “Shoot the Niggers and capture the Yankees” mentality plus it is the symbol of the Ku Klux Klan and most every racist organization in America no matter who tries to rationalize otherwise. It is no different than flying the NAZI flag over government buildings today in Germany. But unlike Germany, where it is against the law to fly that flag anywhere by anyone, here it is only a matter of government involvement. Racists and hate mongers are free to fly it from their trailers, paint it on their pickups or tattoo it on their foreheads all to their happy hearts content, that is not the issue; the issue is State sponsorship of that symbol and what it represents.

Republican Lettuce Pickers

If as they say in lieu of abortion, sex education, Pope-ism and birth control, population is not a problem, then why do they give a crap about immigration?

Beware! Illegal aliens are destroying our economy, our nation and our way of life! They have taken the jobs of thousands of Republican lettuce pickers in oh-so conservative Orange County, California. As anyone can see driving through the fields in Southern California, they are no longer filled with middle aged White men in three piece suits and Rush Limbaugh designer ties, but brown foreign lawbreakers and their children in straw hats. We must rid ourselves of these awful people so we can get conservative Californians back to the work they have always enjoyed most: Lettuce picking.

English Only

Across America employers are requiring employees sign contracts saying they will at no time speak any other language but English on the job. Those refusing are immediately fired and of course denied employment compensation.

I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would think it a good idea to teach children in a language they do not understand. It is illogical, unreasonable and causes millions more Hispanics to drop out of school. This English Only crap in not about education, it’s about bigotry.

Sink or Swim

The GOP has updated their bogeyman from communists to immigrants.

Listening to the ebonics debate along with the related issue of English Only, I’ve come to see where conservatives fail the most. They are consumed by the fantasy of what should be rather than the reality of what is. They want to follow the lead of the father who throws his children out of the boat to teach them to swim rather than giving them swimming lessons. And most importantly, they decree the answers to all of our social problems cannot be helped through rational, reasoned, democratic government, but only through a strict adherence to a black and white dogmatic belief system.

Bad Place to Work

Quotes from Republican Richard Nixon:

“Are we using it (our power) to investigate the Jews, you know, that are stealing in every direction? Are we going after their tax returns? I can only hope that we’re doing a little persecution.”

“What about the rich Jews? The IRS is full of Jews… Go after them like a son of witch.”

“John, we have the power. Are we using it now to investigate contributors to Hubert Humphrey, contributors to Muskie – the Jews, you know, that are stealing in every direction?”

A lawsuit was filed describing in graphic detail an environment hostile to minorities, women and homosexuals. Headquarters rife with obscenities, lewd behavior, racism and gay-bashing. A work place wherein sexual, racial, homophobic, appearance-based and anti-Semitic comments, jokes and horseplay were commonplace, tolerated and encouraged. Where mocking imitations of gays and blacks, reference to female workers as “witches” and young men as “butt boys”, repeated reference to a young data clerk as a “whiny Jew boy”, preferential treatment to “women who allowed themselves to be touched in a sexual manner” were everyday occurrences. Instances of racial bigotry including discussion of finding a prominent black person such as actor James Earl Jones to be “token color” on the stage at their California gala. When Jones declined, the planners “settled on J.C. Watts”.

As hinted in that last sentence, no, this lawsuit is not against the Aryan Nations or the Ku Klux Klan, but against the Republican National Committee filed by RNC former campaign consultant and deputy finance director for Oliver North’s 1994 Senate campaign, Deborah A. Henson and two other women working for the RNC.