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Right-wing Media

In a democracy the power lies in the manipulation of public opinion, who controls information prevails.

Most People are Mostly Stupid

fox roger ailesIt seems I have fallen into the very unpopular worldview of Ambrose Bierce and H. L. Mencken, for I too have come to the understanding that most people are dumber than a potatoe which I am not afraid to say. As we fall further into our ever growing morass of callous, self consumed, parochial conservatism – which we have accepted as humanities’ high road – I find it hard to blame the media (or politicians) for much of anything at all. Pandering to advertising dollars they are only giving Americans what they most want to hear, important things like:

Who made the semi finals?
Who was nominated for an Oscar?
Who can wear the least clothes while eating the most cockroaches?
Who has been abducted or molested.
What celebrity is sleeping with whom.
Validation that our country and our God are superior to everyone else’s.

I can’t blame the media who want share, Democratic politicians who buckle to get re-elected or Ralph Nader who took votes away doing what he thought was right. It’s the way meld of democracy and capitalism works. The blame, the responsibility lies wholly at the feet of the people who turn the dial, who pull the lever and don’t pull the lever. It is about our misguided collective concern with sex, celebrity, and an evil government out to destroy white people.

“I’m mad as Hell and I am not going to take it anymore!” Network, 1976

That memorable refrain from that 25 year old Academy Award wining movie needs to be changed. Open the window and shout it to the world:

“I’m happy as Hell, stick it up my shorts some more!” The American People

Liberal Bias Media My Ass

Do you have conservatives constantly yammering at you about the media’s liberal bias? Well next time throw a little of this at them:

Mention that the very liberal Fox News Channel has more viewers than CNN and MSNBC combined.

Mention that the longest running show on PBS was that liberal show Firing Line with that liberal William F. Buckley.

Mention that the Friday PBS pundit show The McGlauglin Group is named and orchestrated by that liberal John McGlauglin with a panel of three conservatives (including Mr. McGlauglin), one moderate and one liberal.

Mention that the second largest media organization is America is owned and controlled by that liberal Rupert Murdoch.

Mention that the most listened to talk radio show in America is from that liberal Rush Limbaugh.

Mention that the most listened to political commentary on radio in America for the past 50 years is that liberal Paul Harvey.

Mention that the magazine with the largest circulation in America, TV Guide, is owned and controlled by that liberal Rupert Murdoch.

Mention that the daily newspaper with highest circulation other than USA Cheeze Whiz, is the liberal Wall Street Journal.

Mention that Newsweek’s back page editorial 3 out of 4 times was from that liberal George Will.

Mention that ABC, CBS, NBC and their owners; Disney, Westinghouse and General Electric are liberal corporations.

Mention that over 90% of the daily newspapers over the past 16 years endorsed such liberals as Reagan, Reagan, Bush, Bush, Dole and Bush Bush, McCain, Romney for President.

Mention that you can’t even turn a radio on the AM dial without hearing such liberals as Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reily  and Laura Schlessinger pushing their liberal propaganda.

And when you are done mentioning all that, look them squarely in the eye and ask what the problem is? Is it that they think you are stupid, or more likely, is it that they are stupid?

Two Little Boobs

“You cannot find anyone who will not say that Janet Jackson went over the line.” Everyone on TV

That is true unless you live in England where they have boobs on the front page of their newspapers, or in France where tourism is based on boobs, or in Italy where prime time quiz shows have women showing their boobs for prizes (better than cheap beads), or Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany where I hear they do boobs on TV 24/7.

What’s that called again? Parochialism? Like in Parochial Schools? Well whatever the definition, the result is that people become so consumed with their immediate surroundings that any differing reality doesn’t even enter their consciousness. It’s not that showing two boobs is a good thing, it’s the overwhelming outrage over [in this case] such small things.

Conservative Propaganda’s Success

If half of Americans were cannibals and half not, the media would be for moderate cannibalism.

My search for the bottom line in how the GOP managed to take control of all branches of government is coming to fruition here in the new millennium. Watching a documentary of Republicans giving speeches in the presidential conventions in the 30’s, I noticed they were almost identical to the speeches given by Republicans today. The same three issues: thieving taxation, Marxist social programs, and the evil federal government (states’ rights). The debate hasn’t changed. Though the conservative emotional issues of our time; abortion, guns, school vouchers, executions, homosexuality, affirmative action and such may be new, the mentality that drives them hasn’t changed in thousands of years.

This leads me to believe the only new dynamic is the ascension of talk radio, which took off with the demise of the Fairness Doctrine in 1987. Audiences of tens of millions of people listening 24/7 to the most obnoxious hate intensive political propaganda ever pushed upon the world outside a few state run media outlets in totalitarian regimes. In fact “All Right, All the Time” is the central advertising blitz of the biggest AM talk station in San Francisco no less.

The success of AM Hate radio comes from two fronts.

First is the use of political correctness as the instrument of demonizing liberals; declaring that administratively decrying sexism, racism, homophobia and general bigotry in the workplace and colleges is not only un-American and evil, but worse than McCarthyism. It has been the major impetus in defining liberals and Democrats as Marxists and Nazis for a generation.

Secondly is their power to affect the body politic. They have become so ubiquitous that if the mainstream media does not pick up their crap, they are labeled as biased socialists with no credibility. They play the media like a violin, who then succumbs to their crap because they do not want to lose share and advertising dollars. After all, if conservatives feel the media is liberally biased, they may stop watching and buy less Hummers, and then where would we be?

AM Hate Radio

The point of the big lie that the news media has a liberal bias is perpetrated so conservatives can then out of hand disregard any negative things said about conservatives.

I heard that more than twice as many conservatives listen to talk radio than do liberals (which I am sure the radio industry has been aware of for quite some time) and those who call the shows are far more extreme in their views than those who do not. Even C-SPAN (no matter how many ways they try to make it fair), which is as unbiased and unaligned as humanly possible, gets about ten times as many calls from conservatives and libertarians than they do liberals or moderates. There are millions of conservative white men and women who have nothing better to do than sit home all day and witch about their taxes and any social program they believe go only to African Americans. Millions more sitting unemployed in their trailers drinking beer and playing with their guns, so mad at the world, they find it imperative to let everyone know just what ignorant little gits they are.

Put it all together and you come to understand why, when you turn the AM dial during the day most of what you get is Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Michael Savage  and Laura Schlessinger along with the litany of local conservatives leading in and out of these syndicated conservative programs. It’s a self perpetuating nightmare; the industry smells the dollars, caters to the Right gaining more listeners, more sponsors, more money and more PR, causing the market to grow, which in turn gains more listeners, more sponsors… Its momentum swallows us up, moving things ever more Rightward.

I respect the liberal print medium for the work they do in journalism and investigative reporting, The Nation, Mother Jones and The Progressive all have their place, but they don’t hold a candle to the circulation of The American Spectator or The Limbaugh Letter in the 1990’s. Each had three times the circulation of the above mentioned liberal magazines combined. The success of these conservative magazines and radio shows are of course based on name recognition and some degree of controversy; but the central reason for their success is that they style themselves upon bombastic personality, sound bites and above all, an entertainment value which liberals so lack in both print or broadcasting. As such, I feel required to take on that mantle of in your face combativeness, humor, wit, entertainment and fun for the half dozen Americans who want to hear it.

Speak No Ill of Conservative Propaganda

We should not be directing our anger at the AM Hate radio hosts, but at their audience of tens of millions of conservative bigots who keep them in business.

AM Talk radio has had a bigger impact on the politics of this nation than many would like to admit. Over the years it has been weaned, tweaked and strengthened to the point that it’s only function is to demonize all Liberals and Democrats (especially those in the Presidential pool) to such an extent that the mainstream media cannot help but pick it up and run with it to prove they are not liberal, the perception of which, loses them share and revenues.

AM Talk Radio has been such a leading factor in demonizing liberals, it has become the most effective and successful Right-wing propaganda scheme since National Socialism defined Jews as rats.

Liberals, the New Jews of Right-wing Propaganda

“Repetition is the lynchpin of propaganda.” Joseph Goebbels

A very sad example of just how extreme the unfairness of the market driven political discourse in radio has become can be seen in a racial context. Less than 10% of African American voters vote Republican. As far as I can tell there are only four commercially syndicated Black political radio hosts; Walter Williams (a Limbaugh substitute), Ken Hamblin, Armstrong Williams and Alan Keyes, all Republican right-wing lunatics who make Rush Limbaugh look like Tinkerbelle.

The catalyst to why we are now the most conservative industrialized nation on Earth is mostly due to what too many people wish to ignore, the control of daytime radio by the far Right. This isn’t the single voice of Father Coughlin spewing his fascism an hour a week to a couple million people on Sunday afternoon in the 1930’s, but literally hundreds of Right-wing radio hosts shouting hate, bigotry, intolerance and gun waving madness 24 hours a day in many markets, day in and day out to tens of millions of listeners who accept whatever they wish to hear as the truth. It grows louder and stronger and more hateful as the years pass, share and advertising dollars feeding it with no end in sight.

With this radio issue alone, I can find virtually no one who would like to see legislation to make it fair. In fact, fairness (unless it involves affirmative action) has now become synonymous with Marxist communism and is considered an un-American Activity. It is now whoever has the most money wins, reinforced recently by the Supreme Court decision that free speech can be bought.

The only answer I hear to this problem and our overall move to The Right is that someday, by magical means, the pendulum will swing back. Perhaps, but think hard of what happened in Germany during that wait. The parallels to the political propaganda are amazing. If you doubt that, tune in Rush Limbaugh any day you chose and replace the word Jew with Liberal and see how it goes.

The Corporation for Conservative Broadcasting

“I don’t understand why they call it public broadcasting. As far as I’m concerned, there is nothing public about it. It’s an elitist enterprise. Rush Limbaugh is public broadcasting.” Newt Gingrich on public broadcasting.

Some of us often complain about the absurdity of the phrase liberal biased media, especially when we think in the terms of print dailies and their 90% sponsorship of Reagan, Reagan, Bush, Bush, Dole, Bush and Bush, but some of us have it worse than others. There are still a few large urban areas that offer choices between Conservative, Republican and moderate dailies, but in more and more cities we are having less and less options as one newspapers are being bought out.

Sure the New York Post is owned and operated by Newt’s partner in power, Rupert Murdoch with an editorial staff off in La La Land, the Washington Times owned by His Mooness makes no bones about where they stand, or The Wall Street Journal and it’s full tilt conservative spin makes no apologies, but all those papers are in areas where people have choices to read something else. But those in our heartland have no such luck, many are filled with conservative religious bias from front to back and the only show in town.

Many people in those areas of America have only one alternative to that daily dose of conservative propaganda; NPR and PBS. But consistently over the past decade Republicans try to do what they can to destroy the Corporation for Public Broadcasting which funds public radio and television. The game is to cut funding so the stations fail, and then have Pat Robertson or Clear Channel buy up the licenses of the small public radio and television stations who can not manage on their own. To always push the money cow of conservative ideology over the common good. Goodbye Sesame Street and All Things Considered.

PBS Moves to the Right

If the basis of the conservative ideology is responsibility and accountability for ones actions, then how can they say that television, movies and music are responsible and accountable for our actions?

At one time PBS was my default channel, it was full of new and different things regarding news, history, journalism, nature, music, science and humor. Now what little remains is hard to find between all the self help shows, auctions, operas, orchestras, home improvement and so many very old repeats. They are so afraid of Tom DeLay and the Red State phenomenon they evermore cave in at the slightest provocation. It has become so bland I would not be surprised if they now have only two age demographics, under 5 and over 80.

Though the only show that could be said to be ‘liberal”, NOW has lost Bill Moyers, been reduced to a half hour and moved to late night. My PBS station here in Houston now has 90 minutes on Friday night of heavy duty conservative blather. At 10pm its The Journal Editorial Report, thirty minutes of the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal which is as bad as it gets in conservative propaganda. At 10:30pm its thirty minutes of the recently fired newly hired Tucker Carleton giving us his view of all things great and Right. And capping the evening off is The McLaughlin Group which as you may well know, is thirty minutes of conservatives piling on Eleanor Cliff. By 11:05 I had switched from PBS to FOX NEWS to get a more fair and balanced view of things.

Limbaugh Recap on C-SPAN

Can’t stand listening to Rush anymore? Can’t decide what’s worse, his boring name dropping golf stories or that he is still so consumed with the word “clinton”? But you would still like to know what his theme of the day is?

There is an easy solution, tune in C-SPAN’s Washington Journal in the mornings for coffee and listen to the callers. Which haven’t changed one hoot since I began watching some ten years ago. In fact, I am so sure of this process, that today, Tuesday, I am going to tell you what Rush said yesterday without having listened to him or subsequently looking it up.

The topic was Homeland Security. That issue gives our large Red area the opportunity to grab their phones and go nuts over the damn Mexicans who have ruined our country. I’ll tell you, listening to that constant drone gets old fast.

Today it was caller after caller with the same plan to solve this, our greatest problem. There was little variation in the intricacies of it. When immigrants enter the country they are immediately drafted and sent to basic training at Fort Polk, they are paid half pay, and are the first to be sent into combat. After three years serving in combat areas they are given citizenship. You can’t tell me all those people with that crazyass plan didn’t all get it from the same source.

How about a good ending to this. After listening to ten such calls, including one lady who complained about the teaching of Lincoln’s War of Aggression in schools, the last caller said,

“We have these wonderful immigrants in our neighborhood here, I think they are from Mexico but I don’t know if they are legal or illegal, but they all work very hard, are kind and friendly, have wonderful family values and I just love them.”

One of the few times I could see an emotional reaction on the face the oh so unbiased CSPAN moderator. After a half hour of constant fear and loathing calls, it was like a stone being lifted from her heart.


What is going on with these new coalitions of Right and Left striking out at music, movies, TV, video games and the internet? The catalyst was not Rambo, Die Hard, Porkies, The Playboy Channel, Doom, Rock & Roll, HBO or a BJ in the White House. It be the Hip Hop.

After defending this musical style for most of a decade I have finally fallen. It has gone too far for too long. Gone so far and so long in fact that even the majority of what few liberals are left are flinching, especially those with kids who get sucked up into it. It’s not so much the misogyny or the language, Rock and Roll is full of that, it’s that overriding content of violent egomaniacal vengeance-seeking crap! That I am Lord King, and anyone who crosses me I beat, strangle, club, shoot, kill or worse. That overriding theme that what life is all about, is getting even.

Isn’t there suppose to be some tiny smidgen of redeeming social value to any art form? Oh yeah, buy the $150 hip hop t-shirts and $200 baggy pants. This is not to mention that there is no actual talent involved in the music that I can discern. Its drum and rhythm machines copying music from the disco-dance sound of yesteryear. But they do have a talent for putting the hood to rhyme. Which is the one positive of the genre, anyone who can rhyme suck with fck, with a bit of luck, can make a buck. And right there I have the talent to lead the pack. I must also say that the majority of rap music does have poignant political and cultural lyrics, it just isn’t what white kids buy.

One day not long ago I had half a dozen boys sniffing round my daughter in the driveway. I threw a couple hoops with them and when they sat down on the picnic table I asked them a few questions. These were all 15 year olds with Henrich Himmler haircuts, a face stud here and there, clothes ten sizes too big; and all walking, talking, and using hand gestures trying to be as black as working class white boys can be. Also keep in mind that this is Texas, where brain power is secondary to fire power.

How many of you guys are now or ever have been on probation?

Six hands proudly reached for the sky.

How many of you go to CS High?

One embarrassed hand goes up. Three were in alternate programs and two said they were working on GED’s.

How many of you have jobs?

No hands.

What is the most important thing in your life?

All six said the same thing with little deviation. That no one had better fck with them. I have to wonder though, if you don’t go to school and you don’t work, who is there to fck with you?

After a few minutes of hearing the horror of McDonald’s refusing them ice water and Taco Bell limiting their endless Pepsi’s, I had to ask the tough question.

So what happens if someone does fck with you?

I heard a very depressing but familiar dissertation on respect; with the obvious fix being beating, stabbing, shooting and killing, all interspersed with a rap lyric here and there.

Have any of you read Moby Dick?

After a few minutes of arguing with them that it was a book before it was a movie, and that though it was indeed about a whale, it was really about how revenge doesn’t accomplish anything but more trouble. I was rewarded with six empty stares.

Have you ever heard of a Beatle song called Let it Be?

No. Rap man! And Hip Hop is where it’s at, it’s master cool dude!

I looked at the picnic table full of Nazi looking white, black gansta wannabes and couldn’t help myself giving these morons the last word.

Look, what you are too stupid to understand is that just like the school shootings and the gangsta wars, it’s only going to be each other who who fcks you over.

Again, just blank stares.

Epilog: Two are in jail for beating up one of the others for ripping them off in a penny ante cocaine deal. The one they beat up had to move out of state to avoid them when they get released. One is dead stabbed in the heart over a woman. One is on the run for raping another one’s mother! Two are in jail for burglarizing a jewelry kiosk. One is in jail for stealing a go-cart. And the last one is in two twelve step programs at 17. That Hip Hop sure makes winners out of white boys hey? How strange it seems listening to Tipper complain about Twisted Sister and Ozzie so long ago. They seem Christian conservatives compared to the rap crap going down these days.

Intelligent American Public My Ass

“We are winning and in the lead, and it is because we are offensive that we will continue to beat these sniveling Liberals.” Rush Limbaugh

Rush says the worst thing about liberals is that they think the American people are stupid. Rush is wrong, liberals know the American people are stupid; it’s just not wise for any of them looking for a vote or a buck to say so. Studies show 10% of Americans are illiterate and another 35% functionally so. A recent study compared what Americans knew about history and current events to the rest of the industrialized world and we came in last in every category except entertainment and sports trivia, in some areas in magnitudes less knowledgeable.

The American people blamed the news media for trial by television in the Simpson case, as they gobbled it up in numbers never before experienced.

They cry about meaningless sound bites and negative campaigning as they slop it up with a ladle.

They moan about violence on TV as they tune it in by the clip full.

They whine about the special interests, PACS, and lobbyists as they send their money to special interests, PACS and lobbyists.

They groan about the damn government and run to it with their hands out when anyone sneezes.

They scream about the criminal justice system while refusing to do a damn thing about it other than building more jails and buying more potassium chloride.

They whine about political correctness on campus where people are scolded for their intolerant attitudes while they throw those in jail who say or sell music with dirty words in them. Intelligent American public my ass.

Hot Talk Radio

“Who do we shoot? Other than Kennedy, Foley and Mitchell, the others are borderline traitors. They’re the kingpins right now, besides the Slick One. You’ve got to get your ammo.” Caller to the Chuck Baker radio show.

No, that quote is not from Howard Stern shock-rock-radio, but the next step down from the EIB Network, the conservative/Libertarian patriot crap combining irresponsible gun waving coupled with threats of armed revolution and murder. All to get the juices of hate and violence flowing even more throughout our society than it already is.

I noticed it for the first time here in Houston, but wasn’t aware it had a name. AM Hate Radio Talk show host Jon Mathews – now in prison for child molestation, who primes his gun squads up for Rush every morning, often has as his daily theme, arming ourselves in case it becomes necessary to violently overthrow the evil (liberal) government, who taxes us!

Most recently it came out full bore so to say on his show when Harris County (which includes Houston) was forced by the State (who was forced by the Feds) to initiate auto emission tests. The test sites were up and running and the $23 inspection (for two years) became a requirement to get plates. Other cities and states have had such inspections for years, but as they have state income taxes they are funded, not so here, this is a $11.50 a year tax! Stuff of revolution in Texas. Wearing gas masks is a far better solution to air pollution than a sawbuck a year paid to the damn government, which they say is really nothing more than a gang of stinking liberals stealing our hard earned money.

So Hot Talk Radio Houston took the issue to the people. Listening to the Mathews show fairly regularly, I don’t think I ever heard the subject brought up without a subsequent reference to guns or the Second Amendment. It was the central issue for most of a year; the reason Streetsweepers, machine pistols and assault rifles are required attire by freedom loving Americans. To stop the evil liberal government by whatever means necessary. The State Legislature was convened under special order and with caravan gun marches made to Austin and the Alamo; all so intense the whole issue was put on hold for a few years.

In 2004 Radio Host Jon Mathews was arrested and convicted of spanking the monkey in front of an 11 year old girl on his front porch. As a good Texan, Conservative and Christian he was giving probation. In 2006 he was arrested again thrown in jail for breaking probation by getting drunk in bars and talking filthy to little girls in online chat rooms.

“I’d like to get every environmentalist, put ‘em up against a wall, and shoot ‘em.”

We have in our city, we have in our state of New York, we have in our nation, not hundreds of thousands but millions of sub-humanoid savages, who really would feel more at home along the sands of the Kalahari or the dry deserts of Eastern Kenya.”

“I wonder if they’ve ever figured out how they multiply like that. It’s like maggots on a hot day. You look one minute there are so many there, and you look again and wow, they’ve tripled.”

All the above quotes are from WABC drive time talk show host Bob Grant. That last quote caused Alan Dershowitz, who had a talk show on the same station to say of fellow employee Grant: “A racist, a bigot and a despicable talk show host.” That comment cost Dershowitz his job.

Disney, the owner of WABC, caught in the middle of the brouhaha regarding Dershowitz’ firing and Grant’s racism fired Grant a week later. Within days Grant was back on the air at WOR spilling the same point blank racism as before, Dershowitz wasn’t. There is so much money in conservatives expressing their racism towards African Americans in New York City that even a few days without it screaming from the airwaves can add up to millions of dollars lost.

All over the West these Hot Talk shows are a cultural staple. Chuck Baker, who often broadcasts from gun shops in Colorado Springs, is perhaps the most celebrated. He whips up his barrelhead audience to form paramilitary units to go to Washington “to take out the slime balls in congress.” Leaders of various hate groups come on his show to talk of deporting blacks, exterminating gays and the evil of race mixing with Jews.

“Sarah Brady ought to be put down. A humane shot at a veterinarian’s would be an easy way to do it.” Hot Talk Host Bob Mohan, KFYI-Phoenix

KSFO, in San Francisco, owned by ABC touts its 24 hour format as All Right All the Time, where hosts advocate lynching liberals and shooting immigrants for bounty. It’s the nature of the Beast.

AM Hate Radio on the Road

“The great mass of people will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one.” Adolph Hitler

During some recent traveling I listened to a wider variety of AM Hate Radio hosts not syndicated in my area. First was a guy who I assumed was insane. The theme of his show on multiple days was that Bill Clinton is personally responsible for the eminent invasion of America by the Red Chinese. That they are going to pound the major cities of the West Coast with nuclear bombs and with their billion citizens, pursue a Normandy landing up and down the less populated spots along the coast. Hide your children! The Commie Reds are coming to eat them! I just hadn’t recognized the voice; it was G. Gordon Liddy, crazy as ever. I even heard many of his gunloon callers question his sanity.

The other interesting radio host I had not heard before was Sean Hannity. Many of us see this fast talking dickhead on Fox News’ Hannity, Hannity, Combs and Hannity. This obnoxious fast talking conservative not only subs for Rush Limbaugh but has his own daily syndicated talk show following the Limbaugh program. On the radio Hannity presents himself far more to the lunatic Right than he does on television. I listened for about two hours. In that window of time he did nothing but call Hillary Clinton a liar, a congenital liar and a pathological liar over issues that were not even lies.

Fox Clown News

“Watching Fox, that’s like watching the Cartoon Network. Fox is nuts.” Jon Stewart

During our BJ years, if one traveled the talking heads on TV it only went from bad to worse. In fact there was only one person on TV defending the President; Geraldo Rivera. Sitting behind a desk and pontificating with learned guests he was reasonably acceptable for the position no one else in America would take. I respect him for that.

A few months ago Geraldo moved from MSNBC to FOX News. They made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. They would pay his way to stand near a war, wear the craziest war-clown outfit he could come up with, and talk endlessly about how brave and wonderful Geraldo Rivera was. Greta moved from CNN to Fox News too recently, all she had to do was get a face lift.

Just a quick little note here in honor of the personalities of Fox News who present themselves as the real patriots of America. Here are the names of those at Fox News who went out of their way to not serve their country in the military: Tony Snow, Bill O’Reilly, Brit Hume, Sean Hannity, Fred Barnes, David Asman, Shepard Smith, Newt Gingrich, Jim Pinkerton, John Fund, William Kristol and John Gibson. Chickenfoxes.

Sean Hannity – Pundit for Morons!

You know, if one were to take the sex out of religion, it might actually have enough reasonable content to have a look.

I’ve been meaning to do an article on Sean Hannity for quite some time, the problem is it’s such a chore listening to someone so damn stupid it makes your skin crawl. There is also the problem of not being able to find enough disparaging adjectives in my Thesaurus.

Hannity is not only about 90% of the Hannity & Combs show on Fox News, but his radio show following morphine addict Rush Limbaugh is going to surpass Rush in the ratings in the next few months. Rush is clever, witty and smart while Sean Hannity is a humorless, dull witted buffoon that plays well to conservative audiences around America. He competes for the same intellectual crowd as evening talk show host Michael Reagan, the only difference being Reagan’s audiences are mostly from hollers, swamps and militia compounds while Hannity appeals mostly to those staggering around VFWs on free beer night.

I write this as Mr. Hannity is about to go on stage with his road show down the street here a piece. One thing about conservative speeches, they can always be reviewed before they are made. Loud country music about flags and eagles will set the stage. Hannity will come out to raucous standing ovations and spend half the show defining liberals as the Brethren of Beelzebub. Then onto the only topic conservatives have these days. The creation of a special homeland police force to round up 12 million people based upon ethnicity and putting them in detention camps for later deportation. Of course this has no relation to anything the real Brethren of Beelzebub did in Germany in the 30’s because it falls under the auspices of The Rule of Law.

Oops, I forgot, Germany had passed laws before they did in the Jews so they too were only righteously invoking The Rule of Law too. Remember the last time these crazyass conservatives were all screeching about The Rule of Law? The BJ! Let me tell you something, every time you hear these creepy crawlers invoke The Rule of Law, it is only semantic cover for their abject bigotry, wholesale intolerance or both. And dat’s A Fact (ADAF).

One cannot really talk about Hannity without a mention of Bill O’Reilly. I have always done my best to defend Catholics in lieu of all those nasty Protestant Christian conservatives, but it becomes harder and harder as time passes. Bob Dornan, Alan Keyes, Bill O’Reilly, Pat Buchanan, William Bennett, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas and Sean Hannity. And if that isn’t enough, how about that guy in Italy who works from the crazyass premise of sexual repression while turning the world into a bunny farm where the population doubles every 15 minutes. Vatican Sardine World

Sorry about the ethnic and religious bigotry, anyone know of any horrid Buddhists of Hindus I can wail on? Me neither…

Michael Reagan – Radio for Dim Bulbs

Right-wing dim bulb talk show host Michael Reagan resigned from the Republican Party because he says the GOP is a liberal political party.

Who is Michael Reagan? Imagine Rush Limbaugh devoid of any wit or humor, and with not half, but all his brain tied behind his back. If you haven’t listened to The Michael Reagan Radio Show, airing live 6PM. to 10PM. EST (with most of his syndicated stations playing the show on tape at various time slots), you might assume that Mike espouses his father’s mainstream conservatism dwelling upon the economic aspects of hurting the poor and helping the wealthy while keeping his social intolerance, hate mongering and conservative lunacy under wraps. But if you were to tune in, you would find your assumption mistaken.

Rush Limbaugh panders to an audience consisting mostly of that selfish greedy business crowd. G. Gordon Liddy plays to the Right-wingers who so enjoy hearing intellectual rationalizations of war, assassination, cop killing and murder. Bob Grant sells his swarthy bigotry to the racists of the Northeast. Ollie North’s audiences are mostly the boobs from the Christian Right who like to have their religious intolerance reinforced. Of course the central theme of them all is that hate intensive assault on Liberals and the Clintons, and as they all broadcast live in the afternoon, they pander mostly to people listening in their cars. But no syndicated AM Hate radio holds a candle to pimping for the home alone dim bulbs of the paranoid militias as does Michael Reagan.

The person Michael Reagan says he most respects in Congress? Helen Chenowith. His primary substitute host? Bob Dornan. The issue he pushed strongest in 1996 was trying to get his good friend Steve “Clueless” Stockman reelected in the Texas congressional runoff (even the racist gun lunatic electorate that includes Vidor,Texas wouldn’t vote for that clown a second time until 2010 when the Tea Party got him elected to Ron Paul’s old seat).

His standard fare is primarily the evil federal government, NRA gungoonery, UN conspiracy theories, the New World Order and fundamentalist Christianity; all disseminated from a dim bulb to the lowest common denominator of the far Right. The only thing he has in common with his father is that he too has too much water in his brain.

The Black Avenger – Ken Hamblin

“Fill them full of Norplant till’ their skin turns green.” Ken Hamblin on welfare mothers.

I listened to black syndicated AM Hate Radio host Ken Hamblin not long ago. The show began with a voice only rendition of the Star Spangled Banner worse in every respect than Rosanne Barr’s infamous baseball hollering. After long minutes of extreme off key screeching we learn that it was a 3rd grader who Hamblin gave endless kudos and repetitive pushes of the applause button for the child’s tear jerking patriotic rendition.

Then came easily the most disgusting use of the radio I have yet witnessed. He tells of a seventeen year old boy in a Chicago jail who had been arrested the day before suspected in a drive-by shooting in which a another boy had been killed. The accused was found dead hanging in his cell the next day. Hamblin, radio scumbag extraordinaire; cheered, clapped, laughed, and after finally releasing his finger from the applause button, he gave out the name and mailing address of the suicide victim’s parents, telling his listeners to write them with various good riddance to bad rubbish letters. Laughing, cheering and hitting his applause button again and again, then repeating the address. And this all from the first time I listened to him!

Mikhail Markhasev, a nineteen year old native of Russia killed Bill Crosby’s son, Ennis, for a few dollars. For months after the murder, radio host Ken Hamblin, the worst of the conservative lawn jockeys, predicted that because Ennis was one of hose egg sucking liberals, he was probably murdered because of jealousy over sexual liaisons which may have involved bisexuality in a love triangle.

Hamblin has no redeeming social value whatsoever. He wallows at the very bottom of the conservative barrel, but boy does he rake in the dough, for no other darkie sings the songs the conservative racists and bigots of America most like hearing than Uncle Ken.

I saw Hamblin late one night on Bill Maher’s show. He came out cocky as could be in his little Frank Sinatra fedora (to hide that barrel of cold rolled steel protruding from the top of his bald bullet-head), storming around the set screeching about the wonderment of assault rifles. Another guest, an attractive liberal woman in a low cut dress verbally and calmly smacked him over the head quite well as did the rest of the panel – including Reagan’s old chief of staff Michael Deaver. Hamblin retorted with the standard gunloon logic. That the woman’s right to wear her revealing dress was no different than his right to carry an assault rifle.

I have witnessed this ridiculous argument time and again. Most times the comparison is guns to cars, but often to knives, bats, sticks, rocks, books, and even pencils on occasion. All given it’s all the same no different argument to one gun or another. Beyond the standard sarcastic rebuttal of drive-by knife and pencil attacks, my favorite response is when they begin these absurd comparisons; call them out for a duel. Tell them they get to choose a car, knife, stick, stone, book, pencil or dress of their choice, and you get to pick a .44 Magnum.

Radio Rapper G.G. Shiddy-Liddy Wins National Broadcasters Award for Cop Killing Lyrics

“If Hillary’s plan gets through, unqualified black men will be doing surgery on your kids.” G. Gordon Liddy

Rave Republican Reviews for the new CD from G.G. Shiddy-Liddy and the Bulletheads, Aim For the Balls. Hear not only the title song, Aim For the Balls, but other great tunes such as: I’m Going to Kill Jack Anderson Today, Breaking in is Hard to Do, Five years in the Can Made Me a Very Rich Man, Pain is Fun, and of course his moving German rendition of My Country Right or Wrong.

The National Association of Radio Talk Broadcasters presented Gansta Radio Rapper G. G. Shiddy-Liddy with their highest honor, the Freedom of Speech Award. This radio rapper gained the respect of the NARTB with his gangsta style raps on how to best kill federal agents. He gained his initial publicity and adoration of the NARTB by telling his gangsta fans to aim their shots at cops to the heart. When complaints poured in, he apologized by saying he was wrong, it is more effective to shoot them in the groin or the head where they are not protected by body armor.

He was also roundly applauded by the gangstas tuning him in for the pride he took in saying he used representations of the President of the United States and First Lady for target practice. Of course these instances are only the high profile examples, his gangsta minions listen daily to his raps on the dissemination of violent hate, the acceptability of murder and assassination to affect change, and of course, the joy of war.

It is estimated that G. G, Shiddy-Liddy with his daily program piped through over 200 stations has a larger base of gangsta fans than do any of the African-American rap artists. He also stands above even the most violent lyrics of those groups by seldom expressing anything other than hate and violence. A real winner in the new American game of who can dispense the most violent rhetoric. His five years in prison for breaking and entering, his felony status and his proudly admitted attempted murder of columnist Jack Anderson have added greatly to the gangsta stature his conservative fans so adore.

A few years ago, Gangsta Rapper Ice’d T, had an album with a song called Cop Killer, it too gained publicity and he and his publisher, Time/Warner, were effectively boycotted. He ultimately removed the offending song from the album and a short time later Time/Warner threw him out the door. Though not a radio host, one would think that the NRATB would at least have honored him with some sort of free speech special presentation at their annual meeting this year.

Why are some gangsta-rappers like G. G. Shiddy Liddy honored with awards while others are kicked in the head? Of course it has nothing to do with race for if one listens to the discourse these days, one realizes racism is over, a thing of the past, well besides the reverse discrimination of Blacks taking advantage of Whites anyway. The difference seems to be that advocating violence against police who break into homes looking for suspected illegal drugs is wrong, while telling an audience to kill police serving warrants for possession of illegal weapons is right. With millions more Americans addicted to guns than drugs, our national value system just follows the numbers.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger – Most Intolerant Woman in America

Dr. Laura Schlessinger got her PhD in the effects of insulin on 3-0-methylglucose transport in isolated rat adipocytes. She still does her rat work well.

An acquaintance of mine suggested that if listening to Rush upset me, that I move the dial over to where there was a non political talk show host giving sound advice on everyday living; The Dr. Laura Schlessinger Show. One day after listening to Rush and his Limbiciles doing their nonstop Clinton bashing for far too long, I took that friend’s advice and switched the dial over to Dr. Laura.

Within a minute I was mumbling to myself that this woman was to the Right of Attila the Hun. Within two minutes I was screaming at the radio, “SHUT YER YAP you intolerant Right-wing Bitch!” In three minutes I was yelling at the caller even louder, “Don’t listen to a word of her crap, she’s a fascist from Hell!” In five minutes it got so bad I pounded my head so hard onto the steering wheel the airbags went off killing everyone under ten in the car. Never had a radio host upset me to that extent, and I have thousands of hours of the worst of the bunch in my pocket.

Of course Schlessinger is not unusual on the AM dial; she fits in with the rest of the conservative radio talk show hosts like a curly tail on a pig. A rabid Pro Lifer, no sex at all for anyone unless they are married (other than her), no couples living together (other than her), day care is evil, homosexuals have no business bringing up children, inter-faith marriages are wrong, most battered women bring it on themselves and of course as a Fundamentalist Jew now changed to a Fundamentalist Christian, she is now the darling Queen Mother of the Religious Right. But what I find unconscionable about her and the show comes down to a few central issues:

She uses the format of street psychology to do nothing other than shove her zero tolerance conservative politics down the throats of whoever is dumb enough to call, or listen.

The sad screwed up callers asking for advice are usually stomped on, laughed at and likened to scum if they have strayed from living in her perfect little rich-witch fantasy world.

She has as her central premise that once a person becomes a parent, their life is over, everything they are, they do, and hope for must center only around the well being of the child.

She is always right and never wrong; no caller can disagree with her about anything without being treated like crap.

And lastly my personal problem concerns her religion. Like so many conservative gays and blacks, as a Jew she has jumped in bed – legs spread – with those whose past history and present ideology is anathema to the inclusion of the very race and religion she represents.

Family value hypocrite, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, admits to having premarital sex in college. While married she had an affair in which her boyfriend took clothless beaver shots of her. She divorced her first husband after two years of adultery and began dating her current husband while he was still married (adultery). She required her husband to allow their only child to have her surname rather than his, and is estranged from both her sister and her mother. When told of her mother’s death, on the air she coldly commented that her mother lived alone and died alone. And if that isn’t enough for you, she is also an insufferable, intolerant, Right-wing, stuck up, snot nosed witch!

If you’ve ever had the ill fortune to listen to Dr. Laura Schlessinger you know her central theme. Those standard conservative clichés about responsibility and accountability for one’s own actions and her attacks on callers for crying, whining, moaning and groaning. Recently Dr. Laura had a bad hair day which caused her to hypocritically succumb to all those faults she has been so quick to crap on others for.

Also keep in mind that Dr. Laura recently chucked her Jewish Heritage and orthodox Jewish religion for Protestant Christian fundamentalism.

Matt Drudge, as repellent as it gets

“I am a Libertarian.” Right-wing scumball Matt Drudge

What was the spin on Columbine from Matt Drudge in his Drudge Report read my millions of nitwits each day? That the two boys doing the shooting were gay, i.e., Liberals. It is well known that Drudge is gay but chooses to keep in his closet. His closest personal friend is Ann Coulter, the two live a stones throw from each other in the art deco nightclub area of South Beach. Boy what a pair of all around butt ugliers.

This guy is about as low as humanity goes. If you ever caught his short lived show on Fox News, you are aware that he was part of a team, the other half being Lucianne Goldberg who appeared with him most of the time. Probably two of the most politically, physically and spiritually repellent human beings in America today.

What does he have that makes him so popular? A network of conservative Clinton haters who call him on the phone to feed him sexual dirt on their political enemies. Doesn’t matter if it’s true of not, he prints it. Goldberg has been on his half hour show every time I have watched it, his other big pal is Rush Limbaugh who calls into the show often so they can tell each other how wonderful they are. Another big personal friend of his is Linda Tripp. Gosh, now there’s an attractive foursome for you!

Whenever the media showers credibility upon this Walter Winchell clone by giving him venue at the National Press Club or as a talking head on the pundit shows, Drudge claims he is independent contending he goes after Republicans as much as he does Democrats, which of course goes well with the crap filed fedora he constantly wears.

C-SPAN Washington Journal

The most fun coverage of the news and issues of the day is on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal morning show where the professionally unbiased hosts interview a few journalists, pundits and politicians who discuss the major stories from the nation’s morning papers and take calls. For many years callers had been about 80% conservative doing very little but dishing out some of the most vitriolic hate the Clintons/Liberals rhetoric through the medium of television. In fact it was so bad, and so intrinsically unfair, it became unwatchable for millions of viewers. For the most part, it was conservatives faxing and phoning with (often verbatim) what Rush Limbaugh had belched out the day before.

C-SPAN finally decided to change that by using three phone numbers; one for Republicans, one for Democrats and one for the Independents which they now rotate in order. The outcome of that change was hilarious. Now most every third call is an angry Dittohead spending more time screeching about the unfairness of the new process than they do spitting out their swarthy hateful crap. Why they bother is somewhat of a mystery as they have the new system beat no matter. They either call the Other line claiming to be independent or libertarian and go on and on about how much they hate the Clinton’s and Liberals. Or, they call on the Democrat line claiming to be either Democrats who just hate the Clintons and liberals, or that they were once Democrats who hate the Clintons and liberals. So now the conservative loonies are about 65% of the callers and still getting nosebleeds over the unfairness of it all.

The logic of their argument about C-SPAN’s unfairness is in line with the same logic they use in telling us that denying a woman the right to choose confirms their central ideology of individual freedom, liberty and less government in our lives, there isn’t any. C-SPAN gives me the best dose of laughs I can get from any of the 875 channels. It’s always the same joke, but it never fails to get a loud verbal guffaw from me. This is how it goes numerous times a day:

Host: You’re on the Democrat line, go ahead Cincinnati.
Democrat: I have been a Democrat all my life, but I will never vote for another Democrat as long as I live! The polls are wrong, everyone I know wants that traitor Bill Clinton and his Marxist wife thrown out. Newt Gingrich was the best thing that ever happened to this country!
[Rack: YUCK]

Host: Thank you for your call.


Host: Our next caller is on the Republican line, Detroit, go ahead.
Republican: Nobody ever polled me so these ridiculous polls mean nothing. What we have is a lying evil traitor and his socialist wife running this country. Blacks get all the breaks and Martin Luther King was a communist.
[Rack: YUCK]
Host: Thank you for your call.
Host: Our next caller is on the Moderate line, go ahead please.
Moderate: God Bless Henry Hyde. Taxation is stealing. Social Security is communism. Impeach Bill Clinton.
[Rack: YUCK]
Host: Thank you for your call

The hosts listen to some of the most deranged Right-wing swill from lying-line-cheaters and pass it all off with a thank you with a straight face sans any trace of sarcasm or giggles, is funny stuff!

C-SPAN Frustration

“For the Democrats and even people to the left of the Democratic Party, there’s almost virtually no outlets that you can compare with the vast array of conservative press that’s out there.” President Bill Clinton

As one of the few remaining individuals of my species to publicly state “I am a Liberal”, I have found C-SPAN to be the most frustrating aspect of my media experience.

I would imagine less than 10% of C-SPAN programming is coverage of the House, Special Sessions and committee investigations; leaving the rest to roundtables, interviews, speeches, lobby propaganda, book reviews, video feeds of radio talk show hosts, the bus, callers, and the endless repetitive stories about Alexis de Tocqueville.

C-SPAN is owned and operated by Brian Lamb, a moderate extremist. It is paid for by a surcharge levied on the cable companies who pass that cost on to their subscribers. Mr. Lamb has total control of the network, with his primary concern that he and his moderators present themselves as unbiased as humanly possible. I humble myself to their success in that endeavor.

The trouble with that approach is that with no hard questioning or confrontation, it results in only smiles and pleasantries towards guests and callers no matter how intrinsically horrible they may be.

I do fault Mr. Lamb in one area. His gutless interview and obvious attraction to Ann Coulter who spouted some of the most disgusting violent Right-wing rhetoric thus far heard in mainstream media.

I have watched pleasant chats with Jesse Helms in his office. Sweet interviews with R. Emmett Tyrrell the publisher of one of the most disgusting Right-wing rags in America, The American Spectator. The niceties of Bob Dornan the most rabid bigot in Congress. The result is that some of the most horrendous conservative lunatics are presented as innocuous mainstream cuddly little fuzzballs. Which they are not! Such hardcore moderation gives credibility to those who least deserve it.

The other problem is how well conservatives manipulate C-SPAN to get airtime for the most extreme conservative propaganda lobbies presented through the medium of television. The network tries to even it all out, but they fall flat through little fault of their own. You can watch an hour of some Christian Coalition hate fest with a packed house. Standing ovations, foot stomping applause and hyped up sound bites, followed by a Democrat or Liberal at a podium shoving out lengthy boring substance in front of a sea of empty chairs.

I can’t fault C-SPAN or Mr. Lamb. In fact I can’t even give them advice on how to change it, it’s just the way things are and they are doing their best. But it sure is frustrating.

The Infamous Bias Poll

Jite bill 2011: Henceforth there will be no tobacco, beer, alcohol or political advertising through the medium of television.”

Remember the most talked about poll in our history? 85% of reporters inside the beltway are liberals who voted for Clinton in 1992! A mostly bogus poll that doesn’t factor in editors, owners, board members, those outside Washington, and defines who was voted for rather than what party or philosophy one holds. Though conservative pundits across the land pulled cheek muscles grinning about this absolute proof that the media has an extreme liberal bias, the public took little notice as the same poll went on to show what American voters think of the media:

· Fair – 48%
· Liberal – 29%
· Conservative 13%
· Favor Democrats 22%
· Favor Republican 21%

The simple truth of the matter is obvious. It’s the Corporate Bias Media.

Bono Speaks, The Nation Trembles

“The country that represents Satan’s harvest is America.” Recent quote by Rev Moon as not reported by either the Rev Moon owned Washington Times or Insight Magazine.

Live on the Grammy Awards while receiving an award, Bono, lead singer of U2 (one of the few bands Left who will speak out against war, bigotry and greed in their music) said, “…and we will continue to fck with the mainstream”. Letters to editors, calls to networks and TV stations flooded the American media. Outrage more vocal than any issue of the year. It also gave Rush Limbaugh the opportunity to level his most rabid and lengthy personal attack of all time, “Bono, you long haired maggot infested…” with superlatives going on for a rant lasting over a minute and a subsequent ten minute speech on how Bono and Liberals hate, and want to eliminate, everyone who wears a tie.

On the back pages of a few publications that same week came the word that 1 in 10 Americans seek food banks and soup kitchens to keep from going hungry, 25 million people, 40% children. No calls to the media, no letters to the editor, no superlatives from the Rush Limbaugh Show. And in the small article in Newsweek concerning it, they made sure to offset the validity of the study by interviewing a spokesman from the Heritage Foundation to say the study and the facts were all a bunch of crap. You know what should be done about this abomination of priorities from our Corporate Bias Media? Fck with the mainstream.

Enquirer Readers Back Ollie 15 To 1!

One of the most telling headlines of all time defining a paper’s readership was the above in the National Inquirer in 1986. Recently I picked up an Enquirer at the Kroger to see if anything had changed in the product these nitwits choose as their news source. I figured the advertising would be a good delineator. Follows one page of advertising:

· Psychic Source 900! FREE MONEY!
· Grandma Rose’s Incense Puller!
· Shirley Jones Natural Looking Wigs!
· Slimmer Thighs in less than 6 weeks!
· Debts? Bills? Bad Credit?
· Beat the Slots!
· Bad Credit – No Credit – Hi Debts?

Charlton “Moses” Heston Sucks

“He parted the waters, and led the Chosen of God out of bondage to the land of Idaho where lived the Furman, the Aryan and the Chenoweth.” Rack Jite 21:5

On his radio show, The Pig of Poop read a speech Charlton Heston gave at Harvard Law School recently; I also read the complete version. The speech showed Heston far from being just some gunloon from Hell, but the top spokesman for the most extreme wing of the Religious Right. The speech was basically a repeat of Paul Weyrich’s recent ramblings about the cultural war being lost. But unlike Weyrich’s call for religious conservatives to drop out and go live in the woods, Heston’s answer is to… I’m not quite sure. To shoot it out?

On and on and on Mr. Heston went about freedom, liberty and the right to think and speak one’s mind. He used the standard bugaboo of conservatives for a decade, the malevolent horror of political correctness, which he said is the basis of our cultural war and compared it to being “at least as serious as the Civil War.” On and on he went with the standard exaggerated PC horror stories we have heard hundreds of times.

The most memorable part of his speech was his closing anecdote. He relates the story of how he singlehandedly got Ice’d T fired from Warner Records. How he barged into the Warner stock option meeting and read the lyrics of COP KILLER and then read it again to the press outside the Warner offices. How proud he was that it made national news and ultimately he succeeded in getting the song pulled and Mr. T. fired. It was his proudest moment, denying others freedom, liberty and the right to think and speak their mind.

This extreme screed of Right-wing propaganda was read out to 20 million people a day by Rush Limbaugh, printed and disseminated all over the Internet, excerpts and comments picked up in newspapers, magazines and all over cable television. With not a nanosecond or a nanoword about how profoundly absurd, ridiculous, inane, asinine and foolish the abject hypocrisy of this senile old man was.

Christopher Hitchens Gets Whacked by Kevin Griffin?

Constantly and roundly booed by Bill Mahr’s audience, a drunken Christopher Hitchens gives them the bird.

I watched one of the two most popular “Leftist” Clinton Hater’s (who now make their living at it) get eaten up on Politically Incorrect. Christopher Hitchens, probably the most intense Clinton Hater from any political perspective, walked on stage presenting himself as a sloppy, disheveled mess of a man, instantly going into one of the most rabid Clinton hating harangues I have yet heard. Gosh, this guy is up to his colic in it, repeatedly referring to Clinton as “a rapist and a war criminal”. After his long rant, a pleasant looking young man named Kevin Griffin (the lead singer for a band called Ezra which I haven’t a clue about) responded by saying “Yeah and you hate Mother Theresa and Princess Diana as much as you hate Bill Clinton! You put him in nice company.” Hitchens ignored the comment (which is indeed true) and ranted on about Clinton’s crimes against humanity.

I few minutes later Kevin Griffin mentioned a recent Vanity Fair article accusing Hitchens of playing an even more disgusting game of self promotion and lack of integrity he blames Bill Clinton for. It came close to blows as Hitchens pointed at Griffin yelling over and over again, “Say that to my face!” Susanne Sommers had to cover Hitchens’ mouth so Griffin could get a chance to say it to his face, which he did to no effect.

Kevin Griffin is one sharp cookie; a well read, ballsy young man, who on national television pounded the great intellectual Leftist into the ground so deep I doubt he will ever recover.

Hitchens and his writings have always reminded me of conservative PJ O’Rorke but without the humor. His appearance on Politically Incorrect sure didn’t do much for Hitchens’ journalistic or personal credibility, which must now be hovering around zero. He appeared as a slovenly, loud, nasty, obnoxious, and probably drunk King of all hate-mongers. Another example of how lucky Bill Clinton has been having such revolting detractors who end up making him look good no matter how much poo-doo he gets himself into.

The other “Leftist” Clinton Hater is Chris Matthews, MSNBC host who presents his Clinton hate in a more conservative manner; from his elitist superior morality and ethics. Over the past year both of these turkeys have made their living on Clinton hating which is big business out there in Real America.

Laura Bush – Murdering Black Widow

There is this one issue I can’t get out of my head. It pops in every time I see a talking head or listen to a newscast. It is the present dominating issue of my political life. Our First Lady, Laura Bush ran a stop sign in her jeep in her teens slamming into another car, killing her then boyfriend in the other car. I have mentioned this incident to my friends and family, and not one, not one had ever heard of it and claimed I made it up.

An exercise for you. Imagine it is 1992 and during that Presidential campaign the story comes out that Hillary Clinton ran a stop sign killing her boyfriend when she was 19. Then as First Lady, admits to Katy Courac (as Laura Bush did) that it is indeed true. Are you with me here?

Rush Limbaugh and the AM Hate radio circuit would have begun pushing the story the day it broke, pushing it everyday non stop with the story of the murdering black widow. It would so permeate the talk shows that the mainstream media would have to run with it and bring it up constantly. There would be some conservative moderator on Fox News mentioning it daily. It would have been headlines in every major newspaper. There would have been congressional investigations, special prosecutors, and major funding for private investigations from conservative fat cats, think tanks and publications making the Arkansas Project look like child’s play. It would have been presented in depth by 60 Minutes, 60 Minutes II, Dateline, Frontline, Nightline, Meet the Press, Face the Nation, Sam, Kokie, Hume, Snow, Mathews, and even C-SPAN and NPR would be running with it. Not only would it be up front in the minds of all my friends and family, but everyone in the world would know about the murdering black widow and be reminded of it every day of their lives for over a decade. It’s the nature of the Beast.

In a similar vain, we have the Bush daughters breaking the law regarding drinking four times between them in as many months: One quiet slap, one underage drinking and a fake ID charge on one, and one underage drinking on the other. In Texas, George Bush initiated and passed legislation to make laws concerning such crimes fall under the three strikes you are out crap (mandatory 6 months in County jail), and through his rhetoric, blamed such misdemeanors on poor parenting and lack of religion. Wow! Who’s running with that hey? The story floated for a few weeks with the theme that the girls are stupid for not acting like President’s daughters should act, rather than the admitted poor parenting skills of our President and First Lady.

Now imagine it was Chelsea Clinton who has been caught drinking under age three times, and charged twice. Rush Limbaugh would be pushing it from his Pulpit of Poo hours a day, day in and day out, the entire AM radio dial would overflow with it; the criminal little ugly as a dog alcoholic and their evil, drug taking, drinking, 1960’s sex maniac, rotten disgusting parents who are directly responsible for her criminal behavior. It wouldn’t float for a few weeks; it would be shooting up like a three stage shuttle rocket for a decade. It’s the nature of the Beast.

Crop Circles, Signs of Morons

The popularity of the movie Signs which concerns the mystery of crop circles (geometric designs padded down in farmers fields) had the media, across the board, touting these phenomenon as mysterious supernatural happenings without presenting the true explanation. Even searching the internet on the subject results almost exclusively in alien/UFO tracts presenting crop circles as proof positive of aliens at work in our fields.

The truth of the matter, though not easy to find, is really quite simple and straight forward. In 1980 a few people in Southern England went out in a field one night with a few string lines and some homemade tamping equipment. They wanted to have some fun seeing who they could fool. Beyond their wildest expectations the next day the media had run amok. Stories and photographs of their work with accompanying UFO stories splashed around the world. Artists throughout Europe saw this new art form as something unique. It not only coupled art, geometry, and engineering into an all night covert action, but also resulted in such heavy media saturation that their art reached millions of viewers. And to top if off, there was the added attraction of fooling the fools. Spreading over Europe and then to North America it soon became widespread and more organized. There are now books, design plans, tamping equipment and even radiation dispensers being sold online.

The real kicker here concerns fooling the fools. Many of these artists have come out to admit what they did; when, where, how and why. Many took pictures of the process; some have made videos showing it all from beginning to end. And here is that kicker. They give the media the pictures, the videos, the admissions and it doesn’t matter. Fools are fools.

Whether CNN, FOX or what have you, it’s a big supernatural mystery without explanation. Even though the logic and the facts are there for all to see if they looked. Why does the media play to this tomfoolery? Is it money? A matter of fun-lite? Or is it linked to the same tune the media plays for us at Christmas with their stories of Angels deflecting bullets, saving children lost in the snow and someone praying death away? By accepting supernatural UFO happenings are our supernatural religious beliefs reinforced? I am not sure, so I emailed James Randi the guru of debunking this kind of crap; in fact I pestered him to jump into this issue as its presently so topical because of the Mel Gibson movie. Boy, he was adamant! He was firm! He was single minded on this issue! Let me tell you! He angrily told me that crop circles are so obviously explained, further out of the reality loop than either Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, and he will not lower himself to address such a degree of wholesale silliness.