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Cowboy George W. Bush

If you find yourself in an argument with a conservative who is defending George W. Bush’s intelligence, ask them to name an elected President they think George is smarter than. I have seen not a few huff and puff so hard to that they turned purple.

Snortin’ George

“You know, I could run for governor but I’m basically a media creation. I’ve never done anything. I’ve worked for my dad. I worked in the oil business. But that’s not the kind of profile you have to have to get elected to public office.” George W. Bush, 1989 getting it right for once.

Drunk george bushGeorge Bush was right in this at least, his personal past dalliances are no one’s business. It doesn’t matter. It is indeed the politics of personal destruction which demeans us all. But, the hypocrisy of any Republican crying over this accusation of cocaine use while they have done far worse to the Clinton’s for far less these past several years stops me in my tracks.

The hypocrisy goes on and on. They hate Bill Clinton for inhaling (or not inhaling), womanizing and avoiding the draft during Vietnam, while they defend Cowboy George for accusations of regular cocaine use, who was an admitted drunk and womanizer until he was forty something, and had his father get him out of Vietnam.

Cowboy George is not only a very conservative Republican, but an agent for the Religious Right. He fully backs the NRA, is a Pro Life activist, anti-union, actively works to bring down the wall of separation of church and state and wants to boldly reduce the taxes for his wealthiest of friends and supporters. All of which is pretty palatable these days for the majority of the voting public. But there is one issue that should be the wake up call to all Americans, though of course it won’t be.

The Pope, along with most every church organization in the World (including Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell) were asking for clemency to keep Karla Fay Tucker from the executioner. In response the then governor of Texas, George W. Bush got behind a podium and said,

“Please don’t kill me, pleeeaaassee don’t kill me…” he giggled in a Limbaughesque squeaky liberal girlie voice, mocking a woman begging for her life.

That alone should result in him garnering votes from only serial killers, terrorists and Britney Spears.

Cowboy George

In response to then Gov. George W. Bush giggling about executing Karla Tucker, 100% of Texas Catholic Bishops stated that executions usurp the dominion of God, adds to the climate of violence, is not a deterrent and has racist overtones.

When listening to all this nonpartisan compassionate uniting crap from our Cowboy Clown, don’t forget:

· When he thinks no one is listening, liberals are major league a wholes.

· His central issue is giving a trillion dollars to those who need it least.

· He has overseen more executions than any Governor in History and more each year than the rest of the country combined.

· He mocks and giggles about death row pleas for compassion.

· Jesus is his personal savior who resides in his heart.

· He is more beholding to oil and the Religious Right than any other President we have had.

· He is lazy and stupid. I apologize for that. He is stupid and lazy.

· He’s a rich, spoiled little fratboy who has been given everything he has gained on a silver foot.

· He embodies the American Dream that anyone can become President as long as their father was a President.

· He is against Affirmative Action for minorities, yet received Affirmative Action as a rich white kid with a legacy admission to Yale.


“I’m running against a man who trusts the federal government to make decisions on behalf of the American people.” George W. Bush

Here we have George expressing the core philosophy of the conservative movement in only twenty words. The very essence of this nation, as it is in all democratic societies, is that the American people vote for those they think will best represent them in the federal government; who will study, learn and inform themselves so they can make the best decisions for the rest of us. We are too busy with jobs to do, games to watch and malls to shop. Bush is claiming that the very basis of the US Constitution is not only wrong but somehow inherently evil.

If we were to run federal and state government on results of referendums there would be no taxes, we would all enjoy free cable, there would be a bounty on Arabs, and Negroes would be for sale on eBay. This is the Duh-bya factor personified. That somehow, those sitting in front of their TV most of their lives concerned with who best moves a ball, how cold their Bud is, and what’s on sale know more about foreign policy, law, and economics than those who spend everyday of their lives studying such things. If we were to make propositions out of everything the prevailing choice would always be, “Fkem!”

Compassionate Conservatism My Ass

If you believe selfishness, intolerance, violent solutions, religious and patriotic dogma are the answers; you’re a stupid little dickhead.

· Compassionate Conservatism is kicking the less fortunate in the head while speaking nicely about them.

· Compassionate Conservatism is reducing the tax burden on the wealthy to ease their suffering.

· Compassionate Conservatism is reducing government services, programs and benefits with a smile.

· Compassionate Conservatism is keeping one’s intolerance and bigotry out of the public eye.

· Compassionate Conservatism is fighting against minimum wage increases with every fiber of ones’ being, while alleviating their pain by allowing them to buy all the guns and ammo they can carry.

· Compassionate Conservatism is using Mexicans as maids, baby sitters, roofers and dishwashers before they are deported.

· Compassionate Conservatism is eliminating Affirmative Action to give the poor oppressed white men a little sympathy.

· Compassionate Conservatism forcing women into a system of illegal backroom abortions but with a happy face and a copy of the Ten Commandments.

· Compassionate Conservatism is fighting smaller class size in public schools but forcing them to all pray together as compensation.

· Compassionate Conservatism reduces benefits to veterans but for their benefit throws anyone who burns a flag in jail.

· Compassionate Conservatism is executing more people for less reason in a shorter time while giving the rest of us the violent vengeance we all need.

Immediate Big Lies

The first word out of the box from the Republican National Committee the morning after the Supreme Court appointed George Bush as President, was that major tax cuts for our wealthiest and program cuts for the poorest will proceed immediately and in earnest. Which is not only the central issue of the new American millennium, but Jesus too I hear.

Only days into the Cowboy George Administration there was a very serious issue already in play, though totally ignored by the news media. Lies bigger than any the Clinton’s ever told.

Candidate George Bush spent years shouting how he will bring our country together, shun partisanship, halt divisiveness and be the President of everyone. A week after taking office our President of Bipartisan Inclusiveness pushed the most partisan, exclusive, divisive nomination it was possible to find to the most sensitive post in America by nominating John Ashcroft as Attorney General. Ashcroft has consistently scored higher on Right-wing lobby voting scorecards than any other Senator including even Jesse Helms and Bob Smith for Christ Sake.

Then Cowboy George immediately issued partisan executive orders rubbing not only Democrat’s noses, but moderates as well into his pile of Texas crap regarding the environment, abortion and separation of church and state.

It is a character issue, the use of fraudulent political propaganda to win an election and then do the direct opposite of what he said he would. Never in the history of America has any President lied so often and so openly to the electorate. So did we hear a lot about all these lies from the media?

George of Nazareth

The 28th Amendment: The Rights of the People of the United States of America shall supersede the rights of ghosts, angels, extraterrestrials, potential people and supernatural deities.

The inauguration address was rather boring with no surprises at all. Overall, it had more religious references than from any previous President, and the only time he moved the crowd to raucous applause was to say the first thing on the agenda would be big tax cuts. There you have it, the most important spiritual, altruistic and compassionate issue of the new millennium. Tax cuts for the wealthy and a kick in the ass for the rest of us.

After only a few days of Cowboy George the writing was on the wall. We have a President who is going to do all in his power to kick down the wall of separation of church and state: National prayer, federal money to religious schools, federal money to churches, school prayer and rolling back the rights of women’s choice are at the top of his agenda. All to glorify Jesus Christ, who advocates more handguns, more assault weapons, more executions, sexism, homophobia, intolerance, bigotry, and above all, the hoarding of wealth as the most important issue regarding human existence.

The First Amendment, unarguably the most important in the Bill of Rights, can be put quite simply: We all have the right to think or say whatever we please, but we do not have the right to force our often insane personal religious beliefs upon others.

Perhaps we should ask each American who is the most important person in their life? If they answer with the name of one of the many supernatural deities rather than a wife, husband, son, daughter, brother, sister, father, mother, relative, friend or even pet, such individual should be identified as so logically impaired, intellectually wanting and mentally incompetent they should not be allowed to hold public office in any capacity anywhere in the United States, ever. Under any condition. Whatsoever.

Our Incompetent Boob

“If we are an arrogant nation, they will resent us. If we’re a humble nation, but strong, they’ll welcome us.” George W. Bush

We’ve been the only real military power in town for a decade now. We did pretty well with that responsibility up until Cowboy George put on his star and strapped on his specially made four gun holster. Contrary to the quote above he has orchestrated the most arrogant foreign policy in American history. Slapping the Russians around, then kicking the Chinese in the nuts, thumbing his nose at the Europeans, giving N Korea and Iran the finger, withdrawing from treaties and chomping at the bit to start a war with Iraq. Gosh, it’s like Monty Python’s Cowboy Circus. It’s not so much the idea that we are so big we can do whatever we want, but that relentless flaunting of it.

Cowboy George promised to restore our standing around the world, which he and his friends contend Bill Clinton destroyed. Less than half of us believe we have an incompetent noodle head in the White House, but 99% of the rest of the world know it. Worldwide opinion of the United States has never been so low. Allies in NATO and the UN are refusing to support our cowboy emphasis on guns over diplomacy.

I Know it’s only George Bush, But We Like It, Like It, Yes we Do

· Democrats down

· Republicans up

· Nasdaq down 65%

· Unemployment up 40%

· Dow Jones down 35%

· Deficit up

· 401’s, retirements and savings down 30%

· Debt up

· Freedom down

· Fear up

· Taxes on the wealthy down

· Jesus up

· Programs for the working poor down

· Executions up

· Liberty down

· War up

· Peace down

· Stupidity way up

Dear Real Americans

Cowboy George has not been content with just fking up America these past few years, he is now managed to fk up the whole World.

The Patriotic Act lost us due process and Habeas Corpus among other things. The Homeland Security Act subtracted even more of our individual rights. We now live under one giant federal police force answerable to the Executive Branch. Bigger than either the KGB or the Gestapo, with basically the same power structure to spy on Americans as they think best: Your library withdrawals, video and book store purchases, your email, what web pages you go to, your phone, credit card receipts and your medical records.

And here comes the absurdity. Exempt from these incursions into our liberty is information on how many assault weapons someone bought last week.

On one side of the chess board we have Cowboy George, who as even Bush cheerleader Chris Mathews said defending him is “smart enough to be President”. On the other side, a wise old terrorist in a turban. While our President giggles and bumps the pieces around the board with a half eaten pretzel, bin Laden forces him into check with most every move.

One horrendous act has gained bin Laden everything he could have hoped for. The American economy leveled, its citizens denied more liberty and freedom than ever before, increased militaristic jingoism busting the budget, the advent of a centrally controlled police state, a growing paranoia as the government asks us to spy on one another, a big war without UN sanction all to the tune of more religious and ethnic bigotry, intolerance and hatred.

As Osoma succeeds on all those fronts – with the Bush administration starting three new wars (terrorists, Afghanistan, Iraq) – he increases their funding and respect, unites more and more of the Moslem world further extending the violent Jihad and increasing the angst of the entire world against the big fat rich unopposed arrogant cowboy nation. He will increase terrorism around the world, further America’s failing economy, create an even more intrusive police state, feed more ethnic and religious intolerance causing millions more to join the Jihad. Chris Mathews is very wrong, George Bush is not smart enough to be president.