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The Conservanazis


rush limbaughRush Limbaugh began all this with the term “feminazi.” He coined the word (or more likely stole it from a caller) in the late 1980’s when he was in Sacramento working for KFBK. This is the station where he gained his popularity by laughing and cheering as he read off names of gay men who had died of AIDS. A fine example of what conservatives consider good character and a role model for our children.

Pundits left and right complain of the “nazi” suffix – but beyond feminists and fictional soup restaurants – it’s conservatives who scream the loudest when on the receiving end of it. For good cause I should say – after all – those laughing and cheering over the horrible death of homosexual AIDS patients is far more akin to Nazism than women’s suffrage. Let’s take a quick look at what Nazis were actually about:

Pre-emptive War
Flag waving
My Country Right or Wrong
Extreme Right-wing Radio Propaganda
War Rallies
Law and Order!
Largest prison system in the world
Murdering Jews

Fifteen out of sixteen should honk anyone’s horn. Contrary to the name National Socialist Party – it had nothing to do with socialism – and everything to do with nationalism. When the Nazis came to power they made labor unions illegal – imprisoned socialists and communists – and intimidated liberals – educators – the intelligentsia – homosexuals – Jews and immigrants with such unyielding assault propaganda – that the majority of people in Germany succumbed to that conservative media blitz until such groups were so demonized that millions were made into soap.

The suffix relates primarily to denying rights to others based on race – ethnicity – politics – religion – sex or sexual orientation – with an overriding culture of nationalism – militarism – exclusion – xenophobia and hate. Is it any wonder the conservative powers that be asked Limbaugh to stop using the suffix – for by doing so – he gave the other side the same option with far more credibility. My guess is that it was Rush’s good friend – Bill Bennett who took him aside during one of their many five star restaurant cigar smoking flatulent pig-outs to personally make the request.

The question that beats upon me – the issue not only about the word conservanazi but the national debate – and in fact the impetus of this book – is why the American people accept conservatives taking such an extremely low road of polemics – while the few liberals kicking it back in like manner are ignored – vilified or sent to their rooms for a timeout.

Look around – conservative magazines – books and newsletters outnumber and out-circulate liberal publications by magnitudes. Television pundit shows and talking heads consistently pit hard conservatives up against soft-spoken moderate Republicans or Democrats. Tune in AM Radio for Christ Sake!

Just consider the word in question here for a moment. Rush Limbaugh has used feminazi thousands of times. It has been blasted into the mainstream media in print and dialog and is now part of the English lexicon. It’s a word we all know and is used all the time; while the far more applicable word – conservanazi has not been verbalized or typed into anything by anyone anywhere except by me.

The line between Conservative and Conservanazi is hazy as both stem from the same selfish – bigoted – intolerant nature. The best way to find which is which is next time a conservative friend or acquaintance finishes one of their horrible harangues – when they are done wiping the spittle from their chins – ask them if they have a clue as to what selfish intolerant bigots they are presenting themselves to be. If they lose control of their bowels or urinary tract – physically attack you – or stick a gun up your nose – check for Swastikas on their ass.

Remembering Billy Jackboot Bennett

“Casual drug users should be shot… Dealers should be beheaded… I have no moral problem with beheadings…” Bill Bennett

Bill bennett fatWilliam Bennett – the bright star of the Religious Right – uses Catholicism as his platform to disseminate an intolerance so profound his rhetoric often overflows with calls of shoot ‘em – hang ‘em and behead ‘em. Coupled with a callous disregard so extreme that the mere mention of the word compassion results only in laughter and snide remarks. If a kid messes up – they die or we execute them; don’t care – too bad – good riddance.

Perhaps it is not Bennett’s abject failures as Secretary of Education and Drug Czar that gain him the love and respect of conservative Americans – but they overlook his failures because of the rabid bloodlust he presents. Perchance the attraction is due to his being best friends with Rush Limbaugh. Maybe it’s because of his ferocious defense of Jesse Helms’ racist White Hand campaign ad of 1990? Possibly it is just his angry fight against needle exchange programs to reduce HIV infection. Or could it be that conservatives adore him just because he is a fat condescending egotistical snot? It’s hard to tell which trait actually makes him so beloved by conservatives – but suffice it to say being a cold blooded sneering a whole gets one to the top of the conservative hero-heap every time.

Such memorable quotes of his as those beginning this piece are of course applauded by the oh-so-Christian Right in this country. Bennett back-pedaled only on the second statement saying he meant only in respect to dealers who sell drugs to minors – not all dealers.  Subsequently I have come by data pointing out that about 95% of kids buy drugs from guess who? Other kids. So the question arises – where lies the higher Christian morality? Selling drugs to kids or beheading them?

Jackboot Bennett’s most famous quote is “Hanging works.” This leads us to wonder what is actually in his best selling Book of Virtues – Treasure of Great Moral Stories?  Is it full of moral stories of who to shoot, hang and behead with accompanied illustrations? No matter, Bill has God on his side so he can shoot hang and behead whomever he pleases. It’s the nature of the Beast.

Seems some Muslims in North Africa beheaded a few European hostages some time ago and more recently Reuters’ reported that a Muslim Dwarf hacked off the heads of 31 people in Algeria. I wonder if Billy “I have no moral problem with beheading” Bennett had been in the area with his Book of Virtues as a consultant?

One stumbling block Bennett has as an oft mentioned Presidential candidate is that the Republican Party doesn’t much care for him. He walked out on President Reagan as Secretary of Education – for money. He walked out on Father Bush as Drug Czar – for money. And he walked out on his nomination to chair the RNC for – you guessed it – money. “I didn’t take a vow of poverty” is his trite response. I imagine this too is covered in his Book of Virtues. It isn’t that the Republican Party does not understand and promote greed in lieu of public service, but rather a matter of what they perceive as disloyalty to the Party.

So what has Bennett been up to lately? Well – besides eating himself into obesity on the high dollar lecture circuit promoting various forms of beheadings – hangings and other forms of cruel and unusual punishments – and still trashing the Clintons – he is probably the loudest voice in America (besides Robert Bork) crying for censorship at every level – except of course for those who can afford to purchase their free speech. As co-founder with Jack Kemp of Empower America – he has for the past few years spent most of his time trying to destroy the public education system through religious school vouchers. But his main course – his cash cow – has been as one of the most vitriolic Clinton Haters on the speaking circuit.

Believe it or not – the so-called liberally biased media calls this obese  snot-nosed fascist one of our brightest and most intellectual conservatives. I was unaware that an ideology based upon religious intolerance, corporal punishment, censorship, mass hangings, lopping off heads and dispensing some of the most vitriolic hatred at work in American today was the defining factor of an intellectual. But what do I know, I am not a real American, I’m a Liberal Democrat.

Remembering B1 Bob Dornan

“Every time I see Dornan – he looks like he needs a rabies shot.” President Bill Clinton

b1 Bob DornanThe Dornan – the basic currency of Hell – tops the US Dollar in purchasing power. Just one Dornan gets a personally autographed photograph of The Brothers Grimm (Bob Dornan – Rush Limbaugh and Bill Bennett) doing devil fingers behind a black retarded man on the Texas lethal injection table.
“No one has been more popular down here since Caligula.” says Limbaugh’s underworld agent Joseph Goebbels. “There is no better entertainment available in Hell than listening to Rush while millions of us conservatives hop about on searing brimstone – drinking copious quantities of the preferred drinks of Hell; Florida orange juice. Of course we are aware that such top ratings cannot last forever. As such Bob, Rush and Bill having fulfilled their contract with the boss by demonstrating an hellacious degree of intolerance, bigotry and dissemination of hate are due to be joining us soon. Rush! Bob! Bill! Come on down!”

B1-Bob’s self-proclaimed persona is that of a hotshot combat jet fighter pilot. In reality he never saw combat and was only on active duty for a year when he crashed three jets and a helicopter into the ground. He takes the moniker B1-Bob from his unyielding support for the B1 Bomber – an aircraft even the Air Force doesn’t much care for. He often sports a beard – making him look much like his arch enemy Fidel Castro – with whom he has more in common than not: Militarism, nationalism, fascism, a desire to put homosexuals in concentration camps,  executions and using the military to kill those who disagree with his political beliefs. Of course there are differences too. While Fidel has the best environmental record in the Hemisphere and believes that everyone should at least have food, shelter and health care, B1-Bob often sprays spittle yards in the air at even the thought of such alien ideas,

Robert K. Dornan – the U.S. Representative from Orange County, California was by far the top Right-wing lunatic in Congress in the eighties and nineties. It’s a wonder how any district could elect someone who is nothing more than a red-baiting homo-hating warmonger to represent them. Orange County’s demography does help having a disproportionate number of Catholics, military bases, wealthy suburbs and the highest rate of Vietnamese immigrants in America.

Bob first lost control of himself on television (C-SPAN) in 1986 when congress voted to cease funding the Contras in Nicaragua. After the vote was counted and the bell rang, Dornan commandeered the Well to call his fellow congressman traitors and communists. Most of his lunch soon covered his red beard as he spat out his ugly epithets – in fact he was slamming around so hard that the podium and microphone crashed to the floor. “OUT OF ORDER” commands to the slap of the gavel were ignored as his screaming progressed. Security had to be called to have him removed but he was dragged off by fellow conservative representatives before security was able to get their hands on the raving lunatic. This same scenario has occurred more than once over legislative losses for his pet issues: love of war machines and hate of homosexuals. One time his illegal takeover of the Well resulted in fisticuffs, though off camera his swearing could still be heard over the raucous din.

A few years back – he and Rep “Little Billy” Dannemeyer set out to have Barney Frank (who had recently come out of the closet) thrown out of Congress. Dornan stood in the Well and pointed his finger at Representative Frank shouting “QUEER! QUEER! QUEER!”

Dornan spent the entire fall of 1992 ranting and raving about the immoral adulterous draft dodging yellow coward traitor President Elect Clinton which went on and on until he lost his seat to a Hispanic female Democrat in 1996. Both on the floor and in Special Sessions day in and day out for years he frothed at the mouth about Clinton’s ties to the KGB, his communist sympathies, his un-American activities and endless accusations of sexual misconduct. He even went onto the floor to state that he would never call this yellow draft dodging traitor “Mr. President” at any time in his life.

Dornan is so far out in La-La Land he doesn’t even make sense half the time. His day calling a fellow congressman a queer was probably the impetus for finally falling out of grace with his constituents and losing the next election. Subsequently – Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (who also soon bit the dust) asked the queer GOP Congressman Steve  Gunderson to resign from congress because he was an embarrassment to the GOP.

Even as a citizen Bob Dornan caused a commotion in the House in 1997. He was wandering around the floor patting backs and shaking hands to drum up support for his psychotic obsession that he did not lose his House seat the year before – that the election was corrupted by a bunch of Nuns! Really! Nuns! He had been doing this floor lobbying on numerous occasions and finally Rep. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) went to the Well to ask about rules concerning former House members lobbying on the floor. Dornan – being his usual disgusting self – confronted Menendez in the aisles and then in the cloakroom calling him “An utterly contemptible and dishonorable person. A foul liar. A whiny little boy. A disloyal Catholic. An anti-Catholic” and using the F-word he asked Menendez to step outside so he could beat the crap out of him.

Soon after that display – the House voted 378-33 to dismiss charges of voter fraud in his California 46th district. “I’m as angry at my country’s government as I’ve ever been in my life” said Dornan who added he is “seething” at Republicans and called them “criminal.” In his race to get his seat back from Loretta Sanchez he  dedicated his campaign to Our Lady of Guadalupe, meaning of course that the Virgin Mary is on the side of a drunken wife beating bigot. Which from watching the black hearts of Christian conservatives of late – may indeed be her new function.

Dornan now has his own hate radio show in California – though he still takes time off to fill in for Rush Limbaugh when he is on vacation. This is often the case over the Christmas holidays when he spends hours a day going as low as any human being has ever gone in slandering and libeling the Clintons – or any Democrat or Liberal he is bent upon destroying. Often Rush fans will call in to tell him he is an embarrassment to both conservatives and the Republican Party. His response is always the same – laughingly shirking it off as irrelevant and telling the caller to write his office and he will have them send documented proof of all Clinton’s communist ties – immoral sexual encounters and his McCarthyite list of names of homosexuals within the government. And when Rush returns he indeed sounds like the harmless little fuzzball he likes to say he is.

An HBO special did a biography on Hugh Hefner. It contained an old black & white video clip of Hefner in a debate soon after the Civil Rights Act of 1964. He made the point that now with Blacks getting their long overdue civil rights – homosexuals were as of that moment the group most denied their civil rights in America. On the far side of the stage rose a man with a long blond pompadour – looking like one of the Beach Boys in a tight fitting blue business suit. Holding a Bible he pranced around on stage ranting and raving at both Hefner and the panel of moderators about how the queers were destroying America. Indeed, it was Robert K. Dornan four decades ago consumed by the same intense Christian hatred and bigotry he wallows in today.

Never forget that Robert K. Dornan was the most intolerant bigoted homophobic sexist militaristic wannabe killer hatemonger and wife beater to ever hold elective office in the United States. This Catholic conservative Republican was the personification of evil in the House. A repellent disgusting man – not only an embarrassment to conservatives, the Republican Party and America but to the human race as well.

In watching Dornan do his bad loser act in front of his car one night in California after being defeated by Loretta Sanchez – I noticed something I had never considered before. The man was drunk as a skunk as he most likely has been most of his life.

Henry Hyde-pocrisy

“History will show Henry Hyde up there with Abraham Lincoln as one of the greatest men in Americans History.” Rush Limbaugh on LSD during the impeachment

henry hydeI first came to understand the danger of sweets years ago watching that bozo Jimmy Swaggart gyrating around the stage sending us all to eternal damnation if we didn’t tow his line of crap. Then later happening upon the 700 Club to watch the far more palatable and charming Pat Robertson. I soon realized that the real danger lay not in ranting madmen who fool the few, but in the softer-spoken, reasonable-sounding, seemingly nice guys with the same ends but with greater power to achieve them.

In the past few months an identical pair has arisen. The rabid, spitting conservative clown Bob Barr, who poses little real danger as he is perceived by most as the fascist buffoon he is. The real danger lies in the so well-loved “elder statesman” Henry the Hyde. His sugar-coated crap, with standard bits of self-depreciation, ring pleasingly upon the ears of most, with the media and politicians giving him a respect he does not deserve.

Hyde is the leading voice in America for empowering the government to deny women their right to choose an abortion while he incessantly chants the conservative hypocrisy of “getting the government off our backs.” He is the grist in the mill for the most violent of the pro-life movement.

His hypocrisy knows no bounds. Having destroyed a family in a six-year adulterous affair when he was a married elected official at age 46. He responded to the accusation of double adultery by calling it a youthful indiscretion while he was at the same time leading the fight to impeach the 50 year old Bill Clinton for the far lesser outrage of a few BJs from an unmarried bimbo (single adultery, spread out over a year or so). I suspect that the long view of history will treat him poorly, perhaps creating a new “Hyde” inclusive phrase to define hypocritical, political witch hunts based on matters of sex rather than substance. Much like we use the word McCarthyism today.

Dana Rohrabacher – Deja Poo

Every man, woman, and child in the United States now is in jeopardy of nuclear incineration by the Communist Chinese because of technology that has been transferred to them by President Clinton.” Dornanesque yammering by Dana Rohrabacher (Twit – CA)

dana rorhabacherI watched a couple of hours of Special Sessions on CSPAN recently. As I listened to Dana Rohrabacher I realized the spirit of B1-Bob Dornan was alive in the Well. Militaristic jingoism making Douglas MacArthur seem a civilian – anti-Communist rhetoric and propaganda more extreme than Joseph McCarthy – and so demonizing China that I can hear a rumble in the Earth from that old chant I hated so much so long ago – NUKE THE GOOKS.

Once during his harangue – mostly concerned with blaming FDR, the Clintons, all liberals and all Democrats through all time for all war, rape, pillage and treason – he made a comment that so well defines the mentality he and his ilk exude.

He was telling his story about FDR not giving Howard Hughes the contract to manufacture a superior fighter plane at the onset of WWII. How – because of FDR’s liberal lax security – the plans went to Japan and the Jap Zero was born which “killed thousand of Americans!” Then he added. “That might not be true. I have heard the reports on this numerous times but have never verified it. So it may not be true.” You see how conservative propaganda works? It is what Rush Limbaugh does all day. A typical 30 minute spot goes like this:

Present a fact: 1 minute.
Use that fact to demonize liberals and Democrats: 20 minutes.
Say the fact may not be true: 2 seconds.
Accuse Democrats of demonizing conservatives: 8 minutes 58 seconds.

An hour later and this bong puffing old surfer was still going a mile a minute. His pal was shot down because of liberal something or other. China evil. China bad.China COMMUNISTS! Patriotic American soldiers and pilots losing their lives because of FDR, Clinton, liberals and Democrats. Wait! Oh no. He broke down. He repeated “sacrificed their lives”. Long pause, hard swallow and a tear welled up. He sighed, wiped his eyes and apologized to the camera. But 2 seconds later hey gets right back to accusing liberals and Democrats for all murder and mayhem in the world past, present and future.

You know it’s not that hard to understand how David Duke can get over 40% of a statewide vote in Louisiana. Twice! Or how a rabid little Right-wing git like Bob Barr can get the majority of votes in his district North of Atlanta. But the very worst – The Three Stooges of Jingoism – Dornan, Rohrabacher and Cunningham are all from Southern California. Perhaps earthquakes rattle brains more than previously thought.

Helen Chenoweth Dead and Gone

“White men are an endangered species. I absolutely believe what with affirmative action and everything… We want things to be the way they used to be.” Helen Chenoweth expressing just what “reactionary” means.

Just after winning her Western Idaho congressional seat (which contains Ruby Ridge, the Aryan Nations headquarters and Mark Furman’s  Bad Cop Lake) on that dark November Tuesday in 1994 – Helen Chenoweth (R – Militia) was flattered by the Ku Klux Klan:

“What Rep. Chenoweth’s election proves is that a race-based campaign is a WINNER. Like David Duke in Louisiana – other far-sighted political leaders see a sea-change in the mood of the White voter towards candidates who offer frank solutions to America’s growing non-White chaos. We wish Helen Chenoweth good luck and hope that many others follow in her footsteps!” The Truth at Last – Ku Klux Klan newsletter

helen chenowethShe fondly talks of the Confederacy with her soul in the Old South – viewing the Civil War as exclusively a states’ rights issue. Videos of her campaign speeches have become best sellers at militia meetings across America who claim her as their only hope against the Black Helicopters of the New World Order.

Chenoweth is one of the top anti-environmentalists in congress. She came from a Wise Use consulting firm working for the mining industries. She is so contemptuous of environmental issues that her most publicized campaign event was appearing at the Endangered Sockeye Salmon Bake. She is obviously trying to take over the good and dead Dixey Lee Ray’s old title as Wicked Witch of the West.

Along with her passion to destroy every environmental protection she can lay her hands on – her ardor for unrestricted gun use and abolishing the departments of Education, Energy, Commerce and Housing are equally intense. She sponsored a Bill requiring that federal law enforcement agents carrying firearms get county permission before entering that county.

Chenoweth is so far out in La-La Land that even Newt Gingrich snubbed her in the ‘96 election year by passing over Idaho and failing to attend a previously scheduled fund-raiser on her behalf. Though her polls fell due to pending criminal investigations – she is secure in her district of White militia minded nitwits. With the demise of Bob Dornan – we now have a woman vying for the title of most extreme Right-wing lunatic in Congress. Perhaps she can squirt some whipped cream on her breasts to attract Bob Barr to her bed – and together they could create the spawn of Satan. But now with Barr gone too, she vies with Bong-boy Dana Rohrabacher for the title.

Helen Chenoweth kept a low profile for a few years not only because of investigations into her political and personal life – but because her standard rhetoric saying she will chop down every tree in Idaho, eat every salmon, that the UN is taking over Idaho, a shill for the NRA and sucking up to every militia movement, she has become an embarrassment for the majority of the people in Idaho. In fact she is such a problem that new industry and tourism are down in the state. She reinforces the already substantive reputation that Idaho has put out the welcome mat for every bad cop, racist and militia gunloon in America to come live Whitely.

When she did come out from under her bed, it was a doozy. In an interview with the Spokesman-Review of Spokane, Chenowith asked the US Forest Service to stop trying to recruit minority employees to work in Idaho.

“The warm-climate community just hasn’t found the colder climate that attractive. It’s an area of America that has simply never attracted the Afro-American or the Hispanic.” One wonders why if it isn’t any colder in Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago, Cleveland and Buffalo (where millions of blacks and Hispanics reside without turning into browncicles) she would say such a thing? She and other White Idaho racists have little to worry about as minorities are scared to death of even passing through that state yet alone living and working there. Which is the point of Chenowith’s rhetoric.

Riding in an off road jeep holding her  grand daughter on her lap, neither with seatbelts, she was Libertarian no Seatbelt Chenoweth was thrown from the vehicle and died instantly of a broken neck.

Ann Coulter – Oh No! It’s the Spanish Inquisition!

“We should invade their countries – kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity.” Ann Coulter on the Muslim world.

ann coulter has ballsThis darling of conservatives is one sorry nastyass bulimic witch. I am going to make this one short and sweet. Ann Coulter goes further than one of the most horrendous monsters in human history – Torquemada who ran the Spanish Inquisition. That whole sorry event was about searching out non-Christians in one’s country and giving them the option of leaving, converting or being executed. Ann Coulter takes that one step further. Searching out non-Christians in other countries (giving no option to emigrate) to convert or be killed. Human beings don’t get much uglier than that. Ann lives in South Beach next to her best friend – the ugly and gay Fox News reject – Matt Drudge. My mother says that anyone with an Adam’s apple as large as Ms Coulter’s must be a man.



David Horowitz, Richard Mellon Schaife’s GoFor

david horowitzI had my coffee this morning with David Horowitz on CSPAN. That out of site out of mind cliché snuck up on me as I watched. How soon we forget just how horrible some of these Right-wing knuckleheads can be. Horowitz caused me to rewind some Ann Coulter in my head, which caused a quandary as to which was the sorriest excuse for a human being. Both sure would give Joe McCarthy a run for the money! But I finally gave it to Ann. Though nerdy old Horowitz, with his spotty beard, receding hairline and thick glasses is much better looking than Coulter (who I am sure is a skinny man in drag), he just does not have the deep lust for the wholesale death and destruction of quite as many OTHER people as Mr. Coulter. Oops, Ms. Coulter. Well, it is well known that she and ugly Right-wing gossip snitch and mostly gay Matt Drudge are a thing down in South Beach. So I am not sure what prefix to use. Butch Coulter? Hey, after that hour of hateful name calling I heard from Horowitz this morning, I am trying to be fair. I just can’t seem to top it. Perhaps tomorrow.

Mr. Horowitz says he was an extreme Marxist ideologue in the sixties, but seeing Ronald Reagan stick the flag through millions of poor people, he traded that in to became an extreme Fascist ideologue instead. He now runs a few Right-wing organizations out in California funded primarily by Richard Mellon Schaife. He is aligned with the Libertarian CATO Institute whose purpose is to fund and promote lunatic Right-wing ideology on college campuses, primarily working for the wholesale destruction of Social Security and Medicare.

Horowitz is on the talking head circuit at the moment pushing his new book called – Noam Chomsky is a Liar. Chomsky, like Ralph Nader and Jim Hightower, is one of those liberal intellectuals who shout at us about the reality of the corporate owned government and media we live under. To deaf ears.

I noticed Horowitz used the world leftist in every sentence, while in each paragraph he called Democrats and Liberals either; unAmerican, unpatriotic, liars, socialists, communists, Marxists, traitors, or all of the above. Especially John Kerry, Bill Clinton and Michael Moore. Especially Michael Moore! Someone called in to say he was painting his name calling with a rather broad brush. Horowitz agreed, he meant all Liberals and Democrats except Joe Leiberman.  Ahh… That politically charged Liberal Jews For War thing. Which no one, including myself, wants to get into.

Horowitz is an example of the problem with the radically moderate CSPAN. Fascists, lunatics, racists and bigots are given an audience of millions of viewers without any real questioning from the moderator. Adolph Hitler would get a free ride on CSPAN. Well, he would probably get yelled at, well in every other call anyway.

Uncle Alan Keyes

“These women look on their unborn children as Hitler looked on the Jews.” Alan Keyes

“On all the matters that touch upon the critical moral issues, Arnold Schwarzenegger is on the evil side.” Alan Keyes

“The violation on innocent human life is the same whether you commit terrorism or commit abortion.” Alan Keyes

“Hitler and his supporters were Satanists and homosexuals. That’s just a true statement. The notion that is involved in homosexuality leads to totalitarianism, Nazism, and communism.” Alan Keyes

“The income tax is a twentieth-century socialist experiment that has failed. Only abolition of the income tax will restore the basic American principle that our income is both our own money and our own private business not the government’s.” Alan Keyes

uncle alan keyesAlan Keyes is a rabid Pro Life Catholic who runs for President only to gain hype to increase this conservative talk show host audience and salary. Keyes began his Uncle Tom career by being run out of Cornell by angry Black Civil Rights Activists in the 60’s. He then went on to Harvard to dodge the draft and bunk with neo-conservative guru William Kristol.

His issue is simple, he is a Black man who blames Blacks for the moral rot he says has destroyed America, and more specifically, laying the blame on liberals for the holocaust of our children (abortion). It all plays well to the White-wing who then publicly get to say not only is there a Black guy they like, but one they would vote for.

The most important job listed on his resume was as a secondary ambassador post under Ronald Reagan. His claim to fame there was his rabid opposition to sanctions against apartheid South Africa. He has run for Senator twice in Maryland and lost, taking $8000 a month in salary from campaign contributions. His listeners and backers are White. He learned early that Whites have more money to dish out to hear what they like hearing, that Blacks are the problem. The most listened to man on the Radio, Paul Harvey, was his most well known political backer.

Recently I watched Alan Keyes on C-SPAN making a speech at a Gun Owners of New Hampshire meeting. Actually seeing him at a podium shows him to easily capture the title of most extreme Right-wing lunatic in this country. His issues seldom vary; abortion is murder, eliminate income taxes and force religious indoctrination into public schools, all surrounded by his obnoxious hypocritical cries of freedom and liberty. He received a raucous standing ovation when he stated that gun owners are pro life and their guns are to defend the lives of the unborn.

Besides Randall Terry of Operation Rescue, that is as close as anyone I have heard get to advocating shooting doctors in the back. He enjoyed an even louder applause when he stated we have no right to terminate pregnancies or take our own lives. That statement followed by “without faith there is no freedom” and “without God there is no liberty.” The outrageous hypocrisy of this poorly veiled fascist is beyond the pale, he makes Pat Buchanan seem human.

Keyes does well, for there is nothing the white, the wealthy and the racists enjoy more than having Darkies sing their songs for them. They are paid very well, in silver, to stab their brothers and sisters in the back.

John Ashcroft Oiled up

john ashcroftSenator Jite  you may address the witness.

Thank you Senator Lott. Mr Ashcroft, I would first like your help with a personal problem I have understanding so much of today’s Christianity. I was brought up Catholic and perhaps brainwashed by local priests. They told me over and over again that the basis of Christianity was mercy, peace, love, compassion, understanding and above all, forgiveness. All seemingly to revolve around Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mother. I remember a short prayer that we recited all the time (and I mean all the time) which ended with: “And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” Perhaps unknown to me at the time I had happened into some local cult which had taken over that Midwest Diocese.

As we have listened to you over the years it is unarguable that your passion is pushing as much of your nasty brand of Christianity into politics and government you can get away with. It is clear that it is your Christian belief that inspires your intense personal thirst for more and faster executions. In fact this passion of yours has put even your racist tendencies in the back seat as your impetus in destroying Judge White.

And what exactly did Judge White do that so upset you? As you let us know, he voted against the death penalty 3 out of 57 times! An awful record for any good American Christian. So would you please rationalize your insatiable thirst for executions in regards to the teachings of your Lord Jesus Christ for me?

Secondly I would like you to explain your extreme advocacy for the proliferation of hand guns, assault rifles and the most deadly ammunition. Again in regards to the teachings of your Lord Jesus Christ.

Third, noting your slack support and often incendiary remarks about Civil Rights, your past defense of segregation, your fight against busing, your attachment to Southern Partisan Magazine and your strong opposition to Affirmative Action – I would like you to read the following quote out loud for us and then comment upon what you think the author of it meant.

“A society that has done something special against the Negro for hundreds of years must now do something special for the Negro.” Dr. Martin Luther King.

Fourth – as one of the most extreme politicians in the quest to deny women the right to choose an abortion, do you have any references from either Jesus Christ or the Bible that addresses that issue. I can’t seem to find anything.

And lastly, after you’re confirmed by all of us White men here (sorry – I didn’t see you four White babes over there in the corner) will you return home and pour Crisco oil over your head as you have done each time when taking any new job in the past? If so could I come along and take some pictures of that?”


Dickass  Armey

“I have been on record since I was an undergraduate as recognizing that liberals are generally not very bright and conservatives are deep thinkers. Liberals are, in my estimation, just not bright people. They don’t think deeply, they don’t comprehend, they don’t understand a partial derivative, they have a narrow educational base as opposed to the hard scientists.. If you were a Southern, Anglo, Baptist liberal, I promise you I would say you were not well-educated and probably not a very deep thinker. Because that’s what liberals are.” Dick Armey

dick armeyRichard Armey, (Asshole – TX), House Majority Leader from North Texas was, like Mr. Gingrich, on the state dole as a professor at a small crummy state college when he decided to become another leech on the federal dole, sucking taxpayers money working for the great evil now blackening the land, the United States Government.  He is most well known for calling Cpngressman Barney Frank, “Barney Fag.”

Armey has a salary putting him in the top 5% of income earners and with the chill in Washington these days, he is often seen in his expensive beige James Bond slicker with the wide floppy belt hanging down and the big high collar rising up almost over his head. If one didn’t know better it could lead one to define him as one of those stuck-up elitists his boss is always whining about. But I guess that would be unfair under the new rules of conservative correctness; anything a conservative says is fair and anything a liberal says is not only unfair, but socialist, elitist, McGovernik abnormal crap from Marxist fags.

“What’s a Muppet?” Dick Armey (Out of Touch – TX)

Overall, his ideology is almost identical to Senator Gramm, as is that similarity in region, past employment and physical resemblance. Somewhere up there in North Texas there must have been a maze where lived an evil bug-eyed frog-like creature having his way with the local women.

For many years I considered Dick just another typical conservative from the Religious Right doing his level best to suck up to the wealthy and screw everyone else under the personal direction of Jesus Christ. But before he gained the notoriety of Majority Leader, I happened upon him on C-SPAN submitting an Amendment on the Floor of Congress:

“I rise to oppose the reauthorization of the Head Start Program. There would appear to be no need for Head Start.” Congressman Dick Armey

I smiled to myself realizing this guy is a contender for the most horrible human being in Congress, for no other social program has shown as much success per dollar than Head Start. Always intoning Jesus in his Southern homilies, working diligently to keep children under six from immunization, a hot meal a day, and induction to all those horrible moral values he’s always yammering on and on about. As expected, his amendment got two votes. I thought back then when he was only some clown from Texas it was amusing, but with him running the GOP side of the House it’s not that funny anymore. One has to wonder which war the 104th Reich will ultimately win, the War on Single Mothers or the War on Children? Perhaps we are finally at the crossroads to finally put the failure of Vietnam behind us by winning both at once! Mr. Armey expressed the essence of the over all conservative mentality not long ago by clearly stating, “I will resist an increase in the minimum wage with every fiber of my being!”

Armey is also the author of what he humbly names The Dick Armey Flat Tax. Simple and fair is the word. Simple enough to destroy every carrot and stick that the federal government may still have in resisting pure capitalist anarchy. Of course, it is fairer to the wealthy than anyone else, saving them about 20% of what they pay now.

The Dick Ass family is almost as disgusting as he is. His son has progressed from Generalissimo of the Texas School Prayer Amendment movement to national acclaim in that endeavor, and his wife is an uppity witch. Did I really say that? How unfair.

“What’s a Muppet?” Dick Armey (Out of Touch – TX)

Tom “The Hammer” Delay

“Not that I can think of.” Tom DeLay (Moron-TX) when asked if there were any federal regulations he would keep.

“The judges need to be intimidated; they need to uphold the Constitution. If they don’t behave, we’re going to go after them in a big way.” Rep. Tom DeLay who has no understanding of the separation of powers.

Tom delayTom DeLay (R-Fascist) is my personal representative in Congress. I recently reaffirmed that there is not one single thing I agree with him about. In fact he is so intrinsically awful that even those who vote for him can’t stand him. But he is a conservative Republican who intones God often, and these days that is all that is required.

It is not just being a bug exterminator turned our most extreme Right-wing fundamentalist, anti-environmentalist  money grubbing crook in the House, it’s also everything else about him. His dealings with local business and political adversaries show him to be a nasty vindictive man as disassociated from Jesus Christ as humanity gets.

This insect, as House Whip, is the most extreme and powerful anti-environmentalist in America. In just one year Tom DeLay (Moron – TX) introduced eight bills to repeal or alter the Clean Air Act of 1990. When DeLay isn’t out making stupid statements like “The EPA, the Gestapo of America,” he is running amok passing himself off as a scientist. He claims the moniker because through an intense system of daily prayer he managed to be anointed with a BS degree from the University of Houston. After graduating, he became a Houston bug exterminator who learned to love DDT. In fact he claims it “not harmful” full in the face of Rachel Carson’s classic study Silent Spring (which he calls a book of lies). This self-proclaimed scientist more recently claimed “The science underlying the CFC ban is debatable… it is the result of a media scare” in the face of a recent study where 250 real scientists, with the support of over 200 more, proved otherwise. After he made this absurd statement he was asked if he read the report in question, he said he hadn’t. Nothing seems to phase this pseudo-scientist in denial of science who is also behind forcing Creation Science into public schools. But lucky for him his constituents, of which I am one, give him 70% of the vote no matter what dumbass thing he says.

Inside the Beltway he is known as The Hammer. Named so for his ability to pound as much money as possible from every PAC that comes his way. Of the 435 House members DeLay is rated 4th in taking PAC money, $500,000 a year, just behind number three, Mr. Gringrich.

The Hammer often takes to the Well in the House to give his standard speech on taxes. He claims our average tax rate is over 50% of our incomes. He manages this flat out lie by blindly accepting the standard conservative lie that it is 40%, and adds 10% more as a Time Tax (the time individuals spend filling out forms). The real overall average tax rate in the United States has been about the same 30% for generations, less than any other industrialized nation.

Though the Houston Chronicle is a Republican newspaper, it considers DeLay an embarrassment and during elections, they single him out to neither support or oppose. But the more local papers here are often ripe with DeLay’s personal vendettas, the majority of which involve the sale of his exterminating business 15 years ago. He is still badgering the buyers who he screwed out of thousands of dollars and wants to screw them out of thousands more. He wants more money. His vindictiveness also showed itself in the GOP primary where he used his political power to destroy a small town Republican candidate for Sheriff because the man had hired an old enemy of his.

To show the mentality of this wanker, in response to the GOP leadership’s attack on Democrat fund-raising, one day on the floor of the House, David Obey (D-WI) held up a newspaper article which said Tom DeLay was allowing lobbyists to use his office to draft legislation, which was proved true. DeLay approached Obey, slapped the newspaper out of his hands, called him a “little chickencrap”, and then shoved him in the chest. This caused one of DeLay’s personal guards to pull him back, which in turn caused the Majority Whip to fall to the floor. We are just so proud of Tom down here in Cracker County.

“I regret that Congressional Republicans were so blinded by their opposition to President Clinton that they voted to impeach him rather than stand by the traditional principles of their party. I also regret that threats were made against me by the Republican leadership in an attempt to keep me from voting my conscience.” Peter King (R-NY) in a campaign letter to his constituents. AP 2/1/99

Recently it was reported that Majority Whip Tom DeLay, who also has been running the House of Representatives behind his puppet Dennis Hasert, lied to the American people. First when he shook his finger at them saying he did not pressure anyone regarding House impeachment votes. Then on his tax form about how much he made in speaking fees when he broke House rules regarding speaking fee caps, and again lied under oath in a civil law suit regarding whether or not he was the CEO of his old Bug Business. Impeachment of course is out of the question, that process has been ordained by God to concern only Democrats.

Tent Lott Sucks and so Does Mississippi

“There’s not enough troops in the army to force the southern people to break down segregation and admit the black race into our theaters, into our swimming pools, into our homes, and into our churches!” Strom Thurmond in 1948 running for President as a segregationist.

“You know, if we had elected this man 30 years ago, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are today.” Trent Lott in 1980 after a fiery speech by Mr. Thurmond at a rally in Mississippi for Ronald Reagan.

In 1981 Lott voted against extending the Voting Acts Right of 1964.

In 1981 Lott submitted an amicus brief before the U.S. Supreme Court arguing that the IRS had no right to deny Bob Jones University or other schools a tax exemption based on racially discriminatory policies. The Supreme Court in an 8 to 1 vote, rejected Lott’s position.

“The platform we had in Dallas, the 1984 Republican platform, all the ideas we supported there – from tax policy, to foreign policy; from individual rights, to neighborhood security – are things that Jefferson Davis and his people believed in.” Trent Lott 1984

In 1986 Lott voted against making Martian Luther King’s birthday a national holiday.

“You stand for the right principles and the right philosophy.” Trent Lott, in 1992, speaking as a guest of the racist Council for Concerned Citizens.

In 1995, Lott wrote and passed legislation making Jefferson Davis’ Senate desk the permanent seat of the senior senator from Mississippi.

“I want to say this about my state: when Strom Thurmond ran for president, we voted for him. We’re proud of it. And if the rest of the country had followed our lead, we wouldn’t have had all these problems over all these years, either.” Trent Lott in 2002 to Strom Thurmond and America.

trent lottI have been most entertained by those defending Lott. Of the six billion of such callers I have listened to, five billion said no one ever mentions that Democrat Robert Byrd was in the Klan in the 40’s. Indeed that is only gone over every 7 minutes for twenty years. The other billion explain that in 1965 more Republicans voted for the Civil Rights Act than Democrats. Of course the response is that in the following five years all the racists in the South switched parties to become Republicans is not pertinent to their argument. Oh, and not to let us forget that Jesse Jackson was overheard at a dinner table using the term Hymietown. Which is the same as, or even worse, than the Majority Leader of the United States Senate proudly saying into a public microphone that Black People are the problem with America. Which he has proudly and publicly said time and again.

In the 50’s and 60’s Mississippi had an organization called the Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission which was a front organization for the racist White Citizen’s Councils permeating the South at the time. A member of the MSSC passed on the license plate number of the car carrying Civil Rights workers Schwerner, Chaney and Goodman who were murdered a few days later.

Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, a onetime cheerleader at Ole Miss was at that time a state politician acting for the MSSC. The man who passed the license number to the WCC is R.L. Bolden, now on the staff of another Mississippi legislator, Mike Parker(R-MS).

The White Citizen’s Council has changed names and is now known as the Council of Conservative Citizens, primarily concerned with putting confederate flags on public buildings. Both Parker and Lott are the darlings of the CCC. What is so sad about both these racist crackers is that this very information, though frowned upon nationally, only manages to get them more money, support and votes in their districts.

The first question that should come to mind is why we were up and singing Happy Birthday to the most powerful and infamous living American segregationist in the first place? And why did it take the media until now to expose Trent Lott for the racist dickhead he is? This also gives credence to the claim that God is a Republican, for if he were not, wouldn’t he have made Strom Thruman’s birthday in October so we could have seen this face of the GOP before the election? As usual, the big non-story is the same big non-story we have not heard for a generation, the secret of the Racist White Southern Majority. Well, a secret to no one other than Ward Connerly.