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Gays, Lesbians & Homophobia

Is Goofy Gay?

The mindless rubes of the Southern Baptist Convention got the ass at The Disney Corporation. Their problem seems to concern four specific issues:

· Disney gives gay employees health insurance for their partners.

· The theme parks did not hire goons to haul gays off to Hell when gay organizations called for a Gay Day at Disneyland.

· And the movie Priest from one of the Disney film subsidiaries which presented one of the Catholic clergy as a child molester, which of course none of them are.

· ABC, owned by Disney, aired lesbian sitcom Ellen.

goofy gayThese nitwits contend that Disney has swayed from its original support of family values. Family values? Mickey and Minnie have been fooling around now for 60 years and haven’t got married. Same goes for Donald and Daisy. And what about Goofy, I can’t recall him ever having a girlfriend at all. But then again, we are talking about a mouse, a duck and a… I suppose it isn’t all that clear just what Goofy is, a dog I guess, but as his name does not include his species as the others do (and he can talk and Pluto can’t) its hard for cartoon audiences to know for sure. But this historic lack of family values cannot be laid only at the feet of Disney; for pondering all characters from classic cartoon shorts, I can’t come up with the name of one that was married with children. Hey?

God Loves Homos more than Bigots

What conservatives do behind closed doors is their business, but I draw the line at giving them special rights such as where they live, where they can work and being allowed to marry or adopt children.

I recently watched a TV talk show with a gay couple and their 8 year old son. The boy talked about how much they loved him, he loved them and what a fine loving home he had been brought up in. Then the camera panned the audience of mostly bigots grabbing for the microphone. They all looked so much the same with their crossed down eyebrows, beady little eyes, tongue protruding from their mouths and crucifixes adorning their necks as they spat out: “You are going to Hell! The Bible damns you! You are destroying society! Jesus Christ will lay you to waste!” I was pleasantly surprised with the wonderful comeback from the kid. “Just who are you to be judging my parents? Look at yourselves!”

As racism has become more private, covert and semantically covered, the homosexuality issue is the last real bastion of popular public bigotry. I can’t wait till all these bigots get to the Pearly Gates and Jesus slaps them right back down to Hell from whence they came. I have seen more compassion for our fellow man from every homosexual I have met than I have from any of these supposed Christians of the Religious Right.

Last Bastions

“In all fairness to Jerry Falwell, it’s probably too sophisticated for him.” Rep. Barney Frank, commenting upon Falwell’s claim the Teletubbies are homos.

There are only three bastions of liberalism left in America; the arts, public education and higher education (these later two greatly exaggerated in that “liberalism”). The Religious Right, along with most every conservative organization in America often define these three areas as evil Marxist entities intent upon the destruction of America, and have opted to do whatever necessary to destroy them.

The attacks on the National Endowment for the Arts is primarily based upon the cry of HOMOS. The NEA has a budget of $161 million with less than 1% of that money going to anything controversial. The NEA’s budget is .001% of the total budget, far less than any other Western nation spends per capita. The GOP consistently tries to cease all government funding of the arts, including NPR and PBS in lieu of only what sells the most Twinkies, which of course, must all be HOMO free. We must not forget the other NEA, a union (that in itself causes conservatives to bleed from the ears) which is destroying our children by teaching them how not to get pregnant, how not to get AIDS and to not only tolerate people of other races and religions, but so too, HOMOS.

The object of conservatives is to destroy public education to be replaced with private religious indoctrination centers, again, HOMO free. Then there is the attack on Universities. Here again our young are taught about the Other, tolerance, and are cajoled and pushed to keep their bigotry, racism, homophobia and sexism under their pointy little hats.

These attacks center upon political correctness which they are winning big by defending sexism, discrimination, racism and homophobia. It’s cool to be a bigot in America these days. In 1989 with the fall of the wall we all realized that the seething hatred conservatives directed at “communists” for generations would have to find another outlet. But who of us thought it would turn inward; toward Blacks (reverse discrimination), women (feminazis), immigrants (the Other) and HOMOS (special rights and Christian intolerance). We should have seen it coming. Thank goodness for Muslim terrorism or we would be at war with ourselves.

Military Homophobia

“This bill was drafted by the same people who would put homos in the military.” Randy “Duke” Cunningham (R-CA) on an environmental bill.

There is no better example of the bigotry inherent to the conservative mindset than the issue of gays in the military. This issue illustrates better than any other that ignorance is the body of prejudice. As history looks back with dismay and disgust at the segregationist politicians of the South who set loose the water cannon and dogs upon those asking for equal justice and opportunity, so in generations to come will history reflect the same dismay and disgust toward the politicians who do the same toward gay men and women today.

The argument is twofold, first that heterosexual soldiers will not tolerate fellow soldiers who have admitted their homosexuality (speech) and secondly, that heterosexual soldiers will not tolerate what homosexuals may be thinking about them(thought). Forcing the closet upon gay men and women is about curtailing free speech, promoting dishonesty and refusing to allow individuals to take pride in themselves for what they happen to be.

The second, and even more dishonest argument, is about one person not liking what another person may be thinking, i.e., that the United States should deny equal opportunity to homosexuals because some soldiers may feel that some homosexuals may think of them in terms of sexual desire. Even in the much abused arena of political correctness, complaints are about what bigots write, say and do, not about what they may think. To top it off, to believe homosexuals would sexually attack heterosexual fellow soldiers in the showers or sleeping quarters – knowing they would be pounded to a bloody pulp, perhaps killed, and dishonorably discharged – is absurd.

Sam Nunn and the rest of the politicians and military leaders use these false premises as the impetus to deny fair play because they think and feel it will ruin the military by destroying morale, cause mass resignations and decimate recruitment leading to a second rate fighting force. My God, look at all the assumed if-this-then-that’s which are based upon unproved and unlikely conjecture, and mix them up with the somes, mays, feels, and thinks and it goes even beyond the absurd. Remember, these same lies were told in 1950 when like minded bigots were fighting the integration of the military.

The names of the bigots and the minorities discriminated against may change, but the mentality does not. When Truman integrated the military, some racists did resign and some racists did not join up, but less bigots dumbing down the entire system made for a better military. The same holds true today, a few ignorant intolerant soldiers will indeed leave or decide not to join, opening military enlistment and advancement to far better people. And for those who are so insatiably ignorant and bigoted that they must leave? Well what better justice than to see them standing in unemployment lines behind everyone else?

One matter still mystifies me though. Why gay men and women would want to join a fascist totalitarian organization whose sole purpose is to kill people, almost exclusively poor, of color and far away?

Dead Dogs & Homos

The Family Research Council, the Christian Coalition and Americans For Truth About Homosexuality have told their members to stop reading the King James Version of the Bible because it has come to light that King James was a homo!

Outside of Ovett, Mississippi (pop. 300), two women bought a farm they named Camp Sister Spirit, the purpose of which is to provide workshops on alleviating poverty, racism, sexism and family violence. Often as many as twenty women come to live on the premises for a short time. Doctors, lawyers, teachers and social workers, all working in non-profit organizations to find better ways to feed and clothe the poor, and shelter battered women. The group is a lesbian organization.

When the local Ovettians found out about the homos outside of town, they gathered in their one room community center to discuss ways of driving the homos out. After the meeting, the citizens who have a true understanding of Christianity, and wanting to emulate their Lord Jesus Christ, began making threatening phone calls, sending hate mail, death threats and firing shotgun blasts toward the property from the fence lines. They even left a dead dog tied to the camp mailbox shot in the stomach with tampons stuffed under it’s body and the note, “GET OUT BITCHES”. The amazing thing about this story is that the Lesbians are not only doing what Christ asked of us, but what he did himself; while the good Christians of Ovett do just what the Devil asks of us and what he would do himself. And these people, like so much of Christian America, haven’t a clue to that truth. It’s the nature of the Beast.

The Offensive Defense of Marriage Act

Jim Kolbe (R-AZ) finally came out of the closet admitting he was gay. As he voted for the Marriage Defense Act which was the bill to deny the validity of gay marriages from one state to all others, I have coined a new name for this specific category of cultural traitors. He is an Uncle Roy (named after American’s most repellent cultural traitor, the lovely, Roy Cohn.)

This bill is sponsored by Gunloon from Hell, Bob Barr (R-Fascist) who has been divorced twice and sued for child support. The reasoning here, that allowing gays to marry hurts, belittles, and degrades heterosexual marriage is about the dumbest damn thing I have ever heard. Of course it’s just using the worn out cry of family values to rationalize their intolerance and abject bigotry.

Gays do not appear out of thin air, they come from families, are part of families, many want to become families on their own, and most importantly concerning this absurd bill, gays have nothing to do at all with any problems heterosexual families face today. Putting the blame for divorce rates and dysfunctional families on gays is as low as it goes. And hey, wouldn’t it be better to encourage gays to have stable monogamous relationships? Let’s allow them to marry like anyone else and see if the main deterrent to the American family – the 50% divorce rate – is any higher for homosexuals than it is for heterosexuals. Could it be this bill bodes just that question conservatives are afraid to have honestly answered?

Some related good news! In a remarkable 6 to 3 decision by the Supreme Court, Colorado’s Amendment 2 allowing discrimination against gay men and women was struck down. These same initiatives, lathered up by the Christian Coalition to help us all better disseminate hate and justify our bigotry are now moot in many other states as well. Kudos for Justice Kennedy who wrote the opinion which at its core addressed and set aside all this conservative semantic crap about Special Rights. Hear! Here! I don’t think it necessary to have to tell you who the three dissenters were. Well, perhaps one hint, Renhquist was one of them. Justice “Benito” Scalia wrote the dissenting opinion where he compared homosexuality to murder, polygamy and cruelty to animals; while claiming bigotry directed against gays was really nothing more than legal animus. He also blasted homosexuals as having “high disposable incomes giving them disproportionate political power and enormous influence in American Media.” Hey Benito, a 1994 University of Maryland study showed homosexual males made 27% less than comparably educated heterosexuals and 14% less for lesbians.

Damn Smart People!

Recently 55,000 pediatricians signed a long term study that showed children raised by gay or lesbian couples grew up no worse for wear than kids raised by heterosexual couples. Of course any study that shows conservatives to be either the bigots they are or wrong doesn’t count. After all, doctors, lawyers, teachers and college professors are all stupid elitists who have not one tattoo, tongue stud, Rhino round, Buck knife or Double Wide among them.

More Safe Sex!

The Texas Republican Convention not only denied the Log Cabin Republican (Gays) access to their last convention, but promptly rescinded Bob Dole’s “declaration of tolerance” regarding abortion rights. As Republicans have learned so well from Randall Terry, Intolerance is Beautiful.

It seems to me the Religious Right spends way too much time thinking about sex. Have you noticed that about 95% of what they pound their drum about concerns sex in one way or another? I suppose all their gay-hate is that they find sex between people of the same sex disgusting – when they think about the specifics of it – they get all discombobulated. Why do they spend so much time thinking about such things? I don’t know about you, but I feel thinking about my parents having sex is disgusting. So I deal with it by NOT DWELLING ON IT! What’s so hard about this?

Jerry Falwell led the fight against ABC for airing the lesbian episode of Ellen with the help of Pat Robertson’s hegemony and thousands of conservative bigots throughout America. What did they accomplish? Getting more people to watch that one hour show than any sitcom since the last episode of Mash. They also helped me by reducing my choices of what make cars I may buy in the future. For Chrysler giving into these bigots and pulling its ads means that product line is out of my loop from now on. As I refuse to buy foreign cars, this leaves me with only the choice between the liberal humanitarian corporations of Ford and General Motors to choose from.

The Ellen episode in question was both funny and very well done. So well done in fact, that it has become probably the biggest backfire the Religious Right has suffered in recent years. I have real trouble with this issue. Of all the problems we have in America, gays being gay, or marrying each other, or being on TV is at the very bottom of the pile. What does it matter?

They say two people of the same sex loving one another defines low morality. But their promotion of bigotry, hate, greed and selfishness defines high morality?

They say two people of the same sex making a commitment to one another is destructive to family values? I guess the high value ground is keeping them all in bath houses and single bars.

And their coup de crap, that homosexual marriage invalidates heterosexual marriage (the basis of Bill “Jackboot” Bennett’s and Bob Barr’s spin) is so patently illogical, unreasonable, absurd and ridiculous there is no real point in commenting on such mindless drool any further.

White Christian Heterosexual Female Murders her Kids

“A victory for every child in this nation who may be faced with being raised in a household in which homosexual role modeling distorts and perverts societal norms that have been established and recognized from the beginning of civilization.” John Ward, who did 8 years in prison for murdering his first wife by pumping 12 rounds into her, commenting on winning a recent Florida custody battle where the judge found in his favor for no other reason than the mother was a lesbian.

I was noticing how easily we label minorities and have such a hard time labeling the majority. How about the Andrea Yates horror. A Texas mother drowns her five children. Buried in the article was a neighbor talking about the woman’s husband and what good Christians they were. Obviously the headlines should have read, White Christian Heterosexual Female Murders her Kids! But I doubt it would go over well with the loud silent majority because even their ranting and raving would look bad:

· That heterosexual Bill Clinton is corrupt!

· That whiter than white Bill Clinton is a liar!

· That Southern Baptist Christian Bill Clinton is evil!

· That White male Christian heterosexual Bill Clinton is a traitor!

What It Be?

“Don’t use the word ‘gay’ unless it’s an acronym for ‘Got Aids Yet?’” Bob Dornan

Being a liberal I am supposed to more understanding than most, but some things are just beyond my comprehension. Brian Bennett, a gay man, had been B1 Bob Dornan’s Chief of Staff for a decade. A gay man working for the most disgusting bigoted homo-hater in congress. It’s hard to grasp; Log Cabin Republicans, Pro Life women, pro gun police, and conservative blacks. Besides those conservative blacks who get paid very well for singing the songs white people most like hearing, I just don’t get it. All I can come up with is that some people are born so intrinsically intolerant, selfish and callous that it even transcends their own sense of self preservation.