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Rack Jite’s Hate Mail

Rack Jite’s Hate Mail Archive
This area contains the email sent to this website over the years. 

From: William H. Squire III [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Tuesday, July 12, 2011 2:12 AM
To: rackjite
Subject: Re: Intellectual Website
Importance: High

If anything is hypocritical and/or crap, it is your website and the ignorant tripe you put out like diarrhea in a salmonella ward! My observation and description is right on about your vial venomous load of vitriol feces! If anyone is far gone it is you, I am sad to inform you! I only hope you and your staff grow up and someday learn how to use intellect and facts to deliver your vial disgusting trash lacking in fact and any assemblance of the truth! You are a dud (round that goes down range and does nothing) or total miss fire (a round that files to discharge, useless, has no merit).

You say you were a First Lieutenant but as a Mustang Officer myself I find it impossible to believe. It must have cost you or your family a great deal of money for you to pass College. Your writings are childish and without facts and/or merit! You couldn’t debate anyone with the pile of manure your website bellows to uneducated, unethical and the mentally handicapped!

At least I use facts and intelligence to disprove, debunk and trivialize the over exaggerated, uneducated, fact less tripe you so well attempt to disseminate and/or promulgate. Anyone believing what your website states probably couldn’t score in the positive single digits on an I.Q. test!

I hope you seek and get help for your mental condition and someday realize how moronic and ignorant your website articles really are! I hope you can get the help you and anyone who believes the crap you dispense without any facts or one speck of intelligent thoughts!

I only hope your condition is not permanent, otherwise all I can do is pray for you and that you don’t contaminate too many morons with your intellectually lacking comments and imbecilic articles! Debating liberals like on your website is like me being armed with a gun and liberals bringing a club to a gun fight! Liberals are nothing but red doper diaper morons! I am not attacking you personally, as we never met; but, your website and contributors are all ignorant of the truth and lack any grounds of facts! I pray your staff grows up and seeks mental health help! I truly feel sorry for all of you and the bizarre realm you all live in!

I’ll pray for all of you!!!!!!!!


William H. Squire III
1LT, Inf., U.S. Army 1987 – 92
SSgt. U.S. Army, 1st Ranger Bn, 1982 – 87
U.S.M.C. , Co. A 3rd Force Recon (Quang Tri, Phu Bai, Dong Ha, Hue, RSV), 2nd Recon Bn 1972 – 82


Reply Rack Jite: Gosh! I love the part in your header that says HIGH IMPORTANCE! Indeed! Notice the gun references throughout. BTW, this was from a string of emails claiming I use hate rather than INTELLECT to make my case! Hypocrisy meter off the scale.

Subject: Self-implode
From:   Mark Lohman <[email protected]>
Date:   Sat, Aug 18, 2007 8:12 pm
To:       [email protected] Jack(ass)

You and your writers are disgusting vermin! You are obviously a very bitter individual.  Why not take your bitterness, self-defeating attitude and move to a communist country. Contributing Americans are not interested in this trash.

Reply Rack Jite: One has to contribute more than listening to Rush Limbaugh to be considered a good American.

Reply Mark Lohmn: You’re despicable human debris. I suggest you move to the Middle East with the other towel heads…


Subject: American Shithead Awards
From: “avi rhodes” <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, August 09, 2007 11:15 pm

Man, it must be a real kick in the balls every time you look at that 1998 runner up.
“…he lasted only a few months before he was dumped back to that computer in his empty bedroom.”
And he’s still there, having a million times more influence than your crapty little site will ever have. Fking liberal idiots.  Move to France. AR

Reply Rack Jite: Well, good to seen some new hatemail from you nitwits!


From: robert@@cwnet – you are the most ignorant cksucker that I have yet come across on the internet you should be hung by your balls and beaten with a bat until you come to your senses.

Reply Rack Jite: It’s the nature of the Beast.


From: Rack Jite  Gosh, your entire little world is slobbering over guns.

Reply: eddie@@CompuServe.com  I can slober all over my guns and still put one between your eyes, twixie.


From: amone@@hotmail.com  what a gay site, just glad that i’ve owned a gun since i was 8. Buy a gun, Piss off a liberal. thinking about moving texas to get away from liberal trash. So whats so bad about your “gun owners shooting 15 year olds?” what did they expect to get for stealing hubcaps? a slap on the wrist like u’d like? thats why we have all these screwed up kids in america. If we didnt have liberal parents and had alittle more discipline things might have turned out better. I dont recall a rash of school schootings in the conservative years of america. Seems to be a recent problem that ur not gonna fix with more gun laws.

Reply by Rack Jite:  Well said!


Very Weird Mail

From: magic <[email protected]> Hello of friends! Someone makes your life hell? I can help you! I can influence the fate so negatively by concentration of humans so that it to die! I have this ability since my childhood. Why functioned I do not know it. I need only one photo (no printing, no in-scanned picture etc.!) and the rufnamen of the person. The effect usually occurs within 2 months by a usually which was to blame for accident. I can influence the type of the accident. Information about the normal endangerment of the person (e.g. weapons, driving a car, mountain pastes etc..) increase the probability of success. If I daily 10 minutes invest and 30 days am situated my success ratio with approx. 60%! Prices: 50 US $ per day probability of success: Only 1 day: approx. 10% (50 US$) until 30 days: approx. 60 % (1500 US $) Who wants to use the chance transmits cash (US $ or equivalent in other currency), photo and above-mentioned information on Code: magic p.o. box 45 A-3830 Waidhofen/Th Austria Europe. emails in another language than German are ignored!

Reply Rack Jite:  Do I have this right? You want people all over the world to send you a box of crap? Okay, its on the way!


From: LINDA@@ms.com  Hello! My name is Linda, and I suppose you might classify me as one of your “hypocritical little Right-wing witches.” I was outraged about former president Clinton’s escapades in the Oval Office with a young intern not because I have anything against “bjs,” as you so eloquently put it, but because he was not only cheating on his wife, but he was also disgracing the office of the presidency while being paid by American taxdollars. And furthermore, he lied about it while under oath, which is perjury, a serious crime punishable in most cases by jail time or a fine. He, of course, did not receive any true punishment for his crimes because he is wealthy and powerful. I am not in favor of asking every celebrity or public official about his or her private sex life, but when one is brought to court regarding sexual harassment charges, and one decides to lie while under oath, I think that one should be held accountable. Regarding your farce of a Web site, the very fact that you classify conservative women as “hypocritical witches” only serves to reveal the utter simplicity and vulgarity of your arguments. While I realize and respect that your right to say these offensive and simplistic statements on the World Wide Web is protected by the First Amendment, I do wish that you would consult a thesaurus when trying to find a word to describe conservative women. For anyone who can find no better word to use than a vulgar slang term such as “witch,” is someone to be pitied. Good day!

Reply Rack Jite:  You haven’t read the site all that well. For I do have that name you are looking for, “slitches”. It ain’t in my thesarousy thingy here though, check yours. As to the content. Linda, I want to know who you have blown. I want a Federal grand jury to investigate your proclivity to BJs, I want your mother called, I want you to sell your house to pay the lawyer, I want you threatened with years in jail, and perhaps sending your mother to jail unless you tell the world exactly who you have blown, when you blew them, how you blew them, and give the Federal Government all  your clothes so they can test for semen stains. Or else you go to jail. Like you, we all want to adhere to the central conservative ideology of getting the Federal Government off our backs. Right?

From: LINDA@@ms.com  I do not give you permission to post my emails on your Web site or in any other publication. And as stated in federal copyright law, United States Code 17, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (H.R. 2281), and the Copyright Term Extension Act (S. 505), you are forbidden to “repost an email message without the written permission of the author.” Email messages are “tangible and fixed, therefore, they are copyrighted.” If you choose to post my emails on your Web site, I will be forced to seek legal representation. If you were an informed and conscientious citizen, you would already be aware of this law

Reply Rack Jite: Gosh…

From: LINDA@@msn.com   Hello, again! I’ve checked your Web site’s “hate mail” section and have found my email, and therefore, I am writing to inform you that unless you cease and desist the usage of my email which is copyrighted on your Web site, I will seek legal representation. Thank you! Linda

Reply Rack Jite: Gee…


CC’d to Rack Jite From: LINDA@@msn.com   Hello! My name is Linda Knoll, and recently, I have become an email victim of a certain liberal named “Rack Jite.” His website is: www.rackjite.com. I’m writing all of you because I found that you were also published on his “hate mail” page of his Web site. Like you, I was offended by Rack Jite’s insulting and moronic Web site, and so I wrote him an email telling him what I thought of it. He proceeded to insult me and my intelligence with offensive emails. However, it is because he decided to publish my private email on his Web site that I am so outraged. I just wanted to let all of you know that if you do not want your emails to be published on this man’s most insulting Web site, then you are entitled under the law to insist that they be removed. I do give all of you permission to quote my email if you choose to do so. Good luck and I hope I have not bothered any of you. I just thought that fellow conservatives and decent-minded individuals should stick together. Thanks! Linda.

Reply Rack Jite: What did you do, post this on the FreeRepublic.com board?

From: rakina@@hotmail.com  So I continue to be sent emails from your liberal site reguarding my letters. The fact you have dared to defile both a good and moral white woman with your poisonous ways, and one of my favorite websites offends me deeply! Looks like you are going to have to visit the law offices of Abraham Bronstein or else take your piece of crap website down. Here is my honest advice: just be careful. Despite your liberal equality lies, you can always count on one thing. Just like blacks will always be fat stupid lazy ugly blacks, jews will always be greedy blood sucking vampire rodent race (eternal jews) who control 95% of film, paper, and TV. Make sure you go over your accounting twice or that lawyer might JEW you to death! I mourn the fellow patriot and solider Tim McVeigh. He will always live on in our hearts as a symbol of resistance. But the fact that the Feds executed a beaner wetback drug dealer spixican soon after ALMOST makes up for it. Unlike great patriot Tim, the beaner wetback begged and cried for mercy and forgiveness. Hahahaah! This country will never move to a ’liberal democracy’ . In fact I see a future where it will move to the way things ought to be over the dead bodies of many liberals. You’ve dug your ditch, now lie in it . The tides of history are against you. Just a friendly warning. Oh and where can you find a gun show with a working modern flame thrower? The best I could find was an antique russian model. Please have your friend email me. Godbless!
Reply Rack Jite: Gosh Linda…. You got some swell pals!

From: Merciless@@aol.com  As stated in federal copyright law, United States Code 17, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (H.R. 2281), and the Copyright Term Extension Act (S. 505), you are forbidden to “repost an email message without the written permission of the author. Also you are under violation of article 56 of the Uniform code of Military Justice for impersonating a retired officer . As you know if you have any military service at all you are under the UCMJ. This is a federal crime with punishments of up to 20 years in a federal prison (death during wartime) , or a fine of up to $150,000. I suggest you remove the hate mail section of your website due to 43 people who WILL be pressing charges, and then you’ll have the good old UCMJ to deal with also. Just remember your own liberal lawmakers created the Copyright Term Extension Act and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 . I hope that clears things up for you, If you would like, I can send you another email going into greater detail about these articles.

Reply Rack Jite: He’s a Freeper, she’s a Freeper are you a Freeper too?

From: Laye@@law.com  Sir, Serious complaints were sent to my office, and I have been retained to investigate you and your web site. As I have done so,I have found that my clients are correct in their concerns, pertaining to the slanderious and defameing comments, and the nature and character of the content therein. This is to notify you that you should retain an attorney forthwith, as an impending suit is now being drawn up, and you should know that you will need representation in a court of law in your defence.  Be aware that defimation of character and slander are very serious offences, and can become very costly to you, should you be found guilty by a joury of your piers.  Should you have any quandry to the seriousness of these offences, please do not hesitate to email this office at your earliest convienience, and I will try to explain the finer points of the law to you. Sent by Law Mail
Reply Rack Jite: Joury of my piers, hey?

From: Laye@@law.com   Sir, apparently, you believe this to be a joke! I would like to assure you that this is no joke. You have offended many people with your conquest of personal distruction, and your liberal left wing radical openions. Mabe you havent noticed, but it is the Socialist Democrats who have inacted Political Correctness, and push for the issue to be implemented into society. No Sir, this is no joke! Your slander and defimation of character, through immuendo, went beyond your “FUN”, as YOUR fun is about to begin.
I have informed you so that you can prepair to defend your actions before a judge and joury, and with all of the evidence that has been collected from your web pages, I still strongly suggest that you do all that you can in preparation of your defence. The country is tired of mean spiritedness, and you Sir, have exibited exactly what is wrong in this country today, with slanderious defimation of character and mean spirited immuendo. This is what we are trying to stop so that the children of America are no longer subjected to hate
mongering, biggotry, racism, and radical anarchists, such as yourself. Again, this is for your information. And by no means is this matter for you to igmore.
Reply Rack Jite: I won’t igmore any immuendos you have inacted. But I am in a quandry that mabe your exibited openions are better examples of your defameing slanderious biggotry than mine. Your defimation concerning the distruction of my website is a mere convienience on your part. I suggest you prepair a better defence.  


From – gatto@@gone.fishing.com What a shame! This day will go down in history as the day when unabashed liberal thugs stole a house seat from a good and decent man, a war hero, Robert Dornan. I have a dream: there will be a day when this liberal vs. conservative debate will be finalized: in just a few hours we will seize all liberals in the U.S., truck them to some remote place (WY, ID would work great), line them up along ditches and shoot.

Reply Rack Jite:  Hard to tell the Republicans from the Libertarians anymore. Though B1 Bob did crash three jet planes into the ground, it was all stateside, and he was never anywhere close to a war. He is the classic Chickenwhawk.


From: dcd@@houston.geoquest.com  The Davidians certainly have reason to have a grudge against the BATF, since it was the BATF’s overzealousness and recklessness which caused the whole thing in the first place. However, I doubt they were involved for another reason contrary to popular opinion, they are not violent and abhor the deaths of innocents, and besides the few that have survived are mostly sitting around in federal prisons right now. Don’t tread on me

Reply Rack Jite: MY GOD MAN! NON VIOLENT! The Branch Davidians murdered 4 policeman, shot 16 more, then burned their place down killing 80 people – pluggin a third of them -WOMEN AND CHILDREN- in the head. Not to mention they were dealing in hand grenades and converting rifles to machine guns, were porking twelve year old girls, were beating the crap out of babies and have had shootouts with assault weapons before. MY GOD! YOU PEOPLE! GET A GRIP

Reply: weidne@@pitt.edu  Is Rack ready to undergo 48 hours of CS gassing with only a towel for “protection?” Put my name on the top of the list of those who would administer it.


From: lthompson@@quest.net  For those who asked for documentation concerning allegations against Morris Dees, Southern Poverty Law Center, of pedophilia and homosexual, among other perversions, the following is….

Reply Rack Jite: Ms Thompson, I have an allegation against you. As acting SpokesQueen of the militias I thought your appearance on a few news programs last year showed you to be even more stupid that those you purport to represent. You had been marketing a video to militia groups concerning Jesus of Waco, the central thrust of which was a piece which you said proved the FBI started the fire. The scene you cited as the proof was a bit of fire falling on the tank retriever as it first entered the building. Various news agencies took your video to task by slowing it down and enhancing it to find what you call fire, is a piece of drywall. Of course such lies are expected from you and your mud dumb militia friends, but your response on national television was what set you apart. After making all your money on the video with the central theme the fire on the tank proved the FBI started it, when they showed you the enhanced clip, you accepted it as true and said, “It doesn’t matter.” Gosh… It doesn’t matter? It was the whole point of your video. Are you daft?


From: fireman@@acces.com  Walk into any gun store and you can still pickup a SKS for 137.00. You can still buy clips for every handgun and rifle, over 10 rounds. Estimates are, there is a 10 year supply of most clips and a 3 year supply of most banned weapons. That 10 and 3 to even get’em out of the stores. With 3, 10 round clips, I can draw and put 26 shots on target, while moving with 3 clip changes in 26 seconds, and I’m slow. I’ve seen it done by other competitors in 18 seconds. I just bought me a new .45 ACP and have sent off to the factory for the 2 pre-ban 14 round clips they offer. Since I’m a IPSC member I should be able to get 2 more. Don’t that just phis you off? heheheh. The Soviet in the White House, IS the best gun salesman that has ever been alive. I bought my first firearm, 2 SKS’s the day after the passage of the amendment to the crime bill that would ban these firearms and clips, and in what, about a year, I now have bought 7 firearms without waiting, thanks to the instant background check. I bought 2 SKS’s, one for me and one for my son. I’m laughing all the way to the range.
Reply Rack Jite: The job interviewer asked each candidates hobby:

Oh I have a green house and raise orchids.

I mountain climb.

I do some skin diving.

I like to camp and go canoeing.

I fish on weekends.

I joined the astronomy club.

I buy as many guns as I can afford and spend all my free time with my children blowing the crap out of whatever we can find.

Who ya gonna call?


From: gunhed@@cr.com  Ever heard of Young Americans for Freedom? We look for left-wingers who are themselves looking for a fight, then… persuade… them to avoid violence. There will be no “knocking”conservatives around. Period. Steve, happily and proudly initiated into the YAF this weekend


From: billy@@minds.com  This is fkin’ rich. How do you know this? Hey, “Emma”- is this true?? Are you really Smith?…if you *are* then you really fooled me because I never recognized you. Yo, Smith: “Emma”had a chance to sort out her ethics and give up a life of Tit-Sucking at my expense. *You* are in line for the smokey end of a 7.62. Keep pushing it, pal. You have no idea what you’re fooling around with, and I’m not talking about *me*. Billy

Reply Rack JiteAny liberal choosing not to use their real name to keep deranged gunloons like you from their front door are endlessly outed, investigated, then have their names, addresses and phone numbers shoved up across the net, usually accompanied with the swarthy lies, libel and threats you Right-wing/libertarian little creeps dwell in. And the thousands of little Right-wing/libertarian netscabs who use false names you never mention. Why is that you think?


From: wintek@@frog.net  Screw you! The only thing that you know about conservatives is that they are driven by truth! (Unlike liberals who insist on childish name-calling and distorted facts.) Where are you from? New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston? Your gun poem is quite funny. I have got a big gun…several in fact. You Suck!

Reply Rack Jite:  Well excuse me. If you got several big guns then yer cool and I suck.


From: Voltaire@@chelsea.com  RENO, Nev. – A powerful bomb in a 30-gallon drum was found Monday in a parking lot outside an Internal Revenue Service office but fizzled before its lit fuse could do much damage.

Reply: poul@[email protected]  Darn. Too bad it didn’t go off!

Reply: billy@@mindspring.com  Hey, Voltaire: Are you still fking your daughter in the ass and turning your mother out on the streets? Billy


mike@@nospam.vis.com  No, it’s too bad for you, Jason. You’re just the sort of smug bastard who isn’t smart enough to keep his mouth shut come the revolution. You’ll lip off to the wrong guy then, and you’ll die for it. When will the revolution begin? Nothing improves until you kill the a wholes. As a selfish bastard, I think it would have done US alot of good had Europe fallen.When-o-when will people start shooting these sonsawitches….. Fun would be you tied to a chair and me with a blowtorch. Since the true purpose of Social Security is deceit and fraud, the government is abominable and must be overthrown or replaced… It’s the elk rifle with telescopic sight and low-light intensifier you’d best worry about in the times ahead. Your alleged concern for my happiness is most touching, come the revolution, I might refrain from shooting you first. When it is overthrown, the thieves will be beheaded.


From: wpld@@infi.net  Its people like you that helped in my decision to join the nra goa idpa, im not sure if i should thank you, see joining these orgs to fight you takes money that could be better served as primers or brass.


From: ulaney@@cr.com  ARE WE F—ING IDIOTS? WAKE UP AMERICA! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! This is NOT a little battle of slight differences in belief systems. This “thing”of right and left. No! I am NOT a conspiracist – I spent my earlier years LAUGHING at leftists claiming giant conspiracies by the right but now it is clear. I’VE HEARD ENOUGH! Its not US – ITS THE LEFTISTS! Left-wingers are actually Communists. They war against liberty in order to instill a one-world Communist government. The evil is insidious and surrounds us. Yes….this seems to be the eve of a great storm, friends. A single point of evidence: I have 3 kids. I AM THE FATHER and MY WIFE IS THE MOTHER. WE raise them according to OUR BELIEFS! HOWEVER: Hilary has been working in secret for months now and Clinton just signed the UN document which, if passes through Congress is LAW, gives authority to a UNITED NATIONS agency total control over how our children are brought up. NOT US! NOT EVEN THE US GOVERNMENT! THE SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST CONTROLLED UNITED NATIONS!!!! and WHO CONTROLS the UNITED NATIONS??? WHO??????????? If any school, public or private, teaches our children ANYTHING (history, social behavior, politics etc.) that WE PARENTS don’t agree with and IF WE PARENTS re-teach our children the truth as we know it WE PARENTS will be in VIOLATION of the UN authority and we can lose our children. They will be removed from our homes and placed in centralized RE-EDUCATION institutions. We PARENTS CAN EVEN GO TO JAIL! Our children MUST, according to the NEA, be taught THEIR VIEW of the world and if WE PARENTS dare to teach otherwise, for example, that Reagan was a great president, WE CAN LOSE OUR CHILDREN. And so I say WAKE UP, AMERICA! THIS IS WAR! NOW!


From: mort@@shore.org  This is to the two (or more) individuals who allegedly blew up the federal building in OK City.  Dear Sirs:  You have done what teams of appologists from Chuckie “Kapo”Schumer to William Jethro KKKlintoon couldn’t. You’ve turned monsters into heroes. Yes, that’s right. You’ve turned the Gestapo into the Girl Scouts. You have done the impossible. You have made the BATF appear less evil than they actually are. And in the process of doing this, you managed to kill dozens of children, pensioners, veterans, and assorted civil servants. And guess what, if killing BATF agents was your goal, you FAILED. You didn’t kill ONE. Not a SINGLE BATF agent was killed, nor are any missing. Not only are you monsters in your own right, you’re INCOMPETANT monsters… just like the BATF. Unfortunately, you failed to kill each other as the BATF managed to do at Waco. So, while you await execution, you’ll rest secure in the knowledge that while parents cry for their children, those drooling wretches will be back at work, with a new Confederate flag and “Oklahoma State Nigger Hunting License”… and they’re LAUGHING. Laughing at those who died in their place. And laughing at YOU. BATF – NAMBLA with Guns.

Reply Rack Jite:  So here we are a few days after the Oklahoma bombing and the only thing that makes you angry is they didn’t kill enough cops.  Gee…


From: dave@@brut.bright.net  This calls for my famous quote: “Ignorance can be cured, but stupidity is lifelong.” dave bick NRA Life (really) Hell, I bought two guns already this year and its only february…love em!


From: hardy@@direct.com  The white-eyed scumsucking dog no attempt to apologize for Waco. He attempt to justify it! He probably would been at Wounded Knee, abusing self with dervishlike abandon, while Gatlings fired on our houses. Now they massacre blacks and hispanics at Waco, kill their children, burn their home, bulldoze their land. Waco was white (and black) man’s Wounded Knee. I say we take some scalps now! Dibs on Schumer–good head of hair!


From: jg@@delta.com  Damn right. I have not an iota of what YOU term “conciousness”. That is, I am not touchy-feely, yuppie “diversity”aware, “sensitivity”conditioned, or “multiculturally enabled”. I was raised to be a tough-minded son of a witch. And guess what? The program, she worked. In other words, Don’t Tread On Me. Would I weep if Clinton were to be assassinated? Only if they didn’t get Gore too! And, news flash, you would be AMAZED at how many citizens of this here republic feel EXACTLY the same way…You will get a chance to observe this on November 8.


From: henry@@portal.edu  I suggest all you rightwingers put your money where your mouth is then.
Reply: tyler@@serv.net  How about this Right-winger put his gun where your mouth is??? God bless.

Reply Rack Jite:  Spoken as a true child of Christ! Tell us more about your guns Tyler. How many ya got there and what M&Ms, oughts and calipers are they?


From: dana@@world.net  No I prefer to shoot them. The only good liberal is one that has died.

Reply Dave@@mte.edu  The less of the anti-religious, antigun, tax and spend liberals there are around the better there are and then the normal people can set this country straight. Dave (the Messiah) …the right of citizens to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed “Fill your hands you son of a witch” True Grit-John Wayne


From: john@@net.com  And trust me: I *do* ‘keep my bullet in my pocket’; along with those 9MM magazines on my ‘Sam Brown’ belt and my speed-loader for my backup revolver. Next time I’m down visiting friends in League City I’ll stop off in Houston and pick up Dan; then you can stop off there in Seabrook and pick up [Rack Jite] and we can all go over to _Tookies_ and ‘argue’ the 2nd Amendment over a hamburger

Reply Rack Jite:  Cool! You forgot your usual crap there Officer Fife. You put up my suspected name but not my suspected drivers license number, social security number, home address and a gif map to my house this time as most of you gunloons do to intimidate those you disagree. What? The guns weighing down yer brain there pal?


From: gunsareus@@family.com  This message is being brought to you by EMAIL BLASTER 2.5 software. If you would like a FREE copy of this software or any of our other HOT programs ABSOLTELY FREE call our FAX ON DEMAND number at 213-960-7822. GUNS ARE US will have a limited supply of a wide assortment of new Para Ordnance Factory high capacity magazines. We are offering them for sale at $109.95 for one and $95.95 for two or more. We will begin shipping these on Monday August 11, 1997. All major credit cards accepted with no surcharge Add $5 shipping on all orders in any quantity. These are in very limited supply. Sincerely, Guns Are Us.


From: bang@@concen.net  Bang Says: Sheesh, more bandwidth wasted with this silly comparison [Rack Jite’s table on handgun deaths by country]. Hey, Americans enjoy killing one another, plain and simple. And, frankly, who gives a rat’s ass? HCI – The organization that would rather see a woman lifeless in an alley with her pantyhose knotted around her neck than to see her with a gun in her hand.

The bulk of my hatemail is much like this. The dimbulb gun mentality.

Reply Rack Jite:  I  have neither the foolish machismo nor the neurotic paranoia needed to join your war wagon. And I always have to ask. Do you have anything else going for you in your life other than THE GUNS?


From: RS63@@aol.com  Love your recently posted hate mail, but this just can’t be true; you–a gun owner??? Now tell the truth, if you really own a gun, WHY??? What in God’s name (Oops sorry, didn’t mean to offend anyone) would you be doing with a gun. Do you have real ammo for this gun? Don’t give me any of that conservative crap about owning a gun to protect you and your loved ones from psychotic killers that would just as soon as kill you and your family as look at you (but still do not deserve the death penalty) pieces of dog crap waste of sperm csuckers. Ooops Again!!! I said “Csuckers” my apologies to the “Gay Community”—-Ooops; I mean “Alternative Lifestyle”. I’ll get it right some day or I’ll find myself in court with one of those “Only care about their client and not about money” civil rights lawyers. By the way, can I send you a complimentary one month membership to the NRA. If not how about a copy of the Bible-No? The Constitution–Bill of Rights–Pledge of Allegiance—-National Anthem——–God Bless America??———- America the Beautiful????? Help Me!!!!!! I am out of ideas to help you!!!!

Reply by Rack Jite: Your altruism is duly noted. Queers and civil rights are the problem hey? My gun is a double barrel shotgun I use once a year to go duck hunting with my dad. It’s out of sight and out of mind for the other 360 days each year, for sadly, I do not suffer the same abject paranoia, machismo and bigotry you seem to have dedicated your life to. Keep your literature. You may find it soothing as you dodge weapons of mass destruction running through the sand on your way to Baghdad. I am sure being the fine patriotic American you are, you walk the walk of the talk you talk. Right? All signed up to go are you?


From: im911@@hotmail.com  Hello, My name is Tim and I am not usually ofended by much.

Reply by Rack Jite: What about horrid painful liberalism?

From: im911@@hotmail.com  Even your horrid painful liberalism doesnt bother me enough to write.

Reply by Rack Jite: There ya go.

From: im911@@hotmail.com  What I think is wrong is your awful look at gun owners.

Reply by Rack Jite: I am a gun owner, that is not where the awfulness lies, its those who are so wrapped up in guns that they even go so far as to claim love for them.

From: im911@@hotmail.com  I love guns and have my whole life.

Reply by Rack Jite: There ya go. By the way, do your guns love you back?

From: im911@@hotmail.com  I belive many laws on the books are wrong. Why must you mock us and group us with the KKK and other groups like that.

Reply by Rack Jite: Well there are not a few famous racists, who like you,“love guns. Like David Duke, Bo Grits and Randy Weaver to name a few. There is also that pleasant group of gun lovers like Koresh, Klebold, Harris and the few hundred like them who go on shooting rampages in schools and work places. And of course not to forget those heavy duty gun lovers like Osoma Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein who don’t even get their pictures taken without holding a gun they love. Hey?

From: im911@@hotmail.com  Whats wrong with guns and enjoying them.

Reply by Rack Jite: See above.

From: im911@@hotmail.com  All we are doing is destroying paper and making a little noise. Not all gun owners are “conservanazi’s” although I am conservative.

Reply by Rack Jite: And the difference is?

From: im911@@hotmail.com  We arent hurting anyone so shut the hell up about things you dont understand. Tim

Reply by Rack Jite:  I do understand. Not everyone has the intellect to get beyond the simplicity of a gun. But I am sure you could learn to work a can opener or perhaps even a toothbrush if you put your mind to it. 


From: weav@@bellsouth.net  Within every liberal is a conservative who hasn’t yet been victimized. You keep cowering in fear behind locked doors and barred windows relying on a thin telephone line and the quick response of overworked police to protect you. Fear and insecurity lie just below the anger and hatred of your writings. You have my sympathy.

Reply by Rack Jite:  How silly! That is the direct opposite of the truth. It is you gunloons who live in a state of  insecurity and fear. It’s why you are gunloons.


From: Caruso@@yahoo.com  Love your site! Liberal hogwash and the finest satire! It is really a shame to waste all your talent on this very sadistic backward cause! There is no deference in your message here then the KKK or Neo Nazi’s! Hate is Hate! Caruso Eddie Eagle ®

Reply by Rack Jite:  Eddie Eagle? Isn’t that the NRA cartoon personality doing for guns what Joe Camel did for smoking; making kids think it’s cool. From your reasoning, the NRA who pushes more hate out at Sara Brady, Ranet Reno and the ATF than I have ever seen  pushed anywhere other than in an Ann Coulter quote, must be much closer to Neo Nazi’s and the KKK than I am. Hey?


From: mocc@@rmi.net  Seeing your page in all its glory, I assume your open to constructive critique. You should have a web-counter to reflect how many decent minded individuals emphatically inform you that you suck. See we’ve got the traditional media to spout liberal garbage. That is why Matt Drudge is popular, that’s why people listen to Ken Hamblin radio. I can’t help but think your lacking for a following (NEA aside). See animals are for eatin, guns are for shootin. And ‘wife’ is an acronym for Washing Ironing Fornicating Etcetra. etc most often refers to the making of a sandwich. Thanks kindly for your time.

Reply by Rack Jite: Gosh… Do you wear a black trench coat to school? 


From: suburb@@aol.com  Okay, now here’s the story. This here is God’s country. My Bible’s for reading my gun is for shooting, and my flag is for waving. You may hate the Bible, guns, and the flag, if you do, I don’t see any walls around this great country, go to China where they’ve burned all the Bibles, taken all the guns (except from the government, millitary, and police) and you’ll get to burn as many red, white, and blues as you want and get applauded for it. I like my rifle, and I like shooting it, guns are for shooting. Simple as that. If you don’t like it then don’t come to my house. I’ve got a weapon more dangerous then any gun, and that’s God’s word.

Reply by Rack Jite: Gosh. And a GED too I bet…
From: fowler@@cybertron.com  ROTFLMAO!!! Ted Kennedy’s car has killed more people than all my firearms combined.

Reply by Rack Jite:  You gunloons kill more people every three years than we lost in Vietnam. But always remember, you do serve some good purpose with the space you take up. You make millions of the rest of us think we are a lot more wonderful than we really are.


From: cox@@kc.rr.com  I was looking at your list for how many was kill in each county and you said that 22 was kill in England in 1990 and know that the IRA in there I find that imposable to believe. So how more have you lied about Bill

Reply by Rack Jite:  Ah, another fine conservative wordsmith. I think you are confusing handguns with tnt, car bombs and hand grenades. 


From: thrak@@hotmail.com  This country was founded by “right wing gun nuts” who fought and died so that YOU could live in a country great enough to tolerate the lies and poison you spread on your site. Only in those days they were called PATRIOTS. As for kids getting shot, safety training is the answer. I don’t see how licensing and registering guns will actually “protect” children. It is just building up to the gun grab you libs can’t wait to pull on us. I don’t see why you liberals always have to hide your true intentions behind misleading non-sense. It is because you are self-hating maggots that want to tear town others in the name of “equality” and “fairness” because you envy their achievements. As for your little bit about pro-gunners’ wanting blacks to shoot themselves to death. Well IF I was black I’d probably think of that as a racist statement. Are you saying that people of color are so uncivilized without you white liberals looking over them, that they would destroy each other like children playing with matches? That is what it sounds like to me, you hypocrite. The bottom line is you suck and your site sucks. Your philosophy is wrong and there is not one point on your page that makes and ounce of sense. Why don’t you just take your page offline, get a job, make some money, buy a dodge viper and huge house, have sex with a different supermodel each week, stop your crybaby altruism and compassion bullcrap, vote republican, libertarian, or nazi, and join the NRA and the KKK. Because America will be a better place if you do.

Reply by Rack Jite:  I really enjoyed your message but I had to snip it down because it was just too long for this venue. I am sure I didn’t miss any of your fine points though. Good to see you looking out for the Black community. But I most enjoyed you putting Republicans, Libertarians and Nazis all in the same boat there. And then! Doing the same with the NRA and the KKK! Well done. Couldn’t of said it better myself. 
From: thrak@@hotmail.com  I’m glad you liked my mail, if you would like an application to join my 1000% American Freedom Patriot Militia (Georgia Chapter) let me know and I’ll mail it out to you. Our enemy is the UN and the one world communist new order, and once we expose the TRUTH (yes the government and media have been LYING to us), the US armed forces will join with us, to defeat the cancer of evil liberals in our government and send one world government commie traitors TO JAIL. I spoke with Bob Barr recently (my congressman) and he says he is behind us, so don’t doubt our power. After we win here are our goals 1) expulsion of all unamericans, and full use of Military to smash illegal immigrants and subverters. 2) creation of a separate state for those of african descent (we are thinking of giving them california) to solve all racial problems once and for all. OR buy them a boat ride back to Africa, we brought them here, so I suppose we owe them a ride back (but nothing else) 3) Elimination of all Federal taxes except with consent of the states (Articles of Confederation or the Confederate States of America is a good basis) 4) No welfare or social security 5) getting back to God and the Bible 6) Extension of the 2nd Amendment, requirement for all households to keep
and maintain at least one firearm. (Like the ordinance here in Kennesaw Ga) 7) legalized sucession and reparations to all former confederate states (and ancestors off all those who lost property) who were wrongfully denied their right to leave the union
Reply by Rack Jite:  You seem to be an upright and honest conservative and I am sure you voted a straight Republican ticket.


From – Richard@@starbase.neosoft.com

That said, I have nothing against eliminating every single program that gives money or support to people who have not labored to earn it. IE: axe AFDC, Food Stamps, WIC, School Lunch, ad infinitum. “That recipe is private property, free enterprise, and individual freedom…. We will keep the cake and share the Puller recipe.” Senator Phil Gramm, next President of the United States at Texas A&M declaring his candidacy Feb 24, 1995

Reply Rack Jite:  If millions of people have no stove, no ingredients and no bowls to mix the recipe, what then? Obviously those aforementioned programs will be replaced by the BRING OUT YOUR DEAD wagons. Which, as I read more and more crap from you conservative and Libertarian bastards, is what you’re really after. You ask what all the losers did before there were social programs to help them (civilization). They died of disease and  malnutrition. So what huh?


From – anonymous@@anonymous.com I saw Rep Sonny Bono interrogating some of KKlintoon’s socialist lackeys. He looks more and more like presidential material.

Reply Rack Jite:  A dumb Right-wing grade-B Hollywood actor? Would he? Could he? But it is possible, the American voter would rather have a Right-wing dead guy rather than a Democrat for President.


From: Callanan@@aol.com  I am the webmaster if the Unofficial Dornan 2000 Home Page. You can visit it at the Dornan2000,org  of the things you report about Mr. Dornan are false. Your pablum puking has reached a new level.

Reply Rack Jite:  Dornan as President! BOGGLES THE MIND! And you know, after watching his disgusting antics over the years I only recently realized what his problem is: most of the time, he’s drunk.


From: lipscomb@@hotmail.com  Extremism is an idealist belief system, whether you are on the extreme left or the extreme right of the political spectrum. Your focus is attacking the extreme right, while ignoring the extreme left. Perhaps that’s because you are on the extreme left. Extremists are a danger to our society and their ,unrealistic views promote hate, distrust and divide us a nation. Your web site has these negative attributes: hate, distrust and divide. Shame on you!

Reply Rack Jite: Your message only attacks those on the (presumed) extreme left, thus, from your reasoning, I have no choice but to assume you are on the extreme Right and responsible for all world awfulness. Or did I miss the cc:’s you added to the NRA, The Free Republic, the Rush Limbaugh Show, FOX News, Newt Gingrich, Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party and so on, and so forth?  


From – Ken@@Bogner.com  What do you think of Dan Quayle For President?

Reply Rack Jite:  I think we deserve Dan Quayle as President. Here are some of my favorite Quayle Quotes:


“Hawaii has always been a very pivotal role in the Pacific. It is in the Pacific. It is a part of the United States that is an island that is right here.”

 “We are ready for any unforeseen event that may or may not occur.”

 “What a waste it is to lose one’s mind or not to have a mind. How true that is.”

 “Mars is essentially in the same orbit. Mars is somewhat the same distance from the sun, which is very important. We have seen pictures where there are canuals, we believe, and water. If there is water, that means there is oxygen. If oxygen, that means we can breathe.”

 “The Holocaust was an obscene period in our nation’s history…this century’s history…. We all lived in this century. I didn’t live in this century.”

 “You need to take these life-threatening drugs seriously and get them on the market.”


From: marel@@earthlink.net – I’ll be glad when the next Civil War comes. We’ll wipe out all of you hairy buttloving communists. Then we’ll hang all of your ACLU lawyers when the war is over. The majority of Americans do not agree with that Socialist crap that gets fed to them everyday. When those Socialists don’t get their way they go to their ACLU lawyers, and they say to hell with the majority. Something else I can’t stand about Socialists is that they trample the constitution and they love the U.N. more than America. Their goal is a One World Government that will take control of everyones lives in every aspect. Talk about extreme, take a good look at you!!! I happen to be a part of “generation X” and I’m tired of the image that the media put on me. I don’t think like those Mtv People.

Reply Rack Jite: While you on the other hand make the X Generation proud!


From: Billy@@mindspring.com – If the dink motherf**ker [Rack Jite] was laying in the gutter in front of my neighborhood pub, starving to death, I could barrel straight over him with an 883 and not worry over anything more than his goo gumming up my rear chain.
Reply Rack Jite: Gosh Billy, prove my point about you conservative bastards why don’t you!


From: rommel@@flash.net – Jackoff: Liberals should be castrated. General Rommel Fort Worth , Tx (looking forword to a visit to Seabrook)

From: rommel@@flash.net – JACKWRONG: LIBERALS SUCK. General Rommel Ft. Worth Tx. (We have people in Seabrook…sea ya!)

Reply Rack Jite: We? Do you go to demonstrations wearing a white shirt and red tie?


From: paul@@caspers.net – The only good liberal is a converted one to be a conservative…you liberals should hear yourselves talk,, if you tape yourself, you would wonder how this great county every survived with out you… i am glad you people had little to no infulence on this country in the early stages of its development…If you all wern’t living off my dollar and actually started a business. for you self. then the tables would turn… but you would rather live off some one else than work for a living.

Reply Rack Jite: What kind of business are you in? Are you an English Teacher?


From: Kaczynski@@unabomber.bom – I have no idea what fantasy world you live in, but the conservatives do not control the media. Your liberal press has slandered the conservatives for ages. You have a closed mind, if any at all, and I venture to say no life either. Anyone that has watched or listened to the media can see the slant it puts on the truth to fit their purpose. Reading the tripe bull on your pages only reassures people that there are lunatics in our midst, and you are one of them. You probably think the Klintons are good people, not the immoral criminals from Arkansas that they are. But it is people such as you that make the scare tactics work. It is people like you that live to scare the masses into thinking you are right and all others are war mongers, killers, rapist, theives and worhtless, when it is actually just the opposite. You are the ones that want criminals turned loose, gays, and the immoral trash of society turned loose on t he rest of our society cause they have “rights”. Rights to inflict their immorals thoughts, deeds, and life styles on the rest of us. In short, you are the droppings of a society that has gone sore due to people like you and the Klinton horde of vandals that run rampant in our country. But rest assured that we shall overcome the trash of our society like you, and restore the moral values that you and your kind thrust upon us. Now go away and pedal your lies and corruption elsewhere….

Reply Rack Jite: Let me get this straight. You claim I am a lunatic while you use the name of an insane serial murderer? Does this mean that you will restore your moral values through a campaign of letter bombs? As you can see, my mail is bad enough as it is!


From: Randy@@penn.com – you suck you suck you suck you suck


From: kautz@@aol.com – If you do not like the conservatives, Republicans, or Rush, move back to the U.S.S.R. scum pond, where all the liberals climbed out from.


From: Eden@@aol.com – I typed in “liberal scum” and your page was what came up, along of course with various others. You people are such losers, such easy targets for humiliation because you are wrong about everything. Just thought you’d like to know.

Reply Rack Jite: Yeah, thanks!


From: one@@ix.netcom.com – I’m sure that one more flame mail is not going to bother you too much so I’ll not do that. I would like to ask you two serious questions; this is NOT a flame. Do liberals REALLY in their hearts of hearts believe that liberal idealology works? Is is truely a good thing for America? I’m not looking for provoke an arguement but I’d like to get your perspective. Thanks.

Reply Rack Jite: I’ll answer this only if you promise to stop sending me so much email. Liberalism bore the original concept of democracy in Greece, it bore the love not hate, forgiveness not vengeance original theme of Christianity. It bore the Reformation, the Enlightenment and the Renaissance. It halted slavery, ended the concept of women as property, stopped child labor, promoted unions creating a middle class which is the basis of capitalism. It gave women the vote, brought the old out of poverty with Social Security and Medicare. It beat Hitler, stopped Jim Crow and ended that dirty war in Vietnam. It has put a dent in the grievous pollution of our air and water and it at least tries to pull children out of poverty. Conservatives throughout all that time fought all those issues tooth and nail. Over the past generation America has suffered a very successful propaganda campaign from the Right, funded with billions of dollars it has managed to move the majority of voters to be not only proud of their selfish callous disregard, but to declare anyone who gives a crap about anything other than themselves either a moron, a socialist, a Marxist, a communist, a fascist, a NAZI, a fag, or all of the above. Now go away you little wiener.


From: john@@mailbag.com – The movers and shakers of this land (likeme not you) are always gonna survive and you loosers are always gonna whine.Now go flip the burger like a good little liberal and get those fries out of the grease, clown, you know I don’t like my kids eaten greasy fries, and wipe off the table, a whole, so they don’t get their little Calvin Kliens dirty. The liberals primary support seems to come from you fast food workers. I hope that the republican revolution doesn’t make things so good that wendy’s can’t still find loosers like you to clean the tables.

Reply Rack Jite: Let them eat cake, huh?


From: Rory@@swarz.net – Back then, dueling was a common way of dealing with ill-mannered louts. I doubt that you would have lived to eighteen with your sweet disposition and gentlemanly manners. Only in the twentieth century can people with your charming traits live.

Reply Rack Jite: I do understand how much conservatives want to go back a few centuries. Own a woman, a couple Negroes, and shoot anyone who says something you don’t like hearing. It’s the nature of the Beast.


From: Philip@@ix.netcom.com – The only ANAL retentive people I see here, is you JITE spewing that crap out of that trash mouth of yours. And if you were in front of me I, would close it with a baseball bat.


From: fischer@@netcom.com – Men don’t cause pregnancy!

Reply Rack Jite: Yeah Ray, It’s those watermelon seeds that does it!


From: matt@@combase.com – Did I ever tell you the one about Rack Jite exposing himself to a yard full of preschoolers? Any rational person hates liberals. Don’t forget it is liberals who expose themselves to schoolyards. That is why you were brought to the attention of the police.

Reply Rack Jite: I don’t much mind the libel or even the death threats from you little right-wing wienies, but I have to admit that when you put up the names of my children, the school they go to, my address, my phone number and the harassment it causes outside this medium, I get the ass. And what? You have been doing just that for most of a decade on the net. You are about as low as they go Matt. And now just the other day you said because conservative politics is not conservative enough for you, you’ve joined the Libertarian Party! At least thanx for that, I been trying to drill that concept into people for years.


From: joe@@gnn.com – The Demonrat party is a party of thieving,whining, baby killing monsters, we all know it and we are going to relegate you and your ilk to the thrash bin of history, where you belong. Just a little reading would fill you with disgust as you discover that under the Socialists we have turned the producers into demons and the moochers into saints. Your party is the party of the most vile, most wretched and despicable bunch of social whiners and cry babies ever to disgrace this great nation.

Reply Rack Jite: One good thing about this medium, conservatives say what conservatives think.


From: Harold@@whale.st.usm.edu – The idea that someone who has never learned to read would make an informed voter is, on the face of it, not likely. As a matter of fact, for those who wish, you could have the test read to them, since it is possible that they could become well enough informed to make an informed decision based on listening to the radio or TV (maybe not likely, but possible). The problem would be removing the bias from the test procedure. Possibly the test could be administered by computer, with the questions agreed to by a nonpartison, multiracial group? The possibility of poll taxes is remote, unless keyed to income, so that those below the poverty line would be exempt. Possibly more responsible would be keying votes to taxes. The higher the tax the more votes. In this fashion the people who are responsible for paying the bill would have a say in proportion to that responsibility.

Reply: frank@@cs.com – I’ve long believed that we need to have a test to allow a person to register to vote. The test would simply require a knowledge of the requirements of the office being voted for. I hardly think it unreasonable for a person voting for the president to know the function of the president. Instead of a poll tax a person should provide proof of employment.

Reply Rack Jite: Boy, you two conservatives have completely missed what a democracy is. Not all that surprising though hey?


From: david@@indirect.com – It drives me absolutely nuts to see people call KKKlintoon “liberal”. He’s about as liberal as Efrain Rios-Montt, Roberto D’Aubuisson, and Pik Botha. He is a thorough authoritarian with a consistent track record of espousing the sort of “guided democracy” which was the hallmark of the Pinochet regime in Chile.

Reply Rack Jite: So you believe Clinton is a conservative Republican. Okay.


From: squirrel@@ix.netcom.com – Had a subscription [Mother Jones] back in 1979, Fun magazine. They had a great article quoting jane fondle, saying the vietnamese “won” because of the “moral superiority” of communism. That year the great Abbie Hoffman also did an interview in hiding. He of course killed himself several years later, just like Mitch Snyder of bums-homeless fame. Liberals finally realize there philosophy kills people instead of helping them. Then they end it all.

Reply Rack Jite: No, it’s because they came to the sad truth that people like you are winning over this country and there seems to be nothing done about it. You forgot Phil Ochs.


From: mark@@softcom.net – what really attracts me are your wife’s tattoos and mustache. She really gets me going when she wears (her?) cammies and pulls out the whip and m-16. YEEEOW! Anyway, she’s hung like a donkey.


From: michael@@crl.com – Please! Stop it! Your’re killing me…. hehehe This takes all [PBS]… the need for a government program funded by taxes extracted from the paychecks of the American people that sends the money to a bunch of liberals so they can make inflammatory remarks about Christians so as to preserve “free speech”. (why are we spending more money to fight AIDS than liberalism? AIDS is not nearly as serious a disease as liberalism)


From: glass@@deltanet.com – Damn right. I have not an iota of what YOU term “conciousness”. That is, I am not touchy-feely, yuppie “diversity” aware, “sensitivity” conditioned, or “multiculturally enabled”. I was raised to be a tough-minded son of a witch. And guess what? The program, she worked. In other words, Don’t Tread On Me. Would I weep if Clinton were to be assassinated? Only if they didn’t get Gore too! And, news flash, you would be AMAZED at how many citizens of this here republic feel EXACTLY the same way…

Reply Rack Jite: I know there are tens of millions of conservative who feel just like you do. The media misses the story because so few will publicly express it as well as you.


From: glass@@deltanet.com – That is the general idea. Un-nerving liberals is FUN and it just might help restore American freedom and liberty, if we keep at it long enough. Uni-lateral? You betcha. When you speak the truth, why give ‘equal time’ to lies? The American people have been lied to for 40 years by the lowest scum to ever walk on two legs. Now they’re un-nerved. About damned time. I love it when libs decide that all there is to Rush is some imagined hatred toward minorities. How in the world could Rush find fault with the sorry band of socialists, pinkos, admirers of the Soviet Union, tree-huggers, child-molesters, and crooks that has ruled this nation for 40 years? With respect to the intellects of Mr. Limbaugh’s admirers, well, let me offer my humble self. My IQ is a measured 175 (Stanford-Binet); I am a member of Mensa (lapsed); I have a master’s in Aerospace Engineering from M.I.T. Simple enough for you? Galvanized. Rush helped galvanize the revolution last November. wait until next election, when we FINISH the job. The “purveyors of hatred and division” have ALREADY been brought into the light—and a huge batch of them were sent packing. He next election we will complete the job, with a cleansing tidal wave that will surprise even the most dimwitted liberal. You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

Reply Rack Jite: Gosh… I think the word “cleansing” there is the key to just what and where you are coming from. And what with you pandering your intelligence, I also smell a bit of that Leopold and Lowe mentality


From: phil@@flash.net – I have no idea where Seabrook TX is, but in a true conservative compassionate way, I advise you to start packing your bags to move somewhere else because the conservative revolution is taking over the state. Look around you.

Reply Rack Jite: Boy are you wrong! I found a liberal on my street just seven doors down. Of course he wants to execute women who have abortions, doesn’t like “blacks” or “spics”, but he doesn’t like Newt and voted for Clinton! So things aren’t as bad down here in Texas as many think.


From: steve@@lsmp.com – I’m conservative because I think the way to solve problems is through the free market and individuals and education not government programs and because I thing that traditional values of duty, honor, country, patriotism, respect for elders, hard work, education, perseverance, honesty, monogamy, reverence to a loving God, the two-parent family, heterosexuality. I believe that education and hard work will do more to increase your opportunity and lot in life than a government program.My God reserves judgement on people. He asks me only to love my neighboras myself.

Reply Rack Jite: You forgot the two most important things. Being White and having access to capital.


From: patricia@@worldnet.att.net – I think that all the liberals in the world can go tot hell how can you actually want to give all YOUR hard earned money to a bunch of porch monkeys who are to alzy to get off their butts and would rather collect welfare and play the victims of white oppression. Hitler was right wipe out all the screwed up blacks, whites, spics and jews so take your liberal I want other peoples money to pay for poor people’s ass off the web so you can see a truly good hate page take your place

Reply Rack Jite: You go girl!


From: emma@@world.net – The average welfare recipient is a woman who gets on welfare once and for one to three years. She has paid taxes, she is entitled. Whose fault is it when a system leaves cracks that let innocent people fall to the gutter in the street? I just got through writing a research paper on welfare mothers, email me if you would like a copy (word 7 format).

Reply From – rol@@nmsu.edu 25 Dec – You did the research you stupid spam artist a whole! How many of those welfare mothers are veterans and why should I give a crap if some folks fall through the cracks and have to sink or swim on their own? I find it offensive that the government can send armed thugs to take my money and use it to feed someone else. If a gang did that they would be prosecuted, to me the government is mugging honest working folks when they use tax money to provide for the sick, lame or lazy.

Reply Rack Jite: I credit you with giving the GOP message clearly without the standard pile of semantic drool, but posting such a fine message on Xmas day sure was ballsy.


From: ken@@world.net – hey you red, child-molesting, taxing, atheist gays. i want to get some bumper stickers from you. i love rush & would be proud to oink for him. i might even want want some of your other stickers to exhibit as examples of non-christian depravity. tell me how to get them.


From: Bill@@ix.com – Somhow you fail to understand why the federal government exists. Its number one priority is to protect its citizens.

Reply Rack Jite: The Constitution lists the order as:

To from a more perfect Union.

Establish justice.

Insure domestic tranquility.

To provide for the common defense.

To promote the general welfare.

Looks to me like it’s number four. And I wonder if they intended it to mean the defense of South Vietnam or Saudi Arabia?


From: boot@@fg.net – It seems every time I defend any liberal cause around my conservanazi friends I am accused of being a socialist, a communist or a Marxist. When I remind them that public education, all forms of taxation, Social Security, Medicare/Medicade, the insurance industry, police protection, public libraries, roads and highways, State universities, parks, all military services, unemployment compensation, religious organizations, fire protection, the legal system, disaster relief, the Post Office, the FCC, the FDA, the FBI, the CIA, and every job paid by government money are all socialism, they laugh at me an call me a STUPID communist Marxist socialist. Do you have any advice? Steve Witt, Albany NY

Reply Rack Jite: Yes I do Steve. Find some new friends. I know that is easier said than done, but I have it on good sources that besides the 37 in Hollywood and the one in Seabrook, there is still a liberal living somewhere near you in the Pocono’s. He probably won’t admit it though, but ask around, everyone will know who and where the liberal is.


From: Obtund@@aol.com You leftist people always smear your detractors for being that of hate when it is all sanctimony on your part. I have read websites of both extreme political spectrums and your pages is one of the most vitrolic hate sites that I have ever read.Only the professed Stalinist-Maoist Progressive Labor Party does better. You hate anyone who isn’t a sexual and/or social freak and doesn’t buy into your ploy of generating racial and class warfare, subtle calls to feed the Christians to lions in the name of social justice. The portion of the people that you hate happens to be the current majority of the population of the USA – a country that you live in and alleged to had served in time of war-which you also hate. You crypto- Marxists hide behind “liberalism” as neo-Nazis hide behind innocent sounding Euro-Americanism. People like you are actually no different than David Duke and fellow travellers: Duke takes the right arm, you and your ilk takes the left arm of humanity and wrenches it behind the back until the shoulders dislocate from the human race. You need help big time with your hatred, son.

Reply Rack Jite: Gosh, I would say there is more hate in your message there than there is on my entire website. You need help big time with your hatred, dad.


From: Steven@@hotmail.com Go butt fk your parter in another country!!!!!!!!!!! Leave you Marxist PIGS!!!!!!

Reply Rack Jite: Ah, another conservative Republican who voted for Bush.


From: ellen@@juno.com Hey Jite! Checked in to your odious site tonight…it wasn’t there. Whassuuup! I was so very thrilled thinking somehow, for some reason, you’re gone. Maybe not forever, but a failure for now. Maybe some kind of accident with the patio blocks??? Who knows or cares, I’m just happy you’re not around.
Reply Rack Jite: Had a technical snafu there for a day which has been corrected. But thanx for the kind note! Verifies well my belief that it is crap personality that drive crap politics. 


From: Mam@@aol.com I WAS a ‘moderate,’ but continued exposure to your site has made me realize that Conservatism is more correct.And I believe it will help others also. PLease keep it up. 🙂 No person is perfect, true, BUT when put on the scales of history’s positive results, Liberalism gets catapulted into the air. If you are a representative of what liberalism is about, then I want NO part of it. Thanks for helping me.I’m 19, and I Thank God that I can see through you as clear as glass.

Reply Rack Jite: A short list would give liberalism the impetus of moving from feudalism to democracy, an end to slavery, apartheid, women as property and child labor along with the concept of social security and equal rights under the law. I have no doubt you believe such things should have been catapulted into the air. But I do find myself at a loss as to what conservatism has given humanity, well besides the Inquisition, the Confederacy and the Third Reich anyway.  


From: maho@@aol.com I accidentally stumbled on your little den of malevolence and misanthropy. Wow. You are really amazing. Misinformed. Hopelessly ideological. And so bitter sounding. Do you really believe that the majority of your drivel passes the truth test? I have never seen so many lies, distortions and
nonsense put together by such an apparent true believer. Hopefully, you will grow out of it someday. As Churchill said so poignantly over a half century ago, “If you are under 30 and not a liberal, you have no heart, but if you are over 30 and STILL a liberal, you have no brain.” (or something along those lines)

Reply Rack Jite: Was that before or after the very old and very liberal Albert Einstein got the Nobel prize?


From: steve@@webtv.net Definitely a page with a “liberal twist”. To somewhat paraphrase Winston Churchill, “If you are not a liberal when you are young, you do not have a heart. When you are older if you are not a conservative, you do not have a head”.
Reply Rack Jite: This is sure poplar this week. Rush must have been drilling this one into his Dittoheads lately. BTW, did Churchill say that after his second or third daily quart of Brandy?

From: bob@@cities.com I will never go to your page again, and will spread the word. Stupid and filith!!!!
Reply Rack Jite: I can’t help it Bobby, my filith cometh.


From: Sword@@aol.comI am now of age of become a voter; as well as someone still deciding what party best represents my beliefs. After reading your obviously uninformed views, not to mention your almost prepubescent attitude towards those who do not share your opinions, I have decided one thing at this point ——- do not become a liberal. Liberal equals a whole (at least if you are a prime example). Also, after gazing at your hideous mug, I can safely assume that the woman pictured below you is a “beard”. I am female, a part-time model, and have many homosexual friends who, after gazing at your picture for only a few seconds, dubbed you a closet fag who should stay there. My, but they do have a turn of phrase, don’t they? Tiana, Florida

Reply Rack Jite: You are “still deciding” which party to represent you? Gosh…


From: kipper@@jetaime.as You are a complete idiot. It is people like you that infect our nation with idiocy and ignorance. You Nazi!! I hope you lead a miserable life you loser! An intelligent person can see right through your propaganda and ignorant ranting. Kip P.S. – you may need to go to the library and look up some of the words above.

Reply Rack Jite: Hmmm. Which words exactly? “Idiot” I understand, but that “propaganda” is a purdy big word, so I dunno. I checked out “Nazi” in a bunch of dictionaries online (what with all the screaming about taxes, my library isn’t open very often anymore). I got “follower of Hitler, racist, somebody with right-wing political views, superiority of the Aryan race, fascist, authoritarian and anti-Semetic.” But I suppose that is not what you are getting at hey? National SOCIALISM it the key I suppose? So anyone for social security, public schools, income taxes, and such is a SOCIALIST and thus no different than Adolph Hitler who had SOCIALISTS rounded up and made into soap. You people are a laugh a minute, let me tell you.


From: [email protected] Aw, so you used to get your prissy-little ass kicked all the time when you were just little boy? That’s sad. Oh….just guessin’. Maybe on the way home from school or even church. Maybe around the neighborhood where you always somehow felt you were an “outsider”. Then when you grew older the jocks or some other “toughs” continued to kick your ass..(must have been a real good reason)..who of course are the “ass-holes” from the past you still refer to. Of course you realize now—yes! They are all today Bible-thumping Republican Conservatives who continue to haunt you……You should thank them–see how motivated you are to tear down and mock everything they believe in; all their values? There, that’ll show ‘em! But you’re still a sad little boy. How I do I know? Just guessin’….Heh, heh,heh….

Reply Rack Jite: Hey, thanx for proving every point I have ever made about you conservative nitwits.


From: Brian@@bicnet.net Rack: Man, you are a sick puppy. So is this what you do when you’re not trolling for 9 year old boys on the net? I welcome the day when I can meets punks like you in a cultural war. You sick bastard.

Reply Rack Jite: Paul Weyrich says the cultural war is over, you started it and you lost it.


From: Nuter@@hotmail.com Do you even have a penis? It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if it were
just an angry, tight kont between your feeble, weak liberal legs. Durb me witch.

Reply Rack Jite: Gee, what a macho man you are. You one of the Village People?


From: Speedy@@hotmail.com Yo “Rack” (what kinda pinko name is THAT anyway?), Let me be the next to echo the sentiments of my fellow Americans in pointing out your simple-minded bumblings. Let’s start with your laughable assertion that CONSERVATIVES are looking for the easy answers. Let me see, ins’t it the liberals who chronically opt for the “feel-good” answers to wrench control from the People in the form of taxes [230 more lines of this Neanderthal swill deleted]

Reply Rack Jite: I’m just so sick of your daily conservative email tripe. Go away.


From: Speedy@@hotmail.com Heya [****] Just thought I’d point out that you should be more careful about deriding people’s beliefs when your personal info. is so easily obtainable! Now, I’m just a harmless dude engaging in political intercourse, but you should know that this info. is available to the world! I don’t like your political affiliation, but I don’t dislike YOU and if you need help, I’ll tell you how I found this out about you in order to prevent other less stable types from doing the same! Peace BABY! Speedy
And You Are!
[****] [****]
[****] [****]
[****], TX [****]

Reply Rack Jite: Let’s see, you surf the net and when you arrive at a web site you don’t like, you investigate them to find their name, address and phone number, then publicly post that information to intimidate them. Talk about proving my point about the Nature of the Beast. Wow. Well done!


From: aggressor@@shoutmail.com I could sit here and give you every reason that you are wrong. i could easily refute anything you spew, but why waste my time? You are a liberal. I know that you are not smart enough to understand me. I know that you are just to stupid to get anything harder than “me tarzan you jane.” Well, in your case, “me whinny pinko gay, you real man.” Enjoy your mindless rhetoric.

Reply Rack Jite: You are right, this one is above my head.  


From: nick@@hotmail.com Dear Captain Stalin (a.k.a Dick Kike or whatever) Do you think your website actually gets any hits from people who don’t hate you? people come here to laugh at your homosexual, drug-induced, i was a crack baby and my mommy and daddy never hugged me website, not to get an opinion on how to drive society into the gutter. Why stop at just allowing abortions? if we made them mandatory, we could wipe out an entire generation of us “right wing conservanazis” before our numbers increase! Im not rascist. Im not a hunter. Im not a Nazi. I am a smart person, who despite attempts by you and people like you, i still see clearly and can make sound decisions based on morals and what is right and wrong. i believe in GOD (heaven forbid someone mention him out in public where it could offend people), i suggest you never put your address online, son, because you could find some people are not so good at expressing themselves with words, but find throwing and exploding much better means of communication Nick Warnick

Reply Rack Jite: Well said. What a master of communication you are indeed! Typical conservative reaction, bomb threats. It’s the nature of the Beast. 



Reply Rack Jite: Gosh, even Italy has crazyass rightwing lunatics! Opps, come to think of it, that’s where it was invented. 


Subject: From: Chris@@prism.tech.edu Your site is a case for censorship. What a pile of crap. Your site is a bunch of crap, and is responsible for the decline of western civilization.

Reply Rack Jite: Wow, the power I possess is staggering.


From: Philip@@oxford.ac.uk – There are very few websites that provoke me to write a response to them but your’s does. You have single-handedly restored my faith in Americans and showed me that not everybody on your side of the Atlantic is a hate-filled, bigoted, religious fanatic who believes that direct taxation is an instrument of the Devil. At my College there are quite a few American students and most of them, in my experience, are hard-core Conservatives or even Libertarians. This might or might not be simply my distorted commie European perceptions (;*) but it has given me grave doubts about the future of your country.

Reply Rack Jite: Thanx for the kind note! Wouldn’t ya know though, about the only kind notes I get are from outside this loopy country.


From: sciber@@hotmail.net – This is to inform you that I had a terrible accident a few months ago. While fishing down in Florida I hooked a 100 pound Wahoo and in trying to get the damn thing in the boat the gaff slipped and went into the side of my head leaving a gaping hole. The doctors have estimated that about three quarters of my brain leaked out into the bottom of the boat which I scooped up and have here in a jar. To make matters worse, for some unknown reason large black hairy moles have grown all over my face and hands causing such trauma that I haven’t been able to stop eating and have gained more than 200 pounds. Since the accident I have done nothing but listen to Rush Limbaugh and have gained an insatiable love of large guns and an all consuming hate of Queers and Negroes. In fact all I do anymore is read NRA literature, talk about how the jigaboos are getting all the good jobs and how all the damn gays are sodomizing our children. I am dictating this to someone who still knows how to read and write as I have forgotten how to do that kind of liberal crap. Cancel my subscription and send me a refund or I will come blow your comime-gay liberal head off. Yours in Christ, An X-Liberal

Reply Rack Jite: Satire I hope! Well done friend.


From:  cruse@@netcom.com (gary) I never did understand the outcry of Armey’s comment – whether intentional or not. I mean, Barney-boy, for what it is worth, is a self-proclaimed “fag,” is he not? And gay is used in the gay community along with queer as a self-description. So what was the problem?

Reply Rack Jite:  From that same reasoning I assume you call Blacks “blacks”, right? I suppose Armey does too, but not on the radio hey…


From:  PYRAMID@@nova.com How can the 104th be concidered natzi when they are anti-socialist in thought lines. What happened to the “National Socialist party of the worker”?????? You will find it in the democratic party. Fact: most natzis vote democrat like George Wallic, democrate, friend to KKK and Natzis every were. SOCIALISM is through and we will finish you will our CASH econamy.

Reply Rack Jite: Well said!


From: steam@@hotmail.com   Lets see… Republicans control the house, the senate, and the white house.  I feel like celebrating. No better yet how about we go around and beat the crap out of every liberal we see and lynch fkers like jessie jactson. Remember immigrant pieces of crap like serial sniper john malvo are the reason this country is so fked. We need to execute those fkers and get rid of the rest of the damn fking mexicans, hatians and other welfair collecting boat trash. And fk lethal injections, lets use the chair, gas, or just shoot them into a ditch and let them rot. That includes liberal communists. Oh and I hope Paul wellstone suffered when that bastard died. If I’m ever in Minnesota I’ll make sure to stop by his grave to phis on it. Then when I’m done I’m going to take a king kong crap in your mouth. So start chewing witch.

Reply Rack Jite: Good to see an honest message from a Republican once in awhile.


From: 861m@@ gatech.edu

Reply Rack Jite: I bet we agree on one thing. The networks should be putting up email like yours every night on the national news.


From:  rakina@@hotmail.com  Bush might have won, but I still hate liberals. I’m still going to buy a gun a month and keep my ammo stockpiles high. Or I can even use my Bush tax cut money to buy TWO guns a month or a new SUV. I just hope the money I get would have otherwise gone to those fecund black welfare mothers. Nothing better than forcing poor losers to get a job and work like everyone else for once instead of giving them MY tax dollars. I hope Bush keeps Janet Reno around so he can turn that attack dog around in the opposite direction. Particuarly on the NAACP, the IRS, and the ACLU. They can burn down their buildings just like they did at Waco to all those innocent people. Also Bush needs to bring back heroes like J. Edgar Hoover and McCarthy to deal with all you commie traitor flag burning tax and spend liberals, the real american way. Remember, the revolution is coming, and your Gore and jew Lieberman can’t stop it now. Barr/Buchanan 2004

Reply Rack Jite: Reminds me of that old NRA song: I got a gun, it aint teenie, it makes up for my little weenie.”


From:  Points@@webtv.net  And those are your good qualities. The lesson of campaign 2000 is that being nice to everyone doesn’t win votes and that kinder and gentler politics doesn’t work. One candidate is offering me a tax cut and a bigger pot of money when I retire.  The other guy is promising to put his hand in my wallet and give my money to those groups of people more likely to vote for him.

Reply Rack Jite: I understand that the conservative ideology is based upon meaner and nastier politics. The quality of nastiness is not strained, it dropeth as a gentle rain from Hell. I also understand that conservatives believe the be all and end all of human existence is accumulating more money for themselves. Remember as Jesus said, “A rich man has as much chance of gaining Heaven as I do!


 From: Bubba@@com.net  OK, tell us about your God? Other than Big Government and Big Unions and Liberal Orthodoxy, what does belief in your God entail?
Reply Rack JiteBelief in my GOD is not even necessary, she doesn’t care. What she does care about is not what we believe but what we do, not who we hate, but who we love, not how little we care about others, but how much. I know Bubba, it’s evil as Hell.


From: Billy@@rw.com  But you cannot tell me that I’ve been “brainwashed” My beliefs are of myself. I learned them MYSELF!! I have proof that my God exists and that Jesus Christ was the son of God and died and was resurrected.
Reply Rack Jite: WOW! Whatcha got? Polaroid shots and some firmament in a jar?


From: David@@Christ.net  God is NOT going to destroy the Earth….just those on it who are not pleasing to Him. He is the sole judge of who is pleasing to Him.
Reply Rack Jite: Sounds kind of radical to me. You know, this God of yours, destroying everyone in the world who does not please him, sounds quite a bit like that old Adolph Hitler guy… Perhaps we would all be better off if this God of yours hunkered down in his bunker and put a bullet in his head hey?


From: Linda@@imagery.com  By the way, The King James version has over 20,000 translational errors.
Reply from Rack Jite:  But I am sure you Jehovah’s Witnesses got out your erasers and pencils and corrected all those errors. And changed them more to your liking. As did those before you and those before them…


From: Linda@@imagery.com  One that is not too easy to spot is the wife of Moses, Zipporah. When Miriam was speaking against her, she referred to her as a Cucrape. That was just before God struck her with leprosy. Which also shows you what God’s attitude is toward inter-racial marriages…In striking her with leprosy, God told Miriam that Moses spoke to him face to face….then he asked why she did not fear to speak against his servant, Moses? Yes, speaking ill of Moses’ wife was speaking ill of Moses…
Reply Rack Jite:  Do I understand you that when God is displeased with people, he lays a terrible illness upon them? Do you tell that to those you meet who are sick? Does this also relate to degree of illness, i.e., does it mean people with cancer have offended God more than those with the flu? What do you think my neighbor Jim’s 4 month old did do offend God so much that he gave him Leukemia? Have you ever been ill? Besides that very sick Jehovah’s Witness brain of yours.


From: David@@Christ.net  Who am I to question the will of God? God said it, I believe it, and that settles it.
Reply Rack Jite:  What did God say? Damn I missed it again? Whenever he speaks I’m in the bathroom or something. But hey, that philosophy or yours must really strain the brain cells hey?


From: Paul@@Netcom.net  Evidently, you are unlearned in the history of the 1st century AD. Flavius Josephus, the respected Jewish historian of the 1st century, testified that Jesus was indeed the Christ.
Reply Rack Jite:  Well if Flatulas Maximus said it then I guess that’s that!


From: David@@Christ.net  I believe just what the Bible says about the Earth 5000 years ago. That it was formless and void and covered with water. The Bible even talks of previous civilizations that existed before Adam and Eve were here. It is found in Jeremiah and Isaiah.
Reply Rack Jite:  Let me get this straight… On the Sixth day(4004bc) God created Adam and Eve, and now you say that there were previous civilizations that existed before them? Now I’m really confused! What were these, quickie Civilizations that only lasted a day or two? Who created them? What is this? Are you nuts?


From: gunhead@@crl.com  Still pushing your lame, useless points that none of us give a flying fk about and are not being convinced by Jite? Well wait.. really soon the Muslims will be showing up in the Republican Party and the Dittohead ranks. Their response when you begin insulting the conservative Muslims’ beliefs will be a tad nastier than anything you’ve EVER seen before. Muslims don’t take the crap that we Christians take from you people, which reflects badly upon us, but hey, ever since the Cairo Population Conference, it was eventual that we would be working together. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


From: Rack Jite You know what situational ethics are Janice? It’s like the difference between 1st degree murder and manslaughter. It’s present in everything, all it means is the opposite of absolute intolerance. And it’s how the world works.
Reply: Janice@@bigfoot.com  Actually, it’s garbage.
Reply Rack Jite:  Killing in self defense is the same as killing for fun or money? The Nazis forcing Jews into ovens is the same as women choosing to have an abortion? Going AWOL to be with your dying mother is the same as going AWOL to go get drunk? Making love to a women you love is the same as going to a whore? That stealing a loaf of bread to feed your kids is the same as robbing a bank to buy crack? And on and on I could go Janice, endlessly. What is garbage is this conservative crap that everything is black or white.


From: dave@@aug.com  Jite, you are the most hate filled bigoted christianphobe on the net. Your hate speech is the same crap that the KKK and other haters write, only you feel you are a do-gooder.You’re one of those morons that screems I HATE INTOLERENT PEOPLE. You people also feel it’s ok to stab a perfectly healthy baby and suck it’s brain out while it’s being born. You’re a bunch of infantcide nazi’s. Nazi stand for socialist in German. That’s what you are a bunch of socalist baby killing hate mongerers. Have a nice day!


From: William@@bellcom.net  The Jews killed our Lord My God!
Reply Rack Jite:  I suppose that is true as they did feed him to the Romans who actually did the deed, but no matter, the retort to this bilge is really quite simple. That was the plan you nitwit, without it happening, there would have been no crucifixion, no resurrection, no redemption and you’d all now be eating bagels and lox for breakfast.


From: james@@netcom.com  I agree with you, Steve…..a friend of mine had the same problem when his son was 15 years old, and attending high school…he had him excused from sitting through ‘education’ about the Holocaust…..the school finally agreed, reluctantly, but they gave his family a lot of grief….the Jewish kids were throwing things at him, and hurling the usual names, Nazi, KKK, bigot, etc. ….. the boy finally had to defend himself physically, but the school took the part of the Jews…..the family held to their beliefs, and the boy never did have to sit through all the Jewish story-telling sessions……Jesus gives us strength, when we need it most. Hail Jesus’ Victory,
Reply Rack Jite:  In other words, a family of anti-Semitic holocaust revisionists and probable neo-nazi White Supremacists took their son out of school so he didn’t have to learn the truth of what people like his parents did to the Jews in Europe before and during WW2. All the Jewish kids (how many could there have been) may have then spoke up to the 15 year olds’ bigotry, and his parents told him to go beat the crap out of the Jews. The school then disciplined the child who used physical violence on school grounds. And it’s Jesus who gives that family the strength to be the intolerant little racist scumballs they are? Jesus is too cool.


From: davis@@sprynet.com  As a public service announcement, I would like to inform you that your web-site is no longer what can be considered political humor. It has now entered the realm commonly known as “hate-speech”. Saturated with half-truths, blatant lies, stereotypes, slanders, and blasphemy, you have joined the ranks of nazis, bigots, and racists. Congratulations.
Reply Rack Jite:  Oops! That “blasphemy” word there ruined your shot at trying to present yourself as an unbiased observer. 🙂


From: David@@Christ.net  So, If there is no God, no afterlife, etc, I think I’ll go out tonight and kill thirty people for the Hell of it.
Reply Rack Jite:  Many people are just as screwed up as you and perhaps would go out and kill 30 people just for the Hell of it. Of course, like you, they are insane people, but thank the Lord insane people are attracted to fundamentalist religion where supernatural fear helps keep them under control. Whether they be psychotic, neurotic, addictive, criminal, violent, wife beaters or child molesters, it’s a damn good place for them to be.


From: April@@dallas.net  You misquote me. I said I wanted equal treatment given to both theories or any and all theories.
Reply Rack Jite:  I did not misquote you April, I am very careful about that. It is absurd to think that we should teach any and all theories of religious creationism in public school biology classes, as there are as many of them as there are religions, literally thousands. It would take all day everyday just to get though them all. And for the umpteenth time April, all theories are not equal. The theory that the world is flat is not equal to the theory that it is round, the theory that apples fall up is not equal to the theory that apples fall down. Now you can discuss the validity of the flat earth or apples falling up all you like, but not to my children in my schools.


From: jim@@indian.net  Well, let me explain myself, I think that anyone caught drunk, say drivein a public bus, or operating heavy macheray(sp), or anybody that is in a postion to hurt others should get the death penalty. I am FOR the death penalty.
Reply Rack Jite: Spoken as a true child of Christ.


From: condave@@hotmail.com  Yeah, I read your bug-brained little smudgen of a barf-splat page. People like you really burn my nerves, let me tell you, ignoramus, what’s wrong with you. YOU are the racist. YOU are the sexist. YOU YOU YOU will find your self sizzling like a sausage in Sccccchlick Willie’s pants when you go to hell. Don’t like that? Tough, I’ve got more to tell you. You remind me of Hitler, I bet you’d have been a nazi fifty years ago, you heard me toilet-breath. Nazi’s were leftist, like it or lump it. I have one more thing to tell you – are you scared? A scared little libby wibby that wets his pants when somebody finds out their name? Don’t worry, though I wouldn’t mind if you fell out an airplane and landed the top of the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING SPIKE THING BUTT FIRST, but I would not kill you. I’m a man of God, and we don’t kill a wholes, we just expose them. Blow that Janet-Reno blower wanna-be.


From:  condave@@hotmail.com  I was a bit hasty about everything I said to you before. I didn’t mean to call you the things I did, you’re actually much worse. I really really really sincerely with all my heart hope you die in hell and burn like flaming witch. You have the brains of a fruitfly and the common sense of Josef Stalin. You are evil, you are disgusting, you are ugly in every sense of the word, and most of all you are WRONG. You sir will regret your wrong little communist-wannabe ways, I assure you. I’d ask you to convert while you can but I don’t want a cocksucking pervert like you on my side. Take Billary’s dick and shove so far up your ass it comes out your nose, craphead.


From: pet@@cmu.edu   I think that you and your associates must be homosexuals, as that is the only reason you would blindly support the current administration in the White House. Clinton only made it there because Americans in general are lacking in moral judgement. How long before America suffers the fate of Soddom and Gamorrah?


From: Rack Jite  “Son, never lose sight of the connection between supermarket tabloids, professional wrestling, evangelism and supply side economics.” Father Jite
Reply: conquerors1@@email.msn.com 
Son is not an appropriate word to use to for someone who has seen and endured the site of battle. Its loose weak limp wrist and minded people who through their rightness are blinded towards their wrong that will feel the wrath of not any riech but social balancing. It’s those people who fight who will build this country just like our forefathers and gennerations to come. I dont read tabloids, I am religious because I know their is a God and you mock him with your vile mouth.
Reply Rack Jite:  Well said! 


From: reverend@@hotmail.com  Dear staunch user of the military’s “Dont Ask Dont Tell” policy, You must be a homosexual!Hello, I am a sixteen year old conservative. I am not a republican, i am too conservative for the republican party. I am a Christian, and a southern baptist. I support the NRA and other so called “conservanazi” groups. Your website has inspired to delay my thought on a military career in the Marines (the real branch of service) and consider politics. I am going to make Maryland a southern state again instead of another California, i hate living in Maryland, no fireworks, strict gun laws and pro-gay crap that Governor Glendening pushes. I have looked over your website and found it incredibly stupid and communist supporting. I cant believe people as blind and liberal as you exist. Like I said before you must be a homosexual. All the anti-Christian propaganda is sickening. Oh yeah and i took yer little test and i’m a conservanazi according to your gay little quiz. You forget that ! this country was based on the Bible not, not the Koran or Buddha(dont care if i spelled either of them wrong, they’re not worth spelling right anyway). The point about women having to stay faithful or whatever is true, but maybe you should read what Lucifer’s book, the Koran, says about women. I hate your ideas and your website, you are an idiot and a bigot. You’re right i am narrow-minded and i know all my views are correct and if your differ then you are just plain wrong. Oh yeah and Rosco Bartlett for Governor of Maryland next election. And your points about gun shows and militias are so overexaggerated. There are constitution defending militias, and then there are racist militias. You never hear about the turly Christian militais, just like you never hear about the 16 year old boy that was raped ad killed by two homosexuals, just for being a heterosexual. When that fag, Matt Shephard(again its not worth spelling right) was killed MTV and other communist media s! ources wouldnt stop reporting it, but no one hears about this boy, the folks at Landover baptist Church know his name it slipped my mind. Im leaving now and again i hate your ideology, but i will pray for you and hope you turn from your sodomy and blindness. Good night.

Reply Rack Jite: Gosh. The woes of the world are all on the backs of homos. When in reality, homosexuality has nothing to do with anything at all. Well other than a way for morons to express what bigots they are. But the question does arise; just who screwed up that tiny brain of yours to such a debilitating degree? But you do express one thing well; your religion is all about hate. Who to hate, when to hate, how to hate, where to hate and how much to hate. Well done. If you stick with it and advance up the fundamentalist hierarchy, you may some day lead your own Taliban. 


From: andy@@aol.com  I’ve read your site and I feel sorry for you. You have so much hate built up inside you. A true Christian is not what you think. We have hope for misguided people like you in the best way. I will be praying for you and I hope others will to. The rude mail that they send you isn’t doing you any good. It is only fueling your hatred. I hope that some day you will be influenced in the right way. I pray for your kids and your family in hopes that you will some day be at ease and your hatred for people of structure and dignity will be turned into love and wanting…they way God loves you  Rack…..the way HE wants you. Be strong Rack….thier are a lot of people pulling and praying for you and other misguided people like you. I will be praying for you….good luck. And please stop hating.

Reply Rack Jite: I checked your message over and over again and didn’t see a “cc:” to Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Rush Limbaugh, Tom DeLay, Clarence Thomas, Dick Armey, Charleton Heston, Newt Gingrich or Bob Barr. Nope, checked again, must have been an internet glitch. 


sychoelf@@hotmail.com  Sir, I am 16, a conservative, and a creationist.

Reply Rack Jite:  Ah, a silly person. Or is this a Monty Python skit?

sychoelf@@hotmail.com  I have looked through your article and found mostly name calling.

Reply Rack Jite: I apologize as I know conservatives are above such things.

sychoelf@@hotmail.com  Most of your claims have no evidence to back them up

Reply Rack Jite: There are over half a million words here. I would guess that would extrapolate into a few thousand claims. So to give your term “most” any credibility, give me a couple thousand examples. I won’t pull up my pants until they arrive.


From: scraft@@isys.net   Congratulations! You have become what you despise you name caller you. LOL. I strongly suggest you look back in life and find that one day in your history in which you “chose” to follow that one deviant thought, then to water it and nurture it into what you have become today. You chose a path of deviant behavior and thought patterns just like homosexuals and any other belief system based on the opposite of nobility and common sense. I pray for you and your President because it is obvious you, like him, live in a dillusional world of “if I believe it is so, then it is.” The bible says that you will get what you wish for if you continue down your path. You will manisfest the gods you worship in your daily life and it is empty and you are very very sad…….it is obvious. Just remember that your continuance of the lies that naziism is “right” thinking is  wrong and Naziism was the National SOCIALIST German Workers Party. You are a part of Naziism, firt to go after our guns, to promote a fatherless society, hatred of those that worship the one true God, (Christians and Jews), slaughter of the perfect innocense and experimentation on their live and dead precious little bodies, euthanasia of the non productive, totalitarianism, thought policing, occult worship…….if you are honest with yourself you will cease from rewriting the lie. Remember that the battle is already won, the story has a happy ending and I only hope and pray you repent, turn and realize it before you have to bow down to the One True God in the afterlife……do it here in this life my friend. Fabius

Reply Rack Jite: Boy, are you one wonked out little weasel! Let me guess, personal relationship with Jesus Christ?


From: Jim@@Global.com  Hello, We just visited your web page on preachers. You are right about one thing. These preachers are not perfect. They are not GOD either. They are like you, just a man. That means one of the two types of man out there. There is a female-feminine man, and there is a male-masculine man. Everyone else is just confused. Only the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is perfect, righteous, holy, and true. The difference between the preachers you mention and yourself is the fact that in their frail, flawed, existence …. they obey GOD even in their human weaknesses to the best of their ability, thus GOD is still able to use them. Unlike you who tear down the lives of man and have no regard for the things of GOD. You stand before GOD filthier and clothless than any of the preachers you mention. By turning your audience away from the one true GOD you lead people into the sadistic, hellish, demonic, lifestyles that only the world already undone without GOD has to offer. These men know about themselves and the remedy for their weaknesses. You know nothing but condemnation for those attempting to lift man from the shadows into the greatest life ever know! We will pray for you. Good day.

Reply Rack Jite:  “We?” You have a frog in your pocket? Thanx for the note, it surely gives credence to an old saying of mine that Jesus kills more brain cells than drugs.
From: Jim@@Global.com  What a poor simpleton you are. As usual folks who think like you can only come up with a ridiculous punch-line having no content. I thought so! I’ll bet you believe in evolution. Please send some real content requiring some thought. But just in case you cannot, hey …. you want a banana? Maybe some of the nutrients in the banana will energize enough of your brain cells to actually help you begin to understand the Bible.

Reply Rack Jite: Gosh, even I couldn’t have proved my point better than that!



Reply Rack Jite: Spoken as a true child of Christ. 


From: Tiefighter@@aol.com  Just curious.. where do your Religious beliefs lie?

Reply Rack Jite: Funny you should ask just now. It seems my formulation in that regard is coalescing into a final verdict. As I get older, more settled and as I move up in the middle class, I have come to realize what those in power have understood for thousands of years. That it is religion that keeps the dim bulb majority in line, which, Praise the Lord, allows those few of us to more easily hold and increase our dominance over them. So I’m all for strong religious beliefs, and shall, as all those in power before me have done, play the game.

God Bless you, and God Bless America.

Rack Jite


Reply Rack Jite:  Thanx for the kind note, seems my web page is indeed having the intended affect.


From: Phillip@@netcom.com  The only ANAL retentive people I see here, is you JITE spewing that crap out of that trash mouth of yours. And if you were in front of me I, would close it with a baseball bat.

Reply Rack Jite:  After reading thousands of messages from thousands of people so like you, I sometimes wonder if they may not all be the same person. But I realize that is only wishful thinking. Sadly, not only has this become the majority mentality in America, but an ever growing one as well. The Global Community was only a dream of dreamers and now only a sound bite of history. Our own national community is being willfully destroyed with this evil federal government propaganda and a sprint back to the division, intolerance and segregation that were the core of States Rights. Even at the lowest levels we are separating more and more into urban, rural and suburban enclaves, with even those areas divided further into racial, ethnic, religious and economic neighborhoods. This fall into balkanization is a dangerous and bloody road that sadly has become a worldwide movement. And it is no better orchestrated anywhere, as it is by the GOP here in this country.


From: dowell@@imag.net  You are one sorry individual. You voted for Clinton. All your “friends” are “recovering” from some tragedy brought on by “someone else” and you paid for this web page in a black market food stamp scam. I doubt you are a veteran, probably 4F, Canadian arm chair activist who sided with Jane Fonda, and hung out with people from every homosexual deviation known, and then some. People like you talk a good line but turn and run when it’s time to face the hard test..Keep talking but you won’t be around to see how it all turns out.


From: andre@@okcu.edu  Obviously you have never listened to Rush Limbaugh show for more then a few minutes. You should try it some time. Otherwise, hatemongering does not become you, and if I were not such a staunch CONSERTAIVE who BELIEVES IN SMALLER GOVERNMENT with LESS INTRUSION and(in short) FREE SPEACH, I would have your site removed from the internet based on its utter lack of intellegence and taste. You have know idea what kind of brain-washed sh&* you are “shoveling” on this site. Have a Nice Day 🙂 And MEGA “DITTO’S”
Reply Rack Jite:  Gosh. It’s no easy chore responding to such taste and intellegence on your end, but I would like to know how you would have my site removed?  


From: nick@@netcom.com  Dear Misinformed Liberal, I was offended by the “Conversation with a DittoHead” that was on your website. You obviously were looking for an idiot that blindly followed Rush without thinking for himself in an attempt to make all dittoheads look bad. Most dittoheads DO think for themselves. In fact, Rush encourages people to form their own opinions (as opposed to left-wing radicals such as yourself, who shout “hatemonger”, “Nazi”, and “homophobe” at people whom you disagree with). I proudly consider myself a politically incorrect dittohead, but I had the same views that I do now long before I started listening to Rush. In the future, please present all sides of conservatism, rather than singling out certain individuals in an attempt to ridicule the movement as a whole. Sincerely, Nicholas
Reply Rack Jite:  Gosh Nick… This is the kind of email I get the most of, in fact I sometimes wonder if it isn’t all from the same Dittohead. Your insane hypocrisy aside, I will only say that when Rush Limbaugh presents all sides of liberalism I will comply with your request. When do you think that will be? The inability of conservatives to see themselves as they are never ceases to amaze me.


 From: matt@@spring.com  Typical of your liberal counterparts, your site is at least consistent. See, your political philosophy is so devoid of any reason that you must resort to personal attacks and defamation of those who oppose you. That is the only defense of your evil rhetoric. Yet, that is how communism works: don’t debate your opponent, destroy her. You liberals simply can’t have an intelligent debate with someone who has a different view. Once your silly point of view is exposed as a fraud, you go for the throat. And you say we conservatives are intolerant?
Reply Rack Jite:  From the tone of your message, I realize I haven’t been saying it either loud or long enough. For that I apologize. Of course conservatives (AM Hate Radio comes to mind), would never resort to personal attacks or character defamation. You people take hypocrisy to heights I have never before experienced or even imagined possible.  


From: joel@@vizio.com  you may have a few arguments but your site has no representation of the correct moderate view on any topic. The “conservanazi test” was the most unfair of all, a complete mockery and waste of time. at least word the questions so they seem fair.
Reply Rack Jite: You mean like Rush Limbaugh would do?


From: Rams@@aol.com  <PRE>There is not a single piece of correct information on your whole website, just lies.

Reply Rack Jite: I hate dat when you people compare my website to The Rush Limbaugh Program.


From: King@@aol.com  I read parts of your essay. I skim parts and found more inconsistencies then I thought possible. I recently tried to have an intelligent chat with a liberal (and while I know there are reasonable liberals somewhere) I found that Truth and substance means nothing to Those like you.Take your polls for instance Go and find the real polls about the media.or read a paper Try the times any day. I’ll just ask one question.Look at the public reputation of newt Gingrich rush Limbaugh, ken Starr, Clarence Thomas, Tom delay, Trent Lott, or so many others look at the negatives. Now show me one Dem with a similar negative. Was Dan Qualye actually stupid but the media loved bashing him. Look at Gore’s comments but he gets a pass.Go back and ask if Disney is so conservative why is their chairmen one of Clinton’s biggest financial backers. Sorry I’m talking reason which is way beyond you. Good luck By the way have you ever used your stuff as fertilizer, I figure anything would grow in this dung.

Reply Rack Jite:  Well said!  But seriously, if you want truth and honesty just hold on to your Dittohead status and all will be well for you.


From: dan@@korex.com  Rack, You are an insult to all liberals & people alike. You are the definition of the word Hypocrite. You trash other ( & much more intelligent ) people views without using the same scrutiny on what you believe. Dan

Reply Rack Jite: I fully understand Danbo. It is wrong, bad, evil and totally unfair for those who do not believe what you do, to do what you do. No Republican or conservative would ever stoop so low as to insult “liberals & people more intelligent than they” without giving equal time to bring their own house down. This of course is proved by Rush Limbaugh every day. Where do you morons come from? I didn’t realize everyone was from Texas.

ferdi@@cse.edu  I hate you man! I hate your site! I hate liberals! Why can’t you just take your crap off the internet, its polluting my cyber space – dammit. Bye Ferdi

Reply Rack Jite: Are you Elmer Fudd?


From: beise@[email protected]  Hey, thanks for the nudies of Dr. Luara, I’ve been wanting to see the big harry juicy wussy that belonged to the sexiest voice on AM radio. I’ve got a better idea: Take that spic looking sister of yours or whoever that witch is that’s pictured under your ugly mug and have her spread he pretty tight red snapper for the camera, or did you already do that and put Dr. Luara’s head on her body? Anyway, just wanted to say that after reading much of your website, that I’ve concluded you are one sick, twisted, misinformed son of a witch. Why don’t we make America great again? I’ve got the peferct plan: President Rush Limbaugh First Lady Dr. Luara Secretary of Defense Charleton Heston and the NRA All domestic and foreign affairs would fall into the hands of the KKK, of  course. Rush would take care of you tax and spend liberals, not to mention the NAACP, Greenpiece, Sierra Club, and the CLU. (I left out the A, because it stands for America and the (A)CLU has nothing to do with America. Not to mention other hair brained organization full of idiots that have nothing to do with their lives except to witch about things they don’t know about-like someone else I could mention.Dr. Luara could instill the fear of GOD into you unmoral scumbags not to mention bringing prayer back into the schools and place sex education back into the hands of childrens parents where it belongs. You know what the NRA would do. The KKK would take care of pieces of crap like Jesse Jackson not to mention black trash that breeds those little monkies like rabbits even though they can’t feed the twelve they already have. Well, Gotta run for now. I have to install the new gun rack, that I bought with my tax rebate (God Bless George W. Bush), on my new gas guzzling SUV which I have removed the seat belts and all power robbing smog control devices. I just want to make sure that I do my part for global warming and maybe even help out the hole in the ozone, which unlike the big fking hole in your head, doesn’t exist. Hey, dumb ass, did anyone ever tell you that that the earth has been warming for 4.5 billion years? Gosh! Gee! I did’nt now that. What do you think happened to the ice age, which by the way created the Great Lakes that are not polluted? Well Gosh, Gee- I guess some conservanazi dinosaures must have melted it with big business and factories.

Reply Rack Jite:  Hey… Always good to hear from an honest Republican. Well done.


rotate@@hotmail.com  Found your site through a series of links. I have some thoughts for you. Just about every political site I visit declaring itself to Republican/Conservative aimed seems to have meaningful, well-researched content with a decided lack of name-calling, etc. I guess that’s because it has a legitimate point and doesn’t need to cover up the inadequacies with middle school insults. Now, I’m not saying your site lacks any substance, but I’m not saying it has any either. [the rest of this lengthy crap snipped]

Reply Rack Jite: Your email really isn’t inherently disgusting enough to make the HATEMAIL page under normal circumstances. But I will put it up for you to comment on the dripping, slimy, insane hypocrisy of it. Gosh pal, get a grip!


From:  Milton@@FreeNet.Carleton.CA  Tactics and Strategy for USENET offers enormous opportunity for the Aryan Resistance to disseminate our message to the unaware and the ignorant. It is the only relatively uncensored (so far) free-forum mass medium which we have available. The State cannot yet stop us from “advertising”our ideas and organizations on USENET. NOW is the time to grasp the WEAPON which is the Net, and wield it skillfully and wisely while you may still do so freely. Avoid engaging in nonproductive debates with enemy activists. It is often difficult to distinguish between the Enemy’s dedicated lackeys, and the misguided who are merely parroting what the Jewsmedia has taught them. Remember: our overall USENET strategy must be to repeat powerful themes OVER AND OVER AND OVER. We cannot compete with the Jewsmedia, of course, as our propaganda dissemination is but a very small fraction of the everywhere pervasive Zionist propaganda. However, our ideas possess an energy that truth alone contains. Our ideas, when matched one to one with the chimera of the Jews, overwhelm theirs with ease, because OURS ARE IN SYNC WITH REALITY. Remember: SUSTAINED, electronic “guerilla warfare,”“hit and run”style, using short, “self- contained”posts is a major component of our struggle. Put your Net access to good use, today and EVERY day! The new way of posting on the newsgroups is to stay away from the four racist newsgroups. The only people who post there are racist and anti-racists, No new blood. It is a waste of our time to sing to the choir. The Jews are watching this list. So what we say is put in FTP sites. People should E-mail one another and talk privately about newsgroup you wish to hit. Get only three people. And hit a newsgroup. With three people you lessen the chance up posting with a Jew. I have created titles in some newsgroups that have lived for months and months. It funny. Liberals post attacks on my titles that will say something like Niggers, Niggers and I have not been there in months, but because of the liberal reply to my titles, not my posts for they are long gone, the Nigger titles are still there. Then Niggers see the titles and say something like fk all you White mfs, then a liberal will say “But all Whites don’t hate blacks, etc.” And the black title keeps go and go and go like that pink rabbit. It is a hoot!


From: Slay@@sirius.america.com  I think all christains, kikes, ect should die!” Those words are what I need to help me, calling christains names and debunking them helps me. once you debunk them, the kikes will be gassed AGAIN!

Reply Rack Jite: Gosh. You seem to have invented a new concept. Nonsense racism.


From:  adam@@psnw.com  In response to Ms. T’s supposition that the GOP doesn’t support civil rights, I call her attention to the California Civil Rights Initiative, which outlaws all discrimination based on race or gender, by the government. Sounds highly good for civil rights, right? Well, who supported it? The GOP. Who was against it? The Democrats. Simple, easy. While I will admit that in the past, some of the GOP has been racist or were propnents of racist policies, but I don’t believe the attitude was ever prevalent in the party, and it certainly isn’t now. Now, in fact, the GOP is the party that is most against racism.

Reply Rack Jite: You people never cease to amaze me. The question forefront in my mind after so many years of reading this kind of crap is how so many people can be so screwed up. My theory always falls back to corporal punishment. What with the conservative enjoyment of hitting little kids, I can’t help but assume yall were hit about the head too hard and too often as children.


From:  Ourobouros @@alchemy.co.nz  The facial angle of a Gorilla is 60%, the Negro 70%, the White 82%. The facial angle inhibits the Negro from developing it’s forebrain.

From: Stephen @@eskimo.com  You are getting to tangled up in cause and effect. Ignore cause and effect, and look at correlations. Calling yourself “black”or “white”doesn’t affect your intelligence. However, there is an undenyable correlation between intelligence and one’s identified racial group. You are getting to tangled up in cause and effect. Ignore cause and effect, and look at correlations. Calling yourself “black”or “white”doesn’t affect your intelligence. However, there is an undenyable correlation between intelligence and one’s identified racial group.

Reply Rack Jite: You people, gosh. And there are just so many of you.


From:  Rad@@ibm.net  They’re a bunch of fking jungle bunnies. Let’s deport their fat black asses! Or castrate them or make slaves of them as the founding fathers intended. Mighty Whitey shall rule! And the fking Jews be damned! White Rule! White Rule! White Rule! White Rule! White Rule! White Rule! Dole gave his blood, sweat and tears for his country. Clinton only gave semen.


From:  Mark@@AtlantaGA.NCR.COM  You seem to be implying that everybody who voted for Duke was a republican.
Reply Rack Jite: Everybody who voted for Duke and got him the GOP nomination were Republicans. The 45% who voted for him in the general election were about 90% Republicans


From:  Mike@@i.net  Slavery had nothing to do with the Civil War.


From:  Victor@@net.com  If I were a black living in the United States today, I would thank God for slavery.


From:  Thomas@@o.net  Let’s discuss the negro. I do a lot of thinking about negroes, because they are so ubiquitous like cockroaches. Not only are negroes everywhere, they are a step behind everyone else. To put it frankly they are slow and a burden.


From:  Gary@@bigdog.fred.net  I am tired of hearing about the affirmative action b.s. Grow up and stop feeling so sorry for yourself. Hey, what % of the white folks make up the jail population? What % of blacks make up the population and what % make up the jail population? What % of whites go on to get a college degree? What % of blacks go on to get a college or degree or better yet high school dimploma? Whats the high school drop out rate for blacks in school compared to whites?

Reply Rack Jite: And you have not a clue as to why any of that is do you?


From:  Patricia@@hotmail.com  I think that all the liberals in the world can go tot hell how can you actually want to give all YOUR hard earned money to a bunch of porch monkeys who are to alzyto get off their butts and would rather collect welfare and play the victims of white oppression. Hitler was right wipe out all the screwed up blacks, whites, spics and jews so take your liberal I want other peoples money to pay for poor people’s ass off the web so you can see a truly good hate page take your place

Reply Rack Jite:  Ah, good to see the fair sex stop in and mellow things out.


From:  William@@here.not  You pay bums to breed, you get more bums. Why do you think trash canshave lids?Can you tell me how that would be relevant to the fact that we are paying bums to breed and thus have more bums? I have lived among the welfare bums. I have watched them breed at our expence. I have listened to them brag about how “smart” they are for getting money from the government. I have watched them quit jobs and collect welfare, food stamps, section * housing, ect…. because they “got tired of working” or they didn’t like their job. It never stopped them from breeding more offspring for the taxpayers to feed and support. It’s now wonder that their babyvermin robbed me blind every time I left home to go to work. They are bums raised by bums, and the liberals tell them they are entitled to the same things as decent people who work for a living. The law doesnt prosecute them, and on the rare occasion that they do, they give them a lawyer and a judge who turns then loose on society again. If a decent person sets a trap and kills one, however, or even defends himself against them ( remember Benard Getz? ) you can bet on prosecution to the full extent of the law. The best thing decent people can do is to take them out quietly and not involve the law. Just dispose of the bodies.


From:  chris@@theonramp.net  Its so funny, I can tell what a liberal is and what a conservative is. Liberals are winey ,sniveling little children who want mommy to care of everything. And don’t have a clue what the real world is. Conservatives on the other hand have a more realistic approach on how the real world works. Like personal responsibility, harsh treatment for undesirables (i.e.rapisits, murderers, thieves,con-men, Clinton etc.)

Reply Rack Jite: You forgot “Jews”, “blacks” and “homo’s” there Chris. But thanx for the note. Always good to see another example of the “Nobrainer” ideology.

From: chris@@theonramp.net  Maybe if we s***tcanned those people we wouldnt have the crime, degradation and multiplication and decay that we’re starting to experience now.


From:  hookman@@bellatlantic.net  Yo, it’s damm hard trying to make it through life raising 4 kids and have to put up with stupid democrat ideas. I buy land, it becomes the Pine Lands. I can’t do anything with it but pay increasing taxes every year. I leave the high tech arena and join and help out the GOV., and it’s Affimitive Action BS. Here is the democrat way towards a color blind socity by choosing which color is most important. Hint: It’s not white. It dosen’t matter if the person effected is a two tour disabled combat Vietman Vet. Who apointed you GOD and Master? I say this, screw you scum bags. I’ll never vote for a dem again. The next war you left wing wussys fight it. I’ll be damm if I let my kids fight for your way towards Communism. You are ruining this country.

Reply Rack Jite: Spoken in an intelligent articulate manner. Indeed, aint it a witch, all them Negroes running the show. I hear they even have one in the Senate now!


From: fox@@infin.com  Hi, I stumbled upon your website accidently by using AltaVista. You know, everything you say is a lie. You suck BIG TIME. Yes, you suck the big one. You liberals ruin everything and why? Just so some fat lazy whiny a whole can get something for nothing. Liberals are why this country is going to hell faster than when that bastard Johnson was in charge! The most disgusting thing is your mentality. You think its OK to spread hate and pain evenly. “My life sucks so I am going to make everyone else’s miserable!” Oh yeah? Go TO HELL. Oh wait you’re already there. Living in your SSI paid 500 dollar per month two room tenament house. I refer to a quote by Joe Pesci which sums you up to a tee: “He is content to be a Jerk.” Adam

Reply Rack Jite: The advantage we have over you Right-wing nitwits is that you are incapable of seeing yourselves as most people see  you. I of course cannot speak for anyone else, but I can see all the unsaid references to “blacks” in your message and most of your rhetoric.  


From:  H.selvitella@@world.std.com  Ayatollah, whatever we may think of him, was an holy man. And to him alone is attributable the animus of the Iranian people towards the US.He was a deeply committed fundamentalist leading a culture that observes a life and death dichotomy between the civil significance of men and women. Women obey. Period. Our evangelistic feminism, tolerance for promography and liberal view of teenage sex, and extramarital sex, he, Ayatollah, condemned as a manifestation of satan. And he’s not the only one.

Reply Rack Jite: I assume the “H” stands for Harry rather than Harriet. But yeah, that Ayatollah was a cool dude. We as a country must become more like Iran, and we are, so what are you witching about.


From: B1223@@aol.com  What a fking stupid website. Well, I am white. Guess I could pretend to be black, gray, red or gay like you. Then I could pretend to care about their problems like you do and live in your stupid ideologic world with you.

Reply Rack Jite: Indeed, having ideals! What could possibly be worse than that? Well besides Genocide, nuclear war and Affirmative Action anyway. 

From: B1223@@aol.com  Check this out. I worked my fking ass off for 23 years so that me and my family could live in what I…

Reply Rack Jite: Though you did get in two Mys and two I’s, but you forgot ME and MINE. A good conservative always strives to get a ME, MY, I and MINE in every sentence they type.

From: B1223@@aol.com  …consider a “somewhat” upscale neighborhood and be free from the scum of the earth—you know, drug dealers, rapists, animal abusers and such, well, guess what? The house across the street was for rent. Do you know who moved in? A family of Mexicans. I do not have anything against Mexicans, I employee about 30 of them and they are the some of the finest hardest working human beings I have ever come across. However, some of them are not. I wondered how this family could afford to rent this house at $5500 a month. well, I found out. Someone else put their name on the lease for them. How do they make the payments you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. This four bedroom house now sleeps on a given night about 18 people at last count. Most are adults with jobs.

Reply Rack Jite: Come on, who do you think yer fooling? Anyone can read half a sentence of yours and realize what a bigoted racist nob you are. You don’t even fool your fellow racists and bigots, yet alone anyone with something besides cement between their ears. 

From: B1223@@aol.com  When I sit on the porch at night and once enjoyed a quite peaceful evening, I now have to look at 8 cars in front of the house 2 of which are parked on the once  beautiful lawn. Of these cars, two of them almost run. The other six are constantly being worked on by people who don’t know one end of screwdriver from the other. (Ever meet a Mexican who didn’t think he was a mechanic).

Reply Rack Jite: Yeah, them damn Mexicans! Just a minute ago you were saying how much you liked them!  

From: B1223@@aol.com  It gets worse. One of the daughters has fallen for a black guy.

Reply Rack Jite: OH NO! NOT A BLACK GUY! When will your life of horrors ever cease?

From: B1223@@aol.com  Now this black guy and all his buddies hang out in front of the house all night long in their low riders with the sub woofers cranked as loud as they go playing mindless rap. Do you know what rap is? It’s the senseless rhyming of words with the constant sound of bass being played by people who have no musical talent what so ever.

Reply Rack Jite: Yeah, I know what RAP is. Its the same no-talent DISCO (dance music) with something to say other than how HOTHOTHOT he or she may be. I don’t much care for it either, but if it weren’t for white kids buying it up, it wouldn’t be the decade long success it has been.

From: B1223@@aol.com  When these people drive off from this short cul de sac, they have to make sure their doing at least 90 mph.

Reply Rack Jite: Those Black people always going 90 or breaking the law one way or another. Gosh pal.

From: B1223@@aol.com  Now, we do not sit outside in the evenings, our children can no longer play outside and we have to walk the dogs out in the desert. Do you understand, these people have changed the life we’ve worked so hard for and used to enjoy.

Reply Rack Jite: Damn Spics and Negroes! But you aren’t bigoted or racist are you? You got me on the floor pal.  

From: B1223@@aol.com  I suppose your socialist mind is probably thinking: I should give all my money (that “I” worked for) to the government so that it could be given to these poor disadvantaged folks so they can live a better life.

Reply Rack Jite: Hey! Only three “I”s and not a ME, MY or MINE in the whole sentence. Get with it! Are you implying that Democrats would like to see a better life for the disadvantaged? What a despicable thought!

From: B1223@@aol.com  Well guess what? My neighbors and myself know the owners of the house very well and with a couple rolls of film and some video tape these people will be evicted and the rental agency will be fired Too fking bad I will now get the life back that I have worked so hard for.

Reply Rack Jite: Only YOU work hard, only nice White people like you. Hey, thanx, this was a keeper!


From: oppbrian@@hotmail.com  Dear “Rack, I for one would like to congratulate you on your wonderful site. ”Conservatively Incorrect” certainly tops the list of sites which I will recommend to other White nationalists. Your blatant hatred and stereotyping of Whites is truly revealing, and your incessant lies and half-truths are so fun to read. Don’t confuse me for a conservative. I HATE conservatives. But I also hate left-wing extremists who spout off hatred and bile for the White race. At any rate, the left/right dichotomy will become meaningless once the White nationalist revolution is underway… HAVE A NICE DAY…

Reply Rack Jite: No, this is stereotyping. No, this is stereotyping. That’s what’s so nice about being in third party Hell. You get to hate everyone!   You could do me a favor though. Would you make a list of who you hate in the order of how much you hate them?        


From: ingy2@@gte.net  someday, blacks and a wholes of your ilk will realize that “black and white” define races of people, “Rednecks and Niggers” define a way of life and an atitude. You are one sick a whole.
Reply Rack Jite: Hiding behind a handle Mr. Ashcroft?


From: burk@@prodigy.net   I agree with you on the affirmative action issue. Negroes and other minorities (except orientals) of inferior intelligence need the liberal white man to wipe their butts for them. If it wasn’t for slavery, these poor helpless negroes would today be living happily in that giant cesspool known as Africa.

Reply Rack Jite: Keeper! Well done. Good republican. Good conservative. Voted for Bush too I bet hey?
From:  arth@@zero.net  Dearest Rack, It seems that the Nazi has taken over. I would say that Sore Loserman is more yarmulke than Torah, no? The token kike(whoops) Heb(still off the mark) Jew(there we go) , so to speak. Did you know that Bush is going to embark on a genocidal campaign to eliminate all Blacks right after he gets sworn in. I kid you not Mr. Rack. I am privy to certain information held by the Nazi underground. As Republicans, we can gain access to this kind of info. Anyway, I have a confession to make. I think Blacks are superior to Whites. Violent crime is their forte and we just can’t keep up, you know. We just have to admit that they are better at it. Another thing I admire about Blacks is their knack for getting AIDS. I support womens’ rights and I am glad that Negroes have so many abortions. In addition to applauding them for their support of said rights I feel that Crime Stoppers should send them a check for 500 dollars for every abortion they have. Now that would be PC, compassionate, and downright racist all at the same time. Perhaps, I have not fully recovered from my Whiteness yet afterall. I think I am going to protest! Hans  P.S. Surf on to Whitesonly.net, Mr. Rack. You will be amused and you will come to the same conclusion as I did with regard to the material presented. In the end, White babies are just cuter than colored babies. You will find yourself registering as a Republicaaner( I love Germans!) in no time.

Reply Rack Jite: Gosh. When one is as far out into Right-wing LaLa Land as you are, sarcasm doesn’t behoove you! Much like Limbaugh using it so often stating conservatives are greedy, selfish, bigots and racists who want to destroy the environment, starve children, and kill poor people by denying them medical attention. The problem there is the sarcasm is lost in the truth. It doesn’t work. But I must say, at least you have expressed the core Republican mentality without hiding it behind the usual semantic propaganda. You’ve done well with your message, your white power expression of  hate towards Kikes and Negroes while aligning yourself with the Republicans and George Bush is more than I could ask for.      


From: arth@@netzero.net  Morons, stop humiliating yourselves. I am a borderline fascist and I am embarrassed by your responses to a site that is tounge-in-cheek. Sure, Rack is a commie swine but the site is meant to be funny. Indeed, it is very funny. Don’t take everything so seriously. In other words, keep your necks out of the sun. Obersturmbannfuhrer Hans Dime

Reply Rack Jite: Gee! And here you are  a half hour later scolding all the others for their hate mail here, when yours is the worst on the page! You people. Proving time and again how true it is that the more racist one is, the dumber they are. Well done. 


From: stallion@@antisocial.com  I hate liberal dickheads. I’m from the streets of new york, washington heights, filled with faries, queers, foreigners, blackies, jew dickheads, and gay ‘liberism’ types like you. I’ve been mugged 6 times at gunpoint before I was old enough to pack heat becus of YOUR rediculous liberal gun laws. (5 by a darkie and once by a beaner). One of the time I was with a date, I will never forgive the jungle bunnies for that. You liberal dickheads give them a free ride with afrimtive action and welfair at the cost of our tax dollars, and face it, we Italian Americans have to deal with far more discruminations in the forum of mafia and ‘wop’ stereotypes. Thank God for the South! People may talk all screwey here, but they care about things that really matter, like God, Family, and Heritoge. So one night I was working late here in Atlanta. So I was leaving work and was about to throw away this half eaten box of donuts. SO as I was walking up to the dumpster I see this dirty ass alcholohol smellin sambo camping out near the dumpster. As I come up he starts mumbling some crap…. now I swear I’m not a racist or anything, but I can’t understand a damn thing this spear chucker is sayin’. So I’m about to throw the donuts away and he gets even louder. At this point I’m deciding rather or not I should pull out my piece. I guess he saw that I was going for my 38 so he finally learned to speak english.
“no no no sir, just tryin’ to get somethin’ to eat” So I sez to him. “What you want ME to give YOU this box of donuts?” “please sir, I’s hungry need to get somethin’ to eat.” “Well go get it mf!” I dumped the box over into the dumpster, tomake sure the donuts all fell into the trash. So as I’m walking away, I see the patetic human waste sifthing throo the garbage to pull out the trash mixed donuts. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…. Just a small revenge… fk you democrats

Reply Rack Jite:  I like that part about you not being a racist. Funny. But you do bring to mind one of my most serious complaints about the media. They pretend there are a few hundred racist gunloons out there like you hiding in Idaho somewhere, when in reality there are about 60 million.


From: Stanley@@worldnet.att.net i don’t know what i consider myself to be but i am an intelligent white male, (two associates in business). i own a multitude of weapons and my family is from the south. i served in the military (USMC), and have been in all forms of politics, city and academia. i shoot regularly and hunt often. i have a two automatic weapons and numerous pre-ban accessories. does this make me dangerous for youth of today?

Reply Rack Jite: I am sure Harris, Klebold, the Crips and the Bloods all think yer cool! But I think yer a “big time Major League Asshole.” (Conservatives tell me it is cool to call people they don’t like dirty names. So I am sure, being the fair minded person you are, you have no problem giving others the same option.)

From: Stanley@@worldnet.att.net  unfortunately there are people like you out influencing our youth towards the weakening of this great country. why don’t you emigrate to china? they don’t allow personal freedoms there, you can spout your marxist bullcrap all you want.

Reply Rack Jite: Does that imply that if gun grabber Gore wins in November, that you will emigrate to… Hmmm… Where is there a place more conservative and gun crazy than here? Perhaps you will need a space ship hey?


From: Lohse7@@aol.com  God save America from blacks, feminists, and gays–and their appologetic sympathizers like rackjite.

Reply Rack Jite: I wish you real Americans would let us know if you are conservative or Libertarian. It’s almost impossible to tell anymore.


From: Viking@@usa.net  What causes your desease? I was reading part of your so called ‘book’ that you have online and I kept asking myself the question, “what makes a person this sick?” You obviously hate yourself and your race, have you thought about suicide? You can borrow one of my guns if you’d like. I guess living the life of a homosexual, black-loving, self-hating loser has gotten you down. Well, like I said, you can borrow one of my guns anytime, otherwise, try reading David Duke’s book “My Awakening” sometime if you really want to learn something useful in your worthless existence. And just out of curiosity, can you let us know what caused you to get so mentally warped? Was it drugs? A bisexual father – or maybe you were raised by a lesbian couple? An affair with your daughter? What was it, I’d love to find out.

Reply Rack Jite: I have you at an advantage. No conjecture is needed to figure you out. You have become the way you are from listening to AM Hate radio, the NRA and Republicans.


From: rider@@aol.com  Boy I can just picture your face, you must be a smug little weasel. I sat here and subjected myself to your lame web site for fifteen minutes too long. You see the problem with people like you is that you’re humor is just not funny. I really wish that you could live in the society that you are helping to create. You must have always been sheltered from the real world because your views are generated from a man who has lived in the land of make believe all his life. I myself have had to live in the real world, and I am one of the dissaffected White Youth who shaves my head, and has hate in my heart for all you elitest, out of touch, left wing gays. More and more White Youth are following in my footsteps, and it is you people who have created us. Our schools are crap because you liberals and your failed multiculturalism. There was a good Idea, lets busload a bunch of black trash into nice white neighborhoods so that they can influence our kids, and lets remove all moral codes and standards, so that these children of good families will be good and ready to follow in with these new hip hop urban gangsters. So here we are generations of white youth who’s patience is starting to boil. You dropped us into this pit anarchy that we call integrated society, and as we grow stronger from the tests that we are constantly undergoing, so does our hate for the likes of you. You who smugly think you know what is best for the World, but don’t really live in it. Very Sincerely, White Rider

Reply Rack Jite: Gosh… Another honest Republican.


From: jaiyig@@yahoo.com  You’re not a true leftist. A leftist believes in “Our People First!”. A leftist believes in national freedom and self-determination. Yet you have nothing but contempt for the White majority, and spend your time concerned about your little pet minority groups (homosexuals, Blacks, Jews, etc.). Out of blind hatred for our people and our civilization, you support mass immigration and other anti-White policies. Don’t you know that mass non-White immigration is used by the ultra-rich as a means of beating down the wages of the working class? Your disloyalty to your race, to your own people, makes you a champagne socialist. Now go write something on your little website, and pour yourself a glass of champagne… Sincerely, Chip

Reply Rack Jite: Gosh, it takes all kinds I guess. Perhaps the representation of Left and Right is not a horizontal line, but a circle coming together at the bottom. 


From: corrupt@@hotmail.com  Attention Ruck Good morning ma’ nigga. I will tell you many things that you will be told by me. Rhetoric never helps to make one look more intelligent if that person is dealing with someone using rhetoric. You dont address issues brought up in your letters written to you from people who wrote them. I assume this letter will have a reply much like “Gosh, who let out the grammer genie” or something to that effect. You are not any more liberal than i am, you are just a firestarter, looking to offend and disgust. This is offensive and Disgusting (will this garner a “thank you” from you?)furthermore, Homosexuality is disgusting. How do you defend someone who chooses to rub their most personal area in a man’s feces? I will keep my manhood feces free, thank you, and my feces will remain manhood-free. Maybe you can use some rackjite you have around home instead? I hope that my views can turn you from this course of sodomy and lead you to a normal life somewhere. I suggest Cuba, word is they have a great Liberal system there. Im glad people like you exist. You’re just so hilarious! Honestly, though, the liberal act is tiring quickly. Haha, oh by the way, before i close, can i ask something? does anyone without an inferiority complex QUOTE THEMSELVES? haha, you have a whole page, ma’ nigga! well, keep the gags coming brotha! Your Page is the funniest gag site i’ve read outside the Onion! Yours Rolling on the Floor in Rome

Reply Rack Jite: Gosh, who let Benito down off that lamp post he was hanging on?   


From: macc@@yahoo.com  answer me this how is a white man form agroup without it coming out as a rascist remark example black man has naacp neither white or hispanic have any kind of group they can turn to
Reply Rack Jite: Gosh… First off, Latinos do have the same thing, I think it’s acroynym is LAUC. White people have a sponsor too, its called reality. The reason for such organizations is because these minorities have been historically oppressed, still today to a lesser degree. While on the other hand, White people have historically been the oppressors, again, to a lesser degree today. That is the problem with people like you, refusal to accept that central truth. And not much can be done about it, you were brought up that way, had it has been re-enforced through the political and religious propaganda and dogma you have chosen to singularly follow. The only hope is such attitudes will die out as those people who hold them die out. Its happening, just too slow for me.


From:  Marvin@@Johnston.com  Since you seem to think it is okay, mind describing the benefits to society of homosexualality???
Reply Rack Jite:  The benefit society gains by leaving homosexuals alone, by not harassing them, beating on them, making them feel like dirt or discriminating against them is that we become both better individuals and society by doing so. Which, by the way, I happen to think is the purpose of it all rather than where we may or may not go after we are dead. Can you see the difference in these philosophies Marvin? One concerns getting our individual butts to Heaven and the other improving life on Earth. Which do you think takes the higher moral ground and adheres to the better values?


From:  mrtaylor@@mintec.gov.uk  I’m coming out! I’m queer and proud!

Reply: greg@@delphi.com   So what? Most of us could care less. As long as you do not demand my approval or that I refrain from criticizing anything about you, I have no problem with the fact that you prefer to sleep with a man (or a sheep, for that matter). It is only when you demand that I refrain from criticizing your words or actions that the problem begins.

Reply Rack Jite:  Here comes your well deserved goose/gander and pot/kettle reply:  I could care less that you are a bigoted homophobic moron. As long as you do not demand my approval or that I refrain for criticizing anything about you. I have no problem that you choose to turn Jesus Christ into a rabid right-wing hatemonger (or that you shoot doctors in the back for that matter). It is only when you demand that I refrain from criticizing your words or actions that the problem begins.


From:  blacktalon@@brainscan.net  You fking morons have spent my fine country nearly into bankruptcy. Ohhh yessss I am so proud of the baby killing pot soking liberals. They’ve managed to spend mine and my children’s future. Way to go fking homo lovers. Great idea. All dems should turn homo so they will not have children to grow up to be homo loving baby killing democrites.


From:  deraej@@pentagon.io.com  One of the first things Republicans plan is too bring pride back to the Military by kicking out the fags. Yes I am a conservative female republican college student who thinks that the word FAG should be reinstated in the vocabulary of morally upright people. FAGs are not some minority group that need civil rights protection, they are sick individuals who pray on the lonely, homely, unwanted and young. Its time the majority spoke out and voiced their opinion and stop letting the FAGS do all the name calling. Lets get back to protecting the innocence of children and the natural relations that bring marital fidelity. Stand behind this congress and remember.. they had their turn.


From:  [email protected]   Normal human beings exist, under natural law, for the procreation of the species. That is why there are two normal, human sexes – male and female, so that normal humans can procreate, and thereby improve the species. Are gays really human is a valid question. Of what use to normal humanity are these perverts, whose sole use seems to be the spread of their deviancy, and the spread of AIDS to normal humans, worldwide. Don’t forget it was a Canadian gay working with Air Canada who spread AIDS, deliberately, worldwide, with the connivance of the Canadian government. Because of the gays spreading AIDS, all normal people must now pay higher premiums for health and life insurance. Are gays really the “missing link”between animals and homo sapiens?


From; April@@String.com  Our world has existed for thousands of years, and throughout ALL THIS TIME, though homosexuality existed, it was not condoned. What suddenly makes it acceptable now?

Reply Rack Jite: It’s billions of years, and many societies have condoned it. But that aside April, it’s just like so many other forms of bigotry in the past:

People thought gassing Jews was a good idea, but it wasn’t…

People thought owning Blacks was a good idea, but it wasn’t…

People thought the sun revolved around the Earth, but it didn’t…

People thought the world was flat, but it isn’t…

People thought the world was created in 4004BC, but it wasn’t…

People thought denying others food and lodging because of what color they were was a good idea, but it wasn’t…

This is just the same April. You and yours will become only a little black blot in a history book. And April, I have a question for you and all these other homophobic Christians. What would you rather have, an adolescent openly gay son, or an adolescent repressed gay son who puts a bullet in his head? Hold it! Come to think of it, I don’t want to hear the answer to that.


From:  voland@@clark.net   Hey, this is not the discution groop for gays and lesbians! That’ the Jewish discution groop! Gays and lesbians have nothing to do with jewdaism, and I’l say even more: anyone who will defend them CANNOT be real jew. Becouse, the jewdaism is based upon those 7 things God told to Noah and 10 told to Moisheh. In one of those things, god told not to have any homosexual relationship. (Gays and lesbians). If they make up some kind of sinagogue or anything else based on their behavior: They ARE NOT JEWS! and no jew has a right to call himself a jew and defend them!

Reply Rack Jite:  I am at a loss for words. 


From:  David@@Townes.net  I will not let my children frequent gay bars, or any bars.

Reply Rack Jite:  No children frequent gay bars, or any bars for that matter unless they are 21, and if they are 21, what you will let them do is irrelevant. Why you Christian Fundamentalists have to constantly prove what dim bulbs you are just passes me by.


From:  dblacke@@ionet.net  It’s not my business until you make it my business. If I am an employer, and I am, the last thing I am going to do is hire a queer or a dyke. And, because the current political spectrum permits the little cornholer or dyke to espouse the nature of his/her sexuality, then they are a reflection on me and my business. A cornholer’s sexual orientation has no place in my home or in my business.
Reply Rack Jite:  I have to give you credit for not mincing words. At least you say what most conservatives think without hiding it behind a bunch of semantic drool. Good for you.


From: dinosaur@@comcast.com  First let me say that I am NOT anti-homosexual. I frequently download pictures of lesbians from the internet.

Reply Rack Jite: Gosh…

From: dinosaur@@comcast.com  I recently came across an e-mail of yours where you advocated that it was better to have a son put a bullet in his head than to turn gay. I personally am concerned about my son because, he socializes with gays, blacks and jews. However, I would NOT want him to harm himself; I have convinced him to join the Marines. Let God give him an honorable death, or the Marines make a him into a man.

Reply Rack Jite: Now that’s a message and a half! First off, I did not send any such email. Though I have said many of the RELIGIOUS RIGHT would rather have their kids kill themselves than be gay. Secondly, it sounds like your son is a well rounded kid who seems to have shaken off the mindless bigotry of his father. Thirdly, I hate to be the one to break this to you, but there are blacks, gays and Jews in the Marines. And lastly, are you saying that you are sending your possibly gay son into the Marines so they will either kill him or pass him through? Do you noodle in Oklahoma? 



Reply Rack Jite: Yeah, them damn queers. They have such an enormous effect on your life, hey? Go to bed worrying about them, waking up yelling about them, and in the interim, writing email attacking them! You people are such a yuck.  
From: gtem@@gatech.edu  Hey Rack, it’s me again you TreeHugging moron!  I bet you won’t post these statistics because its the truth!!!  Avg. Murder per 100,000 residents in counties won by Gore: 13.2 Avg. Murder per 100,000 residents in counties won by Bush: 2.1 Now, what area of this country do you want electing the President of the United States, Gore’s or Bush’s? They forgot to include that most of these counties have a high concentration of sick, deranged rump rangers.  Try defending them now you fag lover.  Your overdue for a salad tossing.  Oh, and I read about the sick depraved things you do to your kids.  You and your fellow gays should at best be quarantined to an island where the rest of the civilized world won’t have to deal with your depravity go to godhatesfags.com

Reply Rack Jite: Indeed, counties that drag Negroes behind trucks until the head tears off, who hang gays over fence posts after they have beaten them to death, who blow up federal buildings and commit mass suicide in religious compounds I bet are solid Republican Bush supporters, like you too, hey?  


From:  vang@@mail.cdmnet.com The holocaust is lie that was invented to pretend that the victors of WWII were good. actually they were on the side of evil, communism, decadence and the destruction of civilization. What is need is a resumption of National Socialism. The direction America is going can not be changed by people complaining and protesting. The Jews in control of the media and in power will never change.The Jews need to be removed from power. The political party that could change the downhill direction of America and bring it to greatness, beauty, and prosperity is National Socialism. Not that the name is the important thing, it could have any name as long the priciples put forth in Mein Kampf are adhered to. Another great book is Imperium. Jews control the media, that is the problem, National Socialism is the solution.


From:  larry@@cleveland.Freenet.Edu  ZOG and their BATF “baby-killers”are planning a holocaust against Christians. Network with law-enforcement and the militia, the genocide is about to begin. Remember the babies that were gassed and incinerated at Waco. Let them not to have died in vain. Greater is God who is in us, then Satan who is in this world – the Bible.


From:  lebbs@@ix.netcom.com  Why dont we instead of burning just the black churches put a few jews in there, you kikes ought to be used to fire by now. You will all die in the up coming race war, the only good black and kike is a dead one and this will be a white country again, so back to africa or that scumbag country israel. This is your last warning.


From:  mgiwers@@combase.com  And on the other hand why is the holocaust the only obsessively publically paraded “poor me”that occurred to a bunch of cowardly wimps who, save for Warsaw, never fought back and could have been given a number and would have shown up at the gas chamber and brought their own gas?


From:  Larry@@Kite  As far as liking the Vietnamese, bullcrap, they are still the enemy in my eyes!!! I would like to go walking into one of their gatherings with about 4 Claymores taped to my chest, welcome to america you gooks!


From:  thepastor@@netcom.com  I agree with you, Steve…..a friend of mine had the same problem when his son was 15 years old, and attending high school…he had him excused from sitting through ‘education’ about the Holocaust…..the school finally agreed,reluctantly, but they gave his family a lot of grief….the Jewish kids were throwing things at him,and hurling the usual names, Nazi, KKK, bigot, etc. ….. the boy finally had to defend himself physically, but the school took the part of the Jews…..the family held to their beliefs,and the boy never did have to sit through all the Jewish story-telling sessions. Jesus gives us strength, when we need it most. Hail Jesus’ Victory

Reply Rack Jite:  In other words, a family of anti-Semitic holocaust revisionists and probable neo-nazi White Supremacists, took their son out of school so he didn’t have to learn the truth of what people like themselves did to the Jews in Europe. All the Jewish kids (how many could there have been) may have then spoke up to the 15 year olds’ bigotry, so his parents told him to go beat the crap out of the “Kikes”. The school then disciplined the child who used physical violence on school grounds. And it’s Jesus who gives that family the strength to be the racist little scumballs they are? No wonder they nailed him to a tree.


From: Mark@@EMIRATES.NET   Well Clinton was 10x (if not 100x) the draft dodger that Queyle was. But no one complains about Clinton but boy let me tell you Quayle really got it heaped on! Your double standards are laughable just the same!
Reply Rack Jite: First off, both used the same system to try and stay out of Vietnam. Secondly, the difference is the double standard of Quayle who avoided Vietnam while backing the war, opposed to Clinton avoiding it while decrying it. But the real absurdity in your message is that “no one complains about Clinton”. My God man! No president in our history has been attacked, denigrated, libeled, and “heaped on” more than Bill Clinton. What a hoot you are!


From: Join the NRA@@ netcom.com  Rodney King verdict. Oh God, not the Rodney King crap again. It’s a shame that he is still alive. Talk about a piece of garbage. Well anyways getting back to your first opinion, some people take pride in their Country, unlike the liberal communist scumsuckers we have living here. You bring up about people responding with violence, well why does a person have to start the violence by burning the flag? I agree with you, the person who wants to burn the flag in front of a large crowd, SHOULD NOT be arrested. This person should be judged by his peers and be sentenced, what I am saying if you haven’t figured it out is the crowd should tear this piece of garbage apart. This way nobody gets arrested. Anyone out there agree with me?


From: king@@sausag.com   People fear gas because it chokes and gags you, it stings your eyes and stifles your breathing. Let’s be honest, not being able to breathe scares us om a kind of primal way, and the thought that we could be choked (to death, perhaps?) by the air we breathe is scary. A nuclear blast is comparitively clean.


From: Tom@@concentric.net   After reading your emails and various websites I have come to the conlclusion that you are an anti-American, clinically insane sub-human and I think you have no right to live on American soil. More juvenile, sophomoric insults from you. What is a “creepy crawler?” Do a spell check once in your life. . I suggest you take an English class or two, but do it some other country. No American Army officer ever talked like you. You were never in the Army and you certainly never saw combat. That makes you a liar and if you ever threaten me again I will respond in kind. I know where Seabrook, Texas is. NOW we are even.
Reply Rack Jite:  After wading through half a dozen of unsolicited foul emails you have sent me in the past two days, I asked you and your ISP to stop sending them and you play that it’s a threat no different than your “I know where you live” threat? Gee. You people are just such creepy crawlers.


From: doc@@bledsoe.net  You are probably like that one commie socialist liberal in my neighborhood who STILL hasn’t put a flag up on his house. The people in my neighborhood think its high time someone pay him a visit. I hope the patriots in your neighborhood pay YOU a visit too. You traitor. You probably have a rag head terrorist boyfriend named Habeeb who rides you to work on his camel every morning. Then you wipe your chin with the American Flag after you are done sucking him off.

Reply Rack Jite:  I wonder who will come for me first, Fredie, Jason, Michael or Mr. Jingo.


From: Merciless@@aol.com  I am proud to be a member of the United States Armed forces and It saddens my heart that I have to fight for your very right to make up a website full of so much hatred of the Amercian way of life and basic Christian/Judeo values that this country is based upon. You should be ashamed of creating such a thing. There are people out there who DIE everyday so that you have the right to be an American and put this kind of anti-American bull crap up on the internet. What on earth would you do without those same conservative people who you call right wing wackos defending you and laying down thier lives selflessly so that we can have basic freedoms.I especially love the HATE MAIL selection that you have, why don’t you post this one.

Reply Rack Jite:  Okay, its dumb enough, that’s for sure. You know, I am a liberal who served 3 years as an officer and gentleman in the US Army. Making you no more an American than I or any other American. As Jesus said, don’t be waving your flag in public as it becomes more self aggrandizement than it does devotion. And you see, most people with as intellect above rat poo understand that.
From: Dlynneisel@@aol.com  Whass the matter, can’t think of a reply to my last email. I knew it, just like most liberals, you are a phoney. You just follow the herd. Ever think that the herd is headed for the slaughter house? Better start thinking for yourself pal; Don’t rely on the government–you’ll wind up going to the slaughter house too!!! The only people that will survive are those with the will to do it on their own.
I’ll ask one more time: Do you hate the United States of America?????

Reply Rack Jite:  Other than this being a classic example of a head way too big for what little is inside, there is a semantic conundrum in your question that needs airing out. The central Republican issue for a hundred years has been a seething, foaming at the mouth hatred of the Government of the United States of America. To demean it and emasculate it in favor of States Rights (state religions, slavery and apartheid). Perhaps your question should be: Do you hate the Respective States of America rather than the United States of America. Once you get the question worked out properly I may give you an answer.

From: rampage@@hotmail.com  After viewing your brilliant web site, it demonstrates itself to be : Still more proof that most liberals are 1) socialists 2) fascists 3) idiots I’m not sure whether you’re a socialist, but you demonstrate yourself a fascist and are clearly an idiot. Why don’t you move to China and live in a society that’s governed the way you seem to think we should be. Idiots like you under my flag make me ashamed to be an American.

Reply Rack Jite:  YOUR flag? Does it have some sort of geometric likeness to an “X” on it?


From: hollow@@ev.com What a great commie, why don’t you just move or better yet walk in front of my truck a whole.

Reply Rack Jite:  I always enjoy this premise. If you were to consider moving because you thought this country too socialist, where would you chose to move which would be more conservative than here?


From: Brat@@aol.com  I really don’t believe that you have the guts to be a free man. If you want to live in a communist utopia……..PLEASE MOVE TO VIETNAM…. you will find your ideals are right in line with the leaders of the state owned people there, and if it dosen’t work out you can become a slave of the state of North Korea. Good Luck. Take your commie buddies with you.

Reply Rack Jite:  Boy do I get a lot of these, let me tell you! Hasn’t that old Love it or Leave refrain become somewhat of a losing argument for you conservatives? If I were to reverse it on you, where would it be you would Leave To that is more to the Right than where you are now?


From: Y4@@aol.com  I just wanted to know. What’s the difference between your views/opinions and that of a communists’? Don’t you know that socialism and communism is a failure and yet you seem to advocate it. In fact name me one country that is nearly as prosperous as the US that has some kind of a socialist government. It’s very clear that you’re a highly misinformed individual and I think you have enough hate mail to prove that. What you say on your website is incredibly mean spirited and for the most part unjustified. I’d also like to add that you could never outdebate any member of my family with your liberal rubish. Might I suggest that you move to China. You would like it so much because then you could be a part of your picture perfect governent in action. Ever read Animal Farm? Go do that please. Sincerely,Josh, a youngin from Ca

Reply Rack Jite:  Animal Farm? You mean where some piggies are better than other piggies. Whether regarding debating skills or what have you. 

In a few years when this country moves back to a more liberal democracy, where will you move? I would think the only place more to the Right than here would be some Arab monarchy. But you are a guy right? With a gun and probably the backing of God? Sounds like the place for you hey?

You should get a better grasp of political philosophy before sounding off though Josh. Capitalism and Socialism are economic systems. One dependent upon selfish greed and the other on altruistic sharing. The question regarding which is evil is not in doubt here in America. But for the rest of the world, the obvious answer is somewhere in between the two systems. Communism is a political system based upon government ownership of property and one party rule. Most civilized countries of the world are what we call “social democracies” or “liberal democracies”,  where the people choose – through either democratic or parliamentary systems – the amount of capitalism or socialism they wish for themselves. I know that must sound like crazyass evil doers doing evil things, but nonetheless, it is the system most of humanity has chosen for themselves.


From: kimbro@@doitno.com  You should title your articles “Jack Shit”, because you don’t know Jack Shit about what you are talking about. How do you know for a fact that all of the people you mentioned, Cheney, Bush, etc were pro Viet-Nam?
Reply Rack Jite:  If you mean pro Vietnam War, I know because they said they were.
From: kimbro@@doitno.com  You don’t know Jack Shit about John Ashcroft either. I have known Jack for the last 20 years and he was never pro Viet Nam. If being a Christian is being a “Conservative” then he is a conservative. He is a man of strong morals and Christian beliefs. His Religion tells him that it is wrong to kill, and whether you believe in “Pro-Choice” or not, the bottom line is that it is killing.
Reply Rack Jite:  Who are you calling “Jack”, Ashcroft or Bush? Matters little as Bush has stood over more people killed in the Texas Death House than any Governor in American history, and Ashcroft has been the most rabid vocal  advocate of executions while in the Senate.

From: kimbro@@doitno.com  By the way, which branch of service did you serve in? I served in Korean Conflict and was not draftet, I joined.
Reply Rack Jite:  I joined the US Army and became a First Lieutenant, served 13 months of combat duty on the DMZ Korea 1968-69.
From: kimbro@@doitno.com  It seems as though the “Liberals” always seem to turn a blilnd eye to any of the Sins of the Liberals, but have no trouble in Bad Mouthing any Conservative. You did not mention that Slick Willie was a Draft Dodger , a Liar, an Adulterer and almost thrown out of office,
Reply Rack Jite:  You got it exactly opposite it seems. I did not deny Clinton avoided going to a war he did not support. It is you who are denying conservatives avoided a war they did support. Seems you ability to reason well is all akimbro.
From: kimbro@@doitno.com  but then he is a Liberal so therefore can do no wrong.
Reply Rack Jite:  While your salient point here is conservatives can do no wrong. You sure know how to pen a real crazyass message! Let me guess. Jesus Christ is your personal savior, right?
From: kimbro@@doitno.com  This is a waste of time as you are so full of yourself and your Bull crap that nothing is going to dig you out of your Bull Shit Hole. Missouri
Reply Rack Jite:  A lot of dirty words for such a fine Christian. Hey, I thought that was Missoura.
From: Merciless@@aol.com  “I joined the US Army and became a First Lieutenant, served 13 months of combat duty on the DMZ Korea 1968-69.”  Your little quote here is a bunch of bullcrap, no US service member could EVER create something as unAmerican as this.

Reply Rack Jite: Let’s see if I can notch this down a few levels into something even you can understand and accept. I did my three years in the Army BEFORE I got my LIBERAL ARTS degree from a GOVERNMENT university with it’s INTELLECTUAL faculty. 


From: synerg@@mcs.com Libertarians (in general) believe that employers should be able to hire and fire employees for any reason at any time. That’s only fair, since employees can quit their jobs and/or seek work elsewhere at any time. Now, I would have a real problem working for any company that brazenly refused to hire certain people because of their race or sex, but I don’t have any major problem with employers who choose not to hire people based on their behavior, including sexual behavior. To me, it is no more wrong to refuse to hire someone who is openly homosexual than it is to refuse to hire someone who admits to being a pedophile and a child molester.


From: Attila@@netcom.com  So the fascist/communist “liberals” can further demolish our country’s foundation in the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights. Chenoweth is one of the best representatives produced by the !lopsided US political system…VOTE LIBERTARIAN IN NOVEMBER!


From: lizard@@express.com  I love those whom I deem worthy of love, and I work to care for myself and those I choose to care for. You, on the other hand, seek to compel me to treat every random stranger as I would treat those I love;and would compel me to work not f or me and mine, but for all humanity, whose only claim on the product of my labor is the fact that they have no claim on it at all.
Reply Rack Jite:  Well said. And that is the essence of the Libertarian Party. All men are islands. Those who are not up to holding their own for what ever reason, are to either starve, be thrown in prison or shot. All you people have done is redefined the Nazi ideology of “Social Darwinism” to read “rugged individualism”.


From Rack Jite: Mining interests don’t consider leaving a gaping scar in the mountains as a cost.
Reply Mark@@Atlanta.com  If it’s their land. So what?
From Rack Jite:  Timber companies don’t consider eroded bald mountains to be a cost.
Reply Mark@@Atlanta.com  If it’s their land, so what?
From Rack Jite:  Is requiring a timber company to restore forests fair?
Reply Mark@@Atlanta.com If it is their land, it is not fair.
From Rack Jite: What a hoot you Libertarians are. Gosh…


From: black@@ionet.net  Gail, I am beyond words. You insult me, then you call me a liar, then you insult me again. You insult my son as well. You are very fortunate – you live on the end of the wire in some unknown part; otherwise, I would find you, rip out your heart, and then take a bite out of it.
Reply Rack Jite:  Gail, I warned you about speaking out as a liberal in this medium! Especially regards agreeing with me. And most especially replying to Libertarians. Why you and so many others use your real names in this medium so filled with so many deranged Right-wing Libertarian bozos is just beyond me.


From: sharon@@netzone.com  Personally, I don’t vote anymore. I had my name removed from the voting registration lists. I think that it is hypocritical of libertarians to claim that this government position or that position is invalid, but I’m going to vote for it anyway! It provides sanction to a system which we don’t believe in. It’s kind of like saying that I don’t like voting if I lose, but it’s ok if I win. Since I believe that all government is based on force, and I don’t believe in using force except for immediate self-defense, I cannot vote in an attempt to coerce others.
Reply Rack Jite: Yes, you Libertarians are just such fine examples of good citizenship!


From: roger@@ demon.co.uk  Do you Libertarians recognize any action of the government, what about speeding tickets?

Reply: billyb@@mindspring.com No. (arbitrary and capricious)
From: roger@@ demon.co.uk  Jury service…
Reply: billyb@@mindspring.com  Compulsory? Absolutely not. Involuntary servitude.
From: roger@@ demon.co.uk  Sales tax…
Reply: billyb@@mindspring.com  More extortion.
From: roger@@ demon.co.uk  Do you think you should be able to cherry-pick which taxes you will or won’t pay?
Reply: billyb@@mindspring.com  Of course. Do you think you should be able to “cherry-pick” what you value at market? Of course you do. The principle of positive value selection does not change simply because the government asserts values. IOW – just because the government says that certain things are valuable to me, it doesn’t mean that they really are.
From: roger@@ demon.co.uk  Which govt funded services can you or cannot morally accept?
Reply: billyb@@mindspring.com  The ones which are valuable to me.
From: roger@@ demon.co.uk  Depending on what?
Reply: billyb@@mindspring.com Depending on whether I think they are good for me or not.

Reply Rack Jite: You know Billy, I don’t think there is a better message explaining what this Libertarian bullcrap is all about than that one. Well, come to think of it, you did miss the main Libertarian point you usually dwell on. That we should all have machine guns mounted on our cars, hand grenades in our pockets, mortars in our back yards, surface to air missiles on our roofs and a gun in each hand.


From: drac@@p3.net   I’m glad Ron Brown is dead. I am happy that he died the way he did: His bowels probably liquified as the plane began to drop. I can only hope that he choked on his own puke before losing consciousness. Ron Brown worked, for many years, pushing affirmative action policies in Washington. That is, he was a professional racist. So was Goebbels. These people make me sick — the whole, sorry, Plato worshipping, collectivist, racist, statist, tribalist, fascist, boot-licking, arse-kissing, “social justice” spouting criminals who run our government. They are the kind of people that Nathan Hale, Patrick Henry and Thomas Paine declared war on in the 18th century.


From Rack Jite:  I want you to be clear on this. What you Libertarians are saying is that the Attorney General and the President with malice of forethought wanted to murder 80 people including 20 children at Waco?
Reply: synerg@@mcs.com   Yes! Thank you for stating the truth…for a change. Annoy a Fascist: Just Say No to Gun Control!


From: parker@@mail.com  The cold, hard truth Racky Tacky, is that you’re little more than a brown smear on the underwear of life, and that’s lucky for you, because if any looney out there thought you were worth the time, effort and trouble of stomping on your little peabrain, I’d have one less pathetic old hippy liberal to make fun of, since you’re about as hard to find and identify as the guy with dogcrap on his shoes.
Reply Rack Jite:  Gosh, you Libertarians are just SO COOL!


From: Sharon@@netzone.com  Do keep in mind, however, that more lawsuits can be filed against you if you don’t behave yourself.
Reply Rack Jite:  Gosh, a Libertarian gunloon threatening to file MORE lawsuits against me because of what? Oh, did I use that looneytarian word again? I must have missed the previous lawsuits I guess. Keep em coming!


From: Belmont@@unknown.net  Hypocracy…is that what you are about, you complain about rush’s conservitive backlash towards you and your liberal friends, yet you stoop to the same level and rip on “Newt’s Ugly Friend” get this straight peanut head…Both Liberal’s and Republicans are doomed to the freedom of the libertarians…and when it all happens you will be washing the mud off your face along with ole RUSH…so get off your high horse and fix the defict your party created when you taxed and spent away my future. feel free to E-mail me any response to feel, all in all, the government as we know it will be gone within twenty years, so you can take you liberal compasion and throw it in the same pile as the conservitive tax break. It still don’t mean diddly!


From: glass@@nospam.mindspring.com  I have a friend in the Navy who knew Boorda and worked in the Pentagon.He told me there was no way he killed himself. According to my friend, Boorda was despised by his underlings-all the way to the lowliest enlisted man. He was seen as a stooge for Clinton and Patsy Schroeder. Someone who would follow their nutsy orders even if it meant harming the welfare of the rank and file. My friend thinks one of his underlings popped him. My friend is also an arms expert (held a FFL class-3 and is an expert marksman). He says people-especially military types-who know guns- would NEVER shoot themselves in the CHEST with a .38. “It’s a bad way to kill yourself; too often the bullet hits bone and bounces off. Anyone who knows guns-and wants a quick end-would put the thing in his mouth-the way Foster is “supposed” to have done.” I dunno. It’s just my pal’s theory. But it sorta does ring true… Jim
Reply Rack Jite: 
Well if you had a friend that said all that, then there isn’t any doubt about it! 🙂  But no matter, the message is cool. That if our soldiers do not like their generals following the orders of a Democrat President, they kill them! You Libertarians are just so cool.


From: joblow@@yahoo.com As much as you will probably not admit it, there are a few grevious errors on  your site, as usual for a liberal site with all emotion and no facts.

Reply Rack Jite: There are literally laundry lists of facts on the website. After all your lengthy email harassment I have acquiesced to put your mindless drool up here, though I usually leave fifteen year olds alone. Sorry, but I had to snip a lot of paragraphs for space restraints.  

From: joblow@@yahoo.com You served in the army, big fking deal. Just because you were in the army, doesnt mean you know anything about it.

Reply Rack Jite: But a bigger friggin deal than your military service hey kid? 

From: joblow@@yahoo.com  See, its people like you that caused my dead father to get screwed in life because he worked his ass off for years and paid money into your communist programs of social security, and since he died before he could gather that big ripoff investment, the money went to the state. he saw not one red cent. I got one check for 300 bucks. 300 bucks vs what he paid in. Now, if he would have been able to invest that money instead of giving it to your god-goverment, my mother probably wouldnt have to work her ass off today to make retirement. She would have also benefited from that program. But you know what, they dont whine and complain. Becuase, they didnt know better, becuase it was the liberals that taunted and told the people that giving your money to the govt was worse than investing it and getting a return that you can live on. Is it there fault they didnt invest? Yes. Did they know any better? Unfortuantly, no. They voted for democrats based on labor-union issues and nothing else. They didnt know their country was decaying around them. Now, if we were all socialist, who benefits from all that money going into the state? The leaders. I dont see any leaders of China, Chuba, N. Korea and Vietnam living in shacks with the other “workers”. Besides, without captalism, who employess the workers.

Reply Rack Jite: Gosh… Kind of stupid to be pushing this poo when people have lost their 401s, their retirements and their savings to the stock market over the past two years. About as dumb as mud.  Seems Social Security is your big enemy which you define as Communism! It is the most popular social program in American history, reducing the poverty rate of the elderly from over 50% to less than 10%, with around 90% of Americans presently behind it. Do you work for Fox News?  

From: joblow@@yahoo.com If you do happen to respond, please, be thoughtful and factual. Do not spew talking points or bigotry, it will not be tolerate.

Reply Rack Jite: Well, I certainly would not like to intolerate you [thoughtful], you little nitwit [factual].  Having read way too much email from you, I can’t tell if you are coming from the Religious Right or the Libertarian Party. Giving equal rancor to both Social Security and promography confuses matters. But it helps make the point that it is often hard to discern these two forms of Right-wing crapism. 


From: g7@@hotmail.com  Visited your sight today. Read where this fellow is arrested in Arizona and belonging to the Arizona Vipers. What is the rest of the story on that? I guess that is just the way it is as Kronkite was wont to say. And David Koresh. I remember President Clinton at the news conference immediately following the conflagration in Waco asking the reporters, “David Koresh was a child molester. Is there anyone here to dispute that?” Evidently there was no one there to dispute that contention because the room was deathly silent. What is the whole story? The labels conservative and liberal mean nothing when applied to the political spinners. What if someone called Clinton a child molester. I hope that there would be disputers to that contention for the sake of a sane society and not just for the sake of one individual who happens to wield power. The rest of the vast humanity does not wield power. We have rights and in a few cases we exercise them. We who exercise our rights sometimes know a lot more of the facts and circumstances. By the way Flower gave me a great head job some time back.

Reply Rack Jite:That last line defines you well. But you know, over the years I have been able to NAME THAT TUNE in one note. LOONEYTARIAN!  That unique meld of a selfish repellent personality coupled with such extreme Right-wing poo.


From: nesham@@teleport.com Herr Rite; Hello, Jack. I am very insulted at your page libertarians. First of all social Darwinism is not a bad, or evil thing. Unless of course you are some nazi leftist communist as you seem to be. It is REALITY. Wake up. Also, I refer to you as Herr because you are a NAZI. Yes indeed Hilter was a left wing extremist just like you. NAZI means National Social German Workers Party. Gee. Sounds pretty COMMIE to me.  As for your accusations that we (right wight libertarians) rack up with racists and such, not! Guess what? I happen to be a Jew. That’s right, and I am also a Zionist. No doubt you are related to the arab nazi pig terrorist PLO organisation. You have similar views and tactics. Not only do I totally support the Cato Institute, and the Libertarian Party and such I donate money to the Jewish Defense League and Jewish Task Force who are getting the message about leftist fascists like you out. You probly support all the nazis like the black nazi Farakhan (I pray to HaShem he dies a slow and painful death) or the idiotic Yassair Arafat. He will get what is coming soon enough like all you anti Semites. “KravMaga”—–A right wing Libertarian Zionist and proud
Reply Rack Jite:Thanx for the reminder that just because one happens to be a member of a minority it doesn’t mean one can’t be a disgusting little a whole.  


From: ebaser@@zworg.com  Hi, “Rack”. I just looked over your site and picked myself up off thefloor after the bout of hysteria it produced. To start things off, I’m not a conservative, though I must admit to a bemused disgust for liberals. I’m not a Christian; I’m agnostic. I have just as much Asian in me as I do white. I detest socialists and fascists religious nuts, all with the same degree of disgust.But your site really is something else-never before have I witnessed such a childish display of misinformation, name-calling, disregard for common sense, and brainwashed propoganda written along ANY political bent. And I’ve seen a lot on the Internet. I’ve seen a lot of godawful, “God-fearing” right-wing sites, and a lot of hideously vacuous left-wing sites. But yours is the absolute worst. I’d take it apart piece-by-piece, but why bother? It isn’t worth anything beyond a knowing laugh. And the only reason you present your views in this fashion as opposed to actually getting involved in politics? You’re stupid. Even a mediocre debater could tear your arguments to shreds in a nanosecond. Like all the most hardcore liberals, you suckle at the teat of your politically correct agendas and socialist mentality without any regard whatsoever for the obvious realities which oppose your rigid mentality. The real consolation is that anyone who is politically neutral will be so turned off by your hideously single-minded propaganda and personal lack of charm, they’ll recognize liberal mentality for the hideous beast it really is. Liberals like you express the same sort of fervor and mindless conformity to their programmed mentality as the Nazis did. And keep this in mind-in his insane quest, Hitler killed six million Jews; Mao slaughtered 10 MILLION of his own people. You socialists have already proven yourselves to have the same fervor and bloodthirst as the fascists did. And liberals in America absolutely THRIVE on the conflicts of race to try to pit minorities against the conservatives. Sorry, kid. I don’t buy it. I’ve even gotten a couple of liberals infuriated enough to call me a “chink” simply because I eloquently pointed out that Asians don’t need your minority handouts; and let’s face it-we never will. The truth is simply that white liberals like you get nice and brainwashed in college and by a liberal media. And you eat it up, because you’re stupid (as I mentioned above). Tell me: have you ever really wanted for anything yourself? If so, how hard did YOU have to work? I imagine that you’ll snip areas of this letter before putting it up on your page-if you even do. But if you do, It’ll simply prove to me what I’ve already guessed: you’re so insecure, you can’t even handle an opposing viewpoint when it’s reasonably written. BTW, the “Imagine” MIDI was hilarious! You really are a stereotype.

Reply Rack Jite: Though this is normally too long for this area, I put your entire hate intensive, name-calling, polemic email up here to show my readers just how right I am about you conservative bozos. (whether you are conservative or Libertarian) First of all, your central complaint of my site it that it is full of hate and name-calling. Have you read what you wrote up there? The abject hypocrisy of you people is often beyond the pale. Secondly, you prove one of the central themes of my site, that the single most unifying issue in the conservative and libertarian ideology is a foaming at the mouth, ear bleeding hatred of liberals rather than any political issue. Hate is the moving force of American conservatism. You also help us understand that minorities are not all kindly oppressed people; some are extremely obnoxious right-wing a wholes! And lastly, none of the conservatives I have come across would call you a “chink”, they would call you a “gook”.

From: Mary@@inet.com  When do you plan on telling him you murdered his older brother or sister? Isn’t it a shame abortion wasn’t an option for your mother when the “inconvenience” of having to give birth to someone like you raised its ugly head.


From: Sandy@@billit.net  Have fun in Hell. Rest easy in the knowledge that long after your sorry life has been forgotten and the maggots are done chewing on your putrid remains our Lord God will still be with us and will be stronger than ever. Unhinder yourself while the clock is ticking, for who knows, your death might come tomorrow…


From: Steve@@Houston.com  If the authorities catch someone getting an ABORTION in a state where it is illegal then the death penalty should be given to the woman and the doctor (or whoever is performing the abortion)….The LAWS should be enforced.


From: Jon@@texas.am.net  Murder is exactly the appropriate word for abortion. And yes, if I had my way, it would be a capital offense for all involved. Murder is murder, whether approved by society or not.

From: Hstory@@aol.com  No one deserves the belittling you portray.  No one.  I was not saying his [Dr. Gunn’s murderer] actions were condoned I am saying you have no place to make judgements about these people (all of them) based on your own interpretations.

Reply Rack Jite:  No one deserves the belittling you portray. With hypocrisy beyond the absurd, superstition always trumping reason and the hatred expressed so openly, you and yours have so little credibility you don’t much matter anymore. My advice would be to stay out of the dialog and stick to what ya’ll do best; shooting doctors in the back.

From: pappy@@home.com  Some observations. Allow me to express my conservative philosophy on some issues that I feel most people that consider themselves “conservative” also share.
ABORTION: Life begins at conception simply because before conception, there is no possibility of life. Therefore unnatural termination of a pregnancy is denying a right to life and the only definition that fits is murder. No one has the right over life and death, not even the woman carrying that life.
CAPITOL PUNISHMENT: I saw your tired liberal statement that George Bush has killed people in Texas, when all have gone through the judicial process of which Governor Bush had no part. Lame. The fact of the matter is, when someone has taken a life, THEY forfeit their right to life. It is by their deed or deeds that they condemn themselves.
I could go on, but I’m pushing the limit on mail size. Now, it’s easy for you to smash radical posters and radical right-wing politics, you’re like a little kid blowing up toy soldiers.
Are you capable of thoughtful argument?
Reply Rack Jite:  I have to say I edited out quite a few of your listed issues for space restraints. But I do think the two I left tell it all pretty well. And you are lecturing me on thoughtful argument? What a hoot!    

From: David@@jina.net  Well, let me explain myself, I think that anyone caught drunk, say drivein a public bus, or operating heavy macheray(sp), or anybody that is in a postion to hurt others should get the death penalty. I am FOR the death penalty.

Reply Rack Jite: I bet you are! But you know, that would come out to around a million executions a year here in America. About the same number the Nazis did per year. Have any plans on just how best to kill that many Americans per year?


From: boozy@@free.net  What is it you hate the most? The bureaucracy! SOCIAL PROGRAMS! BureaucRATS! And of course TAXES! The more people you put in jail the highter your taxes get. And what is worse. Being put in a cell with cable TV and computers and little mints on your pillow each night. Or sentenced to years of having to be put each week through a maze of paper and bureaucrats?

Reply Rack Jite: I wonder why the travel industry hasn’t  figured this out yet. What with life in prison so much fun, they could make big bucks with vacation cruises for lengthy stays at Attica and Angola. Your belief that life in prison is better than having to fill out forms is noted. I guess Republicans are dumber than even I suspected.


From: christian@@super.com  Another problem with our criminal “justice” system. It should be quite inexpensive to nuke a killer. Even if it’s twice as expensive, it would make a great deterrent and soon we’d have a lot less people to nuke.

Reply Rack Jite: Sometimes conservative philosophy transcends even my intellectual capacities.

From: rocka@@del.com  I for one am outraged that the electric chair has been discarded for the sterile, “compassionate” lethal injection form of the death penalty. No more last mile? No sweat by the monsters who have showed no compassion for victims. Why not a two methods of execution? Lethal injection for the good murderers and the chair for the real bad murderers. It really seems a shame that “old sparky” gets put out of action when the whole purpose of the death penalty is the make the scum of the earth think twice before they take a victim. Well anyway, lethal injection is a start. We can always plug in the chair with a legislative vote.
Reply Rack Jite:
There seems to be a hypocritical debate raging in America over what we call moral values. We seem to always blame our moral decay upon matters of sex. The above message is where the real problem lies within today’s American morality. The message is of Ole Sparky, shoot for the head, Black Talons, and giving the least of Americans a kick in the nuts. They call it CONSERVATISM, but what it really is, is crap


From: Jordan@@oberlin.edu  How does it then serve the victims for the state to kill the Rapist/Murderer? Don’t you think it would better serve everybody for us to focus our energies (and our resources) on STOPPING THE CRIME before it happens, instead of seeking worthless revenge?

Reply: equality@@netcom.com  Oh, okay Alice, and this is Wonderland. This is one of the dumbest replies I have ever read. I don’t even know how to respond to such a fked up statement. So like the next time a dog kills or maims a 3 year old and then attacks and kills a 4 year old, should we maybe try to “retrain” the animal? No, you kill the animal. And that’s just what we are doing to the “animals” out there in the streets who prey on innocent people. I sure hope that some piece of garbage puts a bullet in your gut, you freakin moron.


From: victor@@houston.com  A person convicted of a felony for the second time should be sentenced to death, automatic, no appeal.

Reply Rack Jite: We know you are old,  from Texas, a very proud racist and of course a crazyass gunloon; but it wasn’t until this message that you proved yourself insane.    

From: Sam@@ips.net  I’ve said before, I am against censorship except for three areas that I am aware of: Kiddie prom, Animal prom, and snuff movies.

Reply Rack Jite: I don’t know Sam, I just don’t think that Chicken-******* is much of a problem. Well hold it, let me contemplate this for a minute. Nope. I cant see it making any difference to anything at all. But there is the problem of pictures of clothless chickens.

From: Rent@@aol.com  Your site is baloney. With your typical Liberal rant “right wing conspiracy” “it’s the republicans fault,” you blame someone else besides yourself and your party. In all of fairness, there have been republicans that were corrupt indeed. But you see, I don’t defend them just to stay loyal to my party, I’ll criticize any bureaucrat. I challenge you, and your pure arrogance on your debate of the so called “global warming” and your praising of the Electric Power Car. I also challenge you, Mr. Liberal himself to an Abortion debate, you have been brainwashed by your typical feminist folk, and the ACLU (Antichrist Liberal Union). By the way sir, your an anti-Catholic Bigot. One more thing, you can be sued (yes sued) for liability on a lot of the things you have said on your site. It’s sad to me you can’t even fess up to your own parties wrong doings. As the homosexual rights people say, your living a lie.
Reply Rack Jite: You are going to sue me for saying liberal things? And lecturing me about blaming others for what I do not like, WHILE you blame feminists, homosexuals and the ACLU for what you don’t like. You seem the typical conservative dim bulb.

From: Rack Jite Looser [email protected]  Here’s another one for your “hate mail” page, if you have the nerve to expose yourself. Interestingly enough, NONE of the alleged From: addresses in the messages on your hate mail page are valid, even the more current ones. They are all made up by you in some adolescent attempt to justify your idiocy. You are a fraud, a fake, a bigot, and a waste of perfectly good oxygen.

Reply Rack Jite: Well it’s true that the email address you just used is not only made up, but mine. That’s called forgery.  On one hand I get complaints and lawsuit threats for using real email addresses, and on the other get accused of making them up. The only consistency seems to be that both accusations come from seriously dimmed bulbs.


From: RAM@@uh.com  If yer f**ked in the head dont be doing no acid.

Reply Rack Jite:  That’s about the only good advice I have yet to read in this debate area.