Alabama Christian pastor prays for Roy Moore’s Victims

Alabama Christian pastor prays for Roy Moore's Victims“I am an ordained minister myself!”

“Do you want to pray for the alleged victims of Roy Moore?

“Well of course. Heavenly Father watch over Roy Moore as he goes through these difficult times.”

Here we are treated to a half dozen of the dumbest people in America.  Though the mind bending truth we arrived at last November is that it is not a half dozen people in Alabama, but about 60 million people throughout rural America. And they are all more Christian than the rest of us.

On a sidenote as to just how stupid these people are. They agree to be on camera to show off just how mud dumb stupid they are in so many videos like this.  Being stupid is just like bigotry in the South, it is something to celebrate, be proud of and hand down to your children for generations.